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some in the form of mutual aid commune farm

   ■ reporter Sun Yi 76-year-old talk of the town is a retired science and technology workers, 40 years ago from his hometown in Sichuan to Beijing, lifetime and equipment to deal with, now, have to always be thinking about their own piece of side dishes. Son in northwest Beijing,,sito ufficiale moncler, a reality version of Happy Farm, rented a 30 square meters of vegetable, talk of the town became the actual person responsible for this vegetable. On Saturday, he was home from Xizhimen, sat two hours by bus, only to go except weeding vegetable, green peppers and carrots collection points. Lao Li said: In the beginning, his son wanted to get myself to eat a la carte, and later find that it is not realistic, although the year 1500 vegetable rent is not expensive, but the actual investment of time, energy and other costs to make these dishes to eat it is not worth it. In the dual role of the network happy farm boom and food safety issues frequent, Beijing, like other parts of the country, like the rise of small farms heat wave. Most of these small farms accept private lease, with some mutual friends in the name of collective management. Reporters in the survey found that those people who farm in the small farming, and not self-sufficient. Small farms, there is a place of many a misnomer. Worthwhile If this small piece of land pointing produced food supply table, it is too uneconomical. On Saturday, a man went to Phoenix Ridge talk of the town this small farm near Xizhimen, he took to the supermarket with a shopping trolley, bus sitting, swinging two hours. This land is the son get 1500 dollars a year lease, he said, want to eat their own kind of fresh vegetables, seed point whatever. But he rarely come, usually me, probably one week it twice. While talk of the town passed seventy years of age, but in good health, tends piece of 30 square meters of side dishes, the amount of labor for him is not a big problem. However, he felt that for this a la carte, little worth. You see, one morning, I received so little pepper. Talk of the town to reporters saw him produce ground peppers,, tall and only one-third of the general market, green peppers, and small size, not many This small green peppers, just enough to pay for two meals. Lao Li said he now put in the ground and crafts dishes entirely as a form of entertainment, or a gym, I usually go with the Purple Bamboo Park Liu Wan same. In this small farm, such as the talk of the town is actually a lonely laborer little more vegetable is an enjoyable one. Deshengmenwai the Lao Feng, who lives on children with his wife and friends came together a small farm. Small Yanyan friends daughter is only 6 years old, little one enjoy it, hastened to carrying buckets, to vegetable watering. Lao Feng has retired, he started from 2008 in this small farm vegetables,, seeing a little bit of small farms developed. It was not a few vegetable, and now more and more, with a lot of neighbors are already familiar with. Lao Feng said he basically come every weekend, and generally are one family, a lot of neighbor is also are with the family, especially a child over, we are all to play for. Reporters found that this area of about 200 acres of small farm on Saturday to dozens of families, almost every family with a child child. Now, whether suburb attractions or farmhouse,tn requin 2013, many people go anywhere, climb a Xiangshan, also crowded. This small farms, although that is a vegetable garden, but few people,peuterey saldi, the air is also good to take the kids to play,woolrich sito, and more point of life experience, this is the purpose of it. If this small piece of land pointing produced food supply table, its too uneconomical. Not rich Vegetable escrow fees are high, sent home a single type of food, dishes will still get together. This week,peuterey napoli, two copies of the people booked in winter, you will receive 8 pounds parsley In this small farm,outlet moncler lombardia, 1500, you can get a year of 30 square meters of land use rights, the seeds should be planted required season, no more than 300 pounds of fertilizer, water and necessary implements and tools, and technical guidance. Other farms, some by month and area charges. For example, 10 square meters, three months accrue, rent per square meter of land according to the conditions (if no greenhouses, etc.) were divided into five yuan, 8 yuan, 10 yuan range (per square meter per month). Look, this is the full cost of 1500 yuan, it is not true. Lao Feng simple to reporters just T account, the most important is the toll from Deshengmenwai home to a small farm, one way takes about 35 km around, back and forth is 70 km Press 100km 8 liters calculation, 70 km is almost six liters of oil, according to the current 7.61 yuan per liter of oil computing, oil money is a small 50 yuan. Furthermore, from Deshengmenwai to Phoenix Ridge, in order to spend less time, whether it is the route through the West Sixth Ring or Beijing-Tibet Expressway, to spend the high-speed toll. In fact, this income is not enough oil money ordering it. During the investigation, more than one tenant, said something similar. Beijings small farms scattered in all the suburbs, the reporter recently encountered small farms are Tongzhou Zhangwan, Shandong,peuterey outlet bologna, about 30 km from Tiananmen Square. In addition to travel expenses, Lao Feng said that they generally do not use seed farms, but better to buy their own species. Tolls, seeds and other costs, Feng was able to withstand that down, but the actual loss of vegetable more than that. Farm agricultural technicians say that there is guidance, in fact, they hired some farmers, the farmers are not the same point of view, I encountered, one day, one person said the ground water, and the other says not watering . Due to lack of proper and timely guidance, Lao Feng ground vegetables, although gratifying, but poor quality. You see,, this cauliflower, really grow into a flower, and is not delicious. Lao Feng cauliflower hands no longer hold together. While the cauliflower is not good or bad, but Lao Feng ground cabbage,, radish or harvest. Because the weather is getting cold, Feng was afraid of frozen vegetables, and intend to collect some more, Its time to close so much, certainly not eat, go back and have to give relatives and friends are points a minute. Lao Feng said, in a small farm growing vegetables, although the harvest, it is difficult to really butt table at home, there are growing vegetables in the growth period, we came here in addition to weeding, applying fertilizer, watering , can not take anything harvest but mature way,,modelli