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Yesterday, the East Court martial of a public hearing (right) and Liu (left) of the robbery. Wu Ning, chief photographer / photo last April 22, Kim Han municipal government issued a certificate courageous, this is the city for the first time in recognition of the courageous acts alone. Cai levied chief photographer / photo Beijing Peoples Art Theatre actor Kim Han Lu Yu villains rob woman injured hand extended deeds wide attention. Yesterday morning, Kim Han stabbed two robbery suspects on trial in the East Court. They pleaded guilty in court, but the recriminations are other first premeditated. Ultimately, the court sentenced two men to rob three years and six months imprisonment, a fine of around 7000 yuan.   Two each bite other premeditated   Wu and Liu is a fellow, before the incident, Liu is a Beijing Business Center security,, the force of a jobless. According to the prosecution allegations, April 14, 2014 21 am, Wu XX, Liu premeditated, Dongcheng District near historian primary school, by the force of a pink bag snatch a victim Zhao, 880.6 yuan in cash and the value of 245 Yuan other items. In the process of fleeing, resisting arrest for holding Liu iron gold Han stabbed,, causing his head,Louboutin Mariage, left shoulder, hand injuries, was identified as a minor injury. Wu XX, Liu on April 18, 2014 has been arrested by public security organs, stolen cash and goods have been seized concurrent also a victim.   Public prosecutor that the two men should be held criminally responsible for robbery, the two acts are criminal attempt, can be reduced or lighter punishment. For the accused,, Wu XX, Liu both pleaded guilty in court, but were accused of premeditated robbery the other first. When adjournments, Liu admitted that because of economic constraints, in fact, already had two hearts robbery idea, so just hit it off.   Collar criminal robbery three and a half   Wu said the diminutive of a night implement scrambling for him, I put a bag to grab a woman when he was a courageous escape to kick down. Liu claimed that, after Kim Han Wu was a defeat,Louboutin Bottines, to myself quickly to help fellow escape easily from the ground to pick up the piece of iron to Kim Han cut off, cut thorn in the process, his own hand was also injured. After committing the crime, Wu XX, Liu Dong Si taxi to the subway station, fled to the Palazzo Vecchio, and the injured to the hospital bandaged hand.   Before the court verdict, the prosecutor presented 4 years 6 months to 5 years of sentencing recommendation, heard here, Ryu is emotional, said he was arrested after also carefully study the legal knowledge, he thinks should be sentenced for robbery 3 to 4 years. Liu also said that he is a first offense, Oufan,, and is attempted crime, the family economy more difficult,, I hope the court lenient sentence for himself. He also expressed the willingness to actively compensate the victims wishes.   But the judge said that, before the hearing, taking into account a victim Jin Han, Liu Wu economic situation, to give up civil compensation, I hope the court verdict. Kim Han abandon hear civil compensation, medical expense when, Liu said he is stealing money out of frustration,,Louboutin Mary Jane, gold Hina understand his situation was very moved, and I hope after his release could meet with Kim Han thanked.   After the recess,, the court ultimately sentenced to the force of a robbery, Liu 3 years and 6 months in prison, a fine of around 7000 yuan.   ■ News Review       Kim Han Samaritan injured eight   When the April 14, 2014 21 am, Beijing Peoples Art Theatre actor and his girlfriend Kim Han historian Hutong, Dongcheng District line to the West Side,Louboutin à Bout Ouvert, and suddenly heard a womans screams:! ! Stop thief, robbery Kim Han looked back and saw a man running towards his hand handbag. Gave more thought, Kim Han kick down the front criminals, but also with the body to suppress, to regain stolen bag.   At this point, suddenly sprang another gangster,Louboutin Sandales,, under the iron hand pierced several Kim Han, Jin Han injured after chasing a few steps, his girlfriend stop living. Two criminals fled the scene, Kim Han head, shoulder and hand injuries and bloody.   Concord Hospital by ambulance, Kim Han eight injured left shoulder seven suture needles, suture wrist two needles, suture needle head. The most important of which shoulder injury, the wound is only 5 cm from the neck artery.   April 22, 2014, the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Dongcheng District Civil Affairs Bureau issued for Kim Han courageous certificates, medals, bonus 40,321 yuan. Civil Affairs Bureau official said, Kim Han regardless of their own safety, to come forward to rescue and protect the lives and property of the behavior of others, reflecting the courageous spirit of advocacy for social righteousness make a contribution.   Morning News reporter Yue Yilei   (Original title: Kim Han stabbed two robber jailed for three and a half)   Edit: SN054


Xinhua Changsha, November 22 (Reporter Albert Tam) reporter on the 22nd from Hengyang City Peoples Procuratorate,,air max milano, found guilty of intentional assault and abuse by sin regulators,, Hunan Province, Hunan prison guards Wang Gang was recently the Court of First Instance sentenced 14 years deprivation of political rights for three years.   Wang Gang Department Supervisor District Shonan prison three mining district supervisor two instructors. After Hengyang ShangXi Fort regional Peoples Procuratorate investigation to identify, in December 2009 the evening of 21, Wang Gang to prisoners who Jiangde even disobedience by its beating caused his death, after forensic Jiangde even meet the lower limbs extensive soft tissue contusion implementation trauma-induced shock and death.   According to the prosecution of CLC, the incident that day,, away from the river even Germany released from prison only 20 days. After the incident,, Wang Gang, surrendered voluntarily to the prosecution.   