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Many well-meaning people brought strangers fans

And Nan Chen Man. Core prompt   A congenital dural bulging baby girl born after their parents dropped. 22-year-old unmarried female nurses in the heart of great love, requesting parents to take home. Female nurses and their families regardless of secular pressures and various gossip, meticulous care of abandoned children,louboutin prezzi, and thousands of miles to Beijing for treatment.   At present, the child has had surgery in Beijing 301 Hospital, waiting for stitches.   Ill take home the abandoned baby   February 28 this year, Chen Man chengwu Chinese medicine hospital nurses cell phone rang. Manman, a newborn baby abandoned in the stairs here, come take a look. The caller was a friend Chen Man in ChengWuXian hospital work.   ChengWuXian hospital ward on the second floor corridor of even the chair, wrapped in a baby blanket flowers, stood next to a bag of milk, a bottle. Wow baby crying, his face purple.   This child may have a serious illness, lost their parents, really poor.   Some people have seen the child back with a big bag, nobody live much longer.   22-year-old Chen Mangang to work soon, in the eyes of their parents as a child, you can talk on the sidelines who has hurt her heart. She called and parents. This child is too poor. We hold back, to cure her, raised her, okay?   Parents do paint business, hard day bustle, Chen Man and his brother at a young age, have to work, the elderly can not be considered a wonderful reflection of the sick abandoned, what will bring the family. But stand up repeatedly begged her parents had nodded.   Gossip unexpected   Chen Man after the abandoned children to take home, to the store to buy milk, boss invited customers to fill customer contact card. Chen Man did not add to think children will be in the name column wrote Diudiu. Surprised to see the bosss eyes, she immediately realized the wrong, and hastened to get back to the table. Meditate, she Diudiu erase, to Nan. Nan and hard homophonic, meaning she was born on the taste of human suffering, hope her future happiness, to have good luck.   Commensurate with sister Nan Chen Man. Nan sometimes constipation, medical equipment is not at hand, Chen Man on the stool with his finger for her to pull out. In addition to work, Chen Mans mind almost exclusively on the Nan body.   Grandma on the way to Beijing to accompany Chen Man seeking treatment for Nan bumps ill, hospitalized half a month before they recover.   For these, Chen Man and his family have been prepared. However, all sorts of gossip but people anticipated.   Yes own illegitimacy on the hospital, and counterfeit pick, right? Someone said:. Even picking up, these children also dare to take home, but also mentally ill Since the first day of a wonderful reflection of abandoned baby Such rumors on without interruption.   After work, Chen Man at a boyfriend. They feel each other well, since picking up abandoned, the initiative to contact the other less and less,, and finally break the link.   In March of this year,, Chen Peng Chen Mans brother had a girlfriend. Her parents learned that the man adopted a severely disabled family abandoned baby,, strongly disagreed this marriage.   In the face of enormous pressure, Chen Man and his family have wavered. Father found the civil affairs department, explained the whole story. Civil affairs departments to arrange to pay the nursing home to take care of abandoned children temporarily, then contact the orphanage sent Heze upbringing.   Father holding crying baby out the door wow, Chen Man tears streaming down immediately. She ran back to the house, covered with a quilt to cry.   The next day, Chen Man did not even wear shoes, the fastest re-connected again abandoned baby back. No matter how people say, how to look, his mind at ease on the line.   Never give up   Chen Man with baby to ChengWuXian Hospital of checks. Dean of the diagnosis,, the baby is suffering from a rare disease - congenital dural bulging bulging bag with cerebrospinal fluid, once broken overflow, would endanger lives.   Removed several hospitals in the provincial capital, is almost unanimous: Even to save lives, but also permanent disability of lower limbs, incontinence. The proposed medical treatment given is to give up.   No, no, you can not give up. Must find a way to cure her. Chen Man clutching abandoned, tears streaming down.   Chen Man the Internet to find where you can treat this disease, Blissful Encounter volunteer Yuyao Sheng Nuoya forum. Yuyao, who has been concerned about the serious illness relief, rescue a lot of illness in Beijing children.   Chen Man to get in touch through the network and Yuyao, accompanied by their parents and grandmother, on June 20 went to Beijing 301 hospital treatment for abandoned babies.   A Re many well-meaning people   Lift treatment in Beijing, Chen Man, said: We not only for abandoned babies try that one, too many good people in the world.   Volunteers will be the first Yuyao Chen Man and a pick-up, care severely disabled abandoned,hogan outlet, thousands of miles to Beijing for treatment of the story posted on the web, causing concern of many well-meaning people.   301 hospitals in the treatment of this disease need to pay 60,000 yuan deposit. When he learned the details, the hospital represents the first part of the deposit to pay, the cost of treatment can and reductions, can be avoided.   Really touching, raising a severely disabled abandoned baby, takes a lot of courage. June 30, after the surgery, abandoned children successfully reset the bone marrow, from the death threats. Hospital Neurosurgery Zhou introduced, this congenital disease unless a miracle occurs, it is difficult fully recovered. Children grow up, the greater the difficulties lie ahead.   Nan before surgery, Yuyao charity staff and Beijing three times to the hospital to visit,, users sent more than 20,000 yuan donations for abandoned babies to pay for medical expenses.   A 30-year-old woman came to the hospital for abandoned babies hand treatment costs 5000 yuan,, 1,abercrombie homme,000 yuan again handed Chen Man hands and pay for Chen Man arranged a temporary shelter and a day after discharge diet.   Many well-meaning people brought strangers fans, baby formula,, toys, stroller and other items, filled with temporary rented a small house.   Abandoned baby should have been sent to the civil affairs department of the orphanage upbringing belongs treatment, Chen Man and family as, reflecting the love of the heart, is for the government to share those concerns. ChengWuXian Bureau of Civil Affairs Li Chunsheng said.   Chen Man with an abandoned baby to Beijing for treatment, chengwu Civil Affairs funded treatment costs 6000 yuan. After surgery, Chunsheng special trip to Beijing to visit with people and bring 2000 yuan relief funds. Chunsheng said County Charity donations will set up a dedicated account, the use of relief funds and public donations to help Chen Man an abandoned child rearing,air max pas cher femme,, and go through the formalities as soon as possible upbringing.   Nannan in the future can not walk, but can write, can play the piano, sing ...... Mr Mann said that we must take Nannan raised an adult,nike tn italia, let her enjoy life should be.

