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People Wenzhou February 29 (Reporter correspondent Lu Ming sharp items) early February, Wenzhou City, there has been a crazy drunk driving case. 25-year-old Hou, driving Zhejiang C6Y303 black Beijing Hyundai cars from crossing the road all the way to Sanyang children intersection collision turntable. About 20 minutes, nearly 6 km journey, 10 vehicles,scarpe online hogan, three pedestrians hit.   Yesterday, reporters from Wenzhou Lucheng District Prosecutors Office was informed,nike tn pas cher, chicken/images/pair_food_wine.php?food=register.cgi, hou suspicion of endangering public safety crime law approved the arrest.   Case playback   The evening of February 9,, hou in their own stall downstairs drinking with friends. At the end, hou have drank a bottle of red wine and more.   Friends drink, inconvenient to drive, put the Zhejiang C6Y303 somewhere to stay in Hou, his taxi away.   Hou car parked on the roadside wrong thinking, ready to drive to within their own community. At this time, Hou received a friends phone, invited him out to play. Hou said that the location not far from friends, drove boldly go. According to the post-test results show, this time hou blood alcohol concentration of 250.8mg / 100ml, over three times more drunk driving standard.   Before long,louboutin pas cher, hou hurt. At 8:10 on February 9, urban transit SACP Garden Road intersection, hou car hit the front with the two vans. Hou stopped the car and the other representations,abercrombie outlet, to discuss compensation,, but the other side to see me drink, I want to know that drunk driving sentence,, fear of punishment,, so escape after the incident, told the media that hou.   Since then, hou driving all the way to escape, Huanglong Trade City in Lucheng Road, Ring Road,tn nike pas cher, Park roundabout intersection, Fiat North Road intersection and Sanyang children, one after another collision with vehicles and pedestrians occur.   When the traffic police department to Hou Yang in the alley side of the intersection where children under control, hit a total of 10 vehicles hou, three pedestrians.   According to police reports, after the first hou accident,, the traffic police department received about the continuous Zhejiang C6Y303 traffic accident alarm 30 to play.   Crazy man was arrested for drunk driving   February 23, Lucheng District of Wenzhou City Procuratorate on suspicion of endangering public safety, crime will Houmou approved the arrest.   It is understood that, hou way collision of 10 vehicles,, there are a few less car damage because the victim did not report, but his own is gone, the traffic accident processing center recorded a total of seven, including BMW X6, Toyota and other vehicles.   Prosecutors in the trial that: Designate a suspect drunken driving ability basically lost, still driving a vehicle on the road, and,, after a traffic accident in order to escape punishment and escape, pedestrians and vehicles at high speeds in more urban areas endanger the public safety, public security organs resulting in documented many cars damaged, more than a pedestrian was injured; as an adult, a candidate should recognize themselves in the case of drunkenness and mental tension, driving a vehicle in urban high speed would endanger the safety of others, and when an accident nor a positive take measures to rescue, which occurred on the subjective results of harm hold laissez-faire attitude. Therefore, in order to designate certain acts alleged crime of endangering public safety.    Share: welcome to comment I want to comment  Microblogging Recommended | todays hot microblogging (edit: SN014)


Pictured stolen metal cover drains. Reporter David Photo WASHINGTON (intern reporter David Qiumeng Si) seven Yangtze River Bridge drainage cover serious loss, these days there are rain, I am worried about a security problem! Yesterday, members of the public to reflect to our hotline 82333333: twenty-seven metal cover a large area of the Yangtze River Bridge drains stolen.   The very fact that she was at work,, but who lives in Hankou Castle, seven Yangtze River Bridge,,air max online,, repair through the bridge she often walked home,abercrombie outlet italia, I was almost looking at these covers fewer day by day, from the beginning of July the situation increasingly The more serious the bridge now cover 90% of all stolen. She said, drains next to the emergency lane, metal cover was stolen after the road has become a trap ,, hit the rainy slippery road is likely to cause accidents.   Reporter then went to the seven Yangtze River Bridge and found a stolen drainage Lid really serious, especially in the bridge and down the ramp at the proportion of stolen even more than 90%,louboutin pas cher, of which the Castle next to the bridge ramp at Jianshe Road, on up to 30 meters of drainage only had two metal cover. Main bridge drains Tiegai stolen better,, but also more than 30% the proportion of stolen.   The metal cover less than one meter long each, less than 1 cm thick, was welded under the asphalt pavement, bridge existing cover has obviously been a lot pry marks. Bridge a cleaner that people are stealing the lid over the morning,,hogan 2014, some time to pry a few electric car ride away, while others are gang crime, pry up the van drove away in a row,, the police July had been caught stealing cover a person.   Minister Yi City Investment Group,louboutin homme pas cher,, a major department say they already make up the lid, the security issue should be responsible for receiving and police units. Easy minister said, in fact the bridge ramp has been transferred to the City Management Office of Urban Management Bureau of the bridge, and then after the lid was stolen by the receiving unit is responsible.   & Nbsp;  Welcome to comment share: microblogging Recommended


