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Ticket brokers met two undercover police was arrested yesterday at the train station when you actually call associates with scalping attack,,hogan outlet (Reporter Pei strong) January 18 morning, two high resale ticket brokers in Lanzhou Railway Station to Beijing West tickets when they were two plainclothes police station in Lanzhou stopped by police on the spot,, the police at the time of implementation of the arrest,hogan scarpe, was Piaofan and four accomplices wounded, including a Piaofan was arrested and detained. 9:00 the same day, when two plainclothes police patrol near Lanzhou station, a man approached and asked if they want the ticket within 10 days,louboutin pas cher, then after some bargaining, plainclothes police to the high price of 60 yuan fare negotiated a day Lanzhou Beijing tickets to West, then dial a phone ticket brokers said tickets have been doing a good job, let them wait and soon people Songpiao. A few minutes later, a man with a joint ticket brokers, the man from his pocket a day ticket from Lanzhou to Beijing West, plainclothes police to ticket brokers 430 dollars. When the two just took the money scalper,,moncler piumini, plainclothes police see evidence,moncler uomo, Liangmingshenfen immediately stopped in their way. Two ticket brokers actually legitimately ask to two undercover police Jing Guanzheng, after undercover police to produce documents,moncler donna, two Piaofan see something bad, threw the money and ran. When plainclothes police chased into nearby side alley,moncler sito ufficiale, press down on the two ticket brokers implemented in control,hogan donna, and call the police station requesting reinforcements. Two on the ground struggling scalper shouted: Come on people,, ah, the police beat up. At this point from a beef noodle out of four accomplices meal for two plainclothes police punched and kicked two police outnumbered spot was knocked to the ground. Two ticket brokers seeing again approached the undercover police clothes torn. Emergency, Lanzhou station police station rushed to the scene, ticket brokers and their accomplices ran away,, where a Piaofan been captured. The reporter then saw police station in Lanzhou, two plainclothes police injured,,woolrich sito ufficiale,, two police legs, arms, etc. were injured, clothes were torn. According Piaofan Zhao said,hogan outlet, to see things brought to light, the fear of punishment would fight to the police,,parajumpers soldes, from noodle out of the four men are their accomplices. At present,woolrich donna, the man has been detained.


(Reporter Lu Tao) 1 oclock yesterday morning,hogan outlet, the Lakers a 1st Floor North Delhi Jianghan occurred Cry scene: a young man covered in blood forcibly opened the door and a security door into the households of their home, was This household after carried away,, climbed the roadside parked car head-butting, and subsequently entered the BAN harass another household. Reporters at the scene saw yesterday, the 1st Floor,, 3 people total,woolrich uomo, two tenants have significant impact outside the door at the scene, on the walkway into the floor there is little blood. 1 on the 2nd floor of the households are the first to be blood and harassment,moncler donna, according to this mistress Wang introduced yesterday at 1 pm,moncler donna, while their dog barking awakened from a dream, vaguely heard someone outside the sliding door, When she is ready to open the door to see what,abercrombie pas cher, what was the security door suddenly opened from the outside, the inside of a wooden door also was forced open,, a shadow stumbled rushed in,louboutin femme pas cher, just being rushed to the door of her bedroom, then pour the shadows on the ground. Daughter Miss Qiu lights and saw a man lying bloodied door, screamed incessantly. At this time,woolrich parka, the man suddenly woke up, climbed the bed,moncler donna outlet, grabbed the hand of Qiu and subsequently fainted. Ms. Wang and her husband called the police side,giubbotti woolrich, while this man was carried to force the door,, waiting for the police to deal with. At this time only to see the crowd,, the man stands about 178 cm, body slim, empty-handed,, did not smell alcohol. During the wait for the police arrived, the man suddenly regain his strength, rushed to climb up the side of the road,, with the head rammed the car parked on the roadside. Reflected in its madness,moncler uomo, Ms. Wang,moncler uomo outlet, who are scared speechless. A few minutes later, the man seems to have been all out, turn around and they rushed to households in the 1st house, kicked the security door, but no one on the 1st of households Lee door. This man played for a while may feel tired,moncler donna, actually directly at the door and fell asleep. Ms. Wang and Ms. Lee told reporters, neighbors did not know this man,, had never seen, I do not know why would come into the room covered in blood, the two people really scared.


