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At that moment a miracle happened! At 17:30 on June 27th or so, Hengyang County, an old residential building Red Road staged a thrilling scene: a man named Liu Xiang three years and a half from the third floor to rent boy climbed out of the window, accidentally falls, nick of time, 21-year-old boy rushed to pay Liao Yu nearly 5 meters from the second floor of rest stations jumped to sprinted rushed downstairs window, arms outstretched boy falls success will catch ... ... The little boy hanging by a thread,moncler outlet uomo, and his son death Rescue This little boy rescued named Liu Xiang, three and a half year. June 28, after making inquiries, the boys mother and grandmother Liu Jun Hong learned, to save people who pay Liao Yu was a rescue shelter workers in Hengyang County Civil Affairs Bureau. In the morning, they rushed to the Civil Administration came row of three, the side that read,, saving grace, never forget, the scarlet banner handed benefactor to pay Liao Yu hands. At the time the rescue scene,, is really very thrilling! According to Fu Liao Fuan Min Yus father introduced, at 17:00 on the 27th and more, is preparing to work out their own, had left to go, I heard a child crying next door upstairs, follow crying up a look, Fuan Min suffered a scare: A little boy hanging on the third floor of the yard next door sill, legs dangling, tender hands alone seize windowsill cement board, crying and shouting: . Help me,, Fuan Min installed immediately in front of the house is air-conditioned to pay Liao Yu shouted: My son, hurried down the stairs to save people, he hastily aside the third floor of the run, wanted to enter the house to save the boys childhood, his son both to a lair. At a time when pay Liao Yu ran out to see this scene, too shocked, immediately jump to jump from the second floor of the concrete floor, to run until sprinted downstairs, ready to save lives. The distance to about 30 meters sprint pay for the rescue Liao Yu won the most valuable few seconds. Just as I arrived downstairs,woolrich punti vendita, the boy falls exactly, I successfully caught with open arms. Liao Fu Yu told reporters that the whole process is too short, too late to think about what can only listen to the most instinctive response. Shoe lock the door to the streets, lost almost careless grandmother grandson In the county civil affairs bureau office, holding hands benefactor, grandmother Peng Xiaoying became very excited abnormal,, eyes filled with tears, remembering the day before that thrilling scene, still haunt, only to hear her mouth murmured, I did not take a good Xiang Xiang that I did not bring good Xiang Xiang ...... According off reports, they rented a house in an old-fashioned, the daughter of a shoe factory in the countys work, son over there to work in Guangdong, on which she is responsible for caring for children. In order to support their family,giaccone moncler, grandchildren, etc. are usually asleep during the day, and he was evacuated to the streets Shoe, earn a living. At the time, the grandson was sleeping,, I locked the door of a good shoe, did not think he was soon awake, crying climb network security windows are not installed ...... After the incident, an old woman rushed to the streets to tell me grandson fall floor,moncler smanicato donna, and I was scared legs soft. Peng Xiaoying never dreamed, as a result of his momentary carelessness, almost ruined pistachio as the grandson. Rushed to the scene to see grandson lying on the floor crying, Peng Xiaoying threw his hands trembled more than,, cries alerted the neighbors. Immediate vicinity of an enthusiastic young woman with a motorcycle will be sent to both the Sun County Peoples Hospital. His son to save the boy, said the crowd moved to the county Blissful Encounter savior After the incident, armed police came to pay Liao Yu Liu Xiang, although success caught the small, but makes a huge impact force they both fell to the ground. Thankfully,, a small face only minor abrasions Liu; save time, pay Liao Yu was pushed into a transitory coma. Because pear nose bone fractures, torn palate, the hospital for stitches surgery done. This is a miracle rescue should say! According to an eyewitness, Li Yuan said the situation was too dangerous, to save people who choose to save people