The 41-year-old suspected fraud woman Xu Li Chin Peng Beijing Evening News photo December 1 Justice Network News (intern reporter correspondent Fan Jing Hao Chuan Xi) claiming to be the daughter of a former Chinese ambassador to the United Nations Qin and Mr. Fan Pianhun to Tsinghua students. After two weddings Fan-know fooled. December 1, Haidian court sentenced the defendant to defraud Xu 2 years in prison.   This year 41-year-old Xu Guizhou woman claiming to be educated at Fudan University in 1988. But had been guilty of fraud in 2007 was sentenced to five months a year, a fine of 2,,000 yuan. & Nbsp;   February 9, 2009, by a party defendant Xu, Tsinghua University students to get to know the 23-year-old Mr. Fan, the two soon in a relationship. Xu Ran lied to its Jiaoqin, is a former Chinese ambassador to the United Nations daughter, claiming to be 83 years, Dr. Qinghua was born,, and told Mr. Fan can use to help their relationship to the United States to study at Stanford University. To allow Mr. Fan believe in yourself, change the sound Xu use methods posing Qin Ran parents,hogan uomo outlet, grandmother, brother, big brother and niece,, who to call Mr. Fan, Mr. Fan and urged Qin Ran marriage. And on the grounds of marriage, Mr. Fan cheat their parents 20,000 yuan. & Nbsp;   To be able to study abroad,, Mr. Fan Xu made one of the requirements to do so. However,,, when Mr. Fan queries back to school, only to find no Xu this man,tn pas cher,, we know fooled.   May 24, the defendant Xu was arrested, and seized the stolen money 11,tiffany outlet italia,,400 yuan (already reimbursed),, and the remaining money has been squandered.   The court held that the defendant Xu illegal possession for the purpose of fabricating false identities to defraud property of others, and a larger amount,hogan 2014, his behavior constituted fraud.   Then submitted to defraud the court sentenced the defendant Xu imprisonment for two years, a fine of 2000 yuan; and sin not implemented before 2000 yuan fine concurrence, decided to implement two years in prison and a fine of 4000 yuan. & Nbsp;   & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Sina exclusive manuscript statement: This work (text, pictures, graphics and audio and video) for Sina special use, without authorization, any media, and individuals may in whole or in part.


Express reporter Zhu Ran sparkle   The year is approaching,nike tn prezzo, a year of hard work outside the family who began as a ticket to go home and worry. In order to successfully return home New Year, working in Dongguan Yuan sister a cruel book flights home, did not expect to run into a liar, spent six months full pay,hogan,, did not even see the shadow of the ticket. Currently, Dongguan Dongcheng police in the investigation.   Chongqing Yuan sister in Dongguan Dongcheng a handbag to work, return home New Years have a reunion. Although the monthly income of only 2,nike tn pas cher,,000 yuan, but since has been that there were no tickets, Yuan Sister mind to come, and his family plan to fly back to Chongqing. It was found that using a mobile Internet phone 4008826808 booking, playing each other in the past,, said the successful transfer to an account to be able to get the tickets,, and it is special votes. Yuan fellow sister and colleague Mr. Ban said,louboutin homme, see Yuan Sister rush tickets, he shared this number.   Yuan sister recalls that he tried to call the telephone booking, really did not expect the other party has the votes, the price is more favorable, she immediately went to the bank transfer request by the other party. At first I got it wrong, 799 tickets became 779,3 listen tickets remitted only 2337 yuan,, the caller said,,louboutin homme pas cher, let me sink,, with the first money will be returned to me. Sister Yuan sinks again as required out of the 2397 yuan,, who knows the other party was asked to enter 9887.23 The code, I press OK, the results of Carys money was transferred in the past. In this way, Yuan sister remitted a total of 14,621.23 yuan, not even Shadow did not renowned for tickets.   It is understood Dongguan Dongcheng Public Security Bureau has been involved in investigating the matter. Police also reminded the majority of returnees from the formal channels tickets, do not believe the so-called 400 published online booking hotline, prevent fraud.