moncler uomo, you look at this cabbage, radish, all can be collected, the addition, which finished eating ah! Unable to do so due to the fine planning, Lao Feng and his neighbors who get together often encounter harvest. Lao Feng said that the small farms also provide escrow vegetable, food home delivery service, but charge higher vegetable escrow, and send home a single type of food will still get together. Reporters saw, sending the farm on the site this week kind of dish is coriander. If booked two copies winter,, food money 1280 yuan, home delivery charge the 500 yuan, so will receive 20 weeks, once a week to send food to-door service, every 8 pounds. And this week, two copies of the public to book the winter, you will receive 8 pounds parsley. Incompleteness If places have each lounge, and then there is a small kitchen and a small living room, myself busy, you can rest your feet, do cooking, it is so beautiful After a busy morning, Feng was inevitably some hungry,peuterey hurricane, but he did not intend to dine on small farms, but ready to go home and then do something with todays crop of rice. This small farm is no restaurant, only cafeteria, eating in general, and doing things that are not my own species, even meaningless. In accordance with the idea of Lao Feng, if they can support a number of facilities in small farms, for example, each felled lounge, then there is a small kitchen and a small living room, myself busy, you can rest your feet, do cooking, produce their own stuff immediately able to eat into his mouth, That is so beautiful. Lao Feng feel that their ideas may be a bit surreal, but in fact, many small farms lessee, had a similar idea, vegetables, eat, play train. Investigation, the reporter encounters Daxing District Qingyun Town COAG director Li Lijun, he is with investors examine the status of Beijings small farm, and intends to build a 600 acre Qingyundian farm. This farm is unlikely to develop into a farmhouse. said, For agricultural land, the new national policy introduced in recent years, is to allow the construction of approximately 3% of the area of the facilities. We have some farm planning facilities such as catering services and the like, but never made the farmhouse as, or hotels, resorts and the like. Whether Phoenix Ridge, or Tongzhou, Daxing small farms are to operate for the purpose of the general public to accept the lease. Many rural life with a dream city, in fact, prefer to have their own farm. However, investment in private farms, the average person can not afford, some in the form of mutual aid commune farm, the actual purpose of the operation,woolrich giacca uomo, Happy Farm The difference is very small. On a well-known forum, users old Emperor on the post at the beginning of this year, said he found a piece of land in Hebei, intends kinds la carte, raise chickens and pigs point, hoping to find someone to take the help of occupation. Old King posts on the forum response is not small, he frequently updated content, send farm construction or planting, breeding progress and so on. Released from the post in the photographs, the old imperial farms already have accommodation. Currently,, traffic has over 40,000 posts, reply to a few more than 800, there are many who take the help of occupation. Reporters in a telephone interview, Old King, he said, at first just wanted to do something for yourself, friends, and later enthusiasm particularly large, so we began to accept help take occupation. However, the reporter found that old Emperor at the Forum publicly released a subscription plan, such as adoption 10 chickens, costs 1,000 yuan, the year 1000 can be divided into eggs. There are packages to grow vegetables is 10 yuan / square meter / year, others such as pigs, fruit trees, etc. can be subscribed. Even farm eggs and vegetables also provide delivery services into Beijing. Not certified There are some small farms directly labeled organic agriculture base name, as a major selling point to attract the lessee Without considering the economic factors, the presence of small farms is one of the purposes for the city to provide a reliable, healthy food. Phoenix Ridge on site at the foot of the small farms, there is a lessee post, announced its own calculation of organic food accounts, to discuss a two homes, eating organic foods, whether in the economic plan uneconomical. Conclusion: Consumer health and safety of food and not much spending money. Although this small farm in the title and did not emphasize organic, but this is obviously the name of the lessee posting small farm produced vegetables, as organic foods. In the course of the investigation reporter found that some small farms directly labeled organic agriculture base name,moncler uomo outlet, as a major selling point to attract the lessee. In the food safety issues frequent background, organic food seems to have been found to be a safer, healthier food, is not so. An agricultural expert, told reporters that so far, no strong evidence that organic food is more nutritious healthy. Experts said,peuterey giubbotti uomo prezzi, In the eyes of some ordinary consumers, organic food and green, pollution-free food, in fact, the concept is confusing. In fact, organic food production must meet some basic requirements, such as: the production base is not used in the last three years, pesticides, fertilizers and other prohibited substances; seeds or seedlings from nature, without genetic engineering transformation too; the need to establish a long-term production units land fertility, plant protection, crop rotation and livestock breeding programs; production base without soil erosion and other environmental problems, etc. Moreover, organic food production and processing must establish a strict quality management system, production process control system and tracking system, it generally requires the conversion period. This conversion process usually takes 2-3 years before they can be approved for organic food. After only meet a series of certification examination, organic food was only admitted to the representative of the legal status of the green paste bud-like logo. Person in charge of the Phoenix Heights earlier this small farm in an interview, said: We do not do dishes certification, our system is involved in certification, certification because China itself is a problem, but people of certification itself Trust between, since we established this trust, why we need to do authentication? And in Tongzhou and Daxing two other small farms, the reporter did not get conclusive evidence about organic food. Reporters saw a small farm where the herbicide bottle, while another small farm on the sale of eggs box did not see the green certification logo.

