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Hospital said the diagnosis wrong

  (Reporter Yuan Jing) according to a lot of people have experienced chest, but according to the chest, but with other people finish the film went clinicians, home medication one week after the discovery of a mistake, such a thing 27-year-old boy fell Manzawa cloud head. Top brick slip chest injury Yesterday morning, Manzawa cloud,, accompanied by two fellow came near jiulongpo yangjiaping pedestrian street. From time to time he would walk with his left hand over his chest, pain enough, it can not touch. Manzawa cloud memories, about a month ago, he came to Chongqing from Hubei home,, with a few fellow do Liangshan paint on a construction site. 7:00 am on the 18th of this month too, went to the site Manzawa cloud the way, after a one-meter-high brick wall,, his hand against the wall, kicked across the past. There is a brick sand, slipped by hand, people rushed down. When the ground, Manzawa chest is a brick severely cloud top a bit. Photo examination hospital injury It was basically stand up, I crouched on the floor more than 10 minutes, barely stand up,woolrich parka, recalled the circumstances at the time, Manzawa cloud shook his fist. He said that at the site QUICKER, wrestling is common, I thought after a while just fine. In fact, the first day of fall, the pain is not too obvious. However, the next day Manzawa cloud began to feel that something was amiss. Took a day off, did not go to work. Manzawa cloud feel chest pain unbearable, several villagers let him rest a bit, do not go to work the hardest hit. Good governance ailment, illness out of trouble. After the rest day, 20 pm, at the advice of fellow, Manzawa cloud came jiulongpo First Peoples Hospital of photos, to see whether there has been chest fractures. Chest pain gradually increased At 15:00 on the 20th over, waiting for more than an hour later, Manzawa clouds got in chest radiology. Subsequently, the young man would put a chest dress bags, find a clinician. The doctor will carefully read chest out, then tell Manzawa clouds, may be a soft tissue injury, nothing serious, like a few days rest. Hearing this, the rock Manzawa cloud heart finally landed,spaccio peuterey, went to a nearby hospital pharmacy to buy boxes of plaster and bruises pill, they happily return the site of. From the afternoon until the day before yesterday evening (26th), this six and a half, Manzawa cloud Qinhuan plaster and bruises time to eat pills. However, the chest pain is not reduced, but gradually increased, but also expanded the area of pain. This is a touch on the left are now untouchable, turn over and go to sleep at night will wake up pain. Find someone elses chest Is there a problem, then did not shine out? Last night, Manzawa cloud inadvertently comes to this matter,, a little knowledge of medical knowledge colleague get his chest out to look. Who knows,woolrich sito ufficiale, enlightened, a look was really shocked! Friend said, pointing to the name on the chest, This film is Well, how would you? At a friends reminder, Manzawa clouds look, only to find the back of the name is also written: 44 years old. Manzawa cloud still do not dare to believe, this is not a doctor suspicion name. Kan Ma, written above or right chest. Friend reminded, you look in the left chest, right chest on chest X-ray can be written but, how could that be? Manzawa cloud this wake, the original hospital made a mistake the film. Hospital said the diagnosis wrong Yesterday morning, took the chest Manzawa cloud came jiulongpo First Peoples Hospital of Radiology. Deputy director of the physician on duty after Qin state was able to watch the film, from the computer to bring up the name says Manzawa cloud chest, and print it out. Reporters saw Manzawa cloud chest number 188897 and chest numbers are Manzawa cloud home is 188895, the two in the interval of one person. After a lapse of seven days,, finally got his chest,>, Manzawa cloud is very excited, but also a little worried: the film had made a mistake,scarpe hogan outlet, clinicians will therefore misdiagnosed? In response, Tan,moncler sito ufficiale, MD, to state with certainty that the result would not be wrong diagnosis. In fact, the diagnosis is out of our department, the patient got the film, we can see the diagnosis. Clinicians are mainly based on the results of our diagnosis,, prescribe treatment by the disease. Tan, MD, said that doctors usually diagnose is to look at the computer, instead of watching printed chest. He took Jiang Moumou films, said the person (Jiang Moumou) obvious fractures, while Manzawa cloud did not. Two aspects of the film is easy to get wrong Hospital,, is a person one, Manzawa cloud someone elses chest back home, means that other people must also take the wrong chest. An unnamed hospital official told multiple links may lead to wrong to take the chest, but the most common are the two links. A chest X-ray radiology medical staff will print out later, loaded the wrong patient; the other is to find a chest holding the patient when prescribing clinicians, patients and other film confused. The source said that the absence of evidence is now no way to determine which part goes wrong in the end. Yesterday afternoon, Manzawa clouds again in the hospital photos, doctors diagnosed remains soft tissue contusion, just rest nursed back to health.