thumbprint under the guidance of the judges on the verdict. Due to stall disputes, Spicy stall holders were four sticks chased, was knocked to the ground out of desperation within tricycle to cut vegetables knife, stabbed a man,, causing his died. After scratchy, Yang Junlin surrender. Earlier, the prosecution in its prosecution of intentional assault, yesterday, the City Court to over-defense grounds, ruling Yangjun Lin intentional assault, but its exempted from criminal punishment. After the verdict, be released immediately.   So he was hit knife   This year 40-year-old Yang Junlin September 2011 from my hometown in Henan to Beijing to make a living. After arriving in Beijing,tn pas cher, and his wife rented nearby Fangshan Liangxiang,, the same year the National Day, Yangjun Lin began riding a tricycle in a nearby county water district in California to sell Spicy, spread out every morning, 22 oclock closing time. Business may be hard, but it has a lot of regular customers for some time.   May 26, 2012, three young men came to the front booth. Theyre one of the people who have tattoos, another bearded man, let me give them 3000 dollars monthly protection money, and said do not pay they could not stall. After the incident Yangjun Lin confessed that it did not want to stir up trouble more afraid of each other, can they really do not pay out so much money, so I hope the other side just begging to 1000 yuan, but they do not agree, the motorcycle will cross in front of his stall, let customers close.   Since then, the trio often trouble before coming to the booth, sometimes stopped customers, sometimes leftover pot pour beer, sometimes hit my stall. Yang Junlin this has to swallow,scarpe hogan, but the evening of June 7,, the other to the 4 personal,hogan, motorcycle parked in front of his stall, each holding a stick to him rushing. was knocked to the ground, could not lift their heads, desperation,, Yang Junlin dish out of the car to cut knife, stabbing each other.   Stabbed others wept in court   Prosecution allegations, before the incident in the vicinity of the city Yangjun Lin Long Town, Fangshan District of California, County district stall selling spicy hot water, and by Xumou Ping, Xu Mouqi, some ugly (both handled separately) unreasonably aggressive. June 7,hogan scarpe, 2012 23 am, Xu and the others to catch up tangled Wang Yang Junlin to hold the stick in Fangshan District GongChen street green new site will be carried out around the west front of the fight (Yangjun Lin identified constituted Sometimes). In the meantime, held a knife to defend Yangjun Lin, Wang stabbed in the abdomen,,abercrombie pas cher, causing the other died.   The trial, the prosecution alleged for crimes and offenses Yangjun Lin feel wronged and repeatedly crying, They said I was the crime of intentional injury, but I really feel wronged. According to the instructions provided by the case of the police after the incident,, back to rent, the villagers listening to what has happened, feel that he is a victim, and therefore advised him to not be afraid, to the Public Security Bureau, said police told him clearly, so it went to the police station to surrender.   Prosecutors believe Yangjun Lin had constituted the crime of intentional injury,, but are defensive, suggest that the courts to reduce or waive penalties.   CHEN lawyer pointed out behavior is self-defense, not a crime, but have voluntarily surrendered themselves, and the victim in the case of a major fault causes.   It is understood that after the incident, in addition to the dead outside the remaining three have been Fangshan court to disturb the crime sentencing.   Financing 100,000 compensation to the families   Yesterday morning, Yang Junlin once again stood on the City Courts Criminal Division. Yangjun Lin stands about 1.75 meters tall, slim, have a lot of head hair. When I heard that they can be released immediately, Yangjun Lin turned to leave the courtroom, and the gallerys family said the word dialect.   It is understood that the trial process, under the auspices of the trial judge, wife around 10 million to raise the money to Wangs family, and made each others understanding,, to withdraw their families with a civil court and request for Yangjun Lin sentences.   The trial judge told reporters the case, documented evidence to identify Wang, who is a lesson for the purpose of Yangjun Lin, armed motorcyclists chased Yangjun Lin, it stopped and then beaten and smashed cars for Yangjun Lin, Yang Junlin in the case of people hit by the knife to fight back. Therefore, acts constitute self-defense, but their actions caused significant damage to the results of Wangs death, clearly beyond the limits of necessity. Therefore, Yangjun Lins behavior is defensive, has constituted the crime of intentional injury, should be held criminally responsible.   The judge also pointed out that Yang Junlin have voluntarily surrendered themselves, and has reached a settlement with the families of victims of civil compensation, actively compensate the families of the victims of the loss, and the families of victims to obtain the understanding, so overall circumstances of the case, the court held that the law can avoid the behavior to criminal penalties, and released immediately.   Morning News reporter He Xin / text   Correspondent Gilbert / photo   (Original title: stall was hit so he killed the man)


120 emergency vehicles are special vehicles,, it is the peoples lifeline. 17 am,, that someone found a 120 emergency vehicles with flashing lights, and no patient can train, loaded the boxes of seafood, seems to be the truck. How is this going? The reporter then interviewed investigation.   □ reporter Bo   ● User post & nbsp,basket nike pas cher; 120 ambulance Lahaina fresh   10:48 yesterday, friends zj890704 on life in the East made a hot plate in the emergency use another 120, this is the legendary 120 post,, in the form of illustrations, reflecting a license plate number Zhejiang BFP026 120 for an ambulance transported into a seafood truck, car filled with cartons, also flashing lights. Original post excerpt follows:   January 17, 2010 morning, see an ambulance parked behind the World 120, thought out losers, glanced past. Enlightened look surprised. Turned out to be someone driving a big purchase emergency 120 World came (to buy New Year). Now this world is really fierce. Save with the 120 idling when the car purchase to buy something here. I really do not know how to say, ah television, radio, ah, say 120 is not enough, but how much more is not enough. This car is not a good standby rescue, but idle purchases come. That afternoon a stop for hours. Too busy now.   