jumped from the second floor of the rest station is very wise, if you choose to take the stairs, at least was delayed ten seconds, it really disastrous consequences. During the interview,piumini moncler donna outlet, when publicly called Liao Yu Fu hero, this guy looks a little shy, he always said he was not a hero, encounter anyone would do. Father hero child hero. According to acquaintances, pay Fuan Min Liao Yus father was in 20 years ago,, the county alone jumped dam, river rescued from drowning five pupils. Liao Fu Yu teamed up to save his sons story quickly spread in the county, and many people have spontaneously home condolences. County Civil Affairs Bureau Ling Fengyun Upon learning of the situation, immediately held office party will make a decision in the county to carry out the civil system to pay Liao Yu comrades to learn, to learn from his heroes, for the righteousness of the righteous spirit high, learn from his selfless love, dedication civil spirit, in the future work for the masses to do good, do more practical. 28 pm, led by Vice Mayor Chen Kai Civil Affairs team members to pay condolences to rescue the injured boy falls Liao Yu and Liu Xiang. (Ma Huang Juan Virginia Yasuda weeks) Hengyang Daily


Starting in 2001,nike air flight chaussures nike pas cher nike air max 1 blanche, Chongqing Beibei District Procuratorate Crimes Investigation Bureau Liu Taotao police officers took part in blood donation activities in Henan, Chongqing and other places, 10 years,,hogan alte hogan outlet online shop hogan junior online, 12 blood donation,, namely 4800ml; blood components 22 meter 18000ml,, the total donation Up 22800ml. This year 29-year-old from Henan Province,,louboutin chaussures femmes louboutin site sneakers louboutin femme, in August 2010, Southwest University of Political Science graduate,hogan uomo 2014 outlet hogan sito ufficiale collezione hogan autunno inverno 2014,, he gave up back home, join the ranks of the city prosecutor. In February 2011, is to go to Beijing to attend the 2008 to 2009 annual national blood donation awards ceremony, Liu Taotao to leave the unit, will keep a 10-year donation secret exposed. 11 blood donation certificate, witnessed his 34th blood donation experience. The statistics, as of now, Liu Taotao blood donation amount is equivalent to a person systemic blood replacement four times, each time with ordinary transfusion 500ml calculations, at least 40 people in the health and even save lives. In 2003,, Liu Taotao joined the Chinese hematopoietic stem cell repository Henan sub-libraries,,outlet hogan roma hogan donna estate 2014 hogan outlet online ufficiale, the library became the volunteer bone marrow donors, has won the Chongqing outstanding volunteer blood donation service, from 2006 to 2007 National voluntary blood donation Silver Award, 2008 to 2009 annual national voluntary blood donation Prize,, and as a representative of Chongqing from 2008 to 2009 participated in blood donation in recognition of the National Assembly. Liu Taotao or Beibei District Procuratorate research information backbone team members, preaching legal duty crime prevention group members. As a communist, he used blood donation owed interpretation of contributing to societys love. Liu Taotao said he would go on blood donation, blood donation until it no longer meets the criteria so far. Chongqing Evening News reporter trainee Zhou Xuekui


(Reporter Yang Shengquan) when drinking or sulfuric acid burned esophagus son about to major surgery,hogan prezzi bassi modelli hogan donne scarpe hogan rebel donna, Fengjie County, five Marqu camphor village own hospital also check out stomach cancer. In order to save her son, she was still doing the heavy farm work, hard labor for children to save for medical expenses. Two days ago, was friends as the most beautiful mother Lida Xu gone, her own interpretation of the great maternal love life. Friends called her the most beautiful mother October 18, the newspaper published a young mother Lida Xu conceal cancer story to save his son, soon to be reprinted reports Sina and other major sites, has aroused strong repercussions in the community. The most selfless mother, not only because she gave her son life,, but also because she was willing to give his life for his son. Netizen naughty girl, read the report says: read the report