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and not to die together with her .

I can not forgive her temporarily, I almost ruined grandson in her hands. Yesterday morning, sitting in their own kang, 73-year-old aunt lookin tears history. May 1 at noon, 41-year-old daughter aunt history with a fruit knife stabbed the 16-year-old grandson, at the time of their start being blocked. Daughter of the reason is that she want to live, wanted to take her son away together has been in love. Fortunately,, the grandson after the rescue, has been out of danger, the daughter returned to her family. When she did, do not think about how other people feel? History aunt practice for daughter puzzled. Accident: guy opened the door and down in a pool of blood Yesterday morning, the reporter went to the Black Isle Zhuanghe town, found a history of aunts house. 77-year-old history and the history of uncle and aunt do not want to let more people know this, too embarrassed. But it did not, since the incident, the message like a long wings,, near the few people do not know about it. According to the history aunt introduced, May 1 at noon, after lunch, daughter let grandson homework. Grandson says he will feel sleepy, wake up and then write. Normally,, the grandson in the back room of the house between history aunt lived, and son and daughter live in Zaojian west room. I heard grandson wanted to sleep, daughter, said she would sleepy. So Niangliang into the back room, heard the sound of history aunt also inserted the door. Noon, history aunt daughter did not find anything unusual, she did not think of dreaming,tiffany outlet, then things will happen. Soon,louboutin, the back room came the daughter crying, followed grandson shouted: ! Mom,hogan outlet, hurts me, History aunt couple feeling that something was wrong, but how can not push open the door. Panic, history grandson aunt asked loudly, in the end how is it? Grandson answered, his mother stabbed his knife. You open the door! Soon, grandson jumped down, opened the door. History aunt entered the room in an instant, the little grandson fell to the ground, there is a lot of blood on the chest, his face pale. At this point, the daughter is using Daozha themselves. The same day, the mothers relatives also their home. Two months ago, came to help take care of her poor health. Everyone immediately division history aunt couple take care of grandchildren, relatives hugged the mother and daughter,louboutin, grabbed a knife in her hand. Lucky: Mother no effort to pick up his son Mania Accident occurred at home, neighbors who have came to help. Some contact car, someone called contact the hospital, someone around the house all ready money belt. Soon,, the grandson was taken to hospital. The doctor said, thanks to less blood flow, otherwise there is no hope. After surgery, the next day, a small grandson of danger,, able to speak. History tells grandson aunt, mother stabbed him, he fell asleep, the mother with a fruit knife to stab him in the chest. When out his sword, he woke up sore. History aunt said that at first, she was terrified, thinking little grandson can not be saved. History uncle will be that someone put a small fruit knife, placed under house quilt neutral cabinet. This is the history of the fruit knife aunt usually use the above as well as blood. She did not know what time the daughter hid it in the body. History aunt said, pointing to the tip, the knife stabbed grandsons body is not too deep, thanks to her left hand so as not to pull its weight, or really would be finished. Because things: love son too would like to end their lives Incident in the afternoon, when everyone was busy grandson to the hospital, her parents were brother and daughter back home. History aunt said that the body is not very good young daughter. 4 years old grandson and daughter had a heart attack, the family living outside the home, are not too dry. In particular, last year daughter also had cerebral thrombosis. Although saved a life, but the right side of the body to lose control. History aunt great age,hollister france, but she had to take on more manual labor. Even daughter dinner, dishes are her helped folder. I never complained, I took her as his daughter. Said the neighbor, since the daughter into the house, was very good at-law, never red face. After the event, it was rumored, the son of the daughter is not a good daughter to worry about the future after his death, his son reorganize family, grandson will be bullied, so she chose such an extreme way. For this argument, history uncle couples feel wronged. History aunt said, all these years, his son earn back the money,woolrich outlet, almost all used in the treatment for the daughter. Happen in this world, not only spent all their savings at home, but also pull the famine. Neighbors said, the history of the character aunts daughter is very good, but also very popular in Tuen yard. But why would his own son start? History aunt said that when things happen, my son was not at home. After her son was found lying in a pool of blood grandson,abercrombie france, daughter hit a slap in the face. Later, the explanation given is the daughter, her body is not good, live too painful,louboutin pas cher, she want to live, but she too loves his son, his son should take together. Tracking: love too selfish mother is very poor History aunt said that since returned to her family, the daughter did not go to the hospital to see grandson, did not made a phone call to the home. I can understand, she did a human face to the Men. History aunt said,scarpe hogan, for now, they have not let daughter home plans. History aunt is worried that if the daughter back, will then make extreme things, Men old couple older son also earn money, no one looked at her time. Neighbors said, in fact, the history of aunts daughter is also very poor, only 41 years old, it has become almost useless, not themselves own, have to rely on to take care of elderly parents, I can understand her pain. In fact, she has kinds of extreme approach,abercrombie france, but also a way to express love. History aunt said that after waking grandson, son and asked himd hate his mother, grandson sensible to say that he did not hate. Son,, grandson advised: your mother do, but also because he loved you. Once you come out and had to see her. The history aunt thought that this practice is difficult to understand her daughter. Grandson is the familys treasured flesh and blood, not the daughter of a person. Before she did, why should not consider other peoples feelings? History aunt believes that as a mother, if you really love his son and daughter to think of ways to make small grandchildren live better, and not to die together with her . It is understood that the daughter returned to her parents,chanel pas cher, the mood has been very good, for their own behavior, very sorry. Progress: Do not fall homework hope grandson discharged Things finally have a pretty good outcome, a few days, grandson would be discharged,, the history of depressed mood couple uncle finally be alleviated. Historians of the wall close to the awards too small grandson, grandson on the first two days, in the minds of teachers and students, have a good impression. Im looking forward to grandchildren quickly discharged, or falling too much homework, struggling to fill up. History aunt said. Home retention TV drama almost deadly fruit knife,,hollister pas cher. Reporter Liu Yongbin