Post has been issued, it caused a great response, netizens have condemned such behavior Gongjusiyong.   ● reporter investigating driver to help colleagues with seafood   Yesterday afternoon,, the reporter linked to the users post zj890704 small weeks.   Xiao Zhou said that at 10:00 on the 17th and more, he went to get something near the World. Seeing this, it took a cell phone down the street when passing gentleman. Idle without incident yesterday morning, suddenly remembered that he did it to the online posting of. According to post photos, reporters came gentleman Street,borse gucci, find the picture of the house aquatic shop. A middle-aged man, said the store, to the store every day to buy something a lot of people, they are only responsible for selling things, as to what car do not care to come up. They go through here, see delicious, just buy some, a lot of it, sometimes the police will come.   When asked about the day of the 120 ambulance pulled something, remember the man said.   After careful search, the reporter contacted the first Xiangshan County Peoples Hospital, 120 Emergency Center, confirmed the figure of 120 emergency vehicles belonging to the center.   Reporters learned from the mouth of the centers 120 ambulance transported into a seafood truck, center staff was very surprised, in accordance with the provisions of 120 ambulances are not allowed to use this, this thing should not happen. When a reporter told that there is photo evidence, has been sent to the Internet the users. Staff said that he went to see.   Afterward, the reporter contacted the Xiangshan County Health Bureau of Medical Affairs Section. Wu, a staff member said that they would go to the hospital to investigate the matter, the specific circumstances give an answer.   ● The hospital responded driver has been dismissed   From I do not know these things, the Health Bureau in the investigation, things layers feedback. Just wait Health Bureau reporter replies, friends shaunshaun replies, once again boil forum. Original quote is as follows:   Dear friends:   Our hospital on January 19 on the afternoon of concern to the landlord posts emergency use another 120, the leadership attaches great importance to investigate the matter immediately to verify the findings as follows: November 17 hospital one morning I drive Members assigned to transport a patient from the hospital to the Second Hospital of Ningbo, the day way back to the driver be entrusted to the World with unauthorized substance, this is purely drivers with objects from individual behavior,, and I held the Presidency immediately hospital office meeting, to deal with the matter as follows: 1, 120 driving them immediately rectify personnel management; 2,,nike tn requin, 120 drivers were directly responsible for this incident to dismiss processing; 3, as a warning,, proceed immediately to further strengthen the supervision of the hospital system, resolutely prevent similar incidents from happening again.   In the majority of users are very grateful for the work of our hospital supervision and support!   First Xiangshan County Peoples Hospital   Reporters from the 120 staff at the center confirmed that the quote was indeed issued by the hospital.   ● afterwards   Exposure matter Xiao Zhou guilty   This seems to have the result of a unanimous choice. At this point, the first exposure gave the reporter Xiao Zhou sent a message, saying that he saw very guilty after hospital replies.   Xiao Zhou said that originally he wanted to say these things to post, causing authorities attention, even if the driver was simply about the punishment. Because he did not expect the post to allow drivers to lose their jobs,, I say sorry to him,louboutin, because this thing and put his job to lose.   Love is love, law is the law   Before there were reported 120 ambulance Ningbo enough. See this post in the forum, the gas is not one to play, as the bearer of the public lifeline 120 emergency vehicles, but so little fanfare flashing lights Lahaina. What people dare to do?   With the in-depth interviews, co-workers learned that the driver was under the care help a little seafood. Perhaps the driver and his colleagues believe that in any case is empty back Xiangshan, have no big problem with that. From the reason that makes sense for this reason. But the rules and regulations, it is wrong to have to be punished. Love is love, law is law,scarpe hogan outlet, one yard owned by a yard.


Was accused of financial fraud and more than 8000 yuan correspondent Wu Bo went on trial yesterday for map ? Take someone mortgage star female boss arrested Track & nbsp; & nbsp; Sichuanese Wu Bo,, 40, is a flower fairy ocarina Nanjing Culture Communication Co.,nike air max pas cher, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Fairy subsidiary) legal representative, she was from 2009 Since the establishment of Fairy subsidiaries, to expand the size of the company, the massive loan shark, and even fooled 28 people to take real estate investment company as collateral, high interest rates from the investment company borrowed the money for her to use. Later, due to funding strand breaks, owe a huge debt of her by the police to the crime of illegal deposits from the public Detention. Modern Express September 18, 2012, the matter had been reported. Yesterday, Wu Bo on suspicion of financial fraud and more than 8,000 yuan in Nanjing Intermediate Peoples Court for trial.   Modern Express reporter Liu Jing Li Shaofu   Cases Review   Star was arrested on foot when a female boss   Yesterday 9:30, when Wu Bo shackled, was taken into custody, Nanjing Intermediate Peoples Court bailiffs Tribunal for trial, many elderly people sit up suddenly excited, you have today, ah, you deceive us homeless! Later, under the persuasion of judges, they managed to calm down.   Trial Wu Bo, 40, 2009 in Nanjing established Fairy subsidiary, claiming that specializes in Ocarina Ocarina cultural promotion and dissemination. In June 2011, China Ocarina Art Promotion Center of Nanjing Fairy listed subsidiaries. The company is located in Jiangning Development Zone in the Pacific Industrial Park, with a total area of 3000 square meters, and the establishment of a number of exclusive outlets and stores.   Wu Bo early years, have experienced a very difficult working career,, and later with career step by step improvement, halo on her head gradually more up, has been awarded Venture Star, entrepreneurial heroine and other .   From the spring of 2012, due to the huge loan in Nanjing, principal and interest can not be returned, her fundraising to the field name to Chengdu. Later, many people can not borrow money to her directly on her, only to doubt taken the bait, he reported to the police. In August 2012, when she was ready to fly to Guangzhou from Sichuan Province, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport in Nanjing Drum Tower was arrested by the police.   