Check out the quadruplets of the evening

Ke quadruplets childhood non-photo Measurement and Correlation couple before Zhaokai She entrance quadruplets photo (from left to right: Wang Fu, Wang Chan, Wang Yi, Wang Yuan) Ke non-photo Our reporter Zhang Ying   After the childrens college entrance examination results came out, 45-year-old farmer in Heilongjiang Measurement and Correlation often twisted into knots brow finally stretch a little.   The youngest one, the second two, three or vocational fourth eldest brother. As Chinas first case was reported in Dragon quadruplets father,, four childrens achievements are enough to go to college, let him be relieved. But such a result, he actually was not satisfied.   Test too finished! Measurement and Correlation sighed concluded.   His house in Hailin Xinmin Village under the jurisdiction of Mudanjiang City. In 1996, the message Dragon quadruplets born sensation Linhaixueyuan town on this. In the year Mudanjiang intensive coverage of various media, the ordinary farmer, along with his wife and four infant children, suddenly became a household name newsmakers.   Since then, the family almost every detail can not escape the fate of being onlookers.   Measurement and Correlation in accordance with the original idea, a university student is able to raise children successfully. Today, children produce such an answer, his heart feeling very complex, is easy to tell a little more, or a little more disappointed.   Men family of rural children had lessons one day did not make himself go to school in the city with no one able to test such a way is not it quite easy?   Bunch of kids just can not bear to go into the (door), alas ...... you watch the English exam!   Whether Zeyang, kids are admitted to the University of ......   Once for four students, tuition Han also become a problem, then the whole of it ......   He was always so involuntarily into a tangle of them, just as 18 years ago, the chances of being hit when the 70 millionth mouth.   Born in mind   In 1995,, three months pregnant Sun Yanmei worry about their pregnant freak.   Grow too fast, two or three months will be able to feeling, I wondered what the hell? Had ever lost a baby, the second pregnant women in rural areas a little worried.   5 months, when the couple went to the hospital for examination Hailin, check the results are triplets.   Measurement and Correlation think her husband went to check Mudanjiang relatively safe. Sun Yanmei six months pregnant when the two Chuaizhuo all deposits over one thousand dollars, went to Mudanjiang MCH (locals used to call Maternity Hospital).   Screen in front of the instrument, B-room doctors could not help but surprise called out: two men and two women, is 4! I saw four small head!   Measurement and Correlation sudden news that a little ignorant, Sun Yanmei anxiously asked: 4 head does not grow together, right?   The doctors told this rural couples in their 20s, the low survival rate quadruplets, must be hospitalized immediately, otherwise very dangerous.   Measurement and Correlation bit tangled, on the one hand, they have lost had a baby boy, the keep the child. On the other hand, the couple only four acres of grain fields, the main income by doing odd jobs, he went to Forest winter, I will not speak of hospitalization have to spend a lot of money, and said that four children, born ye keep?   Can protect both the line ...... For a child not born, Measurement and Correlation was not the kind of family law experience of flesh and blood.   To have full insurance protection,louboutin soldes, otherwise one is also likely!   After being severely warned doctors, this special thick black hair had to bite the bullet and go young hospitalization procedure.   Settled wife, Measurement and Correlation evacuated Hui Letang home. Household items to pack when hospitalized, he told the family, his wife is pregnant with quadruplets. Mom with kids like reaction, grandmother worry: normal? Can live? The childs grandmother and then quickly rush basking Sanyi to four children a small jacket, small trousers.   Just when this house was busy to make preparations for newborns, others are busy again.   Check out the quadruplets of the evening, a reporter Mudanjiang Peoples Broadcasting Station received Maternity Hospital phone. The emotional excitement straight to her old friend, declared: I have a great news! You to plan what?   The medical profession about the survey data, we estimate shows that under normal circumstances, there is a 1/89 chance of twins, triplets approximately 1/7900, quadruplets about 705,000 people will be born one example. Quadruplets itself is rare, if any, are mostly tigers or four Xiaofeng, and Dragon quadruplets at the time and there is no record.   Mudanjiang City, MCH will usher in the countrys first quadruplets Dragon is a big thing unheard of, this reporter rushed to notify the city and provincial media planning in full swing from this print media, radio TV joint report all media operation.   January 30, 1996, about to give birth in the lens surrounded hard to turn on the operating table.   During hospitalization, maternity hospitals to find ways to help her miscarriage, not only nutritious meals served daily free, buy her time to time to a variety of fruits. Hospital to take her gingerly, bath time let her rub his belly, afraid to send their children, rub off.   Perhaps we can not find a second mother can receive the same with her treatment: the operating room, in addition to health care, the peripheral also stood a circle wearing a white lab coat, or lift a camera or camcorder to carry the reporter, combat readiness.   Lying on the operating table, in addition to Sun Yanmei tense, the only feeling is too narrow operating table, a little fit her belly. During pregnancy, her weight increased by nearly 70 pounds, walking in the hospital, unknown to the people laugh at her big belly Debu decent.   Measurement and Correlation outside the operating room is also very embarrassed, he did not expect a child this child could attract reporters. Facing Wuwu accommodating a large group of reporters, the very talkative rural youth a little helpless, waiting for the childs nervous and jerky response media, let him speak direct hit Keba.   9:12 start, four children were gradually removed. Boss 6 pounds 4 two, the second 6 pounds, 5 pounds 6 two youngest, the smallest but also the fourth of 4 pounds 8 ounces.   Nurses are the children hold out one by one, and soon became the hallway noise. Measurement and Correlation to every child looked him a lot, white infant in four children toot little face powder, make him smile and squinted, his mouth could not repeat the same sentence: happy really happy.   Someone in the crowd chimed timely: Say a few words with the president. Then stretched over the microphone.   Measurement and Correlation hurriedly turned around, holding hands, Dean said: Thank you thank you, these four is your childs life to the hospital,louboutin homme, if at home, that is definitely what ......   Rush days   Mudanjiang city back from the joy of Xinmin Village, the couple early fatherhood motherhood, will soon be cluttered room and wash diapers endless upsets pieces.   Measurement and Correlation still clearly remember the first year of a child is born, because to wash a lot of clothes and diapers, they dropped the whole nine boxes of household soap, that old-fashioned home Washing Machine drying barrel also dumped bad .   Just returned from the hospital to hold back, in addition to breast milk, four children to eat half a bag of milk a day is sufficient; more than ten days, the rate of consumption of milk into a day bag; less than three months, the children ate 80 bags milk.   Plus the purchase and use of more than 30 bad bottle, pacifier over 50, spending a staggering home at once during this period. The province of a dairy companies offered to supply milk quadruplets until adulthood.   Milk regarded as a temporary solution to the problem. But after giving birth, labor Measurement and Correlation of a person leaving the home, and ever since Sun Yanmei pregnant way he never left the house in winter, Forest alone to work.   Fear is sick child, the same disease, four children often have to take turns born again. The end of the first year alone in the village clinic checkout, there is more than 3000 yuan, equivalent to an annual income of the couple at the time. Measurement and Correlation first time had to start borrowing, the object is to work in Japan, sister.   Handonglayue comes time to go home, farmhouse room, in addition to the white picket fence is hot air on the head reveals a cold. 4 baby crying wah-wah was frozen. Measurement and Correlation had to use two blankets wrapped them tightly together.   Back and forth up and lift the quilt chilled worry kids, Measurement and Correlation of the first year when his father was spent on hard floors. However, hes not a long time to sleep on the floor, four children kept crying, urine, hold the gourd dipper float, so that the couple can not be quiet.   During the day children work in the fields, playing two legs shake. Remembered that feeling, Measurement and Correlation facial features are wrinkled together. He was not yet 50, has gray hair, a thin covering on the scalp. Let them give me a whole, and I am now looking at the big kids a headache.   Those years can be annoying, and a cry and went to cry, squeak wow barking. 46-year-old mother of Sun Yanmei initially recalled a few years ago, could not resist, Hey smile a few times.   been very strong build physical body and nothing better after giving birth. First two weeks, she has been in a fever, wrapped in the quilt still feel chills.   During pregnancy, her organs severely squeezed, ribs also make it expand outside deformed body is always unconsciously back, no way to support himself to the children feeding.   Children will slowly climb, Sun Yanmei days is not easy. During the day she tends the home only four children, cooking, taking advantage of the toilet needs to pay close attention to the completion of the child asleep in neutral. She often looked at the child, bowed his head involuntarily nap, and then was awakened by the cries of a child, an inattentive child fell down from the kang.   In order to avoid such a situation, Measurement and Correlation got carpentry, Kangbian children playing in a wooden fence row, the number of children captive up.   