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Time is like the rice paper - youthful emotion Lit

time such as rice paper. Be one page after another. Pure and flawless,authentic louis vuitton outlet. I was lying on the back of the train pass by how much, in the shadow of the barge stained. go back. From the beginning to see,louis vuitton bags australia online. Pure ink stained faded to add desolate!Called my work: twenty-five years scrawly handwriting. time is innocent,物流成经济! It gives equal blank with any person,南水北调中. someone to enduring hardship, people used to enjoy the joy of. and most sad way, there are many confused people mang clip without touching passively swim in the crowd. no feet,louis vuitton outlet sale. No heart. Face only two empty hole. is a field in all light falling behind a big rain, always in the window rotating mean wind. also has a small, slit two fan not shut the shutters left by. the wind, after all, to find a breakthrough, roared into a canyon Department crack. carnival, noise and a trembling heart fear. brush inside the soft heart,冷链物流发展 有望坚持年均25%高速增加 _ 行业消息 _ 行业资讯 _ 中国专用汽车网(专汽之都). All in the notebook in mind, all left in the land of the dust, and smallpox on a cobweb, sofa bottom moldy. And those dark dark red, I do not know is blood or other happy red paste. woke up. All wake up. rotation in the flaw in the. In the air. With every once the light if the haze, such as static autumn say bye bye. is a world Beng collapse. Another world to dig up. everything to be reborn. But creator. Only the guardian of his own bitter fruit of brewing. and hid in the universes most deep and cold groan.

Love empty eyes without my girlfriend - emotional

(the Department of network original bosom friend, please do not reprint without permission) The 28 year old Chen Xu, recently a bit depressed, the reason is his girlfriend recently performance makes him some confused. a year ago, after a friend introduced him to Zhang Wen. Zhang Wen is not only beautiful people, the figure is all right, even the dress also have a special taste. At first glance he of Zhang Wen moved heart. while he was chasing girls way no more special, but as long as he about Zhang Wen out, whether to eat,Master tea, see a movie or go shopping, she agreed. Even the Valentines day he disguised as a courier to send red roses to her company, she also did not oppose. Insist on such a small half a year, he felt that girls have a crush on him. So,婚礼当天我,louis vuitton outlet sale, in a way to see the film, he took the initiative to hold Zhang Wens hand. In hand, Chen Xu feel the love relationship between two people should be determined. He is more dedicated to Zhang Wen. Regardless of holidays, or to the field trip,louis vuitton australia online, will bring her a gift. have the Spring Festival period, he was sent to the field in three months. Every day at least two phone greeting her, care for her. She also as usual, and his talk about irrelevant things, see the mountains. He occasionally make fun of her in the micro letter,louis vuitton outlet sale, call her. Her interest to will answer him. Whenever I hear his girlfriend called him, sweet voice on the phone, he would feel very comfortable. just a few months later, back to the flavor from the initial sweet, Chen Xu began to feel that something is wrong. Every date are their own initiative, although Zhang Wen never denied. But she did not actively about yourself. Every time the phone, micro letter to chat, have almost all their own initiative to contact her, but she rarely take the initiative to contact their. If the beginning is the girls shy and reserved, you can also understand. But, two people a year, she is still so. This is too weird! also, every date of her always light. Not too much excited expression, also did not reveal any dissatisfaction. His intuition is not concerned with his own girlfriend,, as if never entered their heart. Is the only every time chat, occasionally a feeling also very soon. Sometimes, he tried to ingratiate themselves with his girlfriend, but she always inadvertently interrupted, and quickly transfer topic. at the beginning of April, Chen Xugang just from the fort back to this department. In the company of the meeting, the report on his work, his mobile phone suddenly received a text message is sent to a girlfriend, she was not only very rarely take the initiative to contact their own, also about seven p.m. to her home for dinner. But the company had arranged for him the honor feast, but under he had to push his girlfriend for dinner. in the evening, he returned home has more than ten points. At this time, and his girlfriend received a phone, still he would hurry to her house. He thought his girlfriend also like herself Miss anxious, hurriedly take her elaborate gifts, went to her house. When he arrived, he found himself embroiled in a dispute. when he arrived, his girlfriend door ajar. Always not Xinu >