(Reporter Yu Wenlong) public Rowe as exposed you to shoot me,, came the dirt: 72 bus drivers and security officers in the car on the way to smoke and chat. Rowe told: The September 7 morning,hogan contraffatte, I soaring bridge from a car license plate Chuan A90107 for 72 bus drivers and security staff while chatting, I thought to myself while driving the bus and driving is not prohibited. Members of chatting with strangers? car near the terminal, fewer passengers,, the driver actually took out two cigarettes, one for the security officer sitting beside. security officer lit a cigarette, the driver said,,cadriano woolrich, only two,peuterey napoli, and while allow security staff to help buy a pack. They do not even pay attention to safety,woolrich outlet bologna indirizzo, how to ensure the safety of passengers? I complained to the bus company to reflect the situation,,moncler donna 2013, but the staff said they only accept complaints from drivers, security officers do not belong to their possession. I also I do not know who to turn to,peuterey altopascio, to think through exposure you to shoot me exposure. Rowe added: The driver and security officer regardless of their own are good, how I hope they manage to correct others,, also hope that the relevant leaders do not expel them, I just want everyone to come together and civilized environment to create and maintain?.. Today,,moncler online originali, the newspaper will continue to focus on investigation and handling the matter. You beat me to participate have exposed Awards Newspaper joint Chengdu Urban Management Bureau, Chengdu full search sites,, co-sponsored You come to take me to expose prize to participate in activities. You can pick up the phone,hogan donna 2014, camera, DV, indiscriminate shooting spitting,spaccio peuterey, throwing things and other uncivilized behavior of pictures and videos, go to Chengdu full search website news channels ( the right of one up exposure, Chengdu streets uncivilized feature to upload and access to Chengdu, Chengdu community-wide search site ( YOU News forum. Newspaper rebellion by members of the public can also participate in the mailbox You come to take me to expose,prezzi tiffany, send pictures via e-mail,scarpe hogan scontate, to explain the situation and to leave contact information. Weekly named a Week Award prize 500 yuan. After the event, according to the contents of the factors taken attention and social impact,, selected three prize, prize 1000 yuan; second prize,moncler angers, two prize 1500 yuan; award a bonus of 2,000 yuan.


Chief correspondent correspondent Yong Qin Long-one thousand bridges 3 powerful bursts of five shotguns, three pistols imitation Fourth,moncler outlet, an air gun, 123 bullets, five machetes, two hammer ...... 11:00 yesterday, Jiangxia Public Security Bureau,hogan 2014, 8.16 case involving firearms confiscated goods inventory trouble spot,hogan milano, filled with 8 weapon spell Showcase long table. August 16 at noon, Jiangxia Zhifanggou mine Road, a street next to a small shop,moncler italia, several men dragged a table playing cards enjoy the cool shade in the streets, and soon attracted a crowd of onlookers. 14:00, two motorcycles and a van rushed to the table,, jumped four masked men on a motorcycle,, pulled from his waist bud-shaped ax to cut up, a middle-aged man was watching cards Kanfan the ground. Then jumped two men armed with shotguns on the van,,tn nike pas cher, with all the dark at gunpoint, coercion moved away. Upon seeing the fleeing crowd,,hogan donna, the four masked assailants who burst hacked former Yang Yang lost consciousness in a pool of blood on the spot. Succeed, four masked murderer and two gunmen in the car and sped away. Alarm police rushed to the scene investigation, the victim is the local Young boss, 38 years old, living in the vicinity of the crime scene. That afternoon, he and his wife Wu Zhifang Street at a hotel in the nearby meal, play cards on the way home to see someone in the street to see the past, but only 10 minutes to be rushed to the masked assailants cut off the hands and feet . Escaped murderer for a license plate on the road When the investigation, the murderer committing the crime,woolrich donna,, was riding a motorcycle is no listing, van on the license is fake. Yang couple say they do not know these murderers, people around in panic did not see their faces. When police found video surveillance video to see the streets, take the van to escape the murderer, was in street surveillance cameras can not see where to stop for 10 minutes. The survey found that the murderer was there replaced the license plate. August 27,louboutin femme, the police investigation and on-site visits by the video,, one often found hanging deck Honda van major crime suspects, surnamed Yuan Zheng shop there often bully the car ride. At 2:00 on August 30,moncler uomo,, the police will take money YuanMou potential home and arrested him. Yuan Mou account, the assailants chopped Yang, a total of nine people, he got the guns, and the buds on the vehicle also provide him with an ax, but who was behind the Young boss competitors Li boss. To get rid of the black hand undercut next opponent According to Yuan Mou Jiangxia police confessed to mobilize more than 60 armed police rushed to East Lake High-Tech Development Zone,hogan sito ufficiale, a rental, the sleeping nine assailants caught. Confiscated on the spot five machetes, hammers and other tools of crime 2. August 31, alias Lis Lee boss at a hotel in Wuchang arrested, police firing shotguns at Lee identified five relatives in three imitation pistol three Fourth, one air gun,air max pas cher homme, 123 bullets. The investigation, a few years ago, Mr. Li and Young boss had occurred to grab business disputes. This year, the two friends on a wedding after an altercation met, Mr. Li is found to have three cars left the track, suspected to be Young boss dry, he decided to strike first,louboutin soldes,, on a month ago ordered his Yuan nine assailants got a look for an opportunity to retaliate. August 16, after the assailants chopped the Young boss, boss Lee participants reward 10,000 Hong Kong dollars per person. Mr. Li, said that he had been to the assailants dollars, because the yuan cheaper than Hong Kong dollars, the equivalent discount of twenty percent, while Hong Kong dollars inconvenient to use, to avoid exposure to movements. Currently, the police have, Mr. Li and Detention and ferret case.