I cried, too great maternal love ! She is the most beautiful mother! Mr. Lee, who lives in Zhejiang from the Internet, the newspaper reported, the call to find the reporter, choking back tears,, said he could not help crying read the report, the report reminds him of his mother for so many years for their care. Mr. Zhou, who lives in Shandong said that in order for his college, his mother overworked, passed away at a young age. Lida Xu gave himself to save the child reminded him of his mother. He repeatedly linked with family,infradito hogan outlet hogan ufficiale hogan sportive, said that if Lida Xu willing to Shandong treatment, he is willing to bear all the medical expenses. Chongqing Charity, Fengjie County Civil Affairs Bureau, Fengjie County Federation etc. After seeing the newspaper reported,outlet civitanova marche hogan hogan donna sneakers hogan interactive, once again reaching out rescue this unfortunate family. She insisted that the disease home husband Ma Tianwen introduced last month at Daping Hospital treatment of gastric learned that he is very calm after the late, she thought to continue treatment in the hospital is a waste of money, insisted to go home. Where I have the heart to let her go home,, alive and so dead! Matian Wen said he and his son, strongly disagreed Lida Xu discharged may Lida Xu threatened to resort to a hunger strike. Helpless, they had to take her home. After repeated work,, she finally agreed to live in close to home five horses rural hospitals for conservative treatment. That he would die soon, ten days ago, Lida Xu proposed to illuminate a family. To take pictures this morning,, she took all the clothes out, chose a dark red coat, her hair in the mirror will trace of chaos. Under her husband and sons arm, was only five minutes away, she went a full half an hour. With photographers flash, the whole family smile fixed on the photo. Retrieve photos, son Makai Jun could not help crying. In the photo, just over 30-year-old mother gaunt looks enough to have more than 50 years old. Her smile is barely even a bit stiff. said her mother was the most beautiful woman he had in mind, my mothers smile will inspire him to overcome all the difficulties of life. Worried about dying son studies According to the family back condition worsened, the doctor every two days will twenty-three kg ascites extracted from her abdominal cavity. Pain she was sweating profusely, but she never hum in front of his sons face. Lay Dying, Lida Xu was most concerned about his sons health and education. To make his mother happy, sensible Makai Jun borrow a few books to the school, a tearful embrace the book to the bedside, said his school, Lida Xu listened very happy, constantly asked his son,, be sure to take good care of themselves, for exam a good university, find a good job. The day before yesterday morning, woke up from a coma over seen around the side of her husband and son, she consoled them with a weak voice: sickness and death is normal, you Mo sad. She took his sons hand and said: Military Son,, your body before doing major surgery, Im gone, you must listen to the words of my father,, take care of yourself, the last two months, do not eat too stiff stuff. And she once again into a coma,hogan interactive junior foto scarpe hogan hogan 35, never wake up. News Playback Two years ago on February 14, five Marqu Fengjie County middle school students mistake drink plenty of sulfuric acid, the esophagus and stomach were burned. Last March 14, the newspaper reported that the child suffered lead to many people,scarpe da donna hogan hogan online shop calzature hogan, users attention. Last March, Mayor Anticipation many instructions calling for rescue Makai Jun. July 27 this year, the community donated a hundred thousand dollars, Makai Jun Daping Hospital for surgery, his mother Lida Xu detect cancer, but in order to rescue his son has been hiding their condition. In early August, the newspaper continued attention, City Charity and other donations for the children and then 90,000 yuan. August 30 this year, the operation is successful, many children two years later, began to eat like a normal mouth. September 23 this year, Makai Jun recovered and discharged. October 15 this year, because of delayed treatment, the mother Lida Xus condition deteriorated, diagnosed with terminal cancer.