Seeing hectic couple of the childs grandmother received around raising two grandchildren. Later, the second child will eat breast milk diarrhea, the second child had to send back for a third.   Second child childhood body is relatively weak, and stay at home for half a month to start a high fever, and later turned into pneumonia. Rural medical conditions are poor, the couple had to send their children to a maternity hospital again, because the family can not do without one, the second is registered where medical treatment until we have to take back the good.   Faulty send a maternity hospital had never been seen, I do not care to come back. At that time director of the Office of the hospital in very good shape. Men Boss house has smoked his blood too. Measurement and Correlation said, as if to say is to give the child a blood transfusion, the disease better quickly.   Speaking year maternity hospital care, Measurement and Correlation until now still full of gratitude. Sun Yanmei During hospitalization, the couple who brought the money quickly spent all the rest of hospitalization and surgery, the hospital taking into account their circumstances are not received. After the quadruplets come home, maternity hospital also sent doctors to the children free medical examination done once, presented a number of childrens products and toys.   Right to express gratitude, when the child was born, Measurement and Correlation to put the childs name in to the hospital. Finally, under the proposal of a media person, press the maternity hospital homonym, four children by seniority, in turn named Wang Fu,, Wang Yi, Wang Chan, Wang Yuan.   Boss second child is a boy, the youngest fourth eldest girls. Because it is more fraternal cells, four children grow different character is also quite different.   Boss Amoy, a child like wading, fishing in troubled waters. Dick character most like me, so that he heads. The youngest child, I loved to cry, cry little face black and red black and red. Fourth of the most mind, can egg thing, few have heard of her. Heishou Measurement and Correlation concluded.   After the kids would run and jump to the ground and began to help Sun Yanmei Measurement and Correlation work. Four children often take advantage of the mother was not at home when the house porter Yeller kang hold to play, and then left her full-kang of urine, and four sets of dirty clothes.   The couple spoiled little child, before junior high school, the children rarely own laundry. After junior boarding school,, come home every month, the children will return back some big children to . Wang Yi also had uttered a sheet of water a month housing bubble joke, when discovered soak stink.   Pocket money is not enough time, the second fourth of the egg is often the youngest to the oldest pipe grandma, grandma pain in her side with these two had children. A children and I was admitted to the University must repay you, the elderly will be able to flatter straight music.   Onlookers life   I do not want to accept the media (interview),louboutin homme, I would not say that. Really, so what we, ah, that is farming. Some people do not, they always feel how how our household four children, and think too much . Measurement and Correlation said.   In his words, the media came, probably in order to take a picture, left to complete the task. But they will continue to live in the village, one of the gossip about them has been too much.   Had never been seen just gave birth to a child, the communitys concern about a news quadruplets overwhelming, people in the village knew that the family received a donation. There is speculation: Measurement and Correlation must take the child made a pen fortune.   Maternity Hospital deduct medical expenses, I finally received a nine thousand. This is not it! Measurement and Correlation Congguizili pulls out a yellowed notebooks, pencil above Gonggongzhengzheng record donations year, unit and the amount.   There are some things you can not argue, you say people do not believe. Alas! Sitting on the chair missing, Measurement and Correlation hunched, curled one leg resting on his chest, clinging with both hands, like a tried to retract the shell of a snail.   Most let this man Wohuo is to Harbin opened a TCM drugs after the birth of quadruplets advertised, posted his photograph and , said the couple married for many years of infertility, is eating After her medicine, just gave birth to quadruplets in one fell swoop.   Before my wife that the child did not live, in order to restore his health only to find that she caught the medicine. Measurement and Correlation angrily said, was hair all over the place small ads, the results of the media who have heard of Chinese medicine, catch the village to interview, The couple has no reason to get into the money rumors.   Why do not you tell her?   Notice what, she is also in order to sell drugs, to say that we really seen the disease in the family. Measurement and Correlation rubbed his arm, says with exasperation.   Measurement and Correlation compared to forbear, outspoken Sun Yanmei, sometimes can not help but speak up debate a few.   Newspaper accounts of the time, women who asked her: This is a tire support it? Not a fetus can not give you raised spade newspaper.   Is not a child, or who can not want these things, I can not strangle. Sun Yanmei windy air.   They were watching every move home people. Sun Yanmei finish came from the production of high blood pressure problems, Tianyi hot child can not work in the fields, someone teased her: that even more money is not the job done. Measurement and Correlation for a few more contracted Shang, to borrow money to buy tractors, some people talk: eat guaranteeing there is money to buy a car?   In fact, after a lapse of nearly 20 years, the village people can tell, Measurement and Correlation of family conditions did not change what happened.   A six live, or that between the 40 years of history of the old house, the house of the plaster has started to fall off, the concrete floor and the stove was shiny Sun Yanmei wipe.   That station was gossiping tractors, Measurement and Correlation is under a lot of determination to borrow money from relatives to buy. Only one of their home originally known as the grasshopper child small tractor, the case could not walk a muddy road, open up quite dangerous, he had been left out.   One fall morning frost, the name of the couple before dawn every day flashlight, walking Shiji Li mountain, the mountain the other end of the ground rush in the harvest pumpkin. For me the two, to a muddy grasshopper child to get out. We were only a little bit of picking out from the ground.   Most of the new road tractor can be used, but still feel Routeng Measurement and Correlation: such a front would 40000 ah.   In 1998, a Beijing TV boss who wants to do subsidize their family - let the children go to school in Beijing, Measurement and Correlation couple working in film and television companies. For children, the couple wondering Measurement and Correlation try. As a result, a six spent less than a month in Beijing, they decided to return home in the Northeast.   Measurement and Correlation said the chairman, who is a good man, is really trying to help. But let four rural children attend school in Beijing where there are so easy, they do not lack the company of people, not where to live and eat for free.   Our rural people can not enjoy there. Ways of the world can not do so good. He said, and then broke the rural home is home. We own the whole of it slowly.   These things the couple never in front of the children raised, they do not want to put pressure on the kids.   However quadruplets labels or let the kids feel the burden. Ever go to a middle school Hailin Forestry Bureau, for the four children refused to wear the new environment the same clothes.   I went to college, do not let people know that I am absolutely quadruplets. Upright character Wang Yuan said with little emotion.   They grow every node was concerned, the media has four children from a childs curiosity, is now turned into resentment.   High school military training, when television came to shoot them. Wang Yuan just put the hat down, who also do not want to take any positive face her.   Before the entrance, with the media to take them from home to the venue of the whole process, and she hid behind the whole brother and sister, just a school, it dove into the crowd out. Reporters had to grab her second child, Wang Yi, let him say a few.   In fact, over the years, in addition to the entrance of such big thing, sustained attention of the media have been very few family. Nazhen tracking reports once frenzy subsided, but also took the associated commitments.   Once said to provide milk for up to 18 years old quadruplets that companies would only insist on more than two years. Once the camera, the government promised more children will help raise the one Hailin leadership, in addition to the camera, had no say in the case of the family. The leading maternity hospital sessions have also been changed to treat this peasant familys attitude seemed to be somewhat distant.   Sun Yanmei village used to go to the Womens Federation, the state would like to ask what have multiple births subsidy policy. People dress down her: no policy, you raise four ye also raised the power here?   Lets go to ask, but not control your money, which makes picking a pull through!   Since then, Sun Yanmei and Measurement and Correlation made up his mind: the future who we do not, we alone myself, Who we raised myself. We earn dry food dry, earn dilute eat lean.   Learning this event   Because they domesticated four children, Measurement and Correlation never anything more than with others. Except for one thing, that is the childrens learning.   Measurement and Correlation in high school, good grades, he participated in the college entrance examination, a thin 5 minutes did not go to college. He has been very sorry, was admitted to the Universitys high school students, most fared well in Hailin Li, this long, that long, go out driving a car, as well as a lawyer. Contrast his situation, he later rarely participate in reunions of.   