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will be the place to look for knowledge

  5:00 went to line up, not to buy a house,, but in order to sign up for the ideological and political education classes. This hot scene you seen it? Along with boring,, dull,, boring linked to the ideological and political education classes, why become a student at Southwest Forestry University courses blitz? After the interview and investigation, the reporter found that Southwest Forestry University through innovative teaching methods, such as the introduction of the study and practice ways to mobilize the enthusiasm of students, classroom teachers will focus related to current affairs events into the classroom, students learn the theory of knowledge lead in the discussions, etc.,abercrombie outlet uk, will be ideological and political course pulled off a course of increasingly loved by others. Keywords: Fantastic The teacher speaks good students rushing to listen Ideological and political education classes in many people appear to be boring boring synonymous. For these courses, the majority of students do not go on faith can not go on, can not listen do not listen to attitude. Political Southwest Forestry University courses are also required courses, but students can choose their own teacher. Li Jing recalled sophomore elective scene,, our school to teach it are excellent teachers,, classroom teachers who choose not easy. After repeated comparison, I finally chose a teacher, in order to be able to report the name, I got up at 5:00 to line up .8 point registration, 8:30 newspaper full of people. Li Jing said, according to the teacher in the class never read the book of theoretical knowledge, most of the time he will adopt the form of conversation to mobilize everyones participation. For example, each student in the class teacher will talk about their own values, life, love, although some students their views are different,scarpe hogan donna, but the teacher does not do any judgment,jordan pas cher, respect for each persons speech. In this highly interactive classroom, who feel it boring. Just on the sophomore Xiao Yi also had a 5:00 class multi-line selection of such experience. Speaking of the reasons, he said:. The teacher speaks lesson interesting and very welcome by the students,, not simply to line up early report on the name Keywords: Featured teaching The base class moved patriotism Who could imagine: just out from the war-torn, smoke in a group of teachers and students, will be the place to look for knowledge, camped, after trekking,, traveled ...... I deeply appreciate that they were pregnant with family Qiu country can not afford to hate the frustration and chaos as applied adrift of sadness. This is a senior student of Wang Ling, in visiting after twelve 51 memorial article written excerpts. Since 2007,, Southwest Forestry great practice of ideological and political education began, all students need to December 51 memorial site Southwest United patriotic education, some of the best students and Students also went to Yanan, Zunyi, Jinggangshan patriotism education base to visit and study. Li Xue Bao is a junior. He said that this visit is not a fly, you need to learn before going to the theoretical knowledge and understanding of the historical connotations of these sites. In looking at a scene pictures, a kind pieces,christian louboutin outlet, very touching hearts, when all the solemn oath of time,hogan outlet, so he could not help blood boil. This course is really meaningful political practice

Xu mentally ill

China news agency, Hefei, April 27 (Reporter Wu Lan) - 24, a university here were two murders, known as Black Saturday. Reporters on the 27th from the Public Security Bureau of Hefei, love to hate because of his girlfriend killed the suspect Wang has been under criminal detention,, and a knife to kill the 77-year-old retired elderly Xu, from school one day rise building suicide death. Currently, the case is still under further investigation. 24 evening 23:32, the city Public Security Bureau received a claim to kill his girlfriend alarm call, police immediately drove from the cafe near the school to bring back the police informant. Upon inquiry learned that 22-year-old suspect Wang, is a university in Hefei school students into the school in 2007, recognizing the victim Zhang Lin (a pseudonym), then in love, Zhang repeatedly break. At 7:00 on the 24th, Wang found another alumni chapter and talk more speculative in Chapter QQ chats and thought to break chapter reason from this,, we talk about a good chapter. The same day at 10 am,, in the rental Wang,,woolrich uomo, Wang emotional readily open up a bottle of red wine, and it broke,moncler italia, pounding the walls from time to time,[PLM, with shards of glass pierced his own neck. Seeing mood, Zhang Wang clinging to prevent its self-mutilation. At this point,woolrich donna, the king said: Since we are so confused,spaccio woolrich, not as together to die. Then they will be cruel to kill his girlfriend with fragments of glass bottles. Subsequently, Wang bought sleeping pills,nike air max, razor blades unsuccessful suicide attempt, in a cafe by the student cell phone alarm. Currently, the suspected murderer Wang has been under criminal detention. On the same day at about 15:20, in a public university Wang read, the 77-year-old retired worker was stabbed. About half an hour later, a The young man from the 14th floor of the school building institute jumped, killed on the spot. After the police investigation, killed elderly Sohn,, a retired school employees, who lives in the Western school dormitory. Suicide Xu, 24 years old, long-lived Changfeng home, shortly before the incident with his parents to live in the schools self-room West End. Police retrieved the school surveillance video, identified by several witnesses, who confirmed that Xu was killed by a suicide murderer elderly. According to the parents, said Xu,, Xu mentally ill, was in psychiatric hospital here, and killed the elderly usually a good relationship. Son before committing suicide, had persuaded half an hour on the roof, but still jumped from the 14th floor,, killed on the spot. (End)