Borrow money tricks   By housing mortgages, two of her pay interest   By high interest temptation,, from the end of 2009 to May 2012 when the incident, Wu Bos total foreign borrowing, identified by police and prosecutors for more than 8,000 yuan, involving 188 people, and 28 sets of real estate. Return to the time of the incident nearly 13 million yuan, there are more than 7600 million has not been returned,, but also can not be returned.   Yesterday morning the court,, more than 20 middle-aged observers, mood has been very excited. We can not excited? I believe she had touted to take collateral to borrow money to lend her house, and now we are faced with homelessness point. One who refused to be named, said the observers,, who currently Wu Bo lend money to the intermediary, because Wu Bo did not repay on time, the agency successfully sued the owner of the mortgage of the house, and asked the auction house.   In court yesterday, Wu Bo admitted, then more and more difficult because of the financing, while interest on the loan every month early, and some interest also converted into principal, resulting in cash flow is very difficult, she has worked to find 28 people, the real estate mortgage lending her after she borrowed from a number of investment companies usury. However, a prerequisite to get the money that must be paid to the investment firm Wu Bo 6% -8% of the monthly interest rate, but also to pay homeowners ranging from 2% to 5% of the monthly interest.   However, such interest money, she was no detailed records. Every month expired, someone gave me a message. Then she hit the money in the past. Faced with a hundred creditors, such a large complex accounts, and sometimes that is from memory, I think this is a tacit agreement between me and creditors.   Boasted means   Youth Olympic Games will be people claiming Ocarina performances   Wu Bo case by combing the whole process is not difficult to find that she had repeatedly tried to inject Fairy subsidiaries in official colors. For example, the Youth Olympic million Ocarina performances.   Many victims recalled that in the beginning they know Fairy subsidiary,, which is repeatedly mentioned a vocabulary, and alleged that the activities of the Youth Olympic Games has passed the trial.   During the trial, the prosecutor issued a large number of witnesses, that they are listened to, including the Youth Olympic activities, including all the promises before we believe the companys plans for the future of her blueprint, which dare to lend money to her . According to the evidence gathered by the police revealed that Wu Bo has never communicated with this positive aspect of the Youth Olympic Games Organizing Committee, it is clear that this is just a mirage.   Wu Bo admitted in court, around October 2011, when the creditor has a lot of money to find her, in this case, she was raised in this event. She also did on this activity consulted the relevant departments, and Tel, is 114 inquiries come through. But she stressed that he did not promise to be able to successfully organize this event, because these must be set according to market conditions.   Wu Bo said, after a lot of words from her lips out, a pass ten, hundred, and finally reached where the creditor has been tampered with before, so there are some creditors alleged that promise, in fact, she does not say.   Court quibble   Because of the loss of freedom, so it was not the money   Course of the trial, the victim sitting in the gallery of complaints issued from time to time, to show their anger against Wu Bo. But whether it is the face of these came when the buzz, or the public prosecutor issued a series of witnesses and evidence, Wu Bo have performed very calm, answer questions very slowly, do not panic.   Wu Bo said,hogan, Ocarina has a very broad market, the profit is relatively high. But I knew there was definitely pre-pay for. And this explanation seems to be the best excuse to continue to raise funds for her late.   Wu Bo said many times,louis vuitton sito ufficiale, she never thought to occupy these peoples money, after the discovery of the capital chain problems, she is also trying to pay back the money. Was arrested on the eve of her classmates still borrow money to own debt.   Im in jail, loss of personal freedom, so it can not pay back the money, if they can regain freedom, I still have the confidence to Fairy subsidiary bigger and stronger.   Prosecutors expose lies   Also of interest only to sell nearly 600,000 annually Ocarina   At yesterdays court, Wu Bo repeatedly argued that she was not wanted fraud, and has subsidiaries in the future Fairy Ocarina and full of expectations.   To refute her point, the prosecutor gave her calculations, according to her total 8,000 million borrowers, 50% per annum to take the middle value calculated interest up to more than 4,000 yuan a year. And an ocarina,, the highest profit sales of her own statements,hogan, also earn 70 yuan. And the resulting estimates, single wants to pay off the loan interest, Fairy subsidiaries need to sell nearly 600,000 Ocarina year.   Due to complexity of the case,hogan uomo, after the trial ended yesterday, the court is not in court for sentencing.  (Edit: SN091)


Middle-aged man dwelling in less than one meter high, about 2.5 meters wide and two meters of space. Figure / Asian Heart Network reporter Shangyi Tao Asian Heart Network (Reporter Shangyi Tao) a dirty tramp and the spirit of some problems arise in Wujiaqu Edison district, residents have mercy on him, and five months to give him a meal often sent clothes, can winter the residents worried: He lived every day under the balcony of residential buildings, cold day, if frozen to death how to do?   74-year-old district said it many times to reflect what they had to multiple departments, nobody can gnaw on?   December 21, at several area residents,louboutin homme, led by Edison Community Building 5,, the reporter went to the back side,tn requin pas cher, see the balcony on the first floor of a piece of plywood under the shade, a messy hair, a long beard,louboutin milano, middle-aged man. dwelling in less than one meter high, about 2.5 meters wide and two meters of space.   Residents say he was coming in July, often a man muttering,, sometimes looked roar few times. He has a heavy Southern accent. Residents say Ho Chi volts.   Residents say the man never disturbing,, residents sympathize with him, and often sent him to eat,hollister sale, which has an old rice three times a week, at least send it to him.   