and are no procedures for transfer

Five Chinese newspaper (Reporter correspondent Weiqing Fang Yeshi Xin) yesterday,taglie woolrich,, who lives east of the town,woolrich outlet padova, accompanied by five County 15-year-old girl Zengmou plum his family,costo woolrich, and finally got 13,800 yuan compensation from the perpetrators Lee undertaking hands. This is due to the perpetrators were missing and dragged 11-year accident case, the five County Public Security Bureau police brigade police efforts, and finally draw a satisfactory conclusion. Things dating back to 1998,woolrich arctic parka uomo, May 13 5:00 pm This year,woolrich outlet italy, the town east of Wuhua Zengmou Teng lug tofu sell flowers to a nearby high school, his 4-year-old granddaughter Zengmou plum ahead ,, just across the street when the door to go to school,woolrich bologna cadriano,, was a red plum Zengmou Jialing motorcycle suddenly knocked down the perpetrators immediately fled the scene, the injured have been rushed to the town Zengmou plum hospitals,, county hospital and City Peoples Hospital, in the hospital for almost two months, spent more than 20,moncler outlet trebaseleghe,000 yuan. After the accident, five County Public Security Bureau police brigade trying to find the perpetrators,moncler giubbotti uomo, but as the investigation deepens,,woolrich bologna outlet,, found the car and its owners, and are no procedures for transfer,giacche moncler donna,, the day after police car hit painstakingly identify The little girl escape the five water Zhaizhen Lee County,giubbotti peuterey uomo prezzi, but his whereabouts are unknown after the incident. 11 years, involved in handling this case from the Traffic Accident police even after mobilization, five County Public Security Bureau was transferred to the main leaders have repeatedly changes, but the traffic police department to find the whereabouts of Lees work has not been relaxed. Until August of this year, five County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade police in five Chinese county a stall selling chickens found stem from the self-employed did not take long for Lee. The past two months, police in spite of the hard work back and forth on Zengmou plum and Lee home,giubbotti uomo peuterey, coordinated by Lee Mei-time compensation Zengmou 13,,800 yuan.

it can not determine its identity.