Exclusive 4 kinds of special crowd sex zone

for ,Common causes of epilepsy is what _ registered Weifang epilepsy love environment, we can not lump together, not every day sex is spent on the bed. Different people should have their own the most special sex area,Master not out let her coquetry, 3 trick,louis vuitton outlet sale, the total can not in one place, let original characteristic themselves become more unusually. wild man: on the roof Factors will not a good inside existed, more is in room heart in the roof . This kind of wild,louis vuitton outlet sale, the most suitable person is open sex, so the roof is your best choice. but the need to pay attention to is, if your roof in the open area is just, as in between the buildings, their buildings and not the highest, that in order not to , was quickly for a place! bold human: in the theater in a romantic midnight, with the beloved girl, to an adult cinema to see a midnight movie. With there secretly Dengying, ambiguous ambience and atmosphere, but also the surrounding unfamiliar faces, jump restless and longing heart. when the midnight scene lens, then have a look you to be on tenterhooks body. May wish to seize the opportunity, in the darkness of the theater, the attack on her / him, because in a in addition, the night is deep, why not put down the usual prudish or really frowsty coquettish, tight on the original spring, thoroughly and have a good time? Mensao people: in the car. take a lover, to bring two long-distance train sleeper tickets, there will be amazing sex to oh. Maybe the excited heart couldnt restrain, at this time, you can not help but sad Mimi climbed the other bed, preheating in the warm quilt. The slightly swaying coach, that twittering sound and train bang when the bang when interleaving sound,louis vuitton bags 2015, when not set a melodious whistle,Dont eat too much fat sex., the special effects will certainly be able to give you the stimulation of run. brilliant man: at Beach if you live in the cold north, might as well buy a plane ticket, do you make an hour can be arrived at the sex classic exit beach, warm as spring environment, no friends and within , only the beloved person to accompany, also >

The thirteen recruit the most exciting sex posture

,louis vuitton uk outlet store; when you encounter of cold , what should you do? Maybe you can try the absolute privacy AV! Today 126 health network Xiaobian for you details of the stimulation of sex sexual intercourse six moves, I hope useful for you! ,Extreme temptation challenge limit - mens sexual aesthetic information - Guangz; the first moves: the creation of betrayal",A woman should learn to use the mysterious make sexual life more perfect; feel of doesnt want to put you to go bad, but you have to admit that the affair brought about by the sexual pleasure is far more than the public lover brings. This is also necessary to explain, many affair person is not intentionally! Of course, you cannot really go carry on a clandestine love affair? But tonight you want to enjoy the betrayal brought excitement, how to do? you can take her along to your good friend or classmate home home,louis vuitton outlet sale, a secretly sex in a strange room. Tension that fear of being constantly found that will let you feel the infinite stimulation. Remember afterwards to help people to clean up! second moves: sweet car believes that the way we are not unfamiliar, with the increase of private cars,louis vuitton outlet canada, in the car to enjoy sex has been many private car owners homely food. Maybe a few years, good friends among the popular question is: dude, you today the car yet? for the skill is not specifically account, the most critical is to have a spacious compartments, window glass also has strong concealment. also, not every wild wild are suitable for parking, so please pay attention to the car before the observation about the environment,The new law of high risk and high hot sex boxing hand, do not break the traffic rules, evoking the police or management personnel that would be too embarrassed! third moves: wash the edge to do most people are familiar with this scene. Some in the bathtub had sexual experience, others in the shower room. Toilet should be second personality love except in the bedroom place, if you are yet to try, then act now, or it will be too out! fourth moves: outdoor camping WildSex dont really honest thought you around that special love camping guy is love nature Alice, although polls show 40%>