of no fixed abode

December 15,,mulberry outlet, Lacey police received a public warning, said Lu underwent: in August 2009,,abercrombie pas cher, he and Lacey Humou agreement with 25 million price to buy a home ownership Humou,louboutin pas cher, but a few Humou years for various reasons as an excuse,scarpe hogan, never by the agreement to their procedures for transfer, a few days ago, after it received a court summons, Humou learned in the house to sell himself after he sold the house to others,, themselves cheated. Alarm, Lacey City police to investigate the matter immediately,abercrombie outlet,, after obtaining the relevant circumstances December 19 to initiate an investigation on the matter, due to the suspect Humou will sell houses they live in, and it now is a single person, of no fixed abode, therefore,lancel pas cher, has brought great difficulties to the police to arrest them. Humou arrested as soon as possible in order to police their places may arise Mopai a detailed investigation,hogan, the evening of 20 December, the police finally learned Humou now living in a relatives home,, then the police will immediately attack Humou captured. Upon review, the suspect Humou in August 2009, will be located in the city of Lacey own a home to sell Lu underwent, but did not go through two property transfer procedures, in November 2009, due to business failure Humou and lend money to his friends constantly urging their money back,,louboutin pas cher, no money in the form of payment of Humou blamed posted against the building housing its right to transfer to a friend Chu, urging them to go in LvMou when property rights transfer Humou then fabricated a lot of reasons to stall. In early 2010, Chu and his wife at the time of a divorce,hollister pas cher, the right of ownership of the house room by his wife, this year,herve leger sale, some of his ex-wife in the housing Chu repeatedly assert their right, Lu underwent was innocent denial desperation of a wife Chu Lu underwent court. Under questioning,peuterey, the suspect Humou confessed their misdeeds,,tn pas cher, December 20,, on suspicion of fraud by Humou Lacey police criminal detention. Reporter correspondent Wang Lei Song Xueyou Share to:

Similar theft occurred in different places

Within a day,Hogan outlet, five stolen by deception from newborn Lets see,giubbotti moncler outlet, these started going to school freshman is how stolen. 20:00 oclock the same day,, a few started going to school freshman boys came to play basketball on the playground at a university in the West, it will carry a cell phone, wallet and other items on the shelf below the rim. While they enjoy the sweat on the court when no one has noticed a pair of black hands toward the edge of the stadium. By the time they leave around 9:20, three of which were found in his wallet was stolen,woolrich parka, lost a total of about 5,500 dollars. Similar theft occurred in different places: At 20:22 on September 10 to 25 minutes, the suspect sneaked Xianlin direction to the city bus 107 at Nanjing Normal University Station to dig package will be a part of the way the victim side oppo phone stolen, lost value of about 2000 yuan. At 23:00 on September 10th to 23:34 Xu, the suspect sneaked into a university dormitory in pilfering way of a victim of a Weng Apple 4S cell phone stolen, lost value of about 2000 yuan. And on the same day 0:00 to 5:00 during the suspect sneaked in Qixia District of Nanjing Road fairy hidden in a rented room in pilfering the way the victim YuanMou on 893 yuan in cash within the room and on the desk Iphone4 stole a cell phone, the loss of 2893 yuan. In addition,nike tn 2014, at 11:30 on September 10 to the day 11:50 Xu, the victim Tanmou father received a phone call, the person claiming to be the State Department of Finance, said his family purchased the subsidy payments to farm tools,, allowed contact with another number. After Tanmou contacted,, his Commercial Bank of China card number to tell the other side,, the other side says it will transfer 300 yuan to her, let her find an ATM machine, he would use the phone to tell her how. 11:38 the same day, within Tanmou within a university ICBC ATM machines by crook reported operating procedures, after you enter a series of numbers, bank credit card tips are deducted 3289 yuan. Police: new students was stolen by the high incidence of fraud Xianlin police instructor Zhao Lei Jieshao said that the annual Xianlin University freshman into the school, they often receive freshman cheated reported stolen, every time this time,woolrich outlet, such cases will be high. Zhao Lei Jieshao said that mobile phone theft to steal more, occurred on campus supermarket, playground, library,, classrooms and other public places. Many college students especially those who started going to school freshman, awareness is rather poor,abercrombie & fitch outlet, in these public places after people leave,moncler uomo outlet, often will carry a cell phone, wallet and some electronic goods on the table, on the playground,basket nike tn, the result gave the criminals have a chance. Based on past cases of view,woolrich 2014, there are some criminals actually fancy college town piece of fat, the use of poor awareness weakness these students,hogan outlet, specifically looking for the opportunity to start stealing sneak into the campus. In addition,hogan outlet, some crooks are woven specifically for college students, particularly freshmen some scam, such as posing as teachers, mentors,giubbotti woolrich,, etc. to sell shampoo,, refills,, etc., is to take advantage of the newly recruited school freshmen are not familiar with the situation weakness start. There are also posted on the website to help brush shop credit to pay high salaries of jobs and, after the candidates would like to pay deposit money, and finally found deceived.

30 years old

Sun News December 6 at 3:00 pm, Master Wang Xian taxi driver suffered Cry scene at the time of the operation, he was a taxi ride in the car on the way a male passenger actually pulled a pistol, flap fired two shots out the window after another,gioielli tiffany outlet, and so the man off, shaken king master immediately call the police. Yesterday, the suspect Zhang Xian Lianhu police are lawfully detained. Taxi passengers in the sudden opening of the gun December 6 at 3:00 pm, Master Wang Xian taxi driver in fenghe Road,outlet moncler, Xian Lianhu District pull a woman and two passengers. Along the way, two passengers talking and laughing,woolrich roma, when reaching the west door slightly rental Phillips,nike air max,, sitting in the copilot position from its carrying bag man suddenly took out a pistol and then pulled out from the bag two bullets, one loaded gun pressed into, then, the man shake off windows,louboutin pas cher, facing the window will pop and fired a shot. Heard the gunshots, the taxi driver could not help the king master cold sweats, hurriedly asked the man: Your gun is true or false, right toy?? You do not believe me in front of your car windows open shot,hogan donna, see if I can hit a hole in it. The man said proudly to the king master. There is no need,, I believe. After the speech, the king of the master mind even more afraid. When a hotel reaching labor Road entrance,, the man fired a shot out the window,woolrich sito ufficiale, then,scarpe louboutin, a woman sitting in the back seat of a taxi immediately rebuke: ? What are you doing, is not want to die. Nothing, nothing, Im teasing you. The man with the car of the woman who hastily explained. Then, they got a taxi. Woman into the hotel, the man has opened fire king master taxi door and let the king master pulled him cross the western suburbs of pharmaceutical grilled bun shop clouds. Then,woolrich milano, the man take a taxi back to the labor Master Wang Road that hotel. Once the man got off, Master Wang immediately call 110. To show off in front of his girlfriend 3:40 Xu,, after the Public Security Bureau on duty that day Lianhu Qiu Li, deputy director of police intelligence received, according to the clues provided by the taxi driver king master successfully arrested the man. After the trial, Zhang (male,, 30 years old, Jiamusi people) in Xianyang City,, a bath and entertainment company engaged in performing the work,abercrombie femme, because the former soldier, Zhang company rehearsals starting gun for the props used very favorite. 2:00 pm the same day, Zhang and Zhao company props starting guns keeper after drinking,,moncler uomo outlet, lent the starting gun and two rounds starting gun shells,louboutin femme, and then to take a taxi came to Xian, want to tie in front of his girlfriend Lee about potential,, showing off look. Unexpectedly, actually spawn such a scourge was arrested.