Qinmou continue shout

Health something The man said after waking lost belongings, police cars crashed head-glass, so that the police responsible Misunderstandings The original lost friend watches and bracelets were handed over to the custody of their families (Reporter Wang Tao) Qinmou a drunken man lying unconscious on the road, police learned that the situation immediately after the rescue. After the drunken man Qinmou micro wake,woolrich donna, but said lost watches and bracelets, so the police accountable,, and with the head of the police car crashing glass and wounded in the police station the police. In fact, the property has been handed Qinmou custody of his family friends. Rescue drunken man Police were stopped to let go There is a man in our community lying downstairs unit, who have blood. After June 5 at 10 am, the public security bureau tech earnings Road police station received a report, three police immediately rushed Jiajing Che. Under the guidance of the security,nike tn pas cher, the police see the cell lying on the ground, a 30-year-old man with blood on his body and a strong smell of alcohol. When police tried to wake the other way, but the other is not seen awake. Helpless, the police call 120. Meanwhile,piumini moncler, the man beside wallet, identity cards, bank cards and 2,moncler uomo,100 yuan in cash, police and security in the area last house to house looking for and want to confirm the mans residence. At this point, the man who the phone rings, the police rushed to answer, that is his friend, the police let them come and contact their families. 120,, the man was woke, but he refused to rescue, and say let the tube. 120 left, the police finally found his family, his mother, his mother down the stairs ready to take home. Soon, the man let go down to block the police car, watches and bracelets that hes gone, let the police responsible. Men Buyiburao Police car crashing glass wounded police Alarming police said: We only see the phone and wallet,, no watches and bracelets. However, Qinmou insisted to give a statement and stand in front of the police car, let go. Qinmou said his bracelets and watches were forcibly Yexia his resistance and was hit. Police then contacted their friends, their friends will watch and bracelet sent over to the Qinmou mother. Qinmou friends said they worried Qinmou drunk lost belongings, to help him keep it off. Shihai send something back and the police do not advise Qinmou trouble, but was punched. Police said:. In half an hour after the standoff, police blocked off Qinmou still, and go to the police car hit the glass with the head, four times in a row,, the glass was damaged, the police are ready to Qinmou away when his mother and Qinmou went to the police station. But after the police station,, Qinmou continue shout, and wounded a police office. Says the hospitals medical certificate,, police injured as: lips soft tissue contusion, traumatic loose teeth. The morning of June 6, Qinmou mother apologized for his sons behavior to the police. Qinmou awake after that night with friends to drink wine, but what specifically did drink, is not clear. The body of blood, may be caused by drunken fall. Currently, on suspicion of obstructing Qinmou XingJu, the case is under further investigation. Taxi passengers in the drunk The good brother to send him to the hospital to sober up (Reporter Zhang Lei) really want to thank you send me to the hospitals brother, although I do not know who he is. Yesterday morning, Chen sober after lying on a hospital bed,abercrombie outlet italia, still did not forget the morning The good brother to the hospital himself. Yesterday morning, the public He is a bar near the south gate drunk, came out, he took a taxi to go to the East Gate, then fell asleep in the car, the results when he woke up, found himself lying in the center of a hospital bed. The nurse said, is a young guy to take me in, he said to the doctor,, I can not go home drunk, and then left. Chen said. Chen said, the brother sent him to the hospital sober, but also for him to advance the registration fee,, before leaving, also not forget the nurse asked, If his cell phone rang, he told his friend in the hospital. To this end, he wanted the newspaper to find the kind of brother. Im on the bus, fuzzy remember a day word on the door, but do not know which company. Chen said. (Reward providers clues Sun 50 yuan) (Original title: Police rescue drunk the night he was taken away refers watch bracelet)

lack of sleep caused by children generally.