Four siblings were one after receiving Hailin Forestry, Measurement and Correlation foundation rural children not to worry. He found a piece of wood nailed a small plate, brush on black, and decorated the house in the village brigade throw away the waste pile, picking up a large box of colored chalk.   And other kids for the summer to come back, Measurement and Correlation own small classroom began.   He squatted to speaking, listening to the children lying on the kang. Major topics of the next semester to learn math, some English grammar conveniently slide counseling. Measurement and Correlation finished examples will make the topic to the children, then one by one check.   Men fear him to school. Do not do this to have beaten the title. Men all want to rush to noon, and go home to eat my milk. The children grimace recalls.   Maximum number of Wang Fu was beaten. Wang Yuan also not forget the fourth of Jieduan. This family of small classes lasted three years after high school kids, Measurement and Correlation have not tutored.   Children deal with the father tacit agreement. Elementary school,nike tn italia, as long as the exam did not test well, Measurement and Correlation asks, four children are always consistent caliber, ranking just say, do not say scores.   Rural children learn not ye good ranking score certainly nice children. More outgoing Hey Wang said with a smile.   On the high school, the family only read liberal arts Wang Yuan, Measurement and Correlation in the house on the wall of a Chinese map, a map of the world.   I said what some good geographical whole, you have a map of China and the world map, close your eyes not on what in your mind? What Chinese railway lines go, the Yellow River after a few provinces which do not have filled it in my mind ? I now have in my mind, one does not have to say which is the provincial capital, in my mind it?   I said you learn bad you do not mind. They will not do! Now this child is not, a little pressure is not! Measurement and Correlation waved helplessly.   Watching TV at home, a few children like to watch cartoons. Measurement and Correlation always want them to watch the news, current events to understand something. He also recommended a program across the Taiwan Strait, but a few children in this program are not cold, vacation time is still occupied the TV watching cartoons, Measurement and Correlation also no longer be upheld.   Four brothers and sisters in the village school Xinmin finished primary school. Nothing teachers in rural schools, Wang remember, a teacher can teach several course, taught music also taught math,, physical education also taught English. Inside the village family, whenever a little ability to send their children to school Hailin Li. Quadruplets going to elementary school graduation, including their four included, only nine students prepare for junior high school to continue in Xinmin.   The village people talking about: their home four children, estimated to be the only school in Xinmin continued. Measurement and Correlation listening especially not mind the taste, he told Sun Yanmei discuss anyway Hailin take their children to read. Nest in the village on the waste.   2004, held in Nanjing, Jiangsu TV had multiple births than one party. Measurement and Correlation described the scene: many who came there with a lot of stars, Hu Bing, Wu Ruofu what came.   That event invitation multiple birth families across the country, they are a first time that the original quadruplets family so much. But by contrast, Measurement and Correlation kinda sad.   They are quadruplets, mostly in the city, and it is a good kind of conditions in rural areas, from children on the train home, learn something about her talent. The child attended a look with a lot of programs, can be said . Later, little known in showbiz Nanjing four Xiaofeng also attended that event, also performed a program, elongation of color.   The Measurement and Correlation does Suansha feel most uncomfortable so he is handed the microphone to the host, so that each family children talk about their ideals, people will say that children are, and some want to be a singer, Some want to be a scientist.   Household boss handed the microphone,, he gave me one out collapse:! Grew want to plant corn, soybean seed Oh give my heart so angry, he made up his mind, in any case have to let the children learn, go out more to see the world.   That trip to Nanjing, did not let the children experience much longer. Last day program of activities for each family 1,000 yuan, let them walk around in Nanjing. Measurement and Correlation say, a trip to Sun Yat-sen, beautiful house six people, 1,000 dollars soon gone. Later went to the Confucius Temple, 30 dollars a person. Underwater World revolution was seven or eight, did not go into.   The children first saw Kentucky, did not go to eat, but took photos at the door.   Junior high school, when one exception Hailin Forestry accepted four children of this family of non-forestry systems, not only eliminates all tuition and fees, annual return of poverty grants.   Measurement and Correlation think school care too much, my heart a little sorry. Principals have raised four children of school canteens let free meal, which he declined.   The school helped much, we can not be as bad on the people that it? Relatively near small table price, he gave the children rented a house near the school, so that children cook their own food, Sun Yanmei bursts past look.   The outside world   Before the child entrance, at most, a little dry housework at home. Boss sweeping, wiping her second child kang, Jieliang dishes, the division of labor is fixed from the start of primary school. Measurement and Correlation couples never get them done farm work.   But farming is not easy for the kids is not ignorant.   Wang remembers her second child in elementary school,louboutin pas cher, when they catch up to grab the farming season, my parents went out in the morning 3:00 to cut soybeans. Cool weather that time, such as the sun came out, Tianyi hot, soybeans will explode.   This looks very pretty young still vaguely remember, a year since the early frost, corn are green stick, and dad could not look like the corn to a few cents to the price of cheap wine person.   Measurement and Correlation four children each month to 500 yuan living expenses. This 2000 yuan of fixed expenses later had to slowly increase, gang bear children, as well as the remainder of the original to 500, then to 500 to spend 500 to 600 600 to spend.   That being said, he still occasionally called boarding children, telling them: not enough money at home just like to say.   To raise money, he went to Forest in every winter to work. Measurement and Correlation dozen workers, known locally as put the cap is the cutting down of timber Forest, with ox-drawn sledge way, transported to the foot of the hill from where the truck can be accepted. Farm wages will be calculated according to the number of cubic meters.   A (cubic) meters of wood 2,000 kilos, a day of wages for almost dozens of pieces, with the distance and the type of wage wood will float a bit, but generally the same.   Many a young man with him, put the cap of the people, to this age is not done: working children are in place there is no human habitation ravine, sense of direction is not strong, it is very easy to get lost.   Although Measurement and Correlation often joked: father and mother are so subtlety where children can go? Reprove children often finished, learning is not good. But as long as the kids want to continue studying, he would continue to be available.   Four children came Ben awkward. Wang Fu and Wang Yuan a little weak on achievement, teacher taught them that it was because of poor infrastructure, and the children did not give up, always carefully study.   They themselves know nothing if family, your father how much money on such a head. Men are not over. Men have this thing, and also tried. Sun Yanmei said.   Wang and Wang Chan in key classes, the teacher went to their rented house, and found that only two girls have desk study, Wang Fu and Wang are lying in bed homework, said to have been accustomed to.   Four siblings each school is almost always their own. Wang Fu Wang Chan sister had asked a math problem, the little girl has inherited his fathers mathematical talent, but also inherited her mothers temper straight, talk time to see my brother did not understand, snappily children speak a second time. Since then, Wang Fu and nothing asked her questions.   They birth time no difference minutes for reasons never commensurate with siblings, but their first names. But Wang Fu is still very big brother of responsibility, high school for three years, almost all of his brothers and sisters to cook. Sun Yanmei often said: household of those few, so whats dirty work tired job, love instructed his brother.   Housework affect learning, but Wang Fu told the teacher in front of the entrance: As long as Wang and Wang Chan can test Haojiu Hang.   Measurement and Correlation Wang Yi, who poured in up to expectations,, he felt that this child from the looks, personality to mind, very much like the year itself.   Wang said he was among four people make up only a few days lesson. In the exam, because he is very bad English, dad dig 200 dollars, please fill the teacher gave him a few lessons. As a result, when his English exam score, 30 points up than usual.   But this entrance Wang did not play a normal level. This is the biggest regret Measurement and Correlation. Wang Chan exam can learn at midnight, he went to sleep early,, you say gas is not angry? Silent child, he sighed and said, we also blame the parents, can not abandon the child to learn.   Sometimes I wonder, since you came to such a family, you have a good fight fight okay. On this life, this does not work you do not come to it. Alas! Measurement and Correlation red eyes.   He kept repeating, spade will put children through college for. So in this life, and then want their children to see the outside world for him.   In Nanjing, when the organizers invite every family in the White Horse Park planted under a tree and hang nameplate, locked with a lock. That the key to the lock, is still well preserved Measurement and Correlation.   10 years ago, the father had locked himself in there silently vow: no matter how tough, and let the child go. He hopes that one day, four children under the tree can then look at own hands to open the lock.   (Original title: Families with quadruplets)