The old man told the court,taglie woolrich parka, the court found significant fault bus company See the bus driver kept chatting with passengers, 82-year-old passenger has drivers do hinder Wang Jiangsheng feel safe, then stepped forward to stop. However,, not only the driver ignored his offer, but also in exchange for a chat with the driver that two passengers kicked. Meanwhile, the elderly do not want to get off, and that two people actually carrying the old man he dropped out of the car. The two young men because they can not, he put the bus company to court. Good thing he was playing for the elderly Wang Jiangsheng old was born in 1927, the afternoon of January 1 this year, he was riding a bus company bus to Tangshan. When the car driving to Tangshan Big Wheel when the old man was found with two young passengers sitting in the cab with the driver talk. Wang old man is a very enthusiastic person, he felt doing so would pose a security risk drivers, then immediately went over to chat and asked the driver to do the two young men. Elderly people did not expect that,portafoglio tiffany, after the driver just looked at the old man,prezzi scarpe hogan, laughing again, and young people, and the king of the gas, but the old man, said to be a complaint. Then you go ah complaints! The driver did pay any attention to the elderly. And then,moncler outlet padova, that two young men immediately stood out,woolrich blizzard parka, but also gave old age has been great, an elderly down and kick kicks. The car to the supermarket after the Tangshan Su fruit, due to old refuses to get off to go to the complaint, he was carrying two young passengers out of the car floor. Pedestrians can not see past the police The bus driver neither stop nor the police to put the car drove away! The king said the old man,,giacconi moncler, old man lying in the street at this time,hogan bambina 35, some pedestrians can not see past the police. Police rushed to the scene,, the king of the old man to the hospital immediately for treatment. Old man was diagnosed with a concussion, the body multiple soft tissue contusion, spent nearly 1500 yuan for medical expenses. After the incident, Wang old man repeatedly found the bus company to claim compensation, but did not get satisfactory answers, in June this year,, the old man of the bus company to court. Jiangning District Court after hearing that,, the king of the old man of the facts does exist. But the court also found that the original defendant,, both said they did not know that cause elderly injured two young passengers,piumini moncler outlet, it can not determine its identity. On the court, the defendant argued that the bus company,, the plaintiff Wang old man injured due contradiction with passengers caused by its staff did not injury the plaintiff, so it should not be responsible, to dismiss the plaintiffs claim. Court sentenced wrong bus company After the court hearing that the defendant Wang old man riding the bus companies operating buses,outlet hogan civitanova marche, the bus company that the obligation to provide security. Wang old man because the bus driver to stop the violations,giubotti moncler donna,, and was the same car two unidentified young man beaten, bus drivers and crew members are neither appropriate measures to stop the police also did not take, so that the king old man was wounded, two young infringement people escape injury after the loss of the king old man, bus companies should bear the corresponding liability. Due to the existence of obvious fault bus companies, so the king old man ask the bus companys request for compensation for medical expenses, court support. After the bus companies to take responsibility,nike tn requin site officiel, you can recover the tortfeasor. Because the king old man claims payments, travel expenses failed to provide appropriate evidence, so the court will not support. Recently, Jiangning District Court of first instance verdict,moncler online outlet, sentenced the bus company to compensate the king old man nearly 1500 yuan for medical expenses. (Department of text characters pseudonym) correspondent Express reporter Limeng Ya River study