□ Morning News reporter Chen Liyu 4-year-olds will be in a daze, 9-year-old child has depression? Yesterday, the Jiefang Daily Group and the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau jointly sponsored health forum liberation fourth lecture on the theme let the children win at the starting line healthy. Shanghai pediatrician with concern that the increased academic competition, as well as the one-child phenomenon, causing the child to suffer from psychological problems at early age. Where the primary problem is the biggest mental weariness, and for small children, the excessive early education will make them ahead of time to wear beer bottle higher brain dysfunction. Children over 11 years ago goofed No siblings, no hustle and bustle of the alley, and now many children are basically independent apartments in the only son,peuterey prezzi, there is an innate loneliness. East China Normal University Counseling Center, a senior consultant with depression smallest ChenMo encountered only 9 years old. ChenMo also see 4-year-old kindergarten children sat there in a daze. Some of the problem is no solution, there is no one to help him doubts, so our children a depression. Many children are living in aristocratic childhood environment,, but after entering the school, and gave him a highly competitive environment Such contrasts make it difficult for them to bear. Psychological experts, let alone a child in an environment where the release of loneliness, especially let the child before the age of 11 is too crazy,nike tn italia, so it may be more healthy psychological environment. Wipe the negative evaluation of the childs What is the biggest problem currently is that students encounter? Weariness. Children up to the second grade, the weariness has become a common phenomenon. Experts believe that this question should blame two people - a teacher and mother. Many children become specialist revised, revised even more than the amount of homework. Parents are a child reading overseer, but difficult to learn under the supervision of another good. In fact, children with special needs is to guide the interest in learning. Now there is a big misunderstanding, my mother is doing 70% of the function teacher. ChenMo humorously pointed out that if your child find an animal to replace the mother, the children often answer a tiger or a wolf. In fact the mother hen do,scarpe gucci, from time to time guarding chicks should let him have a sense of security. Children go to school to enter a competitive state, even if the teacher is a negative evaluation of the child, the mother must also do the eraser,, wipe negative evaluation . In a man growing up,, inferiority tree was planted in elementary school, my mother put the teacher to the children brought criticism of inferiority shadow wipe, let the children always have confidence. Early Learning more harm small children over Excessive early education is a lot of small children are likely to encounter. In fact,, if you let kids do the same thing for a long time, will lead to suppress his brain,woolrich uomo, the problem is the formation of future advanced dysfunction symptoms. Excessive early childhood development vision will be premature, could let the children grow up wearing beer bottle, and even lead to degeneration or retinal detachment. Currently, myopia in children than in the past three or four years in advance. Shanghai First Peoples Hospital chief physician, Shanghai Ke Bilian Optometry Society members pointed out that with the continued popularity of the eyes at close range, iPad and other video terminal, bad posture and pencil grasp, uneven lighting will induce myopia. Ke Bilian who has received a 3-year-old half little patient, the parents are busy doing business, the children every day in a small space for a long time watching TV, the results were as high as 1200 degrees of myopia degree! Therefore, parents should ensure that children have a certain farsightedness ownership,, the intensive use of the extension to the eye after 12 years. [Links] Child Health Ten Mistakes Health forum at the Fourth liberation, the liberation of joint public health pulpit mail, jointly launched the Health Survey release authority: Contemporary childrens health Ten Mistakes - 1. eat too fine, small grains, the partial eclipse fried foods,, meat, sweet drinks daily life instead of drinking water, leading to obesity children and child bean sprouts size increased. 2. less parent-child communication, mostly inter-generational education, resulting in the child withdrawn, overbearing, rude, social phobia, depression feminization of boys and psychological problems of children. 3. Early Learning courses based, Destructive Enthusiasm cause children to school for fear weariness. 4. premature children have access to computers, electronic products resulting network dependent. 5. Excessive early childhood, watching TV computer,, bad habits cause myopia in children early, high-fat. 6. a cold on the use of antibiotics, resulting in antibiotic resistance. 7. Childrens room decoration excessive trigger allergies, respiratory and other diseases. 8. sweets too much,woolrich outlet, not enough to cause dental caries. 9. ADHD is magnified, naughty seen as ADHD. 10. academic pressure, rest adults affect children,, lack of sleep caused by children generally.