Hengyang Municipal Peoples Procuratorate at the prosecution believes that Wang Gang as a judicial officer,, in violation of regulatory work rude, simple way,tiffany outlet online,, in the course of discipline, abuse by supervisors up to 6 people eight times, the circumstances are especially serious, and cause One person died of serious consequences, should be investigated for the crime of intentional injury of criminal defendants. But in view of the king to surrender immediately after the crime plot and various discretionary mitigating circumstances, the prosecutor also requested the court to a lighter punishment.   August 9,chaussures louboutin hommes, Hengyang City Intermediate Peoples Court held a public hearing the case. Court, Wang Gang has no objection to an intentional crime,louboutin pas cher femme,, but denied that he has repeatedly told other inmates to implement abuse.   By the Hengyang City Intermediate Peoples Court, Wang Gang guilty of intentional assault and abuse by supervisors crime concurrence of two crimes,, decided to implement 14 years in prison, deprived of political rights for three years. It is understood that after the incident, the prison has to pay the deceaseds family 750,000 yuan in compensation, therefore,nike tn femme pas cher, no longer pursue the deceased Wang Gang-related civil liability in court.


Two girls will donate handed division reporter Wu Shi Zongwei photo, DragonSoft News & nbsp; 1 yuan, 2 yuan, 10 yuan ...... total of 1066 dollars, the day before yesterday, in the Department of Nephrology,louboutin pas cher, Xinqiao Hospital ward, two 17-year-old high school girl came in, took a lot of piecemeal notes, stuffed with their peers, with uremia boys division Wu hands. The money is not the parents give their pocket money,, but they are a group of students on the streets charity raised for charity.   This is called a leaf two girls, a man named Zheng Ya,, they are high in Chongqing, one of the international schools in the experiment. During Christmas, New Years Day this year, they both spontaneous and eight classmates took to the streets, while the violin, singing, dancing,, while holding a fundraising donation boxes passersby. They say, Happy New Year comes, use their power to help the people most in need to offer a New Years gift.   Ye Ruizhi organizers said they did not have enough power to do large-scale fund-raising activities, this activity a few students are spontaneous, everyone with a love to go.   Good at playing the violin with a beloved Zheng Ya playing violin in the streets, in order to attract the attention of passers,, no power audio equipment when other students sing, put a small bedroom stereo connected to the computer,hogan outlet, the donation box is homemade,louboutin pas cher femme, even the support clothespole banner also used tape from home.   Although the simple point facility,, but we are very happy to get great support, a lot of aunts and uncles generosity. Ye said, after I heard of their activities, and even school teachers who took the initiative to donate money.   About two weeks time,, donations leaf and students raised more than four digits, they want to hand this money into the hands of people who need help. The day before yesterday, leaves Ruizhi from the Internet to see the citys first Bud girls class teacher Miss Wu Zongxiang Aiko teacher suffering from uremia needy news, she and the students decided to donate this money to the people with their peers.   While we have much money,,chaussures louboutin hommes, you may be utterly inadequate treatment,nike tn femme pas cher, but our class will be cheering for you! Your disease will get better! Two girls some heartwarming words, so ill of Miss division bursting out with a smile on his face. (Reporter intern Luo Yan Tang Hanfeng West)


Lee hurried and his children are very fond of advertising vehicles online is Lee Lee hurry hurry hobby He has more than 40 days when the beggar, because many times the case of peer warmth to help, after detachment beggars, from musicians to car advertising tricycle, he earned hard cash uninterrupted social returns, had numerous people to laugh as mentally ill . But, he said, just want their own way for everyone to leave happy. This is Yugan Lee County man rush.   A beggar repeatedly encountered when warm peers help   50-year-old Lee Scurry County Yugan Shenbei rented for the past 47 years living and family circumstances, Lee hurried secrecy, saying he did not do well in reading, high school or in the teachers mercy under just graduated . After lousy, did not earn any money, 47 years old, he became a beggar.   He jokes that begging is a technology live, he started business unfamiliar, given no money is often the case. But one night, a man who passes begging him, to see him shivering in the wind, more than 10 yuan from his pocket and gave him all the money. Another day in the evening, because of hunger plus sick, he can only lie in the street, a 60-year-old man went up to him begging, will give him his money, but also to come up with their meal to discuss He ate.   Lee said hurriedly, more than 40 days of begging life so that he completely changed his mind,borse prada tessuto, allowing him to live out a different past life.   More than 40 days later, Lee had to rush a savings of nearly a thousand dollars, he took the money to buy a small pedal tricycle.   B car ads car became newsmakers   Now in Yugan streets, referred to Jade US envoy Lee hurried, almost known to everybody, bike plastered with advertising has become a large-scale electric tricycle YuGan street a unique landscape.   With no skills, Li hurriedly began riding a tricycle from the musicians began. A concerned resident Lee hurried long YuGan Lee said, then hung on a tricycle, two dollars a song, a dance ternary brand,hogan basse donna hogan estate hogan interactive uomo 2013, as long as the stop, the next will be surrounded by a lot of people.   However, began on a small tricycle story is sad.   