saying he can not feed two children. The next day

Pictured: prison Xiao Chen difficult home (Reporter Rao Chunwu photo), Chutianjinbao News & nbsp; Raochun Wu intern reporter Cai can report: Two days ago, 17-year-old Xiao Chen (a pseudonym) released from prison, foreseen lost contact with their parents, homeless wandering the cold. Member of the public seeing their funding a few hundred dollars and bought tickets for him, I hope he soon find their loved ones.   0900, Wuhan bleak street,, a young man wearing unlined and slippers, hesitated to come rescue point Xiaodongmen Wuchang, the door did not dare linger long. Staff asked that the teenager had just released from prison,, they are at home I do not know where they are. Originally, Xiao Chen was born in 1994 in Jiujiang,hogan donna, Jiangxi, parents are red security and Macheng people. Two years ago, because her parents divorced,louboutin femme pas cher, Xiao Chen adrift with his father and sister to Wuhan.   Low income father working in construction,abercrombie femme, but also to support him and his sister to come and Han. Thus, Xiao Chen dropped out of school and started at the hotel waiter,, and then to the barber shop to learn hair. At that time, his sister was still at school, his father liked to gamble, often to make ends meet at home.   The summer of 2009, his father returned to rental and Xiao Chen long talk,, saying he can not feed two children. The next day, Xiao Chen back to the rental place when I saw on the table is 300 dollars and a note that read: My son, take care of your own! Since then,louboutin homme pas cher, Xiao Chen never saw his father and sister. Mother far away in Jiujiang,, no contact has been more than two years. Xiao Chen suddenly became young kite day in Wuhan four drifting. Last August, when he was arrested in the theft of scrap metal recycling Aoyama, was sentenced to five months detention.   After five months of renovation, Xiao Chen released from prison. He penniless young,, I do not know where home, his father completely lost contact,, and if the mother can not be found in Jiujiang, I can return home to find.   Enthusiastic people to know what happened to him after the spot to donate 300 yuan, let Xiao Chen feel the warmth of society. He told reporters that he was very young,chaussures tn, in the future to a fresh start, he finished he burned the verdict. Subsequently, the member of the public gave him to buy a ticket Wuchang to Jiujiang.

Finding the best iphone 4 cases is possible.

,hogan interactive When you are concerned about shopping for the best iphone 4 cases on the internet,, you will be okay if you safe guard yourself with a few tips. In this article, we will talk about what you will need to think about and double check when you are buying online. Want to find out more about the best iphone 4 cases? Read an iphone 4 case review to learn more. When shopping online you don’,;t always have to be unsafe. Make sure that you check out what you should be doing and remember to read,! Finding the best iphone 4 cases is possible, Reading an iphone 4 case review will be the final step before you purchase anything and this will help you to know more about the product that you will be getting. Making sure that you keep in mind that many reviews that are written are fake, you will be able to get more information than the product description tells you. Reading the sellers information will also help you at an online auction site, and you will know that you are being protected and cared after. When you have the general material in mind,hogan scarpe, go online and search at all your favorite online stores. Amazon and eBay are large and popular and you have the added buyer protection with these stores. They will offer you a huge selection at a great price and when you go with something like an online auction site,,hogan uomo, you will know that you are getting a great deal. Getting the best deal that you can will feel awesome and you will know that you saved your money for other important things. Almost everywhere you can buy a cell phone,abercrombie milano,, you can also find iphone 4 cases and with the new iphone 4 out, there are many that have the newest styles. While you can just buy a case from the place you bought your phone,hogan uomo outlet,, you will be paying a lot more money than you need to be and you can find one of great quality but much cheaper online. There will be a few things that you can do to make sure that you get the best one that you can as well. First,, stay in the store that you bought your phone and look at all the cases. Feel them and see what you would like to have for your phone.