but the body somewhat weak

April 13 morning, Mr. Gao and his wife after a good breakfast to her daughter to go to work,, they go home in the afternoon only to find her gone. Shenyang City Public Security Bureau after receiving the alarm, hundreds of police officers overnight tissue near the search,woolrich parka, 15 14:00 light of day in April, police in a rented house near Mr. Gao found a 9-year-old Mary, her body was a rope tied down,giubbotti peuterey, Xu suspects were trapped in the iron bed. Xu and Marys parents are workers, according to Xu said he was, and Mary the mother of pique, so it will be Mary illegal detention for up to 50 hours. Strange Year-old daughter Missing home My daughter is gone, the village people said did not see the child. April 13 at 9 am, the city of Shenyang Public Security Bureau 110 command center received a large high zhoucun Mr. temporary community police said, the daughter of Mary Only nine years old, he and his wife the morning to go to work, come home in the evening to find that 9-year-old daughter Mary was gone, she was ready to have breakfast on the table did not move, the family did not flip signs. I am to call home on the answer,air max outlet, give my daughter a cell phone can not connect, you help me look for it! Im worried to death and her mother soon. Police learned that Mary is very clever, never just left home and portable cell phone can not be switched on, when Mr. Gao home inside and outside the two doors are not locked, the situation was reported to the police immediately. He Jinming city of Shenyang Public Security Bureau director, deputy director of the night police organizations will convene a case analysis, and set up a task force of more than 100 people to work. PUC Interpol detachment Vice Captains led to the branch guide Shao Guangshou case detective work. Rescue One hundred police the night search 10 oclock that night,hogan uomo, hundreds of police in nearby communities, factory dormitory visited the survey. Mr. Gao couple of times to ask Marys students, they say no-play with Mary, the police basically concluded that Mary is either wandered off, or is being led away. Because Mr. Gao,, who lives in an east-west end of the alley, on the south side there is a half a meter wide alley, police immediately and obtain a surrounding surveillance video. Near a store surveillance cameras can shine on the south side alleys exports, but Mary did not appear from here, things did not exit the alley surveillance video. Looking for a night to no avail, almost desperate, Mr. Gao has hundreds of copies of copies of the missing person, in large communities and nearby communities zhoucun posting, many enthusiastic villagers and supermarket bosses have left a missing person, that once found that the situation immediately to call him, which makes Mr. Gao desperation has kindled a glimmer of hope. Investigation Wife largest colleagues suspect It is understood that Mr. Gao couple near a factory to work, to Qingdao and the village more than a year, but not many people contact, from the scene did not flip the indications, if Mary is being Guaipao, is likely to be acquaintances crime. Although the couple to work in a factory,, but belong to different segments of the work,, Mr. Gaos wife remembered the day of his working section has five workers did not work or did not work on time, including unsociable Xu (32 years old, Anhui). Saturday day, Xu is 0900 to unit, she was kind enough to go to your house this morning something borrowed. Police then let Mr. Gaos wife asked that five colleagues one by one, to see if they are going to react. The other four can speak whereabouts the day of the accident, only a very vague answer Xu, one would say that did not go too high, Mr. House, one would say to borrow something left. Police learned that Xu contradictory answers before the next day in the evening will be positive Rd Xu summoned to the police station for investigation. Rescue Mary found iron bed Xu night police for interrogation, but he has been evasive. April 15 afternoon, police on Xus temporary office launched a search. Police in the house did not hear any sounds of distress, when lifted iron bed bunk Xu,, found under the deck hands and feet were tied, his mouth was sealed Mary, Mary huddled at this time lying on the ground, shivering from the cold. Looking for a quilt to wrap the child, blocking her eyes, slowly, female police helpless Mary saw the scene, almost shed tears. Mary was sent after the ambulance on the way to the hospital doctor to Mary played glucose injection,, arrived at the hospital after a thorough examination and found Mary who was not injured, but the body somewhat weak, and that makes you calm down the couple after seeing her daughter lying on the hospital bed crying. Police then Xu criminal detention. Suspect confessed To pique detention colleague daughter Yesterday morning,hogan prezzi, Xu police led down to the middle finger to identify the scene of Mary home. Thats him, ah, I felt he was not willing to meet the usual talk, I did not expect is also capable of such a thing! A lot of neighbors to help find the child talk, pointing Xu said. A supermarket owner, told reporters Mary home from the supermarket less than 20 meters away, usually to their own store to Mary often buy things, not only polite,, and very smart, if not an acquaintance, Mary certainly not the child follow him, the spirit of the child can go again. When she (Mary) at home, I took her away from here in. After Xu refers to identify the scene by the police back to the Zhengyang Road police station. Xu reporter asked why the illegal detention of children, but also with a rope tied down Mary, Xu head down mumbled an order and her mother angry. Parents dialogue Marys mood has stabilized Yesterday afternoon, the reporter telephone contact to Mr. Marys father high. First of all to thank the police, Mary lost the past two days,, I Chafanbusi, and his wife head full of kids just want to get it back. Mr. Gao told reporters that Marys mood is now stable, Mary teacher and principal home just to visit his daughter, let her take home these days to ease the mood. When it comes to Xu, Mr. Gao and not much impression on him, except that he and his wife are with his colleagues, but now he is not on a working section, so he was not familiar with, My wife and Xu together work, my wife did not know why he would do such a thing. (Reporter correspondent Zhang Bo Luan clouds)