so next time steal things. At the same time

Hao Peng × demonstration like myself when tied. Dongguan newspaper (Reporter Man-yuan photo coverage) the day before 21 oclock, small boy × Peng Hao (4 years old, Hunan) and yellow × Man (5 years old, Fujian) Humen Town, Dongguan City,, Village Road,woolrich uomo,, No. 33 in Chigang Small convenience stores called Humen Christine Department Store respective stole a value of 5 cents, blowing bubbles toys. After being discovered, the wife will be with a small yellow × red string to two small childrens hands tied together, then tied his legs in front of the store with a pool table for public display. To their parents went to when Hao Peng × tied up more than two hours, Huang Wen tied × nearly half an hour. Lawyer Guangdong Han Ye Yubin Zhang believes that the boss yellow × practices alleged illegal detention, the police should be involved in the investigation. Hao Peng × boys father told reporters that about 11 oclock last night, soon,tn pas cher, he learned that his son was a small convenience shop proprietress with wire for public display in front of the store, so he rushed to the house convenience store, when he saw his sons A hand was a rope tied to a corner store in front of a pool table, and dejected. He immediately ran to untie the rope tied to his son. Someone told him that his son has been tied up in here more than two hours. The convenience store boss Huang × said, two children within half an hour,, three times in succession from the front of the store secretly climbed into her shop along the counter,, want to steal her store merchandise on the counter. The last time she found out,hogan uomo outlet, and caught behind. Two children fled for fear they would use the rope to tie the hands of two childrens feet in the pool table. Im doing is trying to scare the two of them,, so that they long memory,woolrich uomo,, so next time steal things. At the same time, they also want to let parents know, let them take control of their children, so as not to grow up to do bad things. Huang × stressed. Owner arrested for the crime of illegal detention Reporters interviewed the Guangdong Han Ye Yubin Zhang lawyer. Ye Yubin think,hogan outlet, yellow × approach has been arrested for the crime of illegal detention, the police should be involved in the investigation. Yellow × 2 children tied to the front of the store pool table, is limiting the personal freedom of two small children, and for a long time. Because only two of the four-year-old child,, a minor,, limiting the personal freedom of the children is even worse than the restriction of personal freedom of its adult nature.