the very fact that he did not panic too much

Core Tip,abercrombie femme   The very fact come dispensary, the people outside the dressing as their medication away. Such as when doctors discovered that people have gone. This agitated the doctor! This dressing kits, there are 60 grams of poison Aconitum, if the patient dose,, the consequences could be disastrous ......   Poison, gone       Time: 20 at 2 pm       Location: south of a clinic in Suining   20, 2 pm, 45-year-old Ms. Zhang to Suining Seongnam clinics. Her hands suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, improved after long-term treatment. Clinic Dr. Yang Feng (a pseudonym) quickly gave her two bags of internal medicine, on a table,hogan spaccio, and to remind the very fact that this is her drug. In this case, an infusion clinic patient discomfort, Dr Yeoh then got to see go.   In this case, the very fact that walked beside the water fountains. After drinking the water, she feels that she counters, two packets of medicine suffer fountains next take, get her husbands electric car and left.   Doctor, my medicine ready yet? About 10 minutes later, another patient phoned Dr. Yang. Doctors suddenly discovered this morning ready to give the patient the drug is gone. The drug is also the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, but the external application, containing 60 Ke Chuanwu, a highly toxic.   Oh! It must be the very fact that mistakenly took. Medicated drink, to any death! Dr. Yang react after, alarmed. But the very fact that has been missing. In addition to the name,, she did not leave any details. Dr. Yang had to seek help from the police.   11,, The Namesake       Time: at 14:00 on the 20th over       Location: Fuyuan Road police station   Women aged over 40 years old, who lives near the south Jinqiao possible. Fuyuan Road police station to find the very fact that the user membership system, but Dr. Yang could not speak more information. The citys more than 40 years old, the namesake of the very fact that a total of 11. After Dr. Yang comparative information on the photo, were not found in the very fact. Notify the police station housing, Great Britain, and other places shehong police immediately seek to verify the request.   But half an hour later, police station came the news of the very fact that the same name, either at home, no recent take over the drug; or to the field workers, it is difficult to find. Suddenly, we caught a loss. Dr. Yang anxious sweat, kept saying:. Be sure to find her, too late to be a major event.   Suddenly, Dr. Yang remembered, as if seen in the very fact that in Suining four pot shops nearby, she was the waiter.   Search, pot shops       Time: at 15:00 on the 20th - 4:00       Location: near Suining Fourth   You have called Zhang xx pot shop staff,hogan sito ufficiale,, over 40 years old. Dr. Yang and police rushed to the nearby Suining four looking. Where the distribution of the size of the dozens of hot pot restaurants, clinics has launched many friends house to house asking.   Half an hour later, dozens of people asked separately pot shops, still nil. Tracing, deadlocked again, how to do? If we can not find, you really want a big blow!   Hurry back to the police station to monitor the transfer of the clinic nearby, see if you can find the very fact that the routes. Dr. Yang police and immediately drove back to the police station to begin the transfer of control. At this point, Dr. Yangs friends came the news,, in a hot pot restaurant to inquire into the very fact. Where she had worked as a waiter, but had left.   This time from the very fact that the drug has been about two hours away. If she has Aoyao drink, the consequences could be disastrous!   Mo drink, drugs toxic       Time: 20 at 5 pm       Location: Southern District   When the police rushed to the doctor and Yang pot shop, the boss does not the very fact of contact, looking once again deadlocked.   Fortunately, Ms. Wu is beside a busy waiter said she visited Ms. Zhangs home, she made a phone call back. After that the situation is critical,requin tn pas cher, Ms. Wu quickly took out his mobile phone records pulls, quickly press the dial key. Do not drink the toxic drug. Phone a pass, Ms. Wu shouted.   Open up the phone more than 10 minutes ago, Ms. Zhang has Aohao medicine, traditional Chinese medicine to cool gradually, she drank two small mouth. Because bitter, they suspended the Yao.   After asking to address the very fact specific,, Dr. Yang rushed to her home. Ms. Zhang said she was just a little numb mouth. Subsequently,, Dr. Yang rushed her to the hospital gastric lavage.   Yesterday, Wu Fanggang Fuyuan Road police station said, the very fact that after treatment, the current uneventfully.   Dialogue party       Fortunately,       She found Mulberry strip Aoyao   Delayed one hour   At 8 pm, the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Zhan Zhuanzhao and Dao Le parties very fact. She is on the 4th floor of Suining Central Hospital medical treatment. According to Doctor Wang Mei, currently the very fact that a stable condition, unable to eat due to gastric lavage lead to positive infusion nutritional support.   The very fact that this is her fourth to Dr. Yang doctor there. Get the medicine he would go home. Then she went out and found Aoyao mulberry strip, about 1 hours to find a home, was already around 4:00.   Then began Aoyao, boil about 40 minutes, let cool for a while drugs that he would drink a small cup. I feel bitter medicine than usual, and it is hemp. After the drink,tiffany milano, and my heart feel uncomfortable. About 10 minutes later,, they received a phone Ms. Wu.   After that take the wrong medicine, the very fact that he did not panic too much, because the body does not appear great discomfort. Young husband sent his doctors office, then to the hospital for gastric lavage, gastric lavage after referral.   Currently, Dr. Yang has been to advance the related medical expenses, and has been to the hospital to visit. In this regard, the very fact that a relatively satisfied.   Du Jun Rong Liu Wentao Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter Liu Qi   Glossary       Radix   Dried root of Aconitum mother or smaller sub-root, efficacy and toxicity of aconite similar but larger, is a great poison. Mainly used for wind musculoskeletal. Symptoms of poisoning the nervous system and circulatory system, followed by the digestive system, such as oral burning, tingling (start gradually from finger and body), nausea, etc., may be sudden death. So please take the drug as directed, to avoid serious consequences.   & Nbsp;

give you something new and fun to do

Attending dances is a great way to meet people and have fun, and there is certainly no requirement that you have taken a lesson. However,abercrombie milano,, if you want to learn a few steps before going, it’s easy enough to find a place to do so,hogan scarpe, and you might have more fun than if you are struggling with the steps. Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes is a must. This means not wearing super-high heels for women,, especially women who generally don’t wear heels at all. Avoiding stilettos for the easier to balance on variety of heels is also a good idea. Unless your instructor tells you otherwise,, there is generally no dress code for a lesson, but expect people to dress up for actual dances. Taking ballroom dance lessons San Jose can expand your social circle, give you something new and fun to do,abercrombie outlet italia, and even help you get fit. If you want to go to dances,, it can make you more confident in your skills, but even people who never step foot outside their lessons can get a lot out of it. ballroom dance lessons san jose Sometimes people feel that they cannot participate because they do not have a partner. However,,abercrombie france, meeting new people is part of the fun,, and most people without partners still have a lot of fun at dances. Sometimes a lesson will require a partner, but often they don’t–just read the fine print before enrolling. While more modern types of dancing appeal to some people more than this older, more traditional form,, taking ballroom dance lessons San Jose can really be a ‘ball.’ It teaches how to work with your partner,, and gives a great foundation for other types of dancing. Plus, it is intricate enough to be fun, yet simple enough that anyone can enjoy it. Learn more here: ballroom dance lessons san jose Regular dances are held in many communities for those who want to attend. Often, a portion of the night is for learning. This might be the first hour of dancing,hogan sito ufficiale, or it might be held immediately before the actual dance starts. This can be a very inexpensive way to learn.