Wang what is not dry

December 4,hogan scarpe, police in crime scene investigation the suspect Wang Qiang Wei suspects that the suspect Zhang Jie Suspect due to lack of money to spend Jie, 3 90 plotting to kidnap to get money. 17-year-old Wang proposal kidnap their friend,tn requin pas cher, so she and her boyfriend drove strong guard that will work in Inner Mongolia --21-year-old woman friend Jo (plum) Pianzhi qingjian, together with another friend Jie to irrigation drunk alive. Good start to prepare. Come dig the way the money or a friend It is understood that the victim called the plum Jo, 21, is the Yulin City Yuyang who had to work during the Inner know that 20-year-old Qiang Wei (qingjian County, born in 1990), 17 years old Wang (female, Inner Mongolia, born in 1993) and 20-year-old Zhang Jie (qingjian County, born in 1990). Wang Qiang Wei that is less than a year to get to know his girlfriend at the time working in Inner Mongolia. Two months ago,woolrich roma, Qiang Wei that, Wang, Zhang Jie trio conspired to kidnap individuals get some money. November 16, in the town of Hai Tao flag Narin Hotel wage Jo Tae Wang to call,woolrich prezzi, said his brother is getting married on November 21, the boss can not give false wanted Wang top classes. A Jos brother to marry, reckoned Cao should have some money, they are plotting to kidnap her boyfriend Wang Qiang Wei said that rather than kidnapped plum. So they drove to Yijinhuoluo help recover wages and convince plum plum resigned, inviting it to go qingjian Wanji Tian. On the way,abercrombie homme, Qiang Wei Jie greet want it to its good start to prepare. November 18, Wang and his party to follow plum qingjian county. On the way, Qiang Wei that the car ran out of gas, or plum dig 200 yuan plus oil. 19, Zhang Jie also rushed qingjian county, morning four people dined together. Afternoon, Zhang Jie pretended romance,, poor mood to drink, plum also let them dig up 100 yuan to buy two cases of beer. After that, Qiang Wei that was driving them to play on Beacon Hill. Whats said to me, When a friend before the killer also killed Qingjian County Public Security Bureau, according to Interpol chief Zhou Xiaojian December 7 introduction: On Beacon Hill, this does not drink plum strong guard that, under forced to drink more beer bottle, he was driving drunk Qiang Wei. qingjian County near the old bus station to buy a shovel, and bought a sedative pill brain. That night, the trio prepared to plum buried alive on Beacon Hill, but it was through the mountains from time to time, drove it pulled away from the county qingjian Lama Temple on the mountain 10 miles near the village. On the way, Wang secretly wrote me too tied up message to the Qiang Wei that, then plum and Wang Jie took the hand of paper tied with tape. the Lama Hill, Qiang Wei and Zhang Jie was soon dug a pit on a hilltop. was force-fed with beer dozens of tablets sedative pills plum brain woke up this time,peuterey uomo, Zhang Jie Wang and plums to be pulled out his money and pretending to fight Wang,air max 90 pas cher, plum say whats said to me, do not make life difficult for Wang. When the body of the two bank cards were seized by mouth has also been sealed with adhesive tape after Jo realized that was wrong . plum picking Jie to be thrown into the pit, struggling to get up twice,hogan donna, were both down with the foot, the last being the last plum Qiang Wei that kick faint. That spade earth Qiang Wei, Zhang Jie stamped real, plum on a tightly buried quickly. They then threw some weeds do cover up, and put a stone on top mark. Then it Qiang Wei, Zhang Jie knees knock three heads. 100,000 ransom At first the family thought it was a prank After committing the crime Yulin Zhang Jie went to work,, and Wang Qiang Wei that go Shenmu, Inner Mongolia and then to play for a few days. November 21, returned after qingjian, Qiang Wei that magic sound with a cell phone to call home plum, plum said they kidnapped for ransom 100,,000. At first, the family thought it was a prank plum, plum brother when the wedding may have not seen before with a plum home emergency,louboutin uomo, reported the matter to the Public Security Bureau Yijinhuoluo. November 30,hogan outlet, Inner Mongolia police requested assistance qingjian detected. Qingjian division Yongfeng County Public Security Bureau, political commissar Guo Feng Interpol brigade immediately assigned full cracked the case. After 41 hours of Mo Pai police quickly locked it Qiang Wei, Zhang Jie, Wang has a major crime suspects. December 2 at noon, the police learned that the suspect is likely in urban withdrawals. Deputy director Liu Junsheng, Interpol chief Zhou Xiaojian deployed immediately in the bank waiting around qingjian urban surveillance. 14:12 Xu, in front of the red corner qingjian County Agricultural Bank ATMs, will come that withdrawals Qiang Wei, Wang captured. That night, the police turn to flee the city of Yulin Zhang Jie captured. After the trial, three suspects confessed to the crime. Currently, the three suspects XingJu. Yongfeng division, said: The case-provoking, especially the rural community after 90 serious lack of education worthy of attention after the suspects were arrested, one of them actually asked. Bet some money if you can go home , indicating that they Not only is the sheer ignorance and literacy. Dialogue suspects Wang: Now I discovered that my mind quite ruthless (Junior high school, the only daughter, basically outside mixed, not played work) Q: how do you suggest boyfriend kidnap your friend? Wang: boyfriend said lack of money,, I think plum tie. Q: There has been no thought of plum after you? King: No, at that time had only point of uncomfortable. Q: When the car picking plum Qiang Wei that, you know they want her buried alive? Wang: I know, my boyfriend said to me. Question: how did you persuade them not to stop it? Wang: It was not, but was a little uncomfortable, and now think of it kinda scared,,hogan donna, did not know his heart quite ruthless. Qiang Wei that: confused then just get some money (Did not graduate from elementary school, at home, is the second child, had a sister in Inner Mongolia during the work, he learned to repair the car. Before monthly salary of 3,000 yuan, after months alone profit million) Reporter: Why friends wretched,hogan interactive? Strong: lack of money to spend, people wanted to get some money tied. Reporter: Do you repair Income Ten thousand Yuan should not be short of money, ye also think people made money tied to it? Strong: Wang what is not dry, spent all the money. Note: on the road in your car out of oil, plus oil money is plum,, how wretched you bear? Strong: It was confused, are confused, just want to get some money. At that time, if there is one person and Wang Jie said,, Well, may receive hands. Zhang Jie: It was a little scared now very guilty (Youngest at home, on the second year, to an electronics factory workers in Guangdong, mastered the open forklift technology in Inner Mongolia and other places to work, a monthly salary of 3000 yuan) Reporter: You said a bad mood, go out and ask you to drink plum. Remember them when you bury her? Zhang: the day I drank three bottles of beer. Did not think about anything else, I am a friend to help. Note: to help a friend to kill can be considered to help? Zhang: just think of handling money, did not think too much. Q: When her feet stepped on to the pit you afraid? Zhang: It was a little scared, and finally the friends buried alive, and now think very guilty. Im sorry plum and her family, I hope they forgive me, I hope I do not learn their peers. This series of articles by reporter Zhang effective text / Chart