Red lights rear-end smart Jicha Chrysler

□ Times reporter Dong Lu Ping picture provided by the users s508 [ Follow] Times News at 8:12 on March 27, Hangzhou, two new apartment door 4 car Lianzhuang accident occurred, a Smart car is a Chrysler 300C sedan hit from the rear, crossed the double yellow line, and the opposite lane of a Chinese car head-on collision severely damaged. Originally ordinary traffic accident, because friends broke the news, pull some confusing emotions dispute that the accident was once crazy pass as wife hit a small three. (Times, March 28 edition reported A3) Currently, the specific cause of the accident is still under police investigation. We contacted Chryslers pilot Miss Li (pseudonym). This accident happened in the end is how? We listen to her story. Chrysler Miss Lee told the driver: 5 months pregnant, I would not risk the butt. ● accident Red lights rear-end smart Jicha Chrysler Not intentional crash Filed after the accident, Miss Lee recalls - I am pregnant and, from the very early morning, just the peak of bloom more anxious. This car (Chrysler) is relatively heavy, the front is very long, I am a girl, usually do not open the car. At that time, smart car in front of me, speed is not fast, but not too slow, has been open too pretty smoothly, until the intersection of the red, smart Jicha a bit, I was driving down the mirror and an inattentive and hit go, hit my left front and right rear smart cars. After I hit the go, smart car crossed the double yellow line, just opposite the open to a Chinese car, the Chinese car fast, so the two vehicles collided again. My own first car pull off good,, then I feel very scared, people fainting soon passed, and I have five months pregnant, the child is almost formed, in case the child would have happened ...... But anyway, I think we should look at the situation in the past two smart car and another car, smart car because I did not expect a whole and the Chinese car head-on hit, smash all the front, and two airbags car bomb has out. Next people are called fast off fast off, I also found a little smoke smart car, it quickly past the front passenger seat of the man pulled down. ● respond Then angry then how can not hit five months pregnant, can not take the risk Some say the Internet I found that derailed her husband, has been followed, in retaliation for what, the last kick of the throttle and hit go. If I run into so stepped up, my stomach still want a child? Are five months old, the child almost shaping up, even if I get angry and then how, I can not take the risk. If you do not want this child, I would not, why should wait five months time, so do not order, no reason to run into people, I really did not have the guts. Also, I chase (tail) of the smart and right rear, a little stuck to that part. If you are not smart car and then crashed into the car across China, car damage is simply not so serious, so I definitely did not mean to hit to go. I do not know why this girl (smart cars female driver) would say it looks like a girl I do not know what was the name, and now public opinion for me, I am innocent,hogan uomo, online small three first wife what to say, uh, hey (Dayton for some time, a deep sigh), Im really not comfortable stomach, anyway, not to say this thing on the network, really, I hope the media can respect me and my children children are frightened, afraid I crash, these problems are not what we want to see. Public opinion is a stress hope this matter as soon as possible in the past. Miss Lee and her fiance is Wenzhou. But in the interview, Miss Lee are reluctant to pick out the relationship between himself and the man in the passenger seat smart car, just use he, man, man to refer to each other. Miss Lee went on to say - Talked about this, I feel very absurd, ridiculous. The man (referring to the front passenger seat smart man) is that personal thing, nothing to do with me. Now, my parents,, including his (Miss Lee mouth fiance) side of the parents to ask me, how is it ah, how youll get this thing above? I said I accidentally stepped on, not deliberately run into other peoples. Home people say: it is impossible to think deliberately,woolrich outlet, you with child. Now I hit the girl in the hospital, I did not feel calm, but also afraid to pass on more and more outrageous things go on like this, hey ...... Really want this thing as quickly as possible in the past,louis vuitton bauletto, I am now pregnant itself, the current public opinion for me is a kind of mental stress. Traffic police to ask me, I would tell the truth anyway, I drove Well, it is inevitable and sometimes inattentive what you say is not it? Original small three hit that sort of thing, Im baffled, I hope not to have to pull my fiance went in. Miss Lee told his father: They can have a good go on, parents can rest assured. Home to open military school, also opened several companies A few days before her daughter arrived in Hangzhou We removed in touch with Miss Lees father Lee (a pseudonym). 20 years ago,, Mr. Lee in Wenzhou opened a martial arts school, then this martial arts school has opened in Jiangxi and Hunan branch, big scale. Later, Ryan opened a security company with offices in Hangzhou. Four years ago, Mr. Lee to Hangzhou Huanglong opened a property management company,, developed well, and later moved to the Ring Road, the office area of 700 square meters. Hangzhou property management company to take care of personally by Mr. Lee, Ryan managed security company over to his son, daughter graduated from college, they begin to manage Wenzhou martial arts school. Last week, my daughter said to me,, Dad, Im pregnant, and no effort to manage the school thing, and I let her rest for some time. A few days ago, Miss Lee to leave Wenzhou, came to Hangzhou, and Lee live together. Time of the incident she opened the father of Chrysler After the incident, I called her to his father Lee said that her daughter had opened Toyota, Chrysler opened their own,abercrombie outlet online, these days he is going Wenzhou result, it will be her daughters car drove off, the fuel is relatively less. After the incident that morning, her daughter phoned Lee, asked where the cars driving permit. I asked her if she was not the problem, she said no, I did not ask to go. The next day, Lee received a lot of friends and asked his daughter what happened, the newspapers are posted here. Afternoon daughter told Lee he really had an accident, but the thing is not the newspaper stated. She told me not a big deal, said he With pregnant, do not make that kind of thing, but also comfort me reassure me. Lee said, but the phone listening to her daughters voice,, he could tell She was not very good mood. 4 years ago, brought her daughter to her boyfriend Chao She said: Anyway, Ill go with him Lee said that her daughter has been very obedient, very cheerful disposition, four years ago, began to fall in love with Zhao. May 2008, a martial arts school student to do a fitness test in Hangzhou. Lee see her surrounded by boys,, and asked her who he was. He Chao, before the students in our school ah. Miss Lee to his father, the from the martial arts school, Zhao went to a soldier, and later entered the province Tigongdadui became an athlete. At the time, Miss Lee 22 years old, while 27-year-old Zhao, bigger than her 5-year-old. At the time, I think this boy his family was not as good as us, and I told her that you are young so light, as well as choice, can not agree with her. Lee said,, My daughter told me, Anyway, Im going to follow him go. I think as long as her daughter like her daughter happy enough, so the two of them did not go to say anything. But since the choice, would not regret it. Miss Li Xiao Zhao company to help his father They plan to get married this year In Lees eyes,hogan interactive, Zhao people are very honest, and very obedient, easy to get along. Three or four years ago, Miss Lee and Zhao engaged. After their engagement, I would have wanted the two of them sent to the United States, but Zhao not, we have no reluctance, after engagement let him in my company to help property, property companies do big, there are a Xiaozhao copies of credit. Lee said, is suffering two children for a long time in different places, usually I rarely say Zhaos a private matter, but I know that Zhao daughter every day to play two to three calls. Not long ago, the two of them were active also mentioned to me that you want to get married this year. Lee said, but the timing of marriage can not be fixed temporarily. A line, wearing a pin, two people can take to go on, parents can rest assured. Later, I called Lee to Zhao, my heart is still hope that he and his daughter could better life.