and was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy

Parties repeatedly sued the hospital after abortion Court of First Instance ordered the hospital 8000 yuan compensation for victims   Ms. Yangs painful experience:   March 2010, Ms. Yang in the stream ligation surgery done in a hospital.   December 2010, Ms. Yang found to be pregnant in the hospital for abortions.   In July 2011, Ms. Yang was pregnant again and is an ectopic pregnancy, the hospital for their removal left fallopian tube.   In October 2011, she was again pregnant, had to choose another hospital abortion.   Dongguan newspaper (Reporter correspondent Weiliang Zhou Zhong Ziwei) Dongguan Yang in a hospital after the stream had given birth ligation surgery, However, later, two successive pregnancies, and the second or ectopic pregnancy, but go to the hospital surgery,, removal of the left fallopian tube, but soon she found herself pregnant again.   Angry Ms. Yang to the hospital to court, considered inappropriate hospital ligation, resulting again and again to pregnancy,, abortion, to their property and personal damage caused,, and claims 17 million yuan. Yesterday, reporters from Dongguan City Peoples Court heard the case after the trial, ordered the stream in a hospital Miss Xiang Yang compensate nearly 8,abercrombie femme,000 yuan.   Bizarre:       Pregnant woman three times after ligation   Ms. Yang married in 1998, after the birth of two children. When in March 2010, Ms. Yang produce second child in a hospital in the stream, be made ligation surgery.   December 2010, Ms. Yang finished ligation find themselves unexpectedly pregnant, had to be aborted. In July 2011, Ms. Yang was pregnant again, and was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy,, she surgery in the same hospital, the left fallopian tube removed.   When Ms. Yang think they do a ligation surgery,, should not be pregnant again when, in October 2011, she was pregnant again, this time Ms. Yang chose to make abortion in other hospitals.   Yang believes that due to the existence of a serious fault in a hospital in the stream at the time of their surgery, resulting in a pregnancy over the past year has been another miscarriage, abortion pregnant again suffering another state, especially once an ectopic pregnancy, giving it caused a huge pain. At the same time,, it spends plenty of transport and accommodation costs.   Miss Yu Shiyang a lawsuit filed to its implementation ligation surgery hospital to court, asked to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, mental solatium total of 174,216.02 yuan.   Hospital:       Ligation after pregnancy complications   The trial,, the defendant argued that the stream in a hospital, Ms. Yang ligation hospital implemented by having a nationally recognized qualification relevant technology, experienced and skilled clinicians implemented in strict accordance with the sterilization surgery operating procedures and standards, there is no technical error, the hospital does not exist in the surgical treatment fault.   Hospital argued that ligation is a complication of pregnancy and then ligation surgery, medical science and technology is the existing conditions can not be completely avoided. Ms. Yang require ligation during caesarean section, before surgery to fully understand the possible complications have occurred ligation and signed the consent form. Ms. Yang know in case of failure of sterilization, contraception did not take remedial measures, which later led to the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy and intrauterine pregnancy again.   Verdict: hospital medical mistakes should bear full responsibility   In the case proceedings,air max femme pas cher, the Third Peoples Court of Dongguan City Medical Association commissioned a technical appraisal, Medical Association considers the stream in a hospital for the first time Ms. Yang ligation performed correctly, it is pregnant again under the current conditions of medical science and technology When not completely avoid adverse consequences, but the stream in a hospital for a second ectopic pregnancy Yang surgery, no right fallopian tube leading cause of Ms. Yangs third trimester abortion again ligation treatment,mulberry sale,, surgical irregularities, is should bear the primary responsibility. At the same time, Ms. Yang did not take effective contraceptive measures after ligation induced abortion, should bear some responsibility.   However, the court held that the hospital Yang ectopic (left fallopian tube ampulla pregnancy) only line left fallopian tube surgery, again no right fallopian tube ligation process irregularities, medical mistakes, resulting in Ms. Yang to become pregnant After the need to re-implement abortions, it suffered damage, the hospital should be liable for damages.   Dongguan City Medical Association considers the stream should bear the primary responsibility of a hospital, Ms. Yang should bear some responsibility on the grounds that Yang did not take effective contraceptive measures after ligation induced abortion, the court held that the reason owes basis, and there is no legal regulations require individuals need to take effective contraceptive measures after ligation trimester abortion, and therefore can not ask Ms. Yang has this duty of care. Therefore, the stream of a hospital to deal with Yang suffered damage in the diagnosis and treatment activities,scarpe hogan donna, take full responsibility.   Therefore, Dongguan City Peoples Court ordered a third stream of compensation Yang surgery in a hospital fees of nearly 8,louboutin femme pas cher,000 yuan. The two sides did not appeal.   (Original title: Women still pregnant three times after ligation)

Zhejiang will

Not to intervene in business woman, keep abreast of current affairs dynamic ...... Recently, a Zhejiang Banking 22 military regulations, the post on the Internet fame. In the end is really friends spoof or this regulation? Reporters found that this post was a netizen original,bracciali tiffany, but in some Zhejiang Yu admitted Army Regulation 22 partly true,, but the net posts have suspected grandstanding, not worth seriously.   Online posting   Zhejiang business to always read the news network?   Yesterday, a Zhejiang Banking 22 military regulations, the post on the Internet sparked heated debate. Reporters in the End of the World Community and the value of China Network to see that this Army Regulation 22,, Disclosure of Zhejiang finance some secret trick. Of which the first one is to insist to see CCTV-1 news network, master the current situation; the first two are not easily believe the contract or contracts; last one is to give yourself a posterior approach, prevention deserted. And some content it very bluntly, about the relationship between men and women deal with the mall, how to handle money business relationship.   This post one, immediately caused an uproar on the Internet. This is a spoof or whether users Zhejiang financial rules? Investigation, one of anonymity,nike tn, said in Chongqing Zhejiang, Zhejiang by savvy and credibility into the world,air max italia, to win the respect of society, he hand no such financial military regulations,, a lot of content is nonsense, absolutely not most Zhejiang should do.   Parties say   Zhejiang will: Net posts grandstanding   To do this,, call the reporter to verify the Chongqing, Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce. A responsible person, online this post had been rumors in the industry.   It is understood that, in the above scale Chongqing Zhejiang enterprises around 1200, a large number of Zhejiang into Chongqing, Zhuo contribute to the citys economic development. This is the name of the person in charge, said net posts have suspected grandstanding that 22 does not represent the majority of Zhejiang.   Posted by: Zhejiang personally done research   Yesterday morning, the reporter contacted the value of China Network on post disclosure Zhejiang Banking 22 military regulations, the Guangdong netizen Rowe.   Mr Lo said that at present he is a business work in Guangdong. He said some of the rules on fiscal Zhejiang, his past had to do personally to Zhejiang research, made in sorting out this post, the value of Chinese network. He believes that some of the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta,,chaussures tn, Zhejiang generally accepted contents. As disclosed some shopping hidden rules, he thinks not only Zhejiang,mulberry sale, other businessmen are generally exist objectively.   Friends say   Army Regulation very tough!   9554321: to see if they give individual provisions of legislation, they feel too tired to live.   Feng shui: read a few, no wonder the Zhejiang make money yo, can only use two words to describe: tough.   Bubble millet Law: as Zhejiang, Ive never heard of any of these rules, but rightly said ...... have had the experience of doing business are friends should agree.   Part of the Army Regulation   ● To grasp the economic lifeline, must pay attention to political, adhere to read the news network   Do not believe the contract or contracts   ● You must be trustworthy, a promise jin,, but for people who are not trustworthy exception   ● You can play to win, but you may not afford to lose business best   ● Do not put too much in advance, you give yourself enough cards   ● world is not for nothing, but traders are also something to do certain things   ● carefully selected partners   ● Do not have a shadow of your family members in your team   ● Do not give your woman to speak your business details   ● Do not put large, even if you really are the boss   ● Do not worry so much about money and interest gains and losses   ● Do not use too much money to gloss over their own   ● Capital decided to speak, but you should not easily let people know you have much say   ● Summary of others successes and failures, but foreign case you can not ignore   ● able to grasp the overall situation in the premise, not the pursuit of hands   ● give yourself a posterior approach, prevention deserted you   Newspaper reporter intern Cai Li Xu Shu   Part of the Military is real   Zhejiang exactly how to look at this 22 military regulations? Yesterday, the reporter in a telephone interview in Chongqing famous Zhejiang, City Chamber of Commerce vice president of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce Pan Jingjing.   Reporter: quote concern about the current situation to see more news, not easily thrown business cards, etc.,, you accept it?   Steven: I admit this part, we are so in Zhejiang business.   Reporter: how not to treat a woman politics?   PAN: Zhejiang many of which are family-run shop started to open, how could a woman not to intervene? Of course, there are exceptions, entirely company management.   Reporter: Do you think the post prejudicial Zhejiang it?   PAN: no big negative impact,

