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Lufeng Procuratorate public apology and compensation Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Item fairy king intern / Liaomei Na) yesterday,giubbotti moncler donna,, in the wrong and led to his arrest innocent party detained 154 days later,, Lufeng City Peoples Procuratorate in s hometown --- Lufeng Lake West town government meetings Conference Room convene an apology,,moncler piumini donna, public apology to the parties and to give state compensation. According to Shanwei City Peoples Procuratorate No. 3 in 2009, Criminal Compensation reconsideration decision, finds: A claimant alleged contract fraud, to January 3, 2009 was Lufeng City Public Security Bureau in criminal detention,air max pas cher, the same month on the 7th, the Lufeng Municipal Peoples Procuratorate approved the arrest was executed, Lufeng City Peoples Procuratorate A claimant made June 5 decision to revoke arrest, was released the same day, July 23,nike tn, Lufeng City Public Security Bureau of the claimant for compensation make alleged contract fraud case the decision to dismiss the case. Subsequently,woolrich 2014, Lufeng City Peoples Procuratorate to apply for state compensation,,woolrich outlet online, and asked the hospital within its sphere of influence to eliminate the influence violations and restore the reputation of an apology. The Lufeng City Peoples Procuratorate, although make sure its tort claim compensation, but refused to pay compensation decision,air max pas cher, does not fulfill the obligation of reparation. Linbing Xin then filed for reconsideration to the Shanwei City Peoples Procuratorate, the request Lufeng City Peoples Procuratorate to fulfill their obligations. Shanwei City Peoples Procuratorate that Linbing Xin requirements in line with state regulations, the case must be handled into the compensation program,, does not allow dragging does not do. Criminal Compensation reconsideration decision,,abercrombie outlet, ordered Lufeng City Peoples Procuratorate compensation Linbing Xin liberty compensation 17,246.46 yuan,, and within its sphere of influence to eliminate the influence violations. In the trailer a few months later, yesterday,,nike tn requin pas cher, Lufeng City Peoples Procuratorate Kongshen Division is responsible commissioned by the Attorney General, was read out at the meeting site compensation decision,giubbotti woolrich, and a public apology, the compensation handed Linbing Xin hands. Reporters saw at the venue,woolrich outlet, to participate in the compensation will have nearly 100 people, they told reporters that prosecutors public apology and compensation to the parties so that the local unprecedented meeting, the judiciary should have this Zhicuojiugai courage. Linbing Xin said: this unwarranted cases to his family brought a heavy blow to the company and therefore on the verge of collapse,piumini moncler sito ufficiale, the loss of thousands of yuan. He accepted Procuratorate apology, but called for the prosecutions responsibility false accusations, relating to judicial investigators should also be held accountable.