Morning News Nutrition Express dried when condoms can? Such incredible news. Recently, some friends broke the news that he had done experiments, the nutrition fast lane down in a plate to dry,hogan outlet bambina borse hogan on line hogan italia outlet,, the morning was found to exhibit a latex. As illustrated, the reporter also did a similar experiment, but found after dry Nutrition Express did not change significantly. Subsequently, the reporter telephone contact with the Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co.,, Ltd., the staff said recipes and nutritional content of additives inside the fast lane are in line with national standards,french louboutin louboutin noir vente privee christian louboutin, with regard to online rumors, the relevant departments will give an explanation. User: drink dry after a condom Recently, the spread of the Internet such a message: users do an experiment, bought his Wahaha nutrition Express lactic acid drinks,, pour in a small dish inside, after a dry night, the next morning, I noticed intraday forming a thin layer of latex was similar to the condom materials. The results allow many users to panic, everyone burst of hot. Some netizens said,,spaccio hogan macerata hogan rebel online outlet hogan puglia, Nutrition Express in my heart has always been an important place, and often buy drink, but now hear this news,, Im sorry, later also how Ganhe? But there are also friends doubt its authenticity, drinks how it could turn into a condom? No way. Experiment: dried overnight changes are not large Reporters follow the online icon also made a similar experiment. Wahaha Nutritional Express has a variety of flavors, reporters exactly as illustrated, bought a bottle of orange flavor drink. First, come up with a flat-bottomed dishes, wash,, dry. Then flavor nutrition Express pour plate slowly until the liquid covered the entire bottom of the pan. Place,, quietly waiting for change. Over the past one hour,, two hours past ...... no change. After one night, the reporter found the drinks tray bottom seems to have no obvious change is still white liquid, and does not appear on the network rumors like latex. Is the cold weather, there is no air-dried? Manufacturer: products meet national standards With a variety of questions, the reporter contacted the Wahaha Group Hefei Branch. A staff member to do this experiment very skeptical friends motivation, We do not know the users why, under normal circumstances, when we drink, will not choose pour plate inside. She suspects someone deliberately chaos . On the matter,moda scarpe hogan hogan junior sito ufficiale le hogan, Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd.,online hogan hogan negozi roma hogan rebel 2011, a staff member surnamed Sheng told reporters, We also know that this morning via the Internet this thing, the test results for the friends we did not evaluate, but one thing be sure that the content of our formulations and additives are in line with national standards. As for the rumors on the Internet, he said, the relevant departments have given argument. December 20, the Wahaha Groups official website published information about the entire incident was declared. Wahaha said they go through consultants, from the perspective of food science to explain the mechanism of this phenomenon into a gel: (1) contains a lot of milk protein hydrophobic groups, when milk is heated in the production process, making the hydrophobic effect protein aggregation to form a loose gel network, in the semi-transparent film is formed after dehydration. (2) contains large amounts of milk protein cysteine and cystine and other amino acids, causing polymerization upon heating, forming a continuous network structure of covalent upon cooling, the dehydration (drying or dried) after the formation of a semi-transparent membrane (ovalbumin, whey protein and β- lactoglobulin gel film belongs to this type). Due to the fast lane nutrition products higher protein content of milk, so its dehydration after glue is a normal phenomenon protein gel. Intern Zhang Yu Festival


BEIJING, Nanjing, August 12 (Reporter Don Juan) 12 pm, Master of Medicine, Nanjing, Jiangsu Yi Jianguo was taken to his death Intermediate Peoples Court, the death penalty. At this point, shocked the nation,air max france pas cher chaussures tn requin pas cher nike acg,, settled. Xu Jian is the companys vice president of Nanjing Simcere. Since July 11, 2009 night, he lost contact with the company. July 14, when the police opened the Blue Mountains of international apartment door of his residence, the stench from the head rush. Was arrested in the house of the Yi Jianguo and Xu Jian also found the bodies of a family of three. Subsequently, Yi Jianguo be treated as a major suspect was taken to the police station. Yi Jianguo first confessed to the murder when interviewed. According to his confession: He is a former colleague and Xu Jian,collezione hogan scarpe hogan rebel primavera estate 2014 nuova collezione hogan 2014, July 11, 2009 20 am, he went to the home of Xu Jian, Xu Jian holding claw hammer hit the head, and with the interior of the 7-year-old daughter, Xu Jian killed. Then, he stayed home Xu Jian,, until 16 pm the next afternoon, Xu Jians wife to visit relatives back home from the field,, he will kill. Xu Jian kill one, Yi Jianguo facilitate them in the same room, and on the 13th to go out to buy grinders, cutters and other tools, to return three dismembered corpse crime scene,christian louboutin site christain louboutin escarpins louboutins pas cher, during the part of the body parts will be thrown to the bridge JINCHUAN manhole inside. After this media, cruel means of killing that shocked the nation. Just when people said they want to punish the perpetrators,,hogan cagliari hogan scarpe donna outlet hogan interactive shop online, Yi Jianguo suddenly retracted,chaussures christian louboutin pas cher chaussure louboutin femme occasion louboutin,, do not admit to the murder, but said the murderer someone else. Meanwhile, Yi Jianguo motive has been a mystery, resulting in difficult cases once finalized. Last July, the Nanjing Intermediate Peoples Court of first instance verdict against the defendant Yi Jianguo: to commit manslaughter, Yi Jianguo sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life,, and to compensate the victims for funeral expenses,, death compensation, dependents living expenses total more than 90 million. Received the first instance verdict, Yi Jianguo refused to accept an appeal. Final Jiangsu Province Higher Peoples Court upheld the first instance verdict,, report to the Supreme Peoples Court. According to the judge said that although Yi Jianguo not admitted to the killings, but in this case there is sufficient conclusive evidence that Yi Jianguo implementation of murder, drawn and quartered behavior. Meanwhile, the motive is the sentence imposed is an important episode, but for the conviction, the motive is not essential elements.