Mr. Huai public high to reporters reflect before the end of the semester, his sons school asking them to pay a sum of $ 170,spaccio woolrich, overdraft fee,, he consulted online catalog and related educational fees Huaian WASHINGTON standards, and did not find this The so-called overdraft fees; his school teachers to understand this pay overdraft fees,,scarpe hogan, the school will not issue any receipts or invoices to parents. According to Mr. Gao introduced a few days ago, sophomore high school in Huaian Qingpu son came home to tell him that the school requires to pay a sum of 170 dollars per person in the near future of overdraft fees,,moncler outlet, overdraft fees,nike tn prezzo, but when he understood this to his son the specific circumstances, the son could not say, and he Huaian City Department of Education and the Internet for relevant documents bureau found no documents schools may charge the fees,,peuterey outlet,, even if you can collect, but also need to get the Department of Education and the bureau for approval. Mr. Gao told reporters, for which he also found the school would like to know the ins and outs of this overdraft fees,, but teachers say this charge is to get them approved by the Price Bureau. Mr. Gao told reporters that he came to the bureau inquiries and found there was no such approval,woolrich outlet, and the school can not tell the students at the school where the overdraft in the end,piumino moncler, it makes sense that he and other dubious parents a little consumption, they do not know,hogan donna, in the end is a student in overdraft,woolrich giubbotti, overdraft or school? This is unheard of overdraft fees in the end what capacity? With this question, the reporter came together yesterday with Mr. Huaian Qingpu high school, a group of senior grade teacher in charge confidently told reporters that they charge overdraft fees this is approved by the relevant departments,piumini peuterey, but standing on the side of Mr. Gao When asked to see the file, even if it is a copy, this teacher is prevarication. Just when the two sides deadlocked,jordan pas cher, a man claiming to be the person in charge of the school-run gay men walked into the office, said the students textbooks this semester due to cost overruns, it requires each student to pay this $ 170 overdraft fees. This overdraft fees charged by the school so far did not get the approval of the relevant authorities, but they also refused to concede defeat. Now the students are too many books! That this official said, can now suspend overdraft fees charged 170 yuan,,air jordan france,, to be approved before they get the relevant departments were charged. (Yang Yang Zhu Dingzhao)


Three passengers boarding temporary replacement seat, a dispute occurred with the crew, the captain of flight safety grounds will be reported to the police the passengers away, and refused to return the machine --- it happened in this since June 9, the sparked concern. Whether it is the law,, maintaining security or captain,moncler sito ufficiale,, abuse of power? Seat Controversy and Captain rejection June 9,air max homme pas cher, and the others take passengers China Southern Airlines CZ6800 flight from Kunming to fly back to Shanghai. Boarding information display, three-seat cabin is located in the rear. After registration, the trio saw the first row of economy class there are three vacancies on the left, wanted to replace the seat. Wang Ziqi described to reporters on the 11th,tiffany outlet, just sit down soon,woolrich uomo, there is a crew came up, here is the high-end Class area,louboutin pas cher, is left to the full economy fare ticket passengers,, and asked us to get back in situ. Wang Ziqi,scarpe hogan, who immediately expressed their willingness to bear the cost of the class upgrade. However, the crew explained that upgrades are things on the ground, the plane can not handle. Passengers put on staff to handle the requirements of the ground plane, but after less than five minutes, then came a man directly told us to ask you to sit back, you say what is useless. Wang later learned this who is the captain. Taking into account the feelings of other passengers on the plane, and companions they returned back to their seats. Unexpectedly,hogan outlet, about 5 minutes later,abercrombie soldes, the three were taken off the plane police. After mediation, Wang Ziqi agreed to apologize, but the captain did not agree with them back to the machine. Wang Ziqi trio had to switch to another flight back to Shanghai. Throughout the process, we did not use a civilized language, two did not make much noise,,spaccio woolrich, but I got off the plane! We can only say that the captain, you really too bad! Later in the micro-Bo Wang wrote on. Reporters on the matter to the Southern Party Committee Work Department to verify the response of the department, said:. The three passengers occupied the position of air marshals, air marshals are a sequence of public security,,nike tn requin, the location is close to the cockpit, not just for tourists This is obviously Passengers reflect contradictory situation. Reporters asked: Even accounting for passenger air marshals position, but