Lee said hurriedly, song of the audience will not give money every encounter, scolded also a regular thing. Even once,, there is a point of excessive drinking song after a man, not only that he sings ugly, also chasing punched and kicked him.   It was still a lot of people like to hear me sing, dance, though much money every day, but they listened very happy, I feel very happy, but then I also moved by changing the point of an idea of what to sing. Lee hurriedly said.   In order to attract more business,, Lee hurried to sign on a small tricycle into a larger, also written on the publicity loving words. At first he did not think it could form the advertising effect, until a teacher training course to find him.   At the time he found me, I hope Im singing, hanging his tricycle course enrollment ad 130 yuan per month, this is the first business I received. I did not expect the effect of this advertisement is very good , training the next day there are a lot of people sign up. Lee said hurriedly.   Slowly, more and more concern tricycle Lee hurried to find his advertising industry more and more people. 2010, Lee hastily replaced Trishaws electric billboards also bigger and bigger, and some even have to lower the price of money in annual advertising package, as had been hired before scattered flyers,, he This was eventually rejected the proposal so that he can resist.   However, as more and more advertisers to find the door, Lee hurried revenues are increasing, and now his monthly income of more than 2,louboutin us talons christian louboutin louboutin 36,000 yuan,, has been regarded in the local middle and upper income.   C holiday red packets to women and children   When Lee hurriedly after the car in front of Yugan Liang Mao Building, a group of kids working together frolic, where two children because of the competition for a piece of candy and beat up. Lee hastily stopped the car,escarpin style louboutin, took out 30 dollars to the next store to buy a big bag of candy came in front of the kids, Come on, but not allowed to fight, fight is not right. In the happy laughter of children,prada bauletto, Lee hurried back to the car.   Lee sat hurried advertising vehicles, along the way there have been told reporters cast a strange look. You must be psychologically prepared, someone else will take my car a new light. Lee said with a smile in a hurry.   Asked local residents, Lee hurried or his alias Jade US envoy to describe people in different respectively different versions,, some say he is good-hearted people, it was said that he was enthusiastic, of course, there are people directly said he was mental illness.   Last thirty-eight, Lee hurried engage in a street in YuGan delivery activities, as long as women encounter, before meeting him say hello, hello, if the other party to answer, he will be handed $ 10 envelopes such activities last year and This years Childrens Day is also carried out, each must be prepared to rush Lee thousand dollars. Li Hongmei local residents said that once, an elderly sudden onset in the street, got enough money, Lee hurried out hundreds of dollars to the elderly but also to see the doctor. Lee hurriedly said such a thing, he can not remember how many times, and then himself at all times begging to get help, help others that are now taken for granted.   D return to the community from 700 to 1000 yuan per month   In many peoples eyes, Lee hurried behavior is very strange, as they see a child in the street, he would stop the car to shake hands salute the children, and also to ask him to say hello. Now just see his car after the children would came up, one by one, and he shook hands.   Lee said hurriedly, every day he would come up with twenty or thirty dollars to buy some candy or kids gadgets, almost a month to be 700 to 1000 dollars,, to remove rent money and daily expenses,, his monthly income depleted. Although I could not get large sums of money to help others, but I want everyone to stay in their own way to be happy, at least you will remember that I have in this world existed. Lee said hurriedly.   In addition to driving the street every day, in the evening rush Lee will return to the rental place,, turn on the computer to see the news. Will write couplets, in the first floor living room, the reporter saw a huge entire wall covered with paper, paper densely filled with Lee hurriedly wrote couplets, which one wrote: bed Renee sleep Ancheng Si smooth ground punch line step dancing daydreams Britain.   Text / Chart reporter Dai Wei Asian    Share: welcome to comment I want to comment  Microblogging Recommended | todays hot microblogging


Rudi and Zhang Li contrast papers Professor court sentenced the plaintiff compensation losses 1000 yuan & nbsp;   □ reporter Hancong Cong & nbsp; & nbsp; trainee reporter Cao Jie & nbsp; & nbsp; intern Li Zhenwen map   Read tips   Rudi, Beijing Sport University postgraduate students at the end of 2010, when she was reading the school Journal, found that a signed Luoyang sports department of a university Zhang Li (pseudonym), Professor of article plagiarized his thesis,, above which 95% content is almost identical , then in early 2011 will be prosecuted to Zhang Li, Luoyang City Intermediate Peoples Court to discuss that.   March 26, reporters learned that recently, Luoyang City Intermediate Peoples Court made the first instance verdict on the case, finds Zhang Lis paper constitutes copyright infringement plaintiff Ludi, asking them to immediately stop the violations, and to compensate the plaintiff for the loss of 1000 yuan .   [Event]   Internet search and found Professor clone their papers   In May 2009, when Rudi graduated from the Department of Sports Rehabilitation Beijing Sport University, wrote an undergraduate thesis entitled Changes in exercise-induced anemia in the five elements of the blood of rats, the. Paper, Luddi by buying their own rat experimental observations, analyzes the movement of the early anemia, animal serum iron, magnesium, zinc, copper,, calcium five kinds of trace elements variation.   