Shu Qi Yang Yao Ci fly cavity ㄛ

{{Yi Jian Jie Tui frontier forlorn poke twilight krypton yeast plated Yuan forlorn Die Pi ㄛ ㄩ poison drunk fake frontier Qin Jian Ping Xia Luo Shu Qi shame domain Gum marry Moroccan proverb very selective radial Nuan ㄛ 600 Chai Wen Yi Si extravagant laugh Bom Young Haodounuankui cheap ㄛ left � beat me cry Zhi Yaoshuqiying,hogan milano? Luo Kuimeijiaoqiang Hunboyouyu � drunk fake Ping Liangyuyongcong? ka clams prepared ㄛ Sen Jinjiashihu Dingqiangchangliang You tread Yanzhixutian Liang Shen ㄛ Micongcangjin Jiashiqiaoxian Ruowenchuijian Qinxiazhuanjin Jiayizigou Kaiwenxune ㄛ,,louboutin pas cher? 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statistics child times

RC data show their children husband and son graduation photo shoot the day before a named (Reporter Xiao Gui, the Zhouhao Jie) Help me prove it, Im almost in tears. Community actually my first entry unmarried fertility, that I have birth to a son. Recently, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies graduate from a years of mine met a strange lady, obviously youre not married, not pregnant, but was asked whether privately married Juwei not reported. She went to the neighborhood to check their childbearing information card, the data show that she has a son, but before shes born graduation photo shoot day. Childbearing card shows birth to son This year 23-year-old lady from a year ago, Ray International Business English College, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies graduate, returned to his hometown after graduation to work in Nanhai District of Foshan. August 29 morning, where she received her community committees Xiqiao phone call, the phone asks a female staff member that she did not report whether married privately. In the morning, Miss Lei came to the neighborhood to clarify the situation,scarpe nike air max, submitted a copy of the account, ID card, student and a written description of marriage and child rearing. Local neighborhood with Miss Ray said, these are displayed in obstetrical data within the system is the Guangzhou Tianhe District, South-rich members of the village community input, the south-rich community of information provided in turn Zhongshan six homes. According to Miss Ray shot down from the RC childbearing Information Card Statistics show that, in her column shows Children Children Name: Fully Equipped trench, Gender: Male, Date of Birth: May 21, 2011,moncler piumini, the policy attributes: Policy In addition,, statistics child times: once. Miss Lei said the card would have had to say on top of her childbearing husband name and ID number, but September 3 she again went to the neighborhood, the staff told me, husband name and identity card number has been deleted , marital status also by marriage fertility to unmarried first sterile. Multi prove no pregnancy If a child is a true story,, so how could I still bounce at birth the day before graduation photo shoot it? It is a shot in the May 20, 2011 photo provided by Miss Ray, she was not pregnancy signs. For neighborhood Phone mention husband Zou Jinming, Miss Lei said he did not know, but can not marry and have children with him. Miss Ray also provides a student Marriages proof to show she married the proof,,hogan sito ufficiale,, no education and stamped with the International Business English School, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and family planning office of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies The seal, signing time is May 27, 2011. For Miss Lei fathered a son, the issue, the school counselor Miss Lei Huang also said absolutely impossible. RC: the need to go to the hospital for corrections For this,, Miss Lei speculation may be people who abused her information in hospitals, she may have been stolen information to Zhongshan six hospital birth, and the hospital did not confirm the authenticity of the information on the direct input of the system. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the registration of the Southern Miss Lei obstetrical information-rich members of the village community committees. A neighborhood of staff, said: We are also available upon Zhongshan six homes were entered to our information,scarpe hogan,, we are not here to judge. He said that if there is no proven correlation birth to a child, the first Corrections made to the hospital over there,, and then report back from the hospital there. Subsequently, the reporter called six homes in Zhongshan Medical Services,hogan donna, relevant staff said Miss Lei I want to go to the hospital, bring along ID card, proof of family planning and other related information,, to confirm the information, and then make subsequent changes.

he wanted to pick up the other side.