after the captain has returned to its original seat interference, also affect flight safety is also why it rejection?? Southern said in response: get back on the original passenger bit to say, is the passenger side of the story. Reporters asked: ? That reality is what it the other responded: We are not on the scene, do not understand the situation. Aircraft seats behind the Mao Yin Zichou Behind the reporters found that a dispute, a rejection is the airplane seat behind the various Zichou Mao Yin. Can replace the passenger seat in the cabin? Aviation industry analysis, under normal circumstances, can be made to change the air passenger seat, but need the consent of the crew must also consider whether the impact of the aircraft with load balancing. There are seats on the plane which was denied ordinary passengers? In addition to the crew,, including air marshals seats. According to an unnamed aviation parties,borse louis vuitton, factors depending on the number of aircraft flying with police flight area and so decide, usually one to two. Shanghai and Kunming flights should fly with a full-time or part-time security officer. The captain has no power Zhuke or rejection? Aviation insiders, passengers and crew conflict, any passenger seat selection will affect the balance endanger the safety of aircraft loading, etc., will be considered illegal interference to flight safety, the captain has the power to make the passengers handled separately. How to exercise the powers of the captain? For the Southern rejection event,, issued act expulsion of the captain,spaccio woolrich, is the focus of attention. Sun Yat-sen, vice president of public administration, said Xiao Bin,, captain plays in the cabin of the master, Justice and other important role, should be given the legal and institutional its high power and responsibility, and its authoritative fully respected. But the captain of the power can not be arbitrary. In this event, from the basic situation of passengers reflects the situation, the captain of the passengers off the plane there is suspicion of abuse of power. Bin Xiao said. The Shanghai Lawyer Wu Dong said that if there is no occurrence of airline passengers slapstick, physical conflict or beating a very serious situation occurs, such as the other passengers, the captain implement their own security disposition is not appropriate. However, the current law on abuse of judgment and disposition captain is still in the blank. This incident was a passenger on how strict compliance with the rules of education, to the captain is a proper exercise of the power of education. Experts believe that airlines should strengthen internal staff training and education, including the captain, including crew members should be strengthened even more self-discipline, increase personal accomplishment and professional conduct. (According to the Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, June 12 -)


For the Chinese literary North beggar peak is concerned, this had a great New Year is miserable: people are going to eat in a few minutes before New Years Eve dinner, Yunnan Huize Admiralty town village party secretary Lvchang Gui Wu Ma with her daughter, son more than 20 people rushed to his house, hit him and his wife Jiang Yan. Jiang Yan multiple injuries, the flood peak has been interrupted three ribs, accompanied by a concussion. Peak start sleeping from New Years Eve, ten days later, Huize County Peoples Hospital ward every day, firecrackers, Jiang Yan can only hold just turned one year old child day stay in the hospital on bed husband. Peak is a legendary person. October 2006, due to the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of arrears of his salary, peak had placards, the streets begging for the serious illness of his wife to raise medical expenses; October 2008, known as the Chinese literary Fab Five of the peak and family, returned to his wifes hometown - the town of Ma Bell Huize Takemura, low-key seclusion, dogs, fruit trees, kinds of Chinese medicine, he became a downright farmer. January 22 this year, is the 29th lunar twelfth lunar month, which is New Years Eve. Evening, and other families,moncler sito ufficiale, a peak in their new home, Luo ni Villa in busy, hot dinner intends to put on the table, the whole family happily waiting to eat dinner. Bursts of firecrackers outside, just in time to be put on the table meal, his wife Jiang Yans cell phone rang, the party secretary daughter to fight over, the caller said, has come to the crest door, let the phone Chiang Yan out, something to talk about. Jiang Yan said, when she felt the others tone of some strange, specially from the point of view of a second floor balcony, outside the gate is actually more than 20 people gathered to beat, which not only Lvchang Gui, and his wife, daughter, son and some of her do not know. What things need to talk about it more than 20? Feels a bit wrong situation, Jiang Yan side to call the police, while going out the door. Before she spoke, men are on around us, some muttering curses,giubbotti woolrich, some pushing hands,,peuterey uomo, began its assault. In the back room of the peak busy seeing out the door, it is also