Chengdu incident a three noes clinic, broke into the house after her husband, pregnant wife died on the operating table WCC: Two years ago, Liu and his wife Zhang (not his real name) in Chengdu during the marriage work, and soon had a daughter. Zhang then went to the end of pregnancy,,parajumpers jakke salg, because they can not afford to bear the burden of health care costs, in January this year, they found a three noes clinic. Zhang did not think surgery, suffocation, after half an hour without a doctor on their own rescue fled the scene, Zhang died. Although things have passed five months and four days, but every night, Liu still often dreamed of the scene that day his wife died. Simple operating room, the door locked, he moved the ladder inside look from the window, his wife alone in the room, only on the operating table, no matter how he shouted did not respond. June 8, his wife unlicensed clinics do abortions in the case died in Chengdu Wuhou Court. Liu said with tears: That was the worst time of my life decisions. Working couples After looking on the black clinics pregnant again Two years ago, Liu and his wife Zhang got married they had a daughter. End of last year, Zhang was pregnant again. For this family of three, this is not a good news. Because Liu couple are foreigners working in Chengdu,, in order to make shoes for their families. Whether the two energy or economic, are unable to afford the cost of another child,, and eventually they decided to destroy this child. We consulted before a large hospital, the cost adds up to a few thousand dollars, we wanted to find another opportunities. Exorbitant fee equivalent to the cost of living at home for several months. So the couple at a friends introduction, found a small private clinic near Cuqiao. January 2 this year, Liu took his wife and doctor clinics Wu Lin met. Wu Lins asking price is only 600 yuan, Liu two days after the couple decided to do abortions. We did not notice this is actually a three no clinics. Liu said they did not pay particular attention to the couple qualified to practice medicine Wu Lin. And in fact,moncler outlet, neither the physician Wu Lin accreditation, nor practicing certificate, she opened the clinic and no license to practice professional medical institutions. Crooked Doctors Leaving the patient on the operating table The day of surgery in the afternoon, Liu and his wife, and a friend arrived preparation for surgery clinic. Surgery clinic where a house behind the middle to go through a small alley. Around 15:00, Zhang lying on the operating table that little room. Not long after,, Wu Lin suddenly came out from the alley. Liu hurriedly asked: ? Surgery done it, Wu Lin clinic on the table and poured a glass of water that we have to wait a while, then went back. Waited over one hour, Liu and Zhang friends never heard the news. So they knock on the door of the operating room. The door was locked, Wu Lin did in there. Liu then moved the ladder, looking through the window into the house, only the wife of a person lying on the operating table, motionless, Wu Lin has disappeared. He and his friends rushed to lock forced open, and ran inside. At this point,hogan 2014, Zhang face purple, mouth there Spit, had stopped breathing. 10 oclock that night, Wu Lin surrendered to the police. After the forensic, Zhang is the induction of general anesthesia, the stomach of food regurgitation cause inhalation suffocation death. Illegal practice Say that they have experienced June 8 morning, Chengdu Wuhou court hearing the case. In court, the prosecution charged with practicing medicine without qualifications Wu Lin, illegal birth control surgery. Wu Lin for his crimes, there is no objection. In her testimony in the case of the day it comes trouble. After anesthesia for Zhang, Wu Lin soon found, Zhang appeared in the case of suffocation. But she did not hit the emergency call, but the self-rescue, but rescue half an hour, Zhang has stopped breathing. Wu Lin thought he did not qualify to practice medicine, and medical dead people, hastily fled the clinic. Wu Lin has done medical work in Nanchong a county hospital, she knew he did not qualify to practice medicine. But she said that dare to open surgery clinic, because she adopted a number of maternal and child health technology assessment, and has been involved in abortions, that they have experienced. Wu Lin said she opened the clinic is the life force, his wife suffering from various diseases, need to make money to take care of. After the event, Wu Lin, Liu told a family over 30,000 yuan compensation money, but failed to reach an understanding. Day of the trial, because