as if all of a sudden hang. But mercy is useless

   □ release author information Times reporter Zhang Chao He Jianhui By the end of 2008, Beijing Military General Hospital developed a clinical diagnostic criteria for Internet addiction. Network reaches more than six hours or addiction according to the average daily standard one, which may be diagnosed as addiction, mental illness can be incorporated into the scope. By the end of March this year, is known as Chinas Yang Yongxin addiction experts to launch a total of 20 topics of Internet addiction test. However, users who think that test after test is not scientific, but also has a strong guiding. In addition, more an anonymous netizen wrote, saying that the current addiction to all as concentration camp, who in the course of their addiction quit addiction often feel miserable. Addiction experts launched the Internet addiction test Yesterday, the reporter saw when browsing Netease forum, an ID of wood hereinafter users post, said the country addiction experts Yang Yongxin launched a test on its Internet addiction physical therapy center site, called Internet addiction test. In the post, netizen wood hereinafter Yang Yongxin illustrated introduction to the Internet addiction test of content,, adding that after a lot of friends during the test, the test results have been published in the network, according to the users publish on the web The results that addiction index obtained most users are 40 or more points. and prompt due to the presence of the Internet, you are more and more frequently encounter a variety of problems, you should seriously consider them for you the full impact of life. Subsequently, the reporter click on the link to see the post, in addition to testing within a page outside the reporter did not see any option or standard scoring criteria,piumini peuterey, did not see the test instructions and basis. Subsequently, the reporter tries to contact Yang Yongxin, but the phone has been in a not connected state. As of 20:00 yesterday, the reporter still can not get in touch with Yang Yongxin, it is not possible for further interviews. Select a minimum is still 44 points Subsequently,, the reporter from the address provided by users who log in to the netizens called Internet addiction test page. Reporters saw the test a total of 20 questions, each question has four options, and all multiple choice. Topics include How many times have you found the time you stay online than you originally intended to be a long time?, How many times have you form new relationships with your friends friends? You do not have to worry about how many times the Internet Life will become bored, empty and boring? and so on. However, the reporter found, each question is almost the same options, all with little or no time, fraction of the time, considerable time and most or all of the time. Afterward, the reporter tried to do this according to their test results score 49 points, concluded that due to the presence of the Internet, you are more and more frequently encounter a variety of problems, you should seriously consider them for your life The full impact. However, the reporter browse the views of netizens have found that there are a lot of friends that even select all with little or no time, but test scores still for 44 minutes, the conclusion is the same test with reporters. In addition, users will have to understand the programming through a variety of means, the results of this test to identify a total of three, which scored 20 and 39 points in the middle, the conclusion is you are a regular Internet user, you may sometimes will spend a long time on the Internet surfing, but you can control your use of the network ; and scores between 40 and 69, the conclusion is that due to the presence of the Internet, you are more and more frequently encountered in each wide variety of problems, you should seriously consider their full impact on your life ; if the score is between 70 to 100, the conclusion is Your Internet usage is giving your life cause many serious problems, you need now go to solve them. Never will be convicted of Internet addiction. At the forum, the reporter saw almost all of the thread of users believe that China Yang Yongxin Internet addiction physical therapy center, the 20 Internet addiction test questions unreasonable, users are more used to joke that the test results. For the 20 questions were selected as no addiction index obtained even 44 this problem, netizens feel very puzzled. Some netizens vivid metaphor to say want to go to a certain feeling cures diseases or physical activity a free checking as long as you want to check on a problem. Some Internet users in a reply directly deny the scientific issues, there are anonymous netizens said that 20 to Internet addiction test questions simply can not be called problem on the page. The friends said,, These problems are with induced, first assume that the network has determined will bring harm, then let testers selection, so fair? Same problem, we change a way of asking to change the wording Perhaps the results will vary widely. Many market surveys, questionnaires, playing all these tricky, as the so-called psychological experts,moncler sito ufficiale, playing these tricks naturally adept myself. To prove addiction unscientific test questions, that someone even Internet addiction test questions comprehensive lists of programming code to calculate the final test questions addiction addiction can not be less than 19 index. Some netizens change joked,, even if it is never a farmer will have access to a computer traces of addiction. The dreaded electric shock Looks like this is Yang Shu is the core of the debate. No exaggeration to say that electric shock treatment is the fulcrum of the whole atmosphere, there would be no net electric shock ring center, but will not have permanent communication mode. But he is terrible the Terrible to what extent, said the experience of living death is not an exaggeration ...... A new ally ...... electric shock began, in order to prevent him from biting his tongue can not stand, to give him the upper teeth bite pad. In order to prevent him resist, 6 Front allies while holding his arm and other parts of the knee. A is first subjected to electric shock, and therefore the reaction is particularly strong. Wave power down to tears, the bosss face vanished, replaced with an apology for mercy, saying parents unworthy of life unworthy of their youth, as if all of a sudden hang. But mercy is useless, but a few wave continues down. Electric power head and hand finished, hand finished electrical computer bag again, despite how A not so that mercy. After about ten minutes of it might, A being processed, and he promised to apologize to his mother ...... User witnessed: the way people treat living death. In addition to netizens awarded Internet addiction test unscientific outside, more users post, said the so-called Internet addiction physical therapy center like concentration camp like on the inside when the miserable treatment. Reporters saw an anonymous netizen wrote in early April, a concentration camp or ring nets, the article the author claimed to preside at a well-known expert in addiction physical therapy Internet addiction treatment addiction physical therapy center, and in the article expose Internet addiction physical therapy center for the treatment process. Mentioned in the article, in the course of treatment centers generally have four months, the monthly fee of 6,000 yuan. Per capita treated as allies proportionality, in addition to paying a fixed fee,peuterey uomo,, but if problems arise ally discipline violation treatment center during treatment, will pay a fine in accordance with the standard. Escaped an immediate fine of 2,000 times, the authors said in the text. In addition, according to the article describes, the first step in treatment is to ally to accept the degree of pain treatment can not be described by the language and refreshing electric shock treatment, and some allies because of unbearable pain of such treatment was piously kneeling in front of his mother, said a bunch Im wrong Ill change that kind of thing. In the future days, the authors say that their freedom is greatly restricted, after leaving the previous five days, all actions should be escorted to prevent escape, five days before they can work alone, but only in the vicinity of the ward, to the Different people have accompanied floor. In addition, the reporter also found on the web search, scolding Yang Yongxin, director and expose Internet addiction physical therapy center shady remarks of many,, but there are friends to refute them. Netizen Bowen on the posting on the forum, wrote Yang Shu curse all people, he asked users whether remarks published scolding been a real network ring center,, and that the network ring center is very good. Netizen Bowen said, compared to the kind of violence with violence the way, the network ring center is mainly psychological guidance and affection regression to influence us, and will not cause our mind refuses to accept oral. Subsequently, the reporter also tried to contact the author of this article, but as of press time reporter, the reporter still could not get in touch with the author. 20 addiction test questions 1. How many times have you found the time you stay online than you originally intended to be a long time? 2. How many times have you neglect your chores and spend more time online? 3. How many times you have intimate prefer Internet stimulus rather than between your spouse? 4. How many times have you form new friendships with your online friends? 5, the life of other people you how many times to you complain about your time spent on the Internet is too long? 6, your grades and school work many times as you spend more time online compromised? 7, before you need to do other things, how many times you have to check your email? 8, due to the presence of the Internet, your job performance or productivity is affected how many times? 9, when someone asks you when doing online, how many times you get good to defend themselves or become secretive? 10. How many times have you used the Internet to imagine soothing distraction on those annoying considering you live, 11. How many times have you found yourself looking forward to once again time online? 12, how many times you do not have to worry about the Internet,nike air max, life will become bored, empty and boring? 13. If someone bother you when youre online, how many times you speak harshly, shouting or angry? 14. How many times have you late at night because of the Internet and the lack of sleep? 15. How many times when you have a network for Internet and next trance, or fantasy yourself online? 16. When you are online, you have many times found yourself saying Just playing a few minutes? 17. How many times have you tried to reduce the time you spend online but failed? 18. How many times have you tried to hide your time spent on the Internet? 19. How many times have you choose to spend more time online rather than go out with other people? 20, when the next net, you feel frustrated, depressed or nervous,moncler outlet, and these emotions will once back online without a trace?