just go on being hit everybody. Jiang Yan recalls: After being knocked to the ground, Lvchang Gui bring people even if they brutally kicked to the last peak was beaten unconscious in the past, these people are still left off peak, continue to keep playing, I pounce. lying on the peak body,, fists also fell on me ...... Once , who finished dispersed, Jiang Yan called to an acquaintance, hastened to peak the hospital for treatment. Originally very happy New Year made miserable, even New Years Eve, a man in the hospital ward, only one year old daughter seemed to understand what was happening, then do not noisy like a baby, every day obediently accompany her fathers bed edges. After checking in to finish the whole body, a medical certificate from Huize County Peoples Hospital, says: chest soft tissue contusion, rib fractures on the left 10,11,12 ...... after that peak three ribs were broken, Jiang Yan fear: It was If I had not tried in the past to protect him, according to those who play, which in case of ribs into the internal haemorrhage, the consequences would be disastrous. start too hard! Hit reasons Party secretary: Public land rent income families retorted: rent to bring 20 people? After the peak seclusion Yunnan village, the village party secretary Lvchang Gui Wu Ma was very grateful to peak. From 2008 to move the horse Takemura since peak has been very low key, life and ordinary farmers no different. That year, in order to repair a primary road leading from the village, not the slightest shelf peak day under the scorching sun as a volunteer, a stone, carts or something, all roll up its sleeves to dry, this matter has caused widespread national media attention. In 2008, the newspaper has a literary North beggar Huize farmer as the subject reported the matter. And that time, also said in an interview: If you come to the interview, did not know he was so well-known writer, Im a little shelf are not grateful for his help kids road ....... Thank you very much for a man who, more than 20 people gathered Lvchang Gui why, at this particular time New Years Eve, on the peak and their families fight? Jiang Yan believes that is because the results speak up the peak. Many villagers Lvchang Gui corruption a sum of the money supply villagers immigrants, but because the villagers are nothing culture, then, it was found that a large peak intellectuals,peuterey uomo, and everyone wanted to talk to him on behalf of the party secretary to talk about it. Originally a person has moved out of the village of Ma Wu, also with money they did not have any relationship, but still upright forthright went to Lvchang Gui peak, suggesting that he can get some money, but some can not take the money ...... The reason for the flood peak hit, Lvchang Gui has said that money is not the slightest relationship with immigrants, but because of the common ground rent. said: New Years Eve, I was also just want to collect the rent,, is beat people around the peak, it does not matter to me when I have been fighting in Lycra, do not know how labeled as such.. 2009, and Jiang Yan peak price was in accordance with the rent was $ 100 per acre, from horse Takemura rented three and a half acres of public land, from the saffron and other kinds of Chinese herbal medicines,, wanted to take the villagers to get rich. However, the latter because of health reasons, Jiang Yan, often need to go to the county medical treatment, so the two of them moved to the suburbs to live, returned to the lease, to settle the rent. Jiang Yan, said she remembers very clearly,, if the price of 100 yuan per mu is calculated,, in fact, only need to pay 350 dollars on the line, but she insisted to 1,000 yuan. From the second half of 2009 to the present, that three and a half acres of public land has been a shortage, has been no mention rent. Until this year, said after the immigration peak looking paragraph,moncler donna, is again of that three and a half acres of land rent. After the settlement of 2009 rent, in 2010 and 2011 I did a half acres of land that the three species, but New Years Eve day he said to me to pay the rent for two years. I think much less attitude, put 800 before dinner money sent in the past, he also said that after taking the money this thing Well, refuses to talk about, and we did not think the front foot back into the house, they came back foot chase ...... said that about 20 people just want to After rent, Jiang Yan was very angry, she said, first they have to send in the past two years, the rent, what they want to rent? Second, a rental, you need to offer more than 20 people to either? Again, that three and a half acres of public land in the village,abercrombie outlet online, though he did not kind, even to rent, nor is the party secretary to his wife and daughter-in-law to be a gang, but would not say it hit anyone. Responsibility events Families asked: Why do not arrest people? The police response: to wait for injury assessment. Before the door, Jiang Yan telephoned the police, and less than 10 minutes after the alarm, just 6 km from the village of Ma Wu Admiralty town police station rushed to the scene quickly. When police arrived at the peak but has been