During the interview,, many residents are rumors that the man is a local business people, because of business failure was a result of mental problems. But nobody knows where this rumor comes from.   Ho Chi volt said in October he found Mengjin area police station, police say they return pipe,, but you can help contact the civil affairs department.   After several residents and the man exchange,, he wrote a paper five words Guangxi Peng Yuxiang. We therefore conclude that his home in Guangxi, called Peng Yuxiang, neighborhood people to the police station found in Guangxi residence, the names of two people found similar one called Peng Yuxiang and another called Peng Yuxiang,nike tn air, printed public security online The photo of a comparison and found quite like. Zhi-volt said.   Lai Qinghua residents said some residents thought the man home, can not afford to worry about responsibility in case there is a problem,, then he wanted to live in their own man in the basement,, can men go. He told the civil affairs departments to reflect this, but with no result.   In the afternoon, the Civil Administration NongLiuShi rescue shelter under the leadership of Master Sun Yongqiang in the Edison area reporters after seeing the man, call them to Urumqi Midong 13 hospitals (psychiatric), let the man first placement. 20:00, the man was picked up.    Share: welcome to comment I want to comment  Microblogging Recommended | todays hot microblogging (edit: SN047)


British woman Kelly Hyde Cox and her fiance Paul Reply to Thorpe engaged for 10 years, may be reluctant to Paul and Kelly to ride the red carpet. Not long ago, Kelly once again forced Paul did not want to even out the staggering conditions --- as long as Kelly has one million followers on Facebook website,, he is willing to November 11, 2011 and officially married her . In desperation,,abercrombie femme, unwilling Kelly started in the face to the world on the users votes.   10 years did not wear the wedding dress engagement   According to British media reports,, the now 32-year-old Kelly is the name of the restaurant staff, Kelly and Paul each other love each other, but let Kelly fret, despite living together for many years and have two children,, but engagement has 10 years,, Paul reluctant to ride with her on the red carpet.   Late last year, Paul anyhow agreed to hold a wedding,hogan interactive, but because of the sudden death of his father Paul,, careful planning of the wedding had to cancel this. This Jiuhuachongti, but Paul has been unable to promise a specific date of the wedding. Not long ago, Kelly once again forced Paul did not want to open this back a staggering condition: as long as Kelly on Facebook site collection to one million fans, he is willing to November 11, 2011 Kelly married officially married.   Has tens of thousands of fans   In desperation, Kelly can only be built on a file called Facebook website I need one million fans to help convince Paul to marry me,,air max pas cher, the fans hope that users be able to help her complete the dream wedding.   Kellys story,hogan outlet, after British media reported a sharp surge in popularity, a short time, she already has tens of thousands of fans, friends around the world is an endless stream of her supporters to join the ranks. Someone joked that Paul is the worlds most heartless fiance, while Kelly is the worlds fiancee did not give up. But there are also angry female fans said: If this man really carved out such a load condition,hogan sito ufficiale, do not deserve to marry. More users think Paul not sincere.   The massive wave of solidarity Jean Paul a lot of pressure, but ironic is that he himself insists he is not deliberately make things difficult, just to give Kelly a little challenge it.   Children will serve as best man bridesmaids   While millions of fans away from the goal is still far away from the good news to marry the term November 11 is still early, Kelly still has plenty of time to shoot the wedding,, planning a wedding.   The Bitter bride joke, once a dream come true, she will make 15-year-old daughter, Nicole, 8-year-old daughter Ellie Mae act as little bridesmaid, 13-year-old son and 5-year-old son, Jack Madison Leif Small acts as best man.   (Long days)


Wang Yuanjie home furnishings is extremely simple. This desire for a happy family life, and now the man of the house, as it has been since the accident heartbreaking case XingJu. Wang Yuanjie familys small hospital in Qixia rural, agricultural tricycle is a common means of transport Injured death, three suspects have been XingJu   [Shen night wore on, winking far between cigarette can saw.   Yantai Qixia embankment beside a rural flashed three figures, anxiety, tension written on his face. From time to time muttering, short sigh, has been in the middle of a meal they continued effort. Finally, after throwing away cigarette butts, the trio made up his mind.   A farm tricycle screaming mobilized, turn around, so the life of an old man from the rescue pushed the destruction. Taken together, there are three men of reason, conscience, and their families trajectory.   October 16, occurred in Qixia this car accident, the responsible party was to rescue the victim, which carried to the car, but eventually abandoned the victim turned the car on the roadside. 70-year-old victim had been killed when found.   This is a they should not go, turning back.   Some people say that, in a small Yue Yues experience when people hurt the heart, through the Qixia this case murder evolved case analysis, discard weak legal awareness and fragile rescue mechanism, can be seen in the most terrible is not moral bifurcation, but completely opposite. & Nbsp; Edition Written correspondent Sun Ke]   1   The driver is a veteran   October 20, Yantai apple famous Qixia, ushered in a Bobo merchants. Through the countryside on the way,, a variety of agricultural tricycle, tractor, puffing black smoke from time to time passing.   Here, as well as agricultural tricycle tractor penetration is very high, Qixia police brigade accident a police squadron, said:. As long as Apple is kind of basic car that everyone has an annual apple harvest, we all have the police on the road.   Accident occurred 30 km from Qixia District, is a less than two cars side by side with the country cement road. Accident tricycle driver was 41-year-old , deputy seat sitting more than 60-year-old neighbor Laoxing, after sitting in the same village Yang Doo trailer. The three of them at a construction site when construction workers.   In the October 16 day, as the village was a bit of sand, Wang Yuanjie he borrowed the car cousin, pulled about one ton of sand. Afternoon work was done, the three began walking home.   