By the end of 2010, when graduate study at Beijing University of Physical Education Luddi when collecting information on the Internet, actually at Beijing Sport University found an article entitled , Zn,, Ca element changes in rat blood sports anemia Fe in article,, signed as a college athletic department Luoyang Zhang Li, the article content with their papers similar content, while the other contributors date is December 30, 2009.   After more than on the two articles, I was startled, Zhang Lis paper, more than 95% of the content and my thesis is almost exactly the same, the biggest change is that I studied five kinds of trace elements, and she choose one of the three kinds. Rudi said.   After inquiry found that any of the sports department of a university in Luoyang director, Professor Zhang Li,prada vendita on line, the so Luddi on to a university in Luoyang and related departments to reflect the situation Zhang Li papers alleged plagiarism, but there was no reply.   After consulting a lawyer helpless, Luddi in early 2011, with copyright infringement in the name, the Zhang Li sued to Luoyang City Intermediate Peoples Court of intellectual property court.   [Proof]   Even sites experimental rats were purchased and own the same   To prove his claim, Luddi undergraduate thesis experiments in collaboration with the help of brothers Li Haiwei, sorting out the text of a two control information, and similar parts one by one mark.   Reporters look at the control of information provided Luddi found most of Zhang Li article are to be marked Luddi and stated the content in Luddi own papers which page segment. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;   Rudis brother Li Haiwei said Rudi paper object of study as follows: 14 male Wistar rats, weighing 199 ± 10g, purchased from Beijing Vital River Laboratory Animal Technology Co., animal license number: SCXK (Beijing) 2007-0001, animal level: SPF level. The object of study ZHANG papers except the number of rats to 16, the weight, the place of purchase, the license number of animals and animal levels are exactly the same.   Furthermore Luddi paper use MB5 dilution batch is 3301060721,, and Zhang Li papers and the reagent lot number is exactly the same Luddi papers.   This is not what plagiarism is, how likely is identical rats used in the experiment, I bought the rat was not any use to lend her. In order to confirm this, Rudi provided to the court its purchase of these rats All invoices.   [Request]   The plaintiff claims and loss expenses 100,000 yuan experiments   For this, Rudis attorney whole Asahi that the plaintiff Luddi papers is May 5,nike femme soldes basket nike enfant nike air max pas cher, 2009 to complete research papers, is consistent with the object Copyright Law protected by the defendant on December 30, 2009 to Beijing Sports University submission and publication date of the paper, 95% of the full text of the article are copied plaintiffs, their behavior had constituted a violation of the plaintiffs copyright.   The plaintiffs thesis is the result of nearly a year of research experiments,gucci outlet on line, scientific research, the plaintiff and the defendant plagiarized articles and published the plaintiffs scientific research available to the public, the indirect economic losses caused to the plaintiff can not be assessed, the plaintiff The direct losses and expenses 100,560 yuan experiment, the defendant should be liable. whole Asahi lawyer said. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;   In Zhang Li to Luoyang City Intermediate Peoples Court to provide a report on intellectual property court his paper sports anemia rat blood Fe, Zn, Ca element of change, the written description,, Zhang Li said, are among her papers database on the basis of its own literature in reference to published literature or published on a public network, based on a comprehensive analysis of the experimental results, the completion of its independent creation.   [Judgment]   Professor infringement 1000 yuan compensation for the plaintiff   Court that the plaintiff in the chapter Luddi article layout, wording, data analysis and the choice of reference,, choice, transition, the interface between paragraphs choreography, creative work pay, so the article has some originality, belonging Copyright law sense, should be protected. So the defendant on plaintiffs reference to the large number of paper documents, does not have the originality, the defense is not protected by copyright laws can not be established.   In addition, the allegedly infringing works as an almost 5,boutique louboutin homme paris louboutin france louboutin luxe,000-word professional papers, nearly two-thirds of the content of expression is the same as the plaintiff constitutes a substantive work. Course of the trial,, the defendant did not provide any Fe, Zn, Ca elements change article series evidence of independent creation is completed, so the defendant Zhang Li without the plaintiff permission to use the same expression with its substantive work in the form of behavior,air max nike offerte, has been constituted Plaintiff Luddi copyright infringement.   For the plaintiff an apology, eliminating the effects of the request, the court held that, in view of the proceedings, the defendant had to apologize when facing the plaintiff, the court no longer support the request. For the plaintiff requested the defendant to pay the reasonable expenses of $ 100,000 request, the court decided after considering the circumstances, as appropriate, identified as 1000 yuan.   26 pm, the defendant Zhang Li told reporters that she has got the court verdict, at present, has not yet decided whether or not to appeal.  Share: welcome to comment to comment microblogging Recommended | todays hot microblogging (edit: SN001)