each charge 8000 yuan

Andy Bean Ge Obama Fan Bingbing ling □ intern reporter Gao Zhiqiang cattle Jingfang Ventura & nbsp; & nbsp,; & nbsp; & nbsp,;   Core Tip | Fan Bing Bing, Lin Chi-ling,,louboutin soldes, Obama, bean wax figures of celebrities and other well-to Henan up? Recently,, a real estate rented Huaxian wax in the sales hall run from the international celebrity wax figures exhibition as a result, because the actual celebrity wax figures and the gap is too big, causing public tucao and onlookers in the online thread,, see comments, unexpectedly became a pleasure.   Hua County cottage waxwork exhibition too heap trampled.   Said the leaflets, and international celebrity wax figures can meet up close, I went to the scene to look, shocked! Said Mr. Zhang Hua County, the county declared a property held international celebrity wax figures exhibition will There RTHK star, international socialite, big summit Platform.   December 1, Mr. Zhang glad to visit with friends on the Strip, on display here and found himself a large gap between the wax and the stars, especially the Goddess Lin Chi-ling and Fan Bingbing, almost made him cry.   Yesterday morning, the reporter went to Hua County Dahe site visits, found the exhibition celebrity do a lot with Fan Bingbing,louboutin femme pas cher, Lin Chi-ling, Li Bingbing, Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Zhao, Ge, Barack Obama, bean, etc., but many simply can not wax and which I linked, many people said some wax not recognize.   Wax rental companies do not engage in too sensational proposal   Companies in order to heighten the popularity of these celebrity wax was rented. Mr. Wang said the real estate, the wax is a company commissioned Zhengzhou leased from Shanghai, they also found that some wax and I like much, but the wax industry rule - like living like the dead, unlike foreign domestic like.   As to whether the use of celebrity wax figures were commercial advertising constitute infringement,, he said, they consulted a lawyer before specializing,tn pas cher, does not constitute infringement.   Reporters contacted Shanghai a wax leasing company, the person said with many domestic and international celebrity wax figures, lease month, each charge 8000 yuan; lease 10 days, each charging 6,000 yuan. For the infringement,nike tn prezzo, the companys Yang said: Of course the infringement, if celebrity tell you that we have no way. Therefore, he suggested not to engage in activities too sensational, they are only responsible for rent, is not responsible for the lawsuit.   After searching the Internet similar to the celebrity wax lease Information has over ten thousand.   Netizen Happy crowd disturb Bingbing   Hua County real estate waxwork exhibition,, this apparently was unsuccessful, but the unexpected is that some visitors to the web after tucao posts,tn pas cher homme, attracted onlookers. Tucao netizens and has become a hot sea of joy.   Netizen Miss nest unclear,, said: do it too ugly. Sleeping in the sea of blue fin fish, said: Good fake good cottage, earthy rolling. Angels, said: Would not be Kusi deity know?   In fact, it is not only amused friends, but also alerted the Fan Ye.   The day before yesterday, Fan Bingbing said the waxwork exhibition has been forwarded to her colleagues, and recently a similar cottage wax frequently appear in the country, she is to contact colleagues and deal with matters related to the legal department.   (Original title: Ice cottage waxwork exhibition scared mad Zhiling)

among batterers are verifying identity.

Maryland May 16 Xinhua News Agency Reuters (Reporter Shen) 15th, that someone broke the news on the microblogging Zhangye deputies assaulted doctor, microblogging also allot some pictures, post came out,scarpe hogan outlet,, causing hot friends Yee. 16 am, reporters learned from the Zhangye Municipal Propaganda Department, May 14 18 am,, Zhangye City Peoples Hospital Emergency Center has indeed undergone medical injury cases vicious drunk, caused two medical staff injured,louboutin soldes, one slightly injured. Currently, among batterers are verifying identity.   According to information provided by the Zhangye Municipal Propaganda Department, said: There is an eyewitness said that at 18:10 on May 14, two drunken men, accompanied by hand trauma patient surnamed Liu went to the center of Zhangye City Peoples Hospital for treatment, admissions Lee Doctors immediately check the wound, because patients may hand tendon trauma injuries,, according to a hospital emergency patient admissions process, then advise patients to inpatient department conducted a bone specialist clinics. Drunk patients and their entourage refused to recommend specialist clinics and doctor yells say poor quality. Dr. Wang came on duty explained, surnamed Liu picked up the sphygmomanometer want to pound on the table Dr. Wang,, who accompany the patient to discourage the same time, blood pressure to drop to discourage the persons head caused his injuries. Three seeing, angry began diagnose indoor sphygmomanometer,, stool,, iron emergency pager to Dr. Wang beaten at the scene of the Romanian nurse, Dr. Li also approached discouraged beaten. Other caregivers to report promptly to the security department and the police. Batterer surnamed Liu continued to call someone,hogan sito ufficiale, but shouted:. I am the NPC Standing Committee, yall shall stir   18:40 the same day, 110 police rushed to the hospital, to understand the situation, requires prior treatment for the wounded. Fellow man surnamed Liu to be treated head wound stitched together to leave the hospital. Hospital Dr. Wang, Dr. Li,hogan 2014,, Luo nurses immediately the physical examination, after a preliminary diagnosis: King of the left middle cranial fossa skull fracture,, acute brain injury, the left frontal occipital scalp hematoma, brain contusion, lower lip skin laceration, blunt chest trauma, the body multiple soft tissue injuries, is now hospitalized in neurosurgery; guard Sergeant aura diagnosed hip, shoulder, elbow, waist soft tissue injury, brain trauma syndrome, orthopedic hospital treatment; Liang multiple soft tissue contusion doctor in the emergency observation.   Reporters learned that, as of now, three wounded in the hospital inpatient medical personnel receive treatment,chaussures nike pas cher, with stable vital signs, no life-threatening. (End)   & Nbsp;  (Edit: SN091)