In addition to go to outside the boyfriend to borr

Readers letters this time is really very confused, do not know this feeling to continue whether is correct. I am 23 years old this year, my boyfriend of 25 years old, I met him on the Internet last year, after the meeting has asked me to be his girlfriend, said friends with female friend, girlfriend can do some intimate action. Then the day I promise. (he said before the company for two years girlfriend also met second days to start contacts, said to believe that our feelings will be more long-term. He had had three girlfriends., the long years, is the woman raises.) October 4th he asked,引起癫痫病的病因详细解答_潍坊癫痫挂号, I hadnt promised him. Both know not. Almost November we happened relationship. What happened in one or two every months almost later. is the month I visited his home, his parents also to me. this affection let me the most confused since communication is the eight months that he never bought me what gift, but occasionally I bought for him. Sometimes he didnt have the money to spend, always borrow money from me, though not many, dozens of pieces of one hundred or two hundred, but never have I. Go out with him to eat in fact mostly from me. Used to work in the printing factory, from the beginning of April will not go. 15 this month, inadvertently to his space,宝宝夏天咳, he gave me a message to love him, to his messages to be deleted, asked him why. He said I Big deal, this is normal and he often deleted. Then my classmate got another thing to tell me I made friends with him in April with a small (he did not know that is my friend), even for a newly added near the netizen says his girlfriend, need a girlfriend. (before micro-blog also happened, I found out later, he told me this is make fun of, will not do). because of this cold war nearly half a month, 15, the beginning of the cold war, who also didnt contact who, 20, he asked me Is it right? End like this, I didnt answer, always ask why he told my friend say,louis vuitton outlet qatar, he always say no. I dont believe. And then the cold war to the 27, I find him, because I think if a relationship even this ridge are not in the past that too fragile (before we have quarrelled) so Im a little forgive him. He asked if I had not wanted to have sex last night. I said no. he thought I let accompany him 28 nights, and want to borrow money from me. So I am confused, hell speak to me because to solve physical problems and to borrow money? And with him like other couples like to play which often eat only what,louis vuitton bags uk sale, sometimes at night to open the real will stay together. Rest during the day without work basically didnt stay together. I hadnt promised him, 28 night and did not take the initiative to find me. I most can not stand is that he always borrows money from me (you can say I mean), he also like other borrowing money from a friend,louis vuitton bags malaysia online,不低微的, but it should have. Or that he put me in a different position, so borrowed money can not also, do not understand? Or marital property is common not have this feeling? He didnt know I dislike to him of this. There is another point, he >

A male teacher bed power overbearing unexpectedly

/ ,Jackie Chan Joan Lin eight star couple luxury PK : Ya Qing Rui Yan Yaqing, Hello! I am very tangled. I this year 25 years old, and one is nine years older than me man. Together three months later at his request, we had a close relationship. He is a university teacher,louis vuitton artsy bag outlet, we work in the same unit (I am in the school personnel department). Because the job needs, he wanted to work in another city for a year. When he first started to work outside and every day I will call. But since he wanted my virginity, showed his amazing bed work later, even a week do not contact me. I was very angry, he said the reason is very far fetched, said remember when contacting me,louis vuitton handbags discount sale, are generally very busy, so I decided to break up with him. Now insist on more than half a month, but I think I still miss him very much! What should I do? Masaharu answer: you can think of him, the problem is that he doesnt want you. Otherwise, why doesnt he contact you? Clearly he doesnt love you, do you think he also have what use? Think, prove your love for him is true,louis vuitton spain sale, he did not want to, because he was not ready and you develop. The result is clear, you can choose to continue to devote themselves to be deceived, can also be turned around to find a suitable person to go down, or,Dont forget to ice Black Tea - Essay story - Prose Log essay - Article Reading Network, a single time calm calm. As for that suits you, your choice! : Liu Qing I graduated to government agencies, work during the busy reading in-service degree, degrees, a year ago, just jump to a software company. These a few years, because the study work pressure is too heavy, and the husband decided not to have children, and living conditions of it again. unexpectedly, small life became a casual visitor. I very contradictory, children, career was interrupted, to find such a good job in the future very difficult. Dont let life, overthrowing the husband agreed, by all means, even move out of both parents to coerce me. All the people say, I have no right to do the children off, I have to for the elderly, as a husband, family. a thought of these things, I have a heavy heart. Can you give me an answer, I really have no independent decision to the rights of the child? Masaharu answer: bear irreplaceable and unavoidable responsibility in reproductive events. In order to fertility,Found that her boyfriend female friends much whether hidden Emotional story - emotional Channel - Sa, in a certain time, she must change their nature of work or content: the office equipment such as no or less contact with computer, copier; late pregnancy needs to rest, delivery for lactation child must stop working. In addition, she will face the danger of health and life, this is even commercial insurance will be excluded from coverage beyond the. Although as mothers, they have the obligation to undertake these adverse child, but in todays competitive society, faced with the birth of the womens occupation and health risks and how to guarantee? These risks since the origin of bear, that why they cant have independent decision birth and not right?