a start financing was carried out smoothly

False bid for 19 jailed for 11 years Zhanjiang newspaper (Reporter correspondent Kwan Yu Fei Feng) Wu Bing is a civil servant in Zhanjiang Xiashan an organ units. Financing to help a friend out of loyalty, but failed, suddenly owed more than 40 million in debt. He inadvertently learned that a friend can use a credit card to help relations. I thought I could use the cash to repay the credit card, he has the use of forged identity cards in order to steal the work of others, identity cards, etc., to the banks for the 19 credit cards. When unmasked, he was from the others credit card cash in total 852,,295.54 yuan. Distress: Inability to repay high debt snowball Wu Bing,woolrich sito ufficiale, a friend said to put forward demands to help finance. Wu Bing sense of obligation among friends and family since day running, only one theme - opening to borrow money. Because Wu Bing civil identity and position, together with Wu Bing Xu at 8% interest, a start financing was carried out smoothly,, and soon to borrow more than 40 million. With more and more the amount owed, creditors who have followed. Initially, Wu Bing West home owner had to use by way also, but the face of 8% interest, this method gradually made him more and more difficult, more and more money owed. How to repay the huge debt? Not the principal, interest, talks about the roll more. Adventure: A credit card with another identity Once, a friend of Wu Bing told him, you can take advantage of personal relationships go through a lot of credit cards. Hearing this news, Wu Bing caught like a straw in general. He suddenly thought of the scope of work often collect their own identity and the identity card to subordinates and others, so the first two forged identity cards, and soon the two banks Pixia credit card. Whenever a creditor door, Wu Bing on the money used to repay the overdraft on the card. Tasted the sweetness, Wu Bing since it got out of hand,woolrich donna,, only from June 2007 to August 2008 period, in addition to Wu Bing forged identity cards,, but also used his position to steal a persons identity card 11, it is quickly from the bank cheating the 19 credit cards. After the credit card hand, Wu Bing cash on hand once more up. After that, whenever a creditor door, he would adopt the high-end hotels and other local consumption for others to cash in the form of credit card debt. As of December 23, 2008, Wu Bing impersonation credit card cash to pay off debts way to cheat banks total capital 851,411.24 yuan. Irrefutable evidence: 14 by credit card bid One of the victims did not apply for a credit card because YuanMou first unprovoked and recovered cash advance report to the authorities. Ive never been to the bank to apply for a credit card, but can not malicious overdraft, fill in the credit card address, employer, job title, contact is not my signature is not mine! YuanMou hand has been applied. credit card application form to deny eleven. Then there are 13 people have because there is no credit card,woolrich uomo, but because of the debt owed to the bank was about to explain the situation to the authorities. Finally unmasked, after Wu Bing arrest, was convicted of credit card fraud and sentenced to 11 years in prison and a fine of 50,000 yuan. Reflections A copy of the credit card will be able to do, Wu Bing why a person can apply for a credit card so much? According to its answer, with his identity when applying for others, but left their own contact information and address,, so that billing and consumption records fall within a victims hand. After the bank will send him a credit card, called the review is to give him a call, check the information had to fill out an application (a simple answer several phone numbers or home address). Really so easy? Zhanjiang Chikan Area Reporter random bank branches counters for consultation. Staff said that as long as the outlets willing to fill out a form, provide a copy of ID card, you can receive a bank credit card sent in a month or so. On the 10th, the reporter from a bank customer service hotline at staff also learned that now apply online credit card through a lot of strict requirements,abercrombie france, cardholders must hold ID card to the counter opened,, but cardholders can also be opened by telephone,, in sent after the credit card, just call the issuing bank to confirm the opening of the telephone can be,nike tn pas cher, so that the applicant or may not show up, you can easily get a mere copy of the card.