lying on the ground, was beaten unconscious. Luo Ni Hill because of the monitoring equipment is installed, therefore, the whole incident process is complete and correct to the recorded. Although police did not extract video evidence that day, but a week after the incident, the police station or town Admiralty took surveillance video, police station director Zhang Tao Jiang Yan Ng also asked,hogan outlet, Are you a good save these videos, this can be when the evidence. Although the video is complete record of bringing people to hit anyone, issued by the hospital test results also show that peak was interrupted three ribs, but police did not present to make any deal et al. From the legal proceedings,tiffany roma, the injury to wait after the peak identified, determined on the basis of the injury or the civil case is a criminal case, then according to the law, so we have not caught one. Tao Wu said police attaches great importance to this case and the peak of attorney to submit videos, he also read the full details, suspects are alleged harm peak formal career, breaking the law if it is absolutely captive. As the peak of attorney, yesterday, Guangdong Global Affairs Wuchang Heng Law Firm attorney, said he arrived a few days ago Huize, these days have been to the police station, submitted some evidence and ask handling process. However, he believes that the case does not belong to peak injury find it difficult to be identified, the legal definition, the police should not wait until after the end of treatment for forensic identification of suspected perpetrators of the suspect should be taken as soon as possible coercive measures. From New Years Eve has been admitted to the hospital, family crest has been spent in the hospital for a full 10 days. Meanwhile, Minister of the Propaganda Department of Pan Lihua Huize several phone greetings, the day before yesterday, Minister Ban also bring people to the hospital to visit a specially peak a couple, but no any indication. The first few days, their attitude worse,, these days a little better, but still no one to give us an apology. Jiang Yan said,, there is a little gratifying news is that in Huize related Under the leadership of communication and supervision, yesterday afternoon, the County Public Security Bureau forensic finally sent to the hospital for peak do a live test. Admitted to the hospital from now, nearing peak of treatment costs 10,000 yuan. However, the authorities began to see positive actions, although still coughing bloody sputum, wound still ached, but the flood peak is also a lot better mood on the bed and began to comfort his family, and tease her. Jiang Yan said: Our greatest wish is to deal with this matter according to the law, if a criminal case must be investigated for criminal liability related personnel. Microcosmic Peak was hospitalized after hit on the microblogging disclosure issue has aroused strong repercussions, many celebrities have its solidarity, and expressed concern about the progress of events. @ Murongxuecun: Ive read all the works have been published peak, some I liked it, some did not like, favorite is the East eight time zones. For seniors and turn misfortune. @ Zude: the murderer must be punished! New Years Eve, because the land lease dispute, Yunnan Huize Admiralty town village party secretary Wu Ma Lvchang Gui rate of nearly 20 people broke into the famous writer peak residential beat peak, three broken ribs, arrogant! If it is because creative peak rural seclusion and wish to destroy it will muckraking, too mean! @ North Village: attention. @ Lu Chuan: Ive read all of his works,nike air max outlet. This is a new round of the Four Olds sports? @ King of the hill: peak ah, there is no justice? Peak Resume Peak, born in November 1959; origin of Tongyu County. After the college entrance examination system was restored, at the end of 1977 he was admitted to Northeast Normal University, after graduating in January 1982 to Baicheng Teachers teach Chinese Department, October 1984 transferred to Jilin Province Writers Association Writer magazine, an editor, 1988 In exceptional promotion deputy editor, the same year left Beijing Normal University,woolrich sito ufficiale, studying literature and art creation graduate. 1995 by the Shenyang Municipal Government to introduce a special talent, leaving Changchun, Shenyang City Department of Cultural Affairs to work. 1988 joined the Chinese Writers Association, he served Writers Liaoning Province branch director, officer, CWA Shenyang Branch Vice-Chairman. November 2006 due to the problem of existence, the streets begging the same year on December 2 to exit the Chinese Writers Association, Writers and Writers Branch of Liaoning Province Shenyang Branch. Since the end of 2008, a guest in Yunnan. Its main works are Stream of Life, Oblivion, desert, away from home,tn requin pas cher, peacetime, Timezone 8, death date, return home and so on. In Chinese literature, peak known as the North beggar,nike tn prezzo, and Southern Emperor Su Tong, Click here to see, Yu Hua, West poisonous Ma Yuan, the supernatural Ge Fei along been likened to literary Fab Five was considered a pioneer literary representative.