I put my girlfriend desire strikes dragged into th

desire struck I take girl friend dragged into the woods indulgence netizens letters: chat network know this city a girl, feel character chat congenial, so we stay with each other on the phone, I called her every day, every call very happy to have a feeling of regret we didnt meet sooner. Finally I couldnt help hearts desire, meet and chat about her, she is very readily agreed. We arranged to meet at the park on the stone stool, she felt that this girl is what I want to see for the first time, I want to be her boyfriend. In my quest, a week later she really became my girlfriend. Then we began to frequent date, have a date before we chat about the ambiguous on the phone, I make fun of to say the meeting must take her to eat, she said not afraid I eat her, afraid that I cant publicly captured her. we date again to park grove,louis vuitton handbags sale outlet, we intentionally walk to the small woods,代办加盟的, where almost no one, on the ground everywhere is toilet paper and condoms, I make fun of saying, here is really hook up holy ah. She thought she might mean to leave, I dumped her hold in the arms. With the hot hands caressed her Shuangfeng, she Jiao whisper side half and I kissed. We begin the more crazy, when I touched her found she didnt wear underwear, cannot resist the temptation of naked,赤裸裸的官, we in the woods in the passion. I think, this girl suitable for female friends, girls do not wear underwear really fantastic, I really afraid that one day she would betray me, sleeping with another man, this time and I get along, I feel her wild bear. How to do, should I give her? -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- from Hello: taboo. You are met through the network based on the topic, and to chat and dating not understand each others situation is in the attraction. And she chat very congenially, you feel regret we didnt meet sooner, so have a strong friendship between each other. This shows that your first impressions of each other very well, enough to attract the attention of the other party. It was originally a good start,cheap louis vuitton,5000亿市场 30%纯利润 你还不举动?, but you did not like the life meet lovers do for his girlfriend to comprehensively understand. You have more exchanges and only on the Internet, many difficult or false words can wanton said to each other, to create a false impression to each other, especially the spiritual emptiness of the people more can let the person think you impure purposes. your relationship almost hook up, you throw the bait, she may take the bait, hence two people fit in easily with it in public made cheating. Your objective was achieved, but emotionally but worry worry a lot, think this girl is not serious, after the fear she will cheat. In fact, this is all you want to post an excuse to pat the buttock to leave. do not wear underwear dating girls, parks set up field boy,louis vuitton handbags outlet online, you have tarnished. Have no who to who wrong, you from the beginning should not walk to arrive together, irresponsible > you

Shuangfeng sex let each other passion intolerable

in sex , we are always looking for Sexy band , and carries on the stimulus, to help us achieve increased pleasure, to run. In many sexy women belt, only and breast organ tied for the highest sensitive region. Specifically, the papilla and sexual organs. Some womens nipples are very sensitive, even if the Yin stems not insert, as long as the nipples can reach orgasm caress. however, nipple although is the most sensitive area,深夜如何开, but if the total in the same way stimulation. When the nipple to adapt this kind of stimulation, will become unconscious. So, we should avoid to always use the same way, try using a different way of stimulation. 1, the palms of the hands and gently rub for double palm gently, is one of the most commonly used to stimulate breast way. Double palm soft breasts, refers to the use of hands knead breasts, but remember not to be too hard. The breast is very delicate, some male in order to seek stimulation,ぺ啪梩邁懈虜赽掩楠嶇尨笲-⑦阨①覜恅悝厙, forcibly knead breasts, not only failed to achieve the effect, but let the breast injury. First of all, the entire breast covered by fingers,louis vuitton handbags 2015, finger caught again slowly caress nipples. Sometimes strong, sometimes weak, like playing the musical. 2 finger stimulation, in addition to the use of the whole hand, we can also caress with fingertips. Finger with the curve of the breast from top to bottom and gently stroked, the nipple gently circle. At the beginning of the nipple on the shortness of touching, and then converted to slowly stroking the nipple. Then the fingertips to gently stroked, the index finger and thumb to gently pinch nipples. At this time,louis vuitton handbags 2014,出轨男人无, may be slightly speed up, the first touch to the right and then turn to the left, and also should pay attention to the urgency degree. 3,louis vuitton discount online, your breath attack of course, not just the fingers, lips of breast >