the evidence needs further verification, the judge was not in court for sentencing. Family party   Cheaper clinics into the black is the worst decision of his life. Hearing the same day, Liu and father came to the court early. But a few minutes before the trial began, the father got up quietly, wiping away tears come out, until the end of the trial to go back. Lius sister said that after the sister-in-law died, my brother also breadwinner. Lius father-in-law, had arrived in Chengdu, to help take care of his granddaughter Wenwen. But Zhangs death,moncler sito ufficiale, Li Wen has one year old,, and often ask: Where my mother go? The old man had replied:. Mom out of work. A few days ago, when the family dinner,, Wen Wen sudden loud shouted: Mom, every adult here in silent tears. Liu father sitting beside, and civil litigation lawyer to discuss things. Liu believes that Wu Lin in the trial, there are evasive suspect. Criminal lawyer advised him to put off, take a look at the attitude of the other civil compensation, but Liu did not agree. When out of the court, Liu was crying,, he kept the tears fall down: We think that the place was much cheaper, may be great bodily harm, says she withstood young, I agree but that is me. doing the worst decision in his life. News Links black clinics vicious frequent medical events February 2011, Lacey, a 23-year-old woman to the village clinic when do Qing surgery because of bleeding to death. Prosecutors investigation found two local health department staff in the process of medical institution, tried to review obligations, resulting in the illegal practice of individual clinic cure dead for six years and caused the event. 2012, the evening of April 10, CCTVs Focus broadcast flourishing black clinics. It was reported that in September 2011, 23-year-old Lee to Ruzhou Concord outpatient termination of pregnancy. Just on the operating table, it fell into a coma, because she is too late, into a vegetative state, New Years Day 2012, Lee died a long time lying in bed. According Ruzhou Health Bureau, Concord outpatient medical institutions no license to practice issued by the Health Department,,woolrich sito ufficiale, opened visits illegal business, which is the so-called black clinics. May 18, 2013, Henan an old man with a black granddaughter to accept acupuncture clinic fever symptoms. In the afternoon, the children in convulsions interrupted gas. Currently, the health department has banned this black clinic, police also involved the case. WCC reporter Xiaoxiang She shadow reports (text characters are not his real name)


Track Yesterday 8:30, Yuxi Hongta District Peoples Court Mastermind kindergarten buried case. On this day, the plaintiffs father Zong small Yunxiang whole far more than the relatives came together in Zhaotong gallery, gallery, there are a lot of people, long Source: Shandong TV Morning News up to more than four hours in the course of the trial, there is no people leave. Because four people accused Tang Chengyan absence, and his wife Yue Zong whole North Korea will most of the time looking at each other agents surging Bianci, seem helpless. Bang! Sound gavel,, the day the trial ended. Due to the amount of compensation is too big and out of court mediation fails,, the case will choose a sentencing date. I hate them, but now what do, only to law. After the adjournment whole Zong said fiercely out of court. At this moment,, I do not know where the parties or what they thought, for suffering from moral criticism of her, handed legal judgment is the best way out of this absurd event. Cases playback March 31, Zong whole, Yue will toward son Scud located next to the chess Hongta Lee Street office 33 3 run mastermind Kindergarten hosted learning. On the same day around 15:40, a small Yunxiang in the mastermind Kindergarten foreign body airway obstruction was dying symptoms, Tangcheng Yan, Guo a small Tang Yunxiang sent to the First Peoples Hospital of Yuxi City, after she died. After the death of small Yunxiang, and Kwok Tang Yunxiang discuss the body of a small neighborhood offices to the Hongta Lee chess digging graves to bury the old Eagles Nest. Subsequently, and Guo one to security agencies and the childs parents lied, small Scud series buy watermelon lost in the downtown Phoenix Road near Yuxi Triangle Park, for which a large number of public security organ tissue police were searching,outlet online peuterey, also called Zong whole hundreds of people were looking for friends and family. Eventually, the investigation by the public security organs to identify small Tangcheng Yan Yunxiang Department and died and was buried digging