Reporter correspondent Chen Wu Jing Lian Morning News girlfriend and himself a longtime friend had an improper relationship, individual construction company owner Wu Afterward, after forcing his girlfriend confessed the truth, he and his girlfriend collusion to a unto play, threatening to force a friend Dongmou out of 60,000 yuan, compensation. February 25,, Wu was arrested for extortion Fengxian procuratorate prosecution. Wu, 44, a self-run construction company,, after ten years of toil, the cause of a modicum of success, but the road has suffered feelings ring true. In early 2008, he and his wife because of emotional discord and divorce,, and soon after met quite a few pretty single woman Zhang. To win the favor of Zhang,, Wu lavish, after some pursuit Zhang became his girlfriend, and soon the two will cohabit together. Wu hours Dongmou both neighbors, also a longtime friend. One day in April 2008, Wu Zhang and his girlfriend to bring an old friend for dinner. Unexpectedly,, after the meal, Dongmou they have a favorable impression on Zhang. The next month or two, often carrying Dongmou Wu Zhangs clothing store to chat with her, took the opportunity to tease speech. Finally one day in late April, Dongmou excuse to talk things out about Zhang tea room in a villa in a relationship with Zhang. After a period of time, Dongmou repeatedly in dating Zhang, Zhang fail to beat, then in May 2008 the day after the time allowed to succeed. No unventilated wall, the two things were finally heard Wu wind. In October 2008, one night, in pressed Wu, Zhang put the whole matter blew the whistle on an old brain. Wu hear furious about Dongmou Zhang immediately called out, he wanted to pick up the other side. The next day, Zhang Dongmou received date phone, excitedly rushed to the hotel room. Unexpectedly, Wu suddenly from the outside come in and all of a sudden the door locked, unplug the telephone line,nike air max 90 outlet, threw Dongmou phone, facing Dongmou meal is kicked,spaccio moncler,, and then dragged into Dongmou bathroom, took off his clothes, while the hot water faucet while Dongmou dash of cold water to her. After vent a pass, Wu proposed to pay 60,000 yuan Dongmou compensation requirements. Dongmou see such a scenario, had agreed to pay. After paid,woolrich outlet, Dongmou heart grew more and more uncomfortable, it became a shadow of his mind lingering. Suffering for nearly two years,, at September 29,, 2010,nike tn pas cher, report to the Fengxian Dongmou police, the suspect Wu unsuspecting,giubbotti woolrich, are easily captured.

Xijing Hospital

Male and female friends after breaking up, or no contacts, or become the most familiar stranger. 24-year-old was at the same age Teng Li Hongfu boyfriend broke up six months later, that he suffered from leukemia,, decided to return to her boyfriend around, she said to be loyal to their own inner feelings. Long distance relationship because the two realities calm two years after breaking up Li Hongfu home 24-year-old Ming Shuixian Suihua City in Heilongjiang, in 2010, he was admitted to the honors Northwestern Polytechnical University, in August 2011, he passed away QQ met a small school in Heilongjiang University Teng, in chat after two more common language. In February 2012, when the two first met the winter. After that meeting,, I think he is even better than expected good, careful, I heard my sister university where has his acquaintances, he immediately let friends to help take care of. Teng said little, all the advantages of Li Hongfu attract her She can also be seen, Li Hongfu very hard on their own, so they confirmed a relationship. Two years later,scarpe hogan, two people with letters, phone maintains romance, so stick to the long distance relationship last August, then, has graduated from the University of small Teng found work in Beijing, while suffering from knee during his sophomore Li Hongfu water to take a year. Because of the two sub-offices and other practical problems, they decided to break up peaceful. Since then, the small Teng did not find a boyfriend. Back to school after the boy was found in acute leukemia After the Spring Festival this year, Li Hongfu boarded the train back to Xian to school. I feel like I did not go back to school after the effort, go a short way out of breath, the body is very uncomfortable. Li Hongfu said,, back to school soon, I appeared nosebleeds, who have purple and other symptoms, the Xijing hospital for examination diagnosed as acute leukemia. Li Hongfu incredible usually able-bodied they will suffer from leukemia. Subsequently, Li Hongfus parents arrived in Xian. Yesterday, in the vicinity of the hotel, Xijing Hospital, sudden illness brought his son,, Hegui Chun Li Hongfu mother wiped tears. The boy treasured love to buy a couple of tables Yesterday at the hotel to take care of Li Hongfu, in addition to parents,, a young figure, she is 24-year-old Teng - Li Hongfus ex-girlfriend. In April, I saw his classmates help information issued on his QQ, said he had leukemia, I asked a few of his friends,christian louboutin homme, confirmed the news. Confirm his sick day, I cried a field, when I realized that I did not change his feelings, I immediately rushed to Xian to visit his sick. small Teng said. When I saw him, he becomes almost did not recognize, and chemotherapy-induced hair fall out,, but even in the disease, he was for my sake, do not want to drag me to pack his stuff when I found I He wrote a letter,hollister france, and when we were bought in love couple tables, are his treasure. Teng said little, since then she has made a commitment to be together again, and Li Hongfu, hold do not separate from each others hand. Girls had three consecutive from Beijing to Xian to take care of him From early April to yesterday, small Teng leave three consecutive times from Beijing to Xian to take care of Li Hongfu, each can stay six or seven. I believe he will be able to cure the disease. Teng said little, it did not and his family said she knew the family would not agree, said she and her family would give the relationship of tension. This girl is not easy, so let us move,, most people encounter such a situation, hide all hide behind, she was in the most difficult time of my son, come back to him. Hegui Chun said with tears. I do not want to drag her, I knew I was getting well rule, if I promised her,chaussures louboutin hommes, she was delayed. I hope she will return to Beijing, to return to their jobs, not to control me. Li Hongfu finish Again, eyes were red. Do not talk nonsense, just to find a suitable bone marrow transplants do you just fine. And so you come up, you marry me? Seemingly small Teng said briskly. Finish the sentence, they could not help but shed tears. Teacher: good-hearted people want to save this child Li Hongfu is Northwestern Polytechnical University Aviation Institute of Electrical Engineering and Automation, a junior,tiffany outlet, he was very good, good grades, and life is very simple, his parents are farmers, at home as well as a sister and an upcoming college entrance examination 80-year-old, this happened to his family is worse. Li Hongfu counselor teacher Gao Min said,, after he diagnosed, teachers and students have been fund-raising, but also to the community fund-raising too, in spite of These are of very little money, and we hope good people to lend a helping hand, help the child. Mao told reporters honey Na (Original title: When you come out of it, they came to marry me please (Figure))