25-year-old well-being of the first guy out Qu Jianqian,piumini moncler, a pick that one hundred thousand yuan ...... Picked up on the first one hundred thousand yuan Jianqian Qu Ming more engaged in financial work in Tang Paradise. At 21:00 on September 25, I work in the construction of the road on the way home to pick up the 10 million in cash. Yesterday,woolrich parka, the remains of 25-year-old boy smile more to China Qu Ming Chinese Commercial News reporters Jiang Shu and Jian Qiandi excitement. This is my first time Jianqian, a pick that is 100,000 yuan. Qu Ming Yue said, I was a man walking in the road construction workers,, saw a very neat installation roadside gift bag, four did not people. Perhaps curiosity, I picked up the bag. This look shocked, which are all hundred dollar bills, a total of ten sub-bundle. The money roughly $ 100,louboutin homme,000. In addition to the bag of money, there are other things that do not have any identity information. Qu Ming Yue said. Waiting for three hours but not owner Previously thought, if you can be nice to pick up a lot of money, This really picked up $ 100,000 in cash, he really some excitement. Take the money in the bag were a little shake my hand, but its not my money, after all. Qu Ming Yue said,giubbotti woolrich, At that time did not think about it, I felt so much money should be returned to the owner. In this way,moncler sito ufficiale, the next bend in place waiting for nearly three hours. He hoped that the owner left behind after the discovery of large sums of money, will return to find. He put the money in the bag back in place, he stood aside. Whenever someone passing by,, he want this person is the owner. But I was too timid to ask,hogan interactive, fear of being falsely claimed. Qu Ming Yue said, just innocently waiting on that, whenever someone passing by, I looked at each other strangely, to each others eyes attracted to the bag. Oh, then feel like Frankenstein. During this period,moncler outlet, Qu Ming played a few more to a friend on the phone,louis vuitton outlet, sharing Jianqian joy. About 0:00 the next day, and so it is not to the owner, he took the bag of money to go home. Qu Ming Yue said. He wanted to buy a car just on the lack of one hundred thousand yuan In fact, not too bent out more Tyrant,, which is equivalent to one hundred thousand yuan own two-year salary. Work of the seven or eight years to save $ 200,000, has been particularly want to buy a car,, are optimistic,, and I especially like the car run down takes 30 million. Oneself just on the lack of 100,000 yuan. Qu Ming Yue said, But it picked up $ 100,,000 after all, not me, the dream of buying a car or rely on their own struggle. September 26 morning, Qu Ming the leave of absence, holding picked up $ 100,000 went to Public Security Bureau and other driving slope Yanta police station. Yesterday China Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Deng and Jia Po police saw ten million,abercrombie femme. Qu Ming more ethical lost money,piumini peuterey, trust us to the police station, we must find ways to put money to restore it. Police station said. Come police call the owner claimed Be instant five days later, to find the owner also stumped police and other driving slope. Picked up the items without any identifying information,, we retrieved the vicinity of the monitoring,nike requin tn, the nearest 70 meters,, but the camera does not shoot to the suspected owner. Police, said the owner nor the police,peuterey sito ufficiale, we have access to a large 110 there is no similar alarm alarm recording. Police hope the owner can claim to the police station as soon as possible, as soon as possible restitution. China Chinese Commercial News reporter Xie Tao


BEIJING,hogan scarpe, August 10 Shijiazhuang electricity (Chen Lin Ju condensate stroke) for the network spread ,, Shijiazhuang Municipal Public Security Bureau informed that on the 10th,woolrich uomo, Ji 0 license system decks,,scarpe hogan donne prezzi, the driver is Shijiazhuang Railway Police Department Police Department drunk driving,,louboutin pas cher, has been to control the public security organs. 