Great foreplay bring incomparable happiness

sex flame, learn to fantastic foreplay, can bring the incomparable happiness to you oh! teases and seduce man is not seen passion pictures,cheap louis vuitton handbags for sale, see as naked as when one was born woman had very high desire. They also need to be teased,酒瘾:可能, lured. However,louis vuitton handbags online, the man is also very fragile, the age of sexual impulse response time grew, also gradually elongated, dont lift pressure is more and more heavy. Good woman at this time,槻溺葎採壓, should know how to use kissing and caressing, and lover together into the situation. indirect stimulation of sex before the start, even if male has proudly blooming, women also dont immediately toward the key parts of the attack. Man glans, Yin capsule and will Yin is very sensitive,real louis vuitton bags, stimulation over the head,8大麻辣招, only afraid early search mysterious region With a sensitive in the exploration of stimulation, dont forget the mans hair, no matter is the Oriental man rare chest hair, beard and moustache or extending from the lower abdomen, into the next Yin body hair, or do things recklessly, carefully feeling body and female hairy man smooth skin is so different. Just like in the Qin, women can try to use the lightest touch companion hair force. With the tongue between the game in hair, skin friction beard with their delicate and Hu residue, can bring a partner to completely different sensory stimulation. the delicate body parts medial thigh skin is one of the most sensitive place for our body. In this piece of skin is very thin, usually by stimulating the little area, with the tongue lick is the best choice. If you want to give her more stimulus, lick after blowing cool can let her become more hot. A discreet ankle this position is nerve reflex experts for the treatment of frigidity < >

Congenital epilepsy is _ Weifang epilepsy what cau

congenital is what causes it? In fact,louis vuitton handbags on sale, congenital epilepsy is called idiopathic epilepsy, epilepsy is a common species of secondary and primary. Although more and more people suffering from epilepsy, but the patients of epilepsy is not very understanding. Congenital epilepsy is what causes it? How to treat epilepsy? Are these patients were most concerned about the issue, the following, please the hospital authority epilepsy experts to introduce! congenital epilepsy is what causes it? Primary epilepsy disease (congenital epilepsy) and genetic related, along with the progress and development of medical science and technology, I believe some of the past can not found the cause of disease, can now find. What are the congenital? According to the authoritative epilepsy experts are as follows: , cerebrovascular disease: in addition to vascular malformation occurrence of seizures when younger, epilepsy, cerebrovascular disease, more common in the elderly. Hemorrhagic and ischemic cerebrovascular disease all can cause epilepsy in women. two, nutritional and metabolic diseases: hypoglycemia, coma of diabetes, hyperthyroidism, vitamin B6 deficiency can cause female seizures. three, degenerative diseases: such as tuberous sclerosis, Alzheimers disease etc. there are also common in epilepsy. four, congenital diseases: such as abnormal chromosome,louis vuitton handbags outlet store, inherited metabolic disorders, brain malformation and congenital hydrocephalus, etc.. five: closed cerebral trauma, injury may occur after epilepsy; severe brain injury and openness to a higher incidence of epilepsy. six, infection: exudate in the influence of various encephalitis, meningitis,女人的兵器, brain abscess in the acute phase of congestion, edema, toxin and blood can cause female seizures,louis vuitton bags 2015, heal the scars and adhesion formation after may also be epileptic foci; parasites,他说不能从, such as brain cysticercosis of cerebral schistosomiasis, is also a common cause of women with epilepsy. seven: lead, mercury, carbon monoxide poisoning, poisoning, such as ethanol, and systemic disease such as hepatic encephalopathy,贝贝怡提示, hypertension, rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, uremia, can cause female seizures. eight, intracranial tumor: 30 years after the occurrence of epilepsy patients, in addition to the brain injury, brain tumor is the most common cause, especially the slow growth of the glioma, meningioma, astrocytomas etc.. congenital epilepsy is what causes, we already know, suffering from epilepsy must be early treatment for epilepsy, avoid the harm to produce more. Our institute is currently the best treatment of epilepsy choice, has the most advanced medical technology and expert team. If you have a question about congenital epilepsy, can always click our online experts!