the reporter saw

Still can not get the project repeatedly beg for money, 58-year-old He Jikun left a suicide note to his wife, carries dichlorvos to debt collection. As he prepared to drink out of the bottle when his wife arrived a the bottle knocked due to soaring He Jikun emotional blood pressure was admitted to hospital. My husband left a suicide note to debt collection Some people beg for projects to drink poison. June 27 afternoon, the news in the northwest of the Golden Flower sweater commerce building on Changle Road convey. Day 16 am,, reporters rushed to the building,, just go on the 6th floor, there is an odor lunged pesticides. Then suddenly I heard someone shout:. Fast, first person to the hospital again, you see a train of high blood pressure, looked up,, 120 emergency personnel on stretchers being a man down. Then, in the 7th floor of an office door, the reporter saw a bottle of dichlorvos glass fragments. Site staff, said the boss is not that they are not aware of the situation. I have been sent by my husband, he called He Jikun, 58 years old this year. 16:40, reporters at Xijing Hospital emergency department saw the mans wife white road. White Road cried and said: After more than 10 points this morning, get up, I saw my husbands suicide note left on the coffee table, he said he went to collect debts and bought a bottle of dichlorvos, if you want to live to be less visible. These, I quickly phoned her husband, her husband said the results do not control him. When to drink poison by his wife rescued 13 pm the same day, when the white road again in touch with her husband, that her husband had come to the Northwest Golden sweater commerce building to the other side ready to beg for wages. Think of something bad, white road to drive in the past,moncler milano, hoping to stop him foolish. At the time, I just climbed to the seventh floor, saw her husband lying on the ground, holding a bottle ready to drink. In desperation,tn femme pas cher, I quickly rushed past the overturned a bottle. Says White Road Look to her husband pale, hastened to call the 120 emergency call. Xijing Hospital Center in the reporter learned that because emotional,hogan sito ufficiale, high blood pressure patients now, if not buck probably unexpected. White Road,abercrombie france, said he husband is the head of the Northwest Golden sweater Business Building 2 project,nike air tn requin, the whole project over 30,,000 square meters, has now been capped,, but started more than six months,tiffany outlet, the other side did not give a penny, all Loaning of his husband. Loan 1 million to produce 1 million interest, wages more than 70 million, 1.4 million owed to the steel section ......... this if they do not give money, Ill drink a dichlorvos once and for all. wrote in his testament. White Road on a contract offer,giubbotti moncler, the reporter saw, Party of the contract is up in Shaanxi armor Investment (Group) Co., Ltd.,peuterey,, B is the ancient capital of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Co.,, Ltd., the construction project is the Golden sweater Northwest Business Building Layer 8 --12 two layers (local to 13 layers), construction area of about 30,000 square meters. Contract date is October 5, 2010. On another proxy reporter saw the ancient capital of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. entrusted engineering construction site project manager. Can be resolved through legal channels White Road, said, contract rights and obligations of both parties are clearly defined, but the implementation process, Shaanxi armor up Investment Co.,louis vuitton borse, Ltd. has been scheduled payment according to the contract,woolrich donna, and that makes my husband go this way. Yesterday,nike tn pas cher, the reporter called Shaanxi armor up investment limited liability company responsible persons phone, the responsible person on the phone said: I owe him money in the end there, I said to myself it is not,spaccio woolrich,, this depends on the two sides of the contract and invoices , said that the count of mouth alone. If you have questions, you can be resolved through legal channels. Text / reporter Wang Tao