Wang Yuanjie no drivers license, but the car for him and nothing. His wife, Ms. Yu told reporters: 21 years ago when I went into his house, the father told me that he grew up playing cars,requin tn pas cher, tractors another job yet dared to hit the road.   But in the end, play car veteran or planted in the car. & Nbsp;   2   To save the elderly   Remove the sand   Results According to the police statement after the driver, the incident time should be in the 16th around 17:30.   Wang Yuanjie this to trial his Qixia police brigade accident squadron of police handling said there was a dirt road with concrete road intersection,, an old man pushing a cart turned the corner after the cement road,, originally in the street, when suddenly inserted into the middle of the road, He hit the brakes too late.   Hit the road in front of the 70-year-old Lin Wangcun old man, filled with an apple basket on the trolley.   Wang Yuanjie not immediately drive to escape, but with Xingmou, Yang jumped out of the car, hurriedly carried the elderly deputy seat of the cab. The old mans blood, so it was Indian in the deputy seat. Justice after they testified that at this time the old man still breath, Xu Yanjun told reporters:. According to their testimony, was indeed trying to elderly hospitals emergency   Agricultural vehicles puffing smoke five or six hundred meters before the line from north to south, came to a place beside the riverbank. Wang Yuanjie car, who pondered the car to pull the sand too, affecting the driving speed. To this end, they began unloading sand parking here.   3   Turn around   Leaving the elderly   After the sand to remove it, they found the old man serious injury, can not be saved in their eyes think live. Xu Yanjun, said: We specialize in inquiries, you know there is no cure, and where vital signs weak judgment. The other side for that medicine does not understand, but some of them by a pulse, long time to jump.   At this point the river bank, the three began to discuss long. According to Xu Yanjun judgment, they are here to discuss the time, for at least half an hour. 5:30 incidence, home already 8:00. Remove the round-trip time, where it will stay for at least half an hour for the injured trio of treatment, indeed behaved very hesitant.   Note that in the end they made up, re-launch the agricultural vehicle, turned the car, drove to the scene. As has been difficult to discern dark, they pass through the accident site in three to four meters away,,abercrombie outlet online, it will move down the elderly deputy seat, thrown into a roadside ditch. Elderly trolleys, which they hid inside a nearby apple orchard.   When we tried, three parties passing the buck, this idea is not sure yet who is out. Xu Yanjun said. The case is being handled Qixia Interpol department is not further disclose the information.   Three of this series of moves to change the nature of the case can be seen as a key behavior. & Nbsp;   4   Field Description   Inklings   Due to the location of old Lin is not easy to find, at 14:30 on October 17, police received a witness before the alarm. As this country only three villages along the road, the police quickly locked the suspect visited.   The same day, Wang Yuanjie police flew home, but he is not. However, agricultural tricycle cab Fuzuo with blood was found by the police.   October 17 evening, Wang Yuanjie surrendered to the police station accompanied by his family, the night was the Crime criminal detention. However, the incident handling squadron of police further arraignment, Wang Yuanjie scene for descriptive error, let the police find clues.   When I carefully asked, find a detail doubtful that Wang recalls injured when hit, thats in the middle of the road agricultural tricycle rolled past, he did not look down and left. But the scene the bodies of the dead is in the roadside ditch, which is extremely inconsistent with its memories of the scene. Xu Yanjun said.   After a review, the final, Wang confessed only after the accident butt facts of the crime, together with others abandoned the wounded.   Handling of the traffic police department aware of a shift in the nature of the case, handed over to Interpol department. October 18 morning, Xingmou, Yang They have also brought to justice. October 20, Qixia City Public Security Bureau Liu Hongwei Lands Branch police, told reporters that at present, the Interpol department on suspicion of manslaughter has been on three of investigation. & Nbsp;   Dr. Ding Yanling Nanjing Normal University, jurisprudence based on the provided materials, the analysis said, knocked down after the elderly, because there is no drivers license, the old man died, but traffic crime constituted. But the king and the others in the victim away from the scene of the accident after the abandonment, there are positive harm behavior.   Today, the king and the others have been detained in the detention center jingfangxingju.   From the riverbank to the abandoned site, only five or six meters of concrete road, agricultural tricycle trip ran it only a few minutes. But they spent half an hour, smoke, talk or quarrel; eventually, they should not take away most of the turning back.   Today, on the embankment of the three conspired content is still no way to be aware of the outside world. During such hesitation, there is no quarrel, have never been refuted and chime in?   Reporter survey found that few day after the incident between the parties are in negotiations, anxiety hearts as possible to see his family. Rescue from positive at first, then turned the car abandoned, so they chose a turning back, is for what consideration? & Nbsp; Ventura edition Ke Sun reporter   A   Do not want to dig in   Medical expenses   Qixia spring inside the West Village, the villagers have known this. Wang Yuanjie home furnishings simple, slightly dilapidated. The main room of the family portrait photo, 10 years ago, Wang Yuanjie keep the flat head, looked very spirit. He was married for 21 years, the existing two daughters with his wife.   Qixia, because a lot of people get rich Apple, BMW, Mercedes-Benz can be seen in some towns. But Wang Yuanjie could not rely on Apples fortune. Ms wife did not say a few words, they begin to burst into tears.   To say:. . Just a few years ago the family apple orchard planted Emerging Artists, now not grow old apple production falters, can earn thousands of dollars a year. This is, police Xu Yan Jun Wang Yuanjie also heard mentioned,, At the time when the king confessed their main fear is said to be too high medical bills, no money of your own home, it can not afford the hundreds of thousands of medical expenses.   