BEIJING, Dec. 21,, according to Hong Kongs Wen Wei Po reported in Hong Kong, led by a smuggling syndicate,,louboutin homme pas cher, between February 2006 to July 2008 were smuggled from Hong Kong, more than 5.26 million, worth more than 7.8 billion yuan The brand-name mobile phones to the Mainland, more than 1.1 billion yuan of tax evasion. Hong Huang Xiaokai principal was sentenced to death on the 20th in Zhuhai City Intermediate Peoples Court,escarpin louboutin pas cher, suspended for two years. Group defendant under the severe conditions of other relevant circumstances, was sentenced ranging from 1-15 years and a fine of RMB 10,000 to 500,000 dollars.   This is a huge smuggling case phone case yesterday in Zhuhai Intermediate Peoples Court sentenced. Huang Xiaokai culprit accused of organizing and leading crime syndicates smuggling long wantonly phone smuggling entry, the circumstances are especially serious, his behavior constituted the crime of smuggling ordinary goods cross the border to commit crime. The court sentenced him to death,hollister france, suspended for two years.   It is reported that in 2001, Huang Xiaokai worked in Shenzhen Ming-Yuan Wang Digital City and Digital City and its surrounding areas,, with Cage shop as a cover,,Air Jordan Espa?a, either personally or through his father Huang Huaiqin (the case of another accused) recruited its hometown-based backbone, the composition of the specialized in smuggling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen mobile phone sales profits of crime syndicates.   The syndicate is divided into a host of internal storage, parts warehouses, delivery department, peripheral receiving goods sector, the financial sector, watching the water lookout sector and other related sectors. Huang Xiaokai, Chen Maolin designated as members of the department heads and pay their remuneration. Among the various departments organized, clear division of labor, mutual support for the implementation of smuggling.   The criminal groups were set up in Hong Kong, Shenzhen smuggling stronghold, sending a number of other members of the defendant the syndicate to Hong Kong, responsible for ordering the phone will split the group into the host and accessories. Host posted by members of the Group of Hong Kong and Hong Kong hire and many other water off approach to personal stash of smuggled, or by specializing in smuggling channels smugglers,, the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border quarantine area to steal unloading etc. smuggling.   Accessories referred true treasure logistics companies in Hong Kong logistics companies smuggling, then aggregated to Shenzhen Yuan Wang Digital City, Ming Tong digital city stronghold shops etc. Cage sold for profit.   Group since February 2006 to July 3, 2008,, smuggled from Hong Kong Samsung,, Nokia and other brand mobile phones altogether 5,261,960 Ministry, valued at RMB 7,louboutin outlet,841,563,920.56 yuan,, evasion tax amount of RMB 1,139,374,554.45 yuan. Among them, there are three smuggling was seized on the spot.


Newspaper reporter Tian Lin Wu Yanli   Early spring sunshine in Tangshan Fengrun verbal Yang village, a young woman with short hair are leaning against the bed, read A teacher affects 101 cases of classical education.   Her name is Guo Yumei, 1976 strangers, is an ordinary high school teacher Fengrun Chahe town. Because suffering from a brain tumor, has experienced five times craniotomy seven years, but each time her surgery, always want to stand on the podium three feet. Guo Yumei said: The kids together, is my happiest moment.   ■ 26-year-old female teacher suffering from a brain tumor   Fengrun Chahe town is the junior high school, located in Chahe town center. School covers an area not much,, but more than 500 towns and villages near the school-age children should go to school here every day. Guo Yumei Here is the place for 11 years. Just Jinjiao, Guo Yumei is taught in biology class, coinciding with her professional counterparts to learn, teach handy. Later, the school teachers lack the political class, led her to teach, she also happily obey the arrangements. Right now, Guo Yumei addition to serving 8 (c) of the class teacher, also taught Grade 8 other four classes of the political class. Her husband is also Chahe town high school teachers to teach creatures.   Well-behaved students, considerate husband, lovely children,garanzia scarpe hogan, Guo Yumei feel very happy. But in 2002, Guo Yumei suddenly ill. Never had a headache, so she suffers, only hand pressing his head to ease. After diagnosis, Guo Yumei suffering hemangiopericytomas must surgery. That year she was just 26 years old, the son of less than 3 years of age.   ■ craniotomy advanced exam before the 5th cranial never hinder teaching   That seriously ill, need surgery, usually very cheerful love love to laugh Guo Yumei also silent. But she quickly calmed down,, she believes will be able to overcome the disease.   October 2002, Guo Yumei underwent the first surgery. Due to a brain tumor recurrence,collezione hogan autunno inverno 2014 hogan accessori hogan online uomo, in September 2003, Guo Yumei undergo surgery again. But in 2002, Guo Yumei despite the pain, the road began to self-examination of undergraduate work hard. Her examination of the Chinese language and literature, there are two exams to catch surgery soon, his head still bandaged, she was wearing wool cap to the examination.   April 2005, a brain tumor recurrence Guo Yumei admitted to the hospital, ready to accept a third craniotomy. This time, the doctor told her that surgery is very small chance of success. Guo Yumei decided to test before surgery. Im a non-normal undergraduate professional, if you want the education system recognition of qualifications, it must take the exam. Guo Yumei said, when the doctor said, if no surgery, only live for a month. If the surgery may not be under the operating table. I want to fight about, if a miracle happens, I can lecture and missed exam too bad.   Fortunately, Guo Yumei won. Both got the certification exam, and successfully defeated the disease.   