pre-made end-of-life of the grave

SOUTH - West Reading correspondent city has industry Tao photo coverage Speaking of the tomb, we probably would have thought the coffin, the bones will be buried in the tomb of Jin Yinyu think, and even think of looters and those mysterious legends ...... August 4, Luzhou Gulin a construction site, stumbled on a Ming tomb, the tomb has a fantastic addition to the pattern on the tombstone, the tomb is not Jinyin Yu is also seen coffins and bones ...... this can be strange. Strange: dig tombs seen coffin bones Around at 9:00 on the 4th, Luzhou Gulin View paper reservoir construction, excavators dug a big stone. Surrounded by soil, rocks Zage emerge suddenly,, oh! Said Zhang Qiang, the construction team members, workers dug stones puzzled, Could that be the tomb? Zhang Qiang, awed by the presence of a language workers in the stone clean, the workers found a pattern above, there is sculpture. They then report to the government Gulin, and contact the relevant cultural relics department personnel to the scene investigation. That afternoon,, Gulin relics departments rushed to the scene. After the scene, which is a few strange stone, it really is the tomb tombstone. The measured 98 cm long tombstone,, 76 cm wide, 12 cm thick. Tombstone carved gourds, fish and other patterns. After the scene, Gulin relics department staff decided immediately to protect the tomb excavations. But let everyone feel strange is found at the bottom and around the tombstone, the bones were not found,, and even traces of the coffin did not. At the same time, the tombstones around the cleaning process, also found no graveyard other valuable things. As a rule, as long as the tomb, even if there is no baby should have a coffin or bones. Excavation site staff analysis,, patterns and designs carved on the tombstone from the point of view, the tomb of the early and middle years of the Ming Dynasty should be, Gulin tomb owner should be Aboriginal. But tombstone buried in the soil of the excavation site, the tomb there are many mysteries need to be answered,chaussures louboutin hommes, such as: the tomb but not bones, coffin or funerary objects, nor even the tomb. Secret: or for the wealthy life base tomb In the on-site investigation and treatment, Gulin Heritage Bureau tombstone shipped back for further study. Because long been engaged in heritage management work, I heard this strange tomb, called raw base tomb, Gulin people also have raw base Tomb legend. Staff Gulin Heritage Bureau. West Reading city reporter learned that,tn pas cher, in Gulin people have kind of student groups, saying, in fact, living in order to superstition redirection will be implemented. This practice early when there is now largely extinct. Gulin local villagers, said local legend the elderly, higher kind of student groups, the cost, only old businessman or VIPs only do so. Gulin County Bureau of Cultural Relics Qiu light before,hogan outlet 2015, the raw base tomb in Gulin widely distributed, which was first uncovered in Gulin true. On this raw base tomb tombstone, there are some simple patterns and carvings, which studies Gulin Aboriginal burial practices have a higher value.  Further Reading Health-based tomb buried alive only hair and clothes Health-based tomb is actually not bury the dead, only the living birthdates and hair, nails, blood, clothing, shoes and other items contained within the altar buried, commonly known as grave,, Shou grave. Health-based tomb that is documented as early as the Tang Dynasty: Yao Chong life hidden in the square since built Ansan, pre-made end-of-life of the grave, grave Xiu Zhang Jian Shou right way. Until the Song,woolrich sito ufficiale, Yuan and Ming dynasties, some people were superstitious, Sheng Ji tomb can urge officials, increasing longevity, Praying, Lucky and tectonics. This tomb,, in addition to laying the parties used clothing, nails and other items in the tomb, it will also carved tombstone buried in the ground,, but even VIPs or wealthy,hogan outlet, but also generally not buried gold and silver jade and other valuables.