two people would not listen. One woman

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zheng Cheng Foshan, Xuejun photography correspondent reports: Two women at the same time like a man, a dispute rival took place after that meeting, then decided committed suicide together. They were flooded in to the chest when police district east Guicheng stone instructor Liangguo Ting rushed to the scene, struggling to pull them up. 4 in the morning,nike tn pas cher, so thrilling scene occurred within Guicheng a creek. Colleagues say Liangguo Ting has save brother, said,,nike tn femme, with these two, four years he has saved 10 people. At 7:45 on the 4th,woolrich prezzi, though not to the normal working hours, but the same as the former Liangguo Ting also call back to see if there is an emergency matter, on the phone, he had just received a report that said Guicheng stone ■ bridge is undergoing collective jumping into a river event, then immediately rushed to the scene from home. Liangguo Ting took only three minutes to reach the scene,peuterey outlet,, he found two women and a man under the bridge there is a total of three people are struggling in the river. You have to come up fast, dangerous good under,,moncler outlet,, what up properly, we help solve! The situation is critical, he persuaded the river side of the trio landed loudly, quickly took off his trousers side ready for launch. Seeing people come to the rescue, water, a woman (Xiamou) quickly swim to shore,giubbotti woolrich, the river while the other two are still struggling in the water, do not want to come ashore. Seeing this situation, Liangguo Ting immediately jumped into the river,, swam to the two side, continue to persuade them to come ashore as soon as possible, two people would not listen. One woman (Wu) did not want saved, even squat body will submerge themselves in the water. Liangguo Ting Wu eye grassland pulled the arm, while she continues to do ideological work, side pull it ashore. River man (Lee) seeing also followed on the shore. Later learned, Wu and colleagues Xiamou original relationship, but like the same man later became a rival. After at 3:30 on the 4th work, Wu Guicheng center of the village with friends for supper, then Xiamou just drink beer with friends. Xiamou drunk after a last push Wu,, Wus friend hit a slap in the summer, and then scolded both sides after some scattered. Then a friend called and told Wu Wu, Xiamou ready to jump into the river park guicheng Yihai recommended Wu rush to apologize. Wu immediately rush over to see Xiamou Xiamou indicated a wish committed suicide, Wu promised to accompany her to die on the spot together. Lee subsequently colleagues rushed to the scene and jumped into the river ready to save,, but the two are not willing to come ashore. Liangguo Ting conducted in ideological education for two after they are no longer represent anything silly,louboutin pas cher. We call him to save brother, and today these two,, he has saved 10 people up! About Liangguo Ting,hogan prezzi, colleagues called him save brother. Yangcheng Evening News reporter learned that Liangguo Ting, aged 37,gucci borse, from the police for 16 years. Since 2009,hogan donna, he has been rescued due to labor disputes,nike tn, such as jumping into a river or emotional conflicts,spaccio woolrich, 10 people committed suicide. (Original title: jumping into a river to save two rival police woman was actually advised not to fudge)