China Unicom said in a telephone

Due to the chest, ribs, multiple injuries, Xiangtan City Peng yarn moving company employees are still lying in Xiangtan City, Frederick Law Hospital. September 2, 2014 in the afternoon, in Xiangtan City, Hunan Electric Vocational and Technical College campus, comes a sense of conflict, several people were beaten yarn Peng, head, back wounds. Xiangtan City moving company marketing the very fact that memories, at 16:20 on September 2 about being introverted freshman campus promotional activities Xiangtan City moving company of a female employee, was suddenly Xiangtan City Unicom three female staff pushing, on the grounds that China Unicom mobile workers suspected employees stole Unicom phone cards. Pull process,,hogan sito ufficiale,, moving female employee shirt was torn,, who sustained multiple scratches. Just heard about the five mobile workers comfort injured colleague while larger in the ensuing conflict and revenge. The very fact that a dozen unidentified Unicom employees and social workers came, which Xiangtan Hedong District Manager Wei Wu Unicom exclusively in them. Forward to explain the movement of employees and confirmed by Unicom relevant personnel to confirm the phone card is not lost, Unicoms side out of a man and a woman suddenly began pushing hands of mobile workers, then quickly escalated into fists. The presence of other mobile workers to varying degrees by the China Unicom side chased more than 10, the situation was quite chaotic. Zhang said, Xiangtan City moving company staff in the police immediately after the attack. Wu Wei police smelled professionals who exudes alcohol after repeated warnings not to drink and make trouble and asked to go to the police station to coordinate the handling of the matter, was rejected. Zhang provided an allegedly by Xiangtan Electrical Technical College student shot the video, corroborated the claims. September 4 in the afternoon,woolrich outlet, this reporter went under and near Xiangtan Vocational and Technical College of Electrical xiashesi police to understand what happened. A police official said surnamed Mao, they are still in the investigation,, in order to restore the parties to the conflict in the scene at the time. According to their preliminary understanding,hogan interactive 2013, do not find Xiangtan City Unicom employ social Xianzarenyuan. Through analysis of transcripts for both sides,parajumpers jakke, on the facts of the big differences, may also need to clear a few proof. Xiangtan City moving company employee injured condition in order to determine the level of the injury after the needs of Forensic Sciences. Reporter then went to Xiangtan City Unicom. General Department of the company of a female staff member told reporters that he arrived shortly after the incident for unclear. The company is responsible for overall leadership and people are running in various campus marketing to go, and comprehensive proposal reporters later Song Haiyan contact manager. September 5,, Xiangtan City Manager Integrated Song Haiyan, China Unicom said in a telephone, this incident is purely accidental. When that day engage in marketing on campus,, the company found that one worker in Xiangtan City moving company personnel posing school teacher to investigate the name took valuable phone cards, company employees after they Qiaochu flaws. When the other fled was stopped at the school gate, the conflict broke out. Song Haiyan Wu Wei specifically denied in the conflict played a major role, and claimed that China Unicom has been more than 10 mobile workers assaulted staff within the school. Xiangtan City moving company employees should be prepared, chaos also shoot video,louboutin sito ufficiale, and her company is a passive response. Xiangtan City moving company responsible person to refute this argument, chicken/images/pair_food_wine.php?food=register.cgi, saying that the live video is collecting from the students. The source said that after the incident Xiangtan City Unicom responsible specifically bring people to apologize, Peng also called filaments. September 9 pm, news came from Xiangtan City,, the local police have a case as a matter of law and order processing, and interviews with staff in the near future both sides. Newspaper reporters Szank non (Original title: the campus two carriers conflict)

and agreed Each candidate examination

Our reporter Li Jun Li Li Zhu Weikun correspondent Luck of the examination gunmen Zhangteng Hai, Zhao Zhijian, Zheng Wei, Meng Michihiro four people are now listless! Can only stay in the detention center, waiting for the legal trial. By the end of July, they were Yuelu District Peoples Procuratorate on suspicion of illegally obtaining state secrets arrested. [Playback] case on June 25 this year, Changsha City Public Security Bureau received a report High-tech Zone, Hunan Province in 2010 the construction of two Qualification Exam test center Hunan International Economics University, someone tried to use the radio to cheat. After receiving the report, the police immediately around the test sites were raided, at 23 oclock that night, near the West Bus Station arrested suspects Zhao Zhijian, Ding, and seized their wireless devices to cheat. According to Zhao Zhijian confession,, the police in the early morning of June 26 and arrested the suspect Zhang Tenghai,, respectively, followed by Zheng Wei and Liao Moumou suspects arrested, and seized the tools of crime scene. Zhao Zhijian Zhang Tenghai and confession, in which the tools of crime, in part, from a man named Lin (actually Mongolia Michihiro) bought there. June 26 morning, police in nearby Hunan International Economics University, will come to sell cheating devices Mongolian Michihiro arrested, then the police will be kept in the Yuelu District Huang store a large number of community radio equipment seized. On the same day,louboutin homme pas cher, the public security organs of the case investigation. The investigation,,scarpe hogan, April 28 this year, Changsha mightier Education and Training Center for and Luo Moumou and Zhao Zhijian contracted by Zhao help four candidates to use wireless devices,louboutin, cheating in Hunan Province this year supervising engineer qualification exam After Zhao fee 8000 yuan, and agreed Each candidate examination, then pay 1500 yuan per door fee. Exam, Zhao Zhijian sent to the examination room pinhole camera candid questions, after Zhang Tenghai received prior to transmission over the Internet to hire gunmen, gunmen to make a pass Zhang Tenghai answer, answer sheets will be sent via mobile phone to Zhao Zhijian , Liao Moumou,, Zheng et al., and then by their use of walkie-talkies, radio and digital terminal transmitter candidates to cheat in the examination room wireless headphones and wireless text display rubber conveyor. In May this year, and Zhao Zhijian wants the same way,, for 48 to participate in this years Hunan Province, the construction of two Qualification of candidates cheating, unexpectedly brought to light something to vent. Zhang Tenghai suspects, Zhao Zhijian, Meng Tao Bo, Zheng Wei, Liao Moumou, Luo Moumou,,scarpe hogan, Yuan Moumou,,louboutin femme pas cher, Ding for their use of wireless equipment, exam fraud confessed to the crime. Liao Moumou, Luo Moumou, Yuan Moumou, Ding due to other less serious crimes to be handled according to law. [Focus] controversy within the intake exam questions were whether cheating constitute a crime. [] Charge of the case prosecutors say Yuelu District Procuratorate prosecutor said motor, according to the Ministry of Education, in Before enable the interpretation of the term of the notice, various higher and secondary education, a unified national examination papers before enabling (including subtitle), reference answers and scoring criteria are most confidential matters. Before you can enable refers specifically to the candidates by the end of the period specified in paragraph exam before leaving the examination room. In this case, the suspect intake exam cheating in the examination process, the object of their violations of a national secret. According to the provisions deemed to have committed eighty-two to stealing,, spying, or buying, illegally obtaining state secrets, constitute the crime of illegally obtaining state secrets. Therefore, the case of cheating suspects have violated the criminal law, suspected of crimes. [Tips] Do not leave things to chance exam cheating, the case is sufficient to warn exam gunmen: your behavior constituted a crime.

