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the suspect may be pregnant

WASHINGTON (correspondent Chen red) this morning,, 19-year-old girl Zhao Xue (a pseudonym) own baby died due to abandonment,scarpe hogan outlet, infringed the penal law crime of abandonment,, Xuanwu court and was sentenced to 1 year imprisonment,, suspended for 1 year. Zhao Xue was born in 1990,air max 90 pas cher, Hebei Province. She between August 2007, met her boyfriend through Internet chat small Asahi. March 2008, the two live together in Daxing, May break. Zhao Xue did not stay small Asahis phone number,tiffany outlet, I do not know where he is working, then it could not find the person. After they broke up, Zhao Xue to Xuanwu a sports club bar waitress,louboutin pas cher, live staff quarters. In mid-July last year, she found that she did not have an official holiday for two months, and vomiting,, the suspect may be pregnant,moncler outlet, went to a small clinic in Tongzhou do a pregnancy test, to detect pregnancy, she told everything to keep it confidential,, nor dare to large hospital. Initially, she wanted to knock down the fetus. But do not understand the method,scarpe hogan, just listen to people say can not do more than two months,woolrich sito ufficiale,, a crowd. Zhao Xue in Beijing had no friends, did not dare to let the family know that this has been dragged down. This year at 23:00 on January 19th and more,nike tn, her down the stairs,woolrich donna, careful not to fall,air jordan pas cher, you feel stomach ache. The next morning at 8 oclock, Zhao Xue in the ladies room to give birth to a baby girl, she wanted to not want this child. So she put the child into the corner of the waste basket and covered with toilet paper. Two days later,, when the cleaning staff to clean up the waste basket,, found a dead baby. After Interpol investigation, Zhao Xue was seized and brought to justice soon. The forensic identification: This woman abandoned babies as live births,,hogan scontate, full-term children mature, not tie the umbilical cord cause of death was bleeding to death. Xuanwu court after hearing that Zhao Xue good attitude, the Department of a first offense, the court shall be given a lighter punishment according to law, and probation.


 ,,chanel pas cher WASHINGTON (intern reporter Liu Jin Jia Peng) yesterday around 15:00, Liujiayao Qiaoxinanjiao South Third Ring Road,moncler outlet, a man at the roadside stall, confiscated Fengtai urban management unit Dongtieying unit inspectors, the man fell to the ground during the discussion to commodities. Over the road known as the man ran over his right arm was Law Enforcement pickup truck. Police rushed to the scene after the incident,, chased Dongtieying pay for medical expenses,,hollister pas cher, but declined to stand. Man claims to be rolled arm hurt ticket Yesterday 15:30 or so, the South Third Ring Liujiayao Qiaoxinanjiao far right lane,abercrombie pas cher, a man lying on the side of the road, on the right arm as well as wheel India, city inspectors beside parked pickup truck. Witnesses said Mr. Liu,, the injured called ginger small space, is selling Titanium Necklace of. Around 15:00, nearly 10 Liujiayao Qiaoxinanjiao roadside stall vendors in business, after city inspectors car drove up from west to east,hollister france, the majority of vendors away and leave the scene. Jiang small empty too late to leave, the inspectors will he sell Titanium Necklace took away the box. Several witnesses said, the inspectors will be filled with titanium necklace boxes loaded on the train, ready to leave. At this time,abercrombie france,, a small empty ginger grab the door,, ask for a ticket issued. Then the inspectors issued a ticket and asked Jiang small space with a ticket payment retrieve goods, ginger little empty but refused. You have to have the goods down, I told you to pay a fine. Newsstand owner said Jiang small space to finish the sentence after complaining urban management, said the last time to pay a fine of 1,abercrombie,000 yuan,hollister, the goods did not take it up again, then pulled urban management and law enforcement vehicles , not law enforcement officers to leave. Then the car from law enforcement inspectors want to pull down a small empty ginger in the dispute process,woolrich outlet, ginger small empty ground. Several witnesses said, Then I saw chased the car rear, rolled up his right arm from the past, we shout stop will not work. Passers-by stopped vehicles require hospital inspectors After the incident, passers-by stopped car city inspectors, inspectors will require the injured to hospital. After an incident known as the intersection of the elderly, who chased after the car rolled up, the crowd stopped by law enforcement vehicles require to send the injured to the hospital, but did not get off the inspectors. After some passers-by to call an ambulance came after 120,120, 120 inspectors and emergency personnel with the injured to the hospital. Right arm fractures chased pay medical expenses Near 4:00 pm yesterday, the injured were sent to 120 emergency personnel Eastern Hospital for treatment after making sure that the small ginger empty right arm fractures, not life threatening. In East Hospital, Dongtieying urban management unit staff confirmed that they have already paid the medical expenses for the injured, and confirmed the man was injured in the course of law enforcement inspectors, but refused to disclose other information. Asked how to handle the event when the inspectors, the staff member said, look at the injury,abercrombie pas cher, given other things to lead. 5 oclock yesterday afternoon, Fengtai police rushed to the hospital for injured family members are taking note, Dongtieying urban management unit and Fengtai urban management unit declined to stand on the matter. ■ Links ● 2009 3 23 11 oclock, near the west side over the overpass Liujiayao,moncler outlet, Fengtai urban management unit Dongtieying detachments raided an unlicensed fruit stand when traders clashed with the female, female traders hand was scratched, a coordinators suffered minor injuries. This led to hundreds of passers-containment parties chased nearly seven hours. Dongtieying chased that women traders to scratch themselves, wardens were stunned women traders. ● 2009 7 30 at noon 11 pm, near the Fengtai District Liujiayao bridge,, street vendors because they do not fit in strong urban management unit Dongtieying did not check the goods, was the other into the car to leave the hospital after being outside the iron camp down,, leaving many head injuries, there is blood on the clothes. Yu Qiang said that he was on his way to beat a team,hollister france, the other underwear rub themselves with blood. In this regard, Fengtai urban management unit denied.