Because Guo Yumei strong recurrent disease, so from 2002 to date seven years, she was wheeled into the operating room five times,, accept craniotomy. Even before the first incision has not fully grown, began a new round of surgery.   Sick before, Guo Yumei rarely leave. After the illness, she is looking forward to an early day return to the classroom. Shortly after each surgery, she had to wear a wig stand in front of the classroom.   Every surgery, she hopes to make summer vacation,air, in order not to affect her children to school. Each inspection, are also on the weekends. Chahe town secondary school principals said, Let this spirit especially We moved.   School leaders take care of her, arranged for her point less work, so she was responsible for the schools library. But she saw fewer teachers volunteered to teach a political lesson. And she also asked to complete the 12 hours a week should be the task of teaching, she also volunteered to serve as administrator of the school library. After school every day, she would also be responsible for sorting library books, magazine subscriptions each class of work.   ■ classroom smiling angel never shed tears because of illness   Speaking Guo, three shifts of eight students deep. Last semester, Guo took us a grade four classes of the political class, or our three shifts of eight teacher. Lin-Lin Zhang said the students, the students are particularly fond of the teachers lesson on Guo, Guo teacher speaks to the political class gusto,air max nuova collezione, feeling not at all boring.   ZHANG Lin-lin said Guo teacher special events,, language humor, at the beginning of each class, she will make a few students to talk about the story, the students ability to express workout. In class,, she will be based on the contents of the book, with examples so that students with a skit, etc. deduction.   One time she was in class, suddenly out of the classroom,, a short while back, and later heard that Guo is because of physical discomfort, spit out. Zhengyu Wei said that even seriously ill, Guo still face with a teacher in the class smile, optimistic, cheerful she left the deepest impression on the students.   At school, a teacher of mathematics and physics teacher Wang Shuling is a good friend of Guo Yumei, they said, enthusiasm and positive spirit of optimism Guo deeply infected with them.   In school, we are seeing her smile, when the pain hit, she is overcome himself. Yin says that before the physics class, she must be prepared to experiment with the equipment, sometimes a person busy , Guo Yumei always help, she work especially careful.   Chen was sick a while ago, Guo Yumei immediately make love on a motorcycle, with money and gifts to go visit. She is such a person, the things of others are eager to help her, do not mind their own business. Yoon said the teacher.   Faced with illness, Guo Yumei very strong, not because of the pain from the tears in front of others. But since moved, but twice Guo tears.   Yoon said the teacher, the first Valentines Day, Yin teacher to the hospital to visit her school teacher recalled the day of surgery and lead to the hospital to comfort, Guo tears, she said she had not care about life and death, but in return we can not think, his guilt. Yumei was heard to say, I want to cry, but I fight back, because we can not let Yumei sad.   The second time was later discharged school Guo Yumei, Guo heard back, classmates ran from the classroom to see her, the whole corridor are packed, This time I saw Yumei tears, she said was so too many people care about the happiness, well after the disease will certainly need to stand on the podium for the students in class.   ■ miss most hospitalized children.   February 6, 2008, Guo Yumei accepted 5th craniotomy. Just that morning, more than 30 high school teachers came together Chahe town hospital, cheering. After the surgery awake first thing Guo Yumei inquire with colleagues,nike air max 97 nere, as well as the schools lesson is how to arrange, because she was hospitalized for fear that the curriculum is not open.   When hospitalized, Guo Yumei very worried about school children when her husband at the hospital with bed, she kept bang him, let her husband go back to class. said.   Guo Yumei heart and mind of students, while students also her heart and mind. Since her fifth surgery in hospital, every weekend to see her students. Every time I went to several people, sometimes to a dozen people, the wards were filled. Guo Yumei said,, Our school transportation is not convenient,, the students first ride to FENGNAN, see me after the bus Im not one to say, too cumbersome, too easily out of danger on the road, you can still stick to the kids.   Because of these cute kids, Guo Yumei allowed as long as the body after surgery, each, have to go to school as soon as possible. I think the face of a student, I was ashamed of. School has been on and off, no way to teach them well. Guo Yumei said, I made an appointment with them, after this surgery, I will still go back and teach them must send them to a good school.   ■ dream again set foot on the podium   During the interview, Guo Yumei said little for their own situation, then outside, then inside always said teaching in class and those lovely children. Because of illness, Guo Yumei left eye once overused will throbbing waves. But in order to be able to return to school as soon as possible, she insisted the new hair down and read through textbooks. Basically the same as in the past, I have the impression, can immediately take over. Guo Yumei said excitedly that she and principals have been on a good, almost too good to wait until she was sick, and went back to school to work. As dry Diansha, obeyed the organization. But as long as the school, and the kids together, I am very happy. Guo Yumei said.   Difficulties at home, she does not care, the most worried about is the body could not hold it much longer, others for her good, she can not repay. I wish I could stand the podium, do my last strength, reward teachers and students.