abnormal pain. Yesterday

(Reporter Lin) 26-year-old young woman, because of severe constipation,moncler sito ufficiale, laxatives, diet pills more than five years, resulting in constant aggravation of symptoms,mulberry, abnormal pain. Yesterday, Xijing Hospital of Digestive Disease Doctors in the body installed a gut pacemaker current stimulation by weak intestinal peristalsis. 6 years,abercrombie and fitch soldes, abnormal pain According to the Xijing Hospital of Digestive Disease Digestive Surgery Associate Professor Zheng Jianyong, although the patient is very young, but suffering from severe intractable constipation, bowel problems has been six years since, in order to alleviate the symptoms,, she took all kinds of laxatives, diet pills more than five years However, the results are poor, especially in the past year has been increasing symptoms, six months ago,chaussures nike tn, were part of the colon surgery, but the symptoms did not improve after surgery, patients with abnormal pain. Check Xijing Hospital of Digestive Disease after expert consultation its severe functional constipation,, accompanied melanosis coli,, and conducted colon surgery, bear a greater risk of surgery, agreed that patients suitable for invasive intestinal play pacemaker implantation. Yesterday morning, the doctor for the patient intestinal pacemaker implantation, rectangular piece stimulator (equivalent battery) buried in the buttocks skin,woolrich outlet online italia,, about 15 cm long by a cable, and on the sacral nerve electrodes are connected near the weak current through security sacral nerve stimulation, thereby promoting bowel movement and muscle coordination around the anus, so that patients defecation. According to reports,AIR max pas cher,, the maximum voltage of the pacemaker is only 10 volts, but the human body can withstand the safe voltage of 38 volts, it will not produce a strange feeling in the body, the patient can use the remote control to adjust the in vitro according to the situation on their own,peuterey outlet milano, usually 2 volt. This is also the first case of intractable constipation treatment through the use of intestinal pacemaker. Regular diet to protect gut health Associate Professor Zheng Jianyong said that in recent years, as the impact of change, psychological and social factors in peoples diet,moncler outlet milano, constipation and the incidence is increasing, especially in young women, the incidence of a more significant upward trend in the incidence of young women and men,, compared to 3:1, many female patients in the sick without formal treatment, but long-term weight-loss drugs or stimulant laxatives, but the reaction occurred, causing dysfunction, constipation worse. In addition, the diet pills mainly by acting on the central nervous system, suppress appetite, weight loss purposes, long-term weight-loss drugs may cause high blood pressure, heart rate,woolrich parka, but also poses a potential threat to the kidneys, causing uremia. Chinese New Year around the corner,hogan interactive, everyone normal diet and rest habits tend to be broken, due to reduced activity will slow down bowel movements. In addition to the field to visit relatives and friends,woolrich, travel, and usually stay in different places daily life, changing tastes also cause constipation. Doctors suggested that, during the Spring Festival we try regular diet, control greasy food intake, less drinking, more exercise,piumino moncler outlet, protect gut health. If constipation should first adjust the diet,, meat and vegetables, by eating some bananas, honey,, yogurt, adequate drinking water can be adjusted, if symptoms persist should go to a regular clinic. (Original title: 26-year-old woman intestinal install the pacemaker)