Wang Yuanjie there was a brother, a few years ago due to gastric cancer just undergone surgery, is still unable to stem heavy labor. Father with heart disease, the perennial need medication, the mothers body is not very good. So the past few years, Wang Yuanjie actually become the mainstay of the Royal.   For his character, a village a few people call this person honest, part.   eldest daughter, 21, had dropped out of school during junior high school who work, while 11-year-old daughter is in elementary school. Wang Yuanjie daughter said: The work of the money, or grandparents to buy medicine, or to save the sister gave when tuition, usually nothing left. Some time ago the family can use the money in exchange for aluminum windows, which makes She has been very happy.   Earn money selling apples, pack four or five acres of land at the time of leisure, work outside the home. Other co Xingmou, Yang, is working out together in the same village. Listen to the person in the village, two of the economic conditions in general. Reporters tried to interview went, was turned down Xingmou family.   B   Saving money   Where to find   The owners of the city, used to first find out accident insurance company. However Qixia police told reporters that the reality in rural traffic pattern, the less farm car insurance.   Wang Yuanjie opened as a farm truck license hanging though, it has been many years off the trial, neither the vehicle nor commercial insurance to pay high insurance. Wang Yuanjie himself, nor a drivers license. There are police told reporters:. . This is not a case, but the rural agricultural vehicles common problems of many farmers feel that run only in the fields, nor into the city, there is no need to test a drivers license, insurance   Another problem is the cost. Even as agricultural tricycle listed for free, but count insurance and test this, how have 2,000 yuan. Locals reluctant to spend.   Police told reporters that there is no insurance claims, the responsible party family in general, do not want, do not want to dig medical expenses. After Lin knocked to the ground, who can help dig for him money?   January 1 last year, Chinas road traffic accidents social assistance fund management pilot scheme was introduced at that time was a lot of people describe the emergency life-saving money. Which provides that after the accident, did not participate in cross-strong motor vehicle accident insurance, fled after the accident and other circumstances, can rescue fund to advance funeral expenses for personal injury victims, some or all of the rescue costs.   But now, this rescue fund has not been set up in Shandong. The police said.   Reporters learned that the Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee had earlier put forward suggestions accident relief fund set up as soon as possible, the relevant departments to answer is:. Strongly agree, to develop as soon as possible.   C   Stylized Compounding & nbsp;   Police, before the surrender, Wang had approached a relative at the scene were the military, kept asking people around the victims name address. Later, deep sleep is difficult to escape the royal found a middleman, and the deceaseds family made contact, trying to spend money on, compounding. Police say there are in rural areas in case of accidents and other disputes, such as not serious, generally take compounding means.   70-year-old man has been single forest, in the village, only a nephew. His nephew learned man is killed after being abandoned, flatly refused to compounding. Since then, the king was persuaded their parents surrendered to the police.   Weak legal awareness can also be seen in the other two co Xingmou and Yangs body,hogan 2014.   After the incident, Yang and mental stress Xingmou next day did nothing but get together to discuss the supposed. When the police found the 18th Yang, Yang seems to have been anticipated at the time, turned to Xingmou call: public security they approached us, it is because that thing.   Police investigators Xu Yanjun, said Yang Xingmou and two men, and not really aware of the law has been violated, but assume that just did not alarm up to be withholding information, and lose money would be finished. When it was announced When they want to criminal detention, both per capita and even said, I did not expect.   Reporters in the survey found that the current traffic pattern in rural areas, a significant proportion of the parties only superficial traffic participants. After a traffic accident, and under what circumstances should bear responsibility for what is not yet clear, and even the basic laws and regulations are not clear, resulting in frequent escapes and other incidents. Lack of grassroots police force, lack of publicity means, traffic safety management and control in rural areas is still a weak spot.   D   Been criticized accident cost & nbsp;   Shandong Hua Yuan Guo Haiquan lawyer has handled a lot of hit and run cases. Guohai Quan that, for a traffic accident does not actively rescue the injured, fled the scene,, ignoring the behavior should improve the lives of others sentencing starting point, so that they did not dare to break the law, bound by law, to develop the habit of saving lives before the accident.   Reporters found that in the last October 26 to December, only Yantai, for example, the case of a local hit and run death of at least eight people, police and spend a lot of social wealth. Reward, eyewitness news placards looking accident, nor the event in the media.   A province in the years of the deal with the accident, police told reporters, after an accident most people would be afraid to bear responsibility, fear of losing money,,air max tn pas cher, which is a state of mind that everyone will be there. But why have so many daring driver for behavior change from this attitude?   Guohai Quan told reporters,hogan outlet, according to current law, in violation of traffic regulations, and therefore a major accident, causing serious injury, death or serious losses to public and private property, at 3 years of imprisonment or criminal detention; Transport fled after the accident or other particularly bad episode, at least 3 years 7 years imprisonment; death caused by escape, at least seven years in prison.   However, although not a lot of traffic accident causing serious injury or death, but there are many people with minor injuries,, which can not be held criminally liable. The kind of traffic accident lost money no big point of view, it is difficult to make this type of accident cases caused traffic alert participants.    Share: welcome to comment I want to comment  Microblogging Recommended | todays hot microblogging (edit: SN056)