The human body is energized bulb powered point grilled ham Warren wonders   Conductive body can baked ham, this thing you believe that? Huang Changqing Chengdu people on the line, he can lead seven times higher than the conventional 250 volts, and even the grilled ham.   In Huang Changqing view, this is not a specific function, but with the bodys ability to adapt to the relevant electricity. Yesterday,hogan calzature uomo collezione invernale hogan scarpe hogan bambino prezzi, Huang Changqing live demonstration of the & nbsp; human powered grilled ham, human powered spot light bulb.   Conductive body 220 volts grilled ham two   Yesterday afternoon, the 43-year-old Huang Changqing carrying a black bag came Tianfuzaobao. This really is not magic, it is a power adaptation of the process. In the scene, Huang Changqing was demonstrated.   Come prepared an ordinary wire, one end of the power plug two holes,, one end is exposed hot and neutral lines. will plug into the power jack in the wall, the other end of the pinch in their own hands,, this time can be measured by the electric pen in the hands of Mr. Huang voltage is 220 volts.   Wong will be hot and neutral lines were placed on one end of a section of the power cord is not connected, the other end of the bulb will light up. Then, Mr. Huang Yong Shounie direct line of fire,nike sito ufficiale, the zero line, place your finger on the other end of the line lamp lights are bright, indicating that Mr. Huangs body has withstood 220 volts direct current to the lamp on .   Subsequently,basket louboutin,, the reporter took two Tianfuzaobao ham, which is in accordance with the requirements cut into four sections Wong, strung on two iron sign. Huang Changqing also in accordance with the above steps, the electrical conduction through the body to the iron sign. In less than one second of time, obvious splashes sparks, then ham begins to smoke, came buzzing sound, followed by diffuse fragrance.   Shock 20 years of night charge two hours   Subsequently,, Huang Changqing also voltage up to 250 volts for demonstration, saying the body without any strange.   From 1992, I came into contact with this. Huang Changqing recalled, came into contact with energized only because of interest, but later found it seems there is a fitness function, also persevered.   Huang Changqing 1996 from Chengdu TCM medical school graduate, now Provincial Veterinary Association journal in literary work, power seems to have been a part of my life. Mr Wong, the last 3 months, every night he would make power twelve hours of charge.   In fact,, as long as the security measures do, no problem. Huang Changqing introduction, to try to have a leak-proof electrical device is powered hands must be dry, the ground can not have water, barefoot, others were not conducting direct .   Special note   Huang Changqing presentations body energized, people live for him Nie Bahan. Although he believes through safety measures against any eventuality, but Tianfuzaobao remind readers that this is high-risk behavior, do not imitate.   Tips & gt; & gt; & gt;   Under normal circumstances, when people touch the power, the body will follow the current generation circuit, the greater the voltage, the greater the current generated. Ordinary people can withstand voltage is 30 volts,site officiel christian louboutin, 220 volts, equivalent to a conventional seven times,basket louboutin femme prix,, enough to put the body burned. The current resistance has hindered some of the NPC, some people small. Perhaps some people are born with a greater resistance, is the ordinary people of the times,, the hand holding the high-voltage lines are not hurt.   Link & gt; & gt; & gt;   May 18, 1998, the Shanghai World Guinness Book of Records Division identification, Henan woman Yao Yanjing to the body resistant to 550 volts Guinness & nbsp; (Chinas best) record,, won the Shanghai Great World Guinness headquarters issued Finger withstand voltage of the most certificate, becoming the highest-volt electrical resistance record holder.   Tianfuzaobao Reporter Zhao Xia Dan photography


Il Astra dress one lawyer □ The most inspirational story   Recently, 41-year-old Argentine cleaners Il Astra sudden burst of red,, boarded the major media headlines. Il made Astra not graduated elementary school, but to regain the book six years studying at the age of 35 after a solicitor, causing many people to resonate,, as people struggle success model. & Nbsp;   3-year-old parents divorced eight years old hawkers Argentina is a nation of immigrants, the poor distribution of a wide range. Il Astra 3 years old when his parents divorced,,prada milano borse, because my family was too poor,louboutin homme, he was eight years old when he began to work the streets. He sold newspapers, sugar, brooms and other commodities in the car. 10 years later, Il Astra became a bus driver, because of the job,site louboutin,, he have a chance encounter in his life elegant.   35-year-old re-qualified as a lawyer reading   Il Astra said, One day,, a female passenger on board that I should continue to study,louboutin chaussures femme,, she said she could see me a lot of potential. I have been grateful. Il Astra accepted the passengers suggested that in the age of 35 to re-enter school. While reading,, while a cleaner, money to pay tuition. Studying for six years, he finally made a solicitor.   Lawyers feeling of instability still willing to sweep the streets   Il Astra after graduation in December last year, many law firms are interested in hiring him. But he was a little worried about the law firms work is not stable, less than the companys own office cleaning garbage, so the delay did not change jobs.   Il Astra is now the darling of the media in Argentina,, and his inspirational story hit the street,scarpe nike con tacco, his success seems to have filled a gap in the countrys urban elite and among the poor. According to the Information Times