Whose Fault which is it

 , Xiaogan Central Hospital, said nurse for the baby shower violation, the provincial health department investigation My child, ah, you were born only 24 days, you are so fragile, yet had time to look at the world, they were so inhuman torture, hoping to replace your mom how to bear all of this disaster and pain. When the mother heard the first cry you,, when you first nestled in my arms, feeling the hearts of joy beyond words, from the world Nothing is more important than you, I have not had time to remember your lovely smile You already unrecognizable ...... can not think of the future as you walk like a normal person, not like a normal way of life, I would despair, pains, you and I how to face lifes long road,, I How to explain to you? Whose Fault which is it? ? ? - Grieving mother, Ms. Le Internet posting, a mothers heart in the blood - born during the baby in hospital 24 days of being badly burnt. Xiaogan, a baby boy born just 20 days due to a cold admitted to the best local central hospital because the hospital within 28 days of newborns born prescribed by a professional staff 24-hour full guardianship, shall not be accompanied by family members, the family will be assured baby entrusted to the hospital. Unexpectedly, four days later, when the nurses for their children bathe, because temporary emergency leave, the children in the radiator was badly burnt. Young mother worried, but also through a series of baby surgery, multiple joints may permanently disabled, face the possibility of severe disfiguring burns,, until yesterday, the family still reeling grief. Xiaogan Central Hospital, said the nurse on duty serious irregularities, leading to the baby slipped into the radiator hurt seriously. After the incident, the hospital will be sent to Wuhan three baby Hospital until yesterday afternoon, the symptoms improved markedly. It is understood that the parties have been expelled hospital nurse deng, the provincial health department has been investigating the matter. Severe burns newborn baby bath Recently, an article entitled A mothers heart is in the blood - born during the baby in hospital 24 days of being badly burnt,mulberry outlet, the post appears on a number of sites. Post said,piumino moncler outlet, Xiaogan a baby boy was born at the hospital was badly burnt, his family deep sorrow. Yesterday, the reporter contacted the injured childs grandfather Mr. Qin Lao. Mr. Qin Lao introduced March 12, was born 20 days grandson ocean (a pseudonym) a little dry cough and stuffy nose, body temperature is normal, but in good spirits, eat, sleep, doctors diagnosed as suffering from neonatal pneumonia. Mr. Qin heard a doctors advice,,hogan outlet, was admitted to the best hospitals in Xiaogan Xiaogan Central Hospital (child - the mother of the Department of the hospital anesthetist). According to hospital regulations, born within 28 days of the newborn by a professional staff responsible for the entire 24 hours care, are not allowed to accompany the family. But let Tan family never imagined that,nike pas cher france, four days after the 0900, the family received a hospital phone, said ocean conditions have changed, require referral. Family rushed to the hospital and found that four days ago only slightly cold ocean systemic multiple severe burns, the face, chest,hogan, abdomen, legs, all bloody,moncler outlet, lengthy and even crying for no strength. Mr. Qin Lao said at the time, the whole family was stunned. The hospital said the nurse to ocean bathing burns. Hospital admitted fault in the hospital-wide Yesterday afternoon, Xiaogan Central Hospital Office Director Luo said during an interview with reporters after the incident, the hospital set up a class, conducted a survey on the matter. Survey results, at 8:30 on March 16, the tube-bed neonatal nurse Dengmou for ocean bathing, she bring the baby bath time operating table, is to just unpack, Wie called her doctor, a critically ill children in urgent need of airway care, to the ventilator. Dengmou the baby is re-wrapped package, but none was bale rope, put the baby to hand the operating table,moncler outlet online, and went to deal with the critically ill children. After five minutes, deng returned bathroom found in the ocean is not the operating table, but in the next radiator, suffered multiple burns. Non-operating table to put the baby! Director Luo said the day of the incident, weather is a bit cold, the bathroom for heating, deng probably did not think newborn baby moves, so do not be strapping rope, I did not expect a move on baby shift, and moved next to the radiator. Dengmou deal obviously a serious violation, causing the baby to burn injuries tragedy, the fault of all in the hospital. Emergency treatment, symptoms improved baby Xiaogan Central Hospital, said in an interview the person in charge, after a lengthy burn, emergency hospital immediately launched the emergency plan, the emergency hospital staff for emergency ambulance, 9:00 the morning of 50 points, the communication with the Tan family, the hospital sent a car to send sent to three hospitals in Wuhan lengthy burn treatment center. In Wuhan,peuterey outlet, the hospital set up a special class treatment, transferred the senior medical staff stationed in three hospitals, assisted treatment and care, three hospitals also attaches great importance to the organization of the best health care power. At noon yesterday, the reporters Hospital Burn Center in the first floor to see,basket louboutin pas cher, the whole enclosed within a single ward lived in the ocean, two wearing a printed word overalls Xiaogan Central Hospital medical staff in the ward care. Wuhan three Hospital burn unit Dr. Yu introduced lengthy head and face, trunk, upper limbs, thermal burns right leg, an area of 12%, there are some deep wounds two degrees to three degrees (third-degree burns - the deepest burns, wounds and full-thickness skin, even under deep Bag, muscle, bone and other skin necrosis,, dehydration can be formed after eschar wound no blisters, white or brown wax, such as leather touch, feel and even has charring disappear;. skin temperature is low Natural healing is very slow, must hold off eschar, then the growth of granulation tissue scarring, there are only marginal epithelium, not only the loss of function of the skin, and often cause deformities. Some even difficult to heal wounds.) After careful treatment hospital, symptoms have improved markedly, now wound down to 4 percent heavier up. Xiaogan Central Hospital, a responsible person, the next step, the three hospitals will be considered for skin grafting for the ocean. The child is too small, graft success are unknown. Yang Yangs mother said the child should undergo a series of operations, multiple joints may lifelong disability, severe facial disfigurement,moncler sito ufficiale, the future can not be undone, think of these, I to despair, pains! Parties nurses were fired, the provincial health department investigation Ocean burns in hospital posts, caused widespread concern in the Internet, many Internet users have comments, condemning the irresponsible behavior of the hospital, while the ocean and their families to give sympathy. Many netizens called to investigate those responsible, at the same time,escarpin louboutin pas cher, concerns newborns full supervision loopholes, urging hospitals rectification, eliminate safety hazards. A mothers thread replies: I am a mother who fast, and see your babys experience,, I hope this can cause very sympathetic attention of the relevant authorities, do not let other babies suffered the same misfortune! ! It is understood that after the incident, Xiaogan City health department on the matter of the investigation. Yesterday, the provincial health department is also involved in the investigation. Xiaogan Central Hospital informed that the hospital has made a fire on Dengmou treatment. Reporters learned that Dengmou only 22 years old, pass the exam to enter Xiaogan Central Hospital, less than 2 years of work as a nurse. Yangtze River Chinese Commercial News reporter Chen Yourong [Survey] Hospital nurse shortage Yesterday, the reporter entered the Xiaogan Central Hospital of the scene to see, console next to the radiator, but the radiator has stamped a piece of wood. Zou, vice president of the hospital said that after the baby burn incident, the hospital recognized the existence of security risks on the radiator, immediate rectification, stamped on the top board. It is understood that, in the hospital, nurses strength is relatively weak, the ratio of doctors and nurses imbalance. An informed source said the day should be the value Dengmou nurse responsible for nursing classes, temporary hospital was arranged when the value of treatment classes. [Grief] Child mother in tears all day Be so inhuman torture, my mother how I wish for you to be able to bear all this, I have not had time to remember your lovely smile, you are already beyond recognition. After the children were injured, the mother Ms. Le grief, she wrote in the post, she did not know how the future learn to be strong, learn to bear the childs injury took her life, joy and happiness, it also brings sorrow and suffering a lifetime of three generations of people. Yesterday, reporters repeatedly made to meet with Mr. Xiang Tan Le President, or with their phone, were rejected. She was so sad, all in tears, can not communicate with people exchange. Mr. Qin kept sighing. [Repentance] Low-level errors occur, Im damn. Yesterday,piumini moncler sito ufficiale, the reporter various efforts, none of the parties to find a nurse deng, said his father did not know where to go Dengmou. But the reporter got a nurse wrote repentance Dengmou lengthy family. In repentance book Dengmou of the incident is described in detail, saying that should give a bath to go to the ocean airway care for the other children, it will not lead to a big mistake. Deng said,, there is no rigorous work, not strictly comply with nursing procedures, is the main reason for their own mistakes. Im damn, I did not do to the best of responsibility, did take good care of him, so that his family and inviting a lot of pain. In repentance book, deng said she loves nursing career, pray for ocean quickly as possible. Damn she repeatedly referred to his willingness to accept any punishment.