Tang Kwok. After the cases get to the bottom, a small kindergarten teacher Tangcheng Yan Yunxiang parents,woolrich spaccio milano, Tang Kwok and kindergarten staff Zhao Yubo, Tangcheng Yan Chong Long Branch 4 ex-husband to court, the prosecution and other serious violations of the right to life of the defendant , the right to health and physical right,moncler torino, to the two plaintiffs tremendous mental anguish and economic losses, and claims, including financial compensation totaling 407,976 yuan compensation for death, funeral expenses and mental solatium and expenses, including tracing earlier. & Lt; Trial focus The one who bear responsibility for the death of a child? The plaintiffs: Liu Yunxiang death is not an accident Mastermind kindergarten without the approval of the education sector, the long-term in office park illegally, so the qualification of the kindergarten illegal by specific actors should bear joint and several civil liability to the defendant four people,tiffany orecchini prezzo, jointly responsible for the security aspects of a childs education, No one person do to organize,, participate responsibility kindergarten. And let the living things outside Chong Long Branch to take responsibility, because Hongta had issued a closure notice to its kindergarten twice, but Chong Long Branch has not closed. If it is not held in Long Branch Chong kindergarten, why not make a complaint? In addition, the plaintiffs attorney that does not belong to the death of Liu Yunxiang accident is unpredictable, and four defendants have foreseen obligation,hogan interactive outlet, because of illegal acts organized kindergarten,,woolrich femminile,, knowing that he is, in the absence of physicians,peuterey logo, lack the ability to rescue and care capacity Under the circumstances that led to the incident, if a person do to liability, this would not have happened. The defendant: Tang Chengyan no fault of the child deaths Attorney that the defendant small Scud death without any fault, should not assume any liability for the death of small Yunxiang. The cause of death after the forensic small Yunxiang, confirming a foreign body airway obstruction accidental suffocation death, that death is not the defendant caused a small Yunxiang, and the defendant small Scud care behavior in kindergarten and small Yunxiang Death results no direct causal relationship. Yunxiang childhood was unusual moment to death during a small Scud final,, the defendant has fulfilled Tangcheng Yan took the guardianship should fulfill any guardianship negligent act or omission does not exist. The doctor could not save until the last moment, she is also the little Yunxiang knees seeking doctors save. Therefore, there is no fault behavior throughout the rescue stage, and certainly not any adverse guardianship should bear the responsibility. 2 Should pay compensation for death? The plaintiffs: Claims 100,000 yuan in emotional Attorney that case the plaintiff Zong whole small Yunxiang, Yue North Korea will only son, due to the impact of rural traditions, the small Scud higher position in the hearts of parents and two sisters. Small Yunxiangs death, to the parents brought great suffering mentally,spaccio woolrich verona,, every night, Zong will all come to see his sons cell phone video, in order to reduce the pain of his son missing, but still can not heal his pain. In addition, Zongs wife is now doing the whole ligation surgery, has been unable to have any more children, which means that the family in the future there will be no boys. Therefore, the plaintiff whole Zong Yue DPRK would think that the defendant Tangcheng Yan,tn requin 2013, Tang Kwok, of grave violations of the right to life son Yunxiang,woolrich parka prezzi, the right to health, right to the body, giving them tremendous mental anguish and economic losses, according to the law, the three defendants should be jointly and severally to compensate the plaintiff 288,480 yuan compensation for death, funeral expenses 13,496 yuan, 100,000 yuan spirit of solatium,piumini woolrich outlet, tracing spending 6,000 yuan, a total of 407,976 yuan. The defendant: Death does not pay compensation and funeral expenses The defendant agent that the defendant is willing to compensate the plaintiff Tang Chengyan certain expenses in emotional and tracing fees, but the plaintiffs request for compensation for 100,000 yuan in emotional high. In addition,misure woolrich, small Yunxiang death no causal relationship with the defendant, the plaintiff requested the defendant to request compensation for death compensation and funeral expenses should be supported by the courts. L Xubin Lin Li