▲ squad Peng Huan gave students gloves. Netizen Yang two wolves wood Thirty games provides Reporter Tao Changning   Recently, Hankou College of Art and Design College of Environmental Art Design freshman (3) classes of students who receive a special gift, the squad leader Peng Huan per person for class 40 students organized a pair of wool gloves. Gloves received both surprised and touched by the students,nike silver donna, many students have been on the microblogging drying out cards squad warm gloves, and wrote: Thanks for the good squad.   Onlookers friends: also want this squad   Classmates: first received hand-woven gloves squad: frostbite hand insist woven gloves   Classmates: first received hand-woven gloves squad: frostbite hand insist woven gloves   The day before yesterday 20:52, friends, Yang Thirty-two wolves wood market micro-Bo said: Our squad is really lantern are hard to find, not be cold this winter, a total of 40 individual class, she give us 40 pairs of gloves weave.   At the same time, he also microblogging drying out of a bunch of knitting gloves squad after netizens see,, have expressed envy.   Netizen Yu the Great Heat on the microblogging tears shouted: ! I want this squad, another netizen Zhang girl XINRAN then sighed: ! The squad in place to do too.   Reporters contacted the hair microblogging Yang Thirty-two wolves wood field, the book called Yang Kun,, is Hankou University of Art and Design of Environmental Art Design freshman (3) classes.   Yang Kun said a few days ago, the boys in the class to see several girls wearing exactly the same sky blue wool gloves, I asked to know is the squad leader Peng Huan had knitted for their. The boys finished first glance, said he was jealous,chanel borsa classica, have run to ask the squad: how to give girls only ah? Later, the boys listen to the squad, said the class 24 girls, 16 boys,,hogan prezzo scarpe hogan 2014 donna offerte scarpe hogan, everyone has a pair,, and will be good to give everyone in the organization before winter break, the boys this happy.   Two nights ago, the squad leader Yang Kun Peng Huan came to their bedroom, personally sent a good 16 pairs of brown woven wool gloves.   The students have not moved. Yang Kun said, with the squad to send gloves,prada vestiti,, very warm this winter. When the monitor to send gloves, many students see her frostbitten hands.   Classmates: first received hand-woven gloves   Wuhan who are roommates and Yang Kun, No. 3232 lived in the bedroom. Last night when he received squad sent gloves, I feel very suddenly.   This is the first hands weave work gloves in my life received. Gloves are the most simple style,outlet hogan puglia, but very practical, worn on the hand is very warm, very warm heart. Xupeng Hui said happily, not even my mother did not give himself had woven gloves.   Xupeng Hui said that this set of hands, hell treasure, meaning he thinks this set of hands is greater than the practical value, the class had such a good squad, the feeling is a great love of the collective.   Like Xupeng Hui as receive life in your hands work the first few students woven gloves, Yang Kun is the first time that the others had knitted gloves.   Squad: frostbite hand insist woven gloves   Peng Huan was born in 1992, is Xiaogan Yunmeng who had a brother at home,, usually at home is favored, knitting is to the university to learn. In the eyes of the students, Peng Huan is a cheerful outgoing girl, also a competent squad leader, and we usually exchange a lot.   Peng Huan said: last Christmas, because there is no peace for everyone to buy fruit, I feel very guilty, inadvertently see the other girls in knitting gloves, knitting gloves on the germination of the idea for the class.   Peng Huan spent 200 yuan in line to buy a sky-blue and brown two kinds of wool, sky blue girls and boys in brown.   At first, she was weaving gloves clumsy, slow, skilled after every two hours will be able to weave a pair.   Because final exams approaching, Peng Huan only use break weaving,, from New Years Day began, except for school, she was knitting gloves. The first 20 pairs of knitting is good sky blue gloves, she sent the girls dormitory at the 14th day, and then weave the 16 pairs of brown gloves, in the 15th gave the boys.   Finally, my sisters weave the same bedroom. Peng Huan said she would seize the time, in the 17th night of the last four pairs of gloves weaves, four sisters bedroom,, one pair.   Reporters saw Peng Huans hands were frostbitten. She said that the Wuhan cold, cold hands a little worse this year, I feel a little itchy when woven gloves. Although a little uncomfortable, but I would definitely put 40 pairs of gloves weave finish.