9 evening, one on the Shijiazhuang,louboutin homme, Hebei O drivers license drunk driving collided with a taxi lead to conflict microblogging spread quickly on the Internet,hogan outlet, was subsequently described as Shijiazhuang Huai An Road overturned police car incident. Shijiazhuang Municipal Public Security Bureau,, said 10 early in the morning to respond quickly to its official website, August 9 at 8:00 am, a taxi in the city Huai An Road intersection with the east side of the street parking Chinese unloading passengers, blocking the back of a hanging. Hebei O81360 license, the black Toyota car,hogan scarpe, the driver of a vehicle causing dissatisfaction Di, the two sides quarrel that end the conflict. After close to a public warning,louboutin, Reiter police station police immediately rushed to the scene, wishing both sides away from the scene. Taxi drivers refused to get on the train, causing a lot of crowd. During individual who incited some onlookers to 110 police overturned. After the disposal of the public security organs positive things quickly subsided. After preliminary investigation,, Di Shijiazhuang Railway Police Department, a police department, they drive their vehicle purchase mother of the private car, the original license for the Hebei A86945, according to the incident are listed for decks. Di Department of drunk driving in a night,woolrich prezzi,, has been to control the public security organs. June, Shijiazhuang Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a police car and the vehicle involved violations accountability measures (Provisional),hogan rebel outlet, increase the police car and the vehicle involved violations intensity,,louboutin femme, while the whistleblower rewards announced in the media. Pursuant to the Rules, the police or the illegal use of police vehicles involved in serious cases will be dismissed, but also related to the leadership accountability. Misappropriation,, apply, use of forged or altered police car license plate in this column, but in Hebei, Ji 0 general license for the bus license law enforcement authorities,moncler donna, but non-standard police license. (End)


 , Kui, Hubei Yichang, the age of 24 in a car accident, hands and feet were falling disability. At 8:40 on September 6, Kui island in the group all the way and sat on the floor Sichuan Road intersection,, rice paper rolled out soon,, once surrounded a group of people around. When reporters arrived there, Kui just packed up ready to leave the first line. Xu enthusiastic students spend two dollars to buy him write a word is written, cosmopolitan. Today the weather is bad, it might rain. Kui whispered. In the vicinity of the bus station,nike tn requin, reporters and Kui struck up a conversation,, I am Kui, Kui is a large two territories, I came to Qingdao for some time, and this year 35 years old,, you should have seen me. Reporters look to, Kui hands and feet have a disability, rely on crutches to walk,,woolrich parka, he was carrying a large black shoulder bag, right leg has been amputated leg,chaussures louboutin pas cher, right hand can not expand, other body parts as well as some disability. This is a disability Kui said he suffered from a car accident 24 years, before he and other rural migrant workers like teenagers. After the accident,air max tn pas cher, people not paying the money to pay medical expenses, and can guarantee this Mania has been very good. A few years later, Kui on the farewell to their parents, wandering. With his own perseverance, as one study calligraphy with the head to earn a living, I think they have their feet to write, I do not have feet,hogan interactive, can head to write? Heaven that hard, he now excel this ability. 12:00, reporters followed Kui came Taitung. After sitting down at the intersection, he will crutches aside and remove the three large cushions from his big black bag, the four long strips of wood,moncler pas cher, a pile of white paper, an ink bottle,, a hat, a brush bar. He launched the first mat, two in the body shop,outlet moncler, a shop in front,hogan scarpe, followed by arm clip out a piece of paper, on the mat in front, then,giubbotti moncler, Kui hat, do not brush at the top, the whole person lying on the floor, beginning with the head stick ink, and wrote word. In order to ensure pedestrians can see their own handwriting, calligraphy Kui will write backwards. 5 minutes later, a piece of paper to write on four characters, strokes Effort,louboutin homme, writing handsome, is written - quiet attitude. I just ask for money,, and someone said I was entertainer, someone said I was a lie. In fact, I was asked for money to make a living, only to obtain a food, good to be alive. Kui said his writing with a day they also earn more than a few dozen dollars, he carefully accumulate up the money for future pension purposes. I can not yet covered with a disability have a rich life. I gave myself a year to save some money,giubbotti woolrich, and then ran out a few years, and so old,moncler donna, there is also hope. Kui said at last. Field Reporter