Jun-Jun aunt who knew that Jun-Jun outstanding

   Original title: school the next day, she was carrying a bag jumped to his death Ride into the unfamiliar area, enter one of the buildings,hogan 2014, take the elevator straight to the top of the platform, the final jump. Around 7:00 yesterday morning,, attending schools, outstanding, looks beautiful 18 year old girl in Wuxi Jun-Jun (a pseudonym), in such a brutal way to end his young life. Until the last moment, her body was also carrying a black and yellow bags. Modern Express reporter Kim Jin Yi Tang Monitor display: she alone into the floor Yesterday morning, friends, Xu Li Jia can broke the news on the Internet, Xianliqiao pier home a young girl committed suicide. Xu Li plus energy, said happened at 7:00 in the morning than when she was in the kitchen making breakfast,, I suddenly saw a girl jumped on the back of the roof. Subsequently, the Modern Express reporter rushed Xianliqiao pier homes. Area residents Wang aunt said happened in less than 7:00,, when she was walking downstairs, suddenly found the grass a girl, who also back a bag. Security police immediately rushed to the scene after. Monitoring shows that in the morning 6:29:30,giubbotto woolrich, dressed in a white T-shirt, wearing jeans and carrying a bag of Jun-Jun,, Li Xian ride into the pier home district,woolrich milano, there are not companion. Into the community,louboutin homme pas cher, Jun-Jun occupies a front bicycle parked, the car was unlocked. 6:33:30, Jun-Jun alone carrying a bag into the floor,, The next thing, there is no video can be confirmed. Residential property speculation,chaussure air jordan pas cher, Jun-Jun should take the elevator upstairs, could climb stairs through fire exits, arrived on the top floor platform. Last night, the Modern Express reporter learned from the police, after a preliminary judgment, Jun-Jun is jumped to his death. Neighbor: She pretty and polite Reporters found in the guard at the Jun-Juns bike, car baskets put a piece poncho and a pen,piumini moncler outlet, Wuxi No.1 High School written on the license plate. Security,hogan, told reporters, Jun-Jun Li Tun live in fairy homes,Scarpe hogan outlet, but another cell separated by a road. Reporters found Jun-Juns house, but no one at home. Subsequently, the reporter knocked on the door of the family, an old aunt sadly Road, 6:00 am she also saw Jun-Jun ride out,, less than one hour, the children actually left. Jun-Jun is a very smart kid,tn pas cher, looks very handsome. Old aunt told reporters, when the little girl to school first grades in Wuxi one, once the district where the Legend. Jun-Jun this year on the third year,piumino woolrich, the results are still very good,, people are very polite, always see her aunt, aunt to shout very affectionate. Unexpectedly, the child ended up in such a way to leave, it is a pity. Yesterday, the reporter contacted on the matter Jun-Jun Wuxi where the first school. A person in charge of the school told reporters that they had just heard the sad news,nike air jordan femme pas cher, but the situation is not very understanding. Why commit suicide, there are multiple versions Jun-Jun Why would commit suicide,nike tn requin pas cher,, reporters heard several versions in an interview. Version 1: Jun-Jun aunt who knew that Jun-Jun outstanding, but introverted, perhaps experiencing what the children do not and others say, take things too hard to make such a thing. Version two: one insider says, Jun-Jun is not happy for some reason has been a very long time before the attempted rescue his family back. A few days before the tragedy occurred, Jun-Jun has no meaning in life, and my mother said, do not want to go to school.