students of Computer Science

(Reporter intern reporter Xin Dong Cheng) Tips: exercisers teacher with children Please note: In order to protect the site from damage and exercise personal safety, non-skating venue in athletics, childrens vehicles, bicycles,, etc. all vehicles, kite flying and other sports to enter the venue. Recently, a place in the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the entrance to the stadium prompt card fueled concern that many users believe that physical education teacher wrote. Northern Sports Ministry when the teacher yesterday accept Beijing Youth Daily reporter, said that this is prompted not by a physical education teachers hands. Official Northern Micro: The God prompts to change the questions wrong sentences Forgive me for engineering students no culture,hogan online store, there is not even understand a word ...... Beihang University students recently, microblogging called Laverince in the microblogging uploaded a prompt card Northern stadium entrance, the text of the vehicle is prohibited. kite flying ball and other language does not meet the Chinese habit was friends known as Northern Martian language. Netizen exaggerated zx the ridicule to say, now has joined the entrance wrong sentences luxurious lunch. The Northern official microblogging really will prompt licensing content adapted into three topics entrance were wrong to find prompt card at redrafting Signage Content and accordingly an essay. User lara in microblogging these tips were then expanded to write,, exercisers (and) with a childs teacher,parajumpers soldes, please note: To protect the site from damage and exercise personal safety, is prohibited in athletics venue skating,nike tn femme, (forbidden) for children of all vehicles vehicles, bicycles, etc. (to enter the venue), (forbidden) to fly a kite, (non-portable) ball into the venue. Student: meaning can understand, no need too seriously Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in Northern Beiqing Bao stadium to see, almost every student admission cards will be in front of the crowd prompted a long time,hollister france, but the prompt card original Tips has been removed,louboutin homme pas cher, which makes a lot specially come to take pictures students slightly disappointed. Many users with different perspectives,piumini woolrich, students of Computer Science,moncler outlet online,, Beihang Xiaoliao that such prompt card though the text barrier, but the meaning can understand,hogan rebel outlet, there is no need to be too blame, Why do not you keep it? Maybe the future will become a Northern King too! Everyone to photo. Economic Management College student Xu also said that it was a joke when there is no need too seriously, can attract more students to keep the stadium is also good exercise. PE teacher: We very hurt Yesterday, the teacher in Northern Sports Beiqing Bao told reporters,, said the licensing of online tips about language is taught physical education teacher sort of ridicule them very hurt,gucci borse, really is not a physical education teacher to write! In fact,, prompt cards are posted in the Qingming Festival,hogan interactive, from the hand of the stadium site work,louboutin scarpe,, the reason for writing Tips Qingming Festival holiday because there is always a student at the stadium biking, kite flying, undermining the movement site, but also on other students to stadium security threat caused the movement, but the site does not work well in time for these students to go straight,moncler outlet, Zhang had posted tips,, hoping to come here for teachers and students to abide by the requirements of the stadium. A physical education teacher explained,, is probably time is tight, site workers did not organize language is posted out. (Original title: Northern playground not from God prompted PE teacher)

The day before yesterday afternoon

Morning News reporter Yao Keqin The day before yesterday afternoon,nike tn pas cher, the Yangpu District Yin line the road happen incredible scene: 120 emergency medical treatment of a collapsed Zhu went to a roadside sanitation workers, sanitation workers in a little sober occasion, two onlookers accused Zhu a treatment ineffective, its biting, beating,abercrombie france,. Rescued woke up,hogan uomo, he was stunned rescue. It is understood that the case of the 120 emergency personnel were even beaten abuse is not uncommon, emergency personnel hope that people can respect, understand and work with them, not quick to vent their dissatisfaction with their fists. Save themselves rescued Around 17:00 the same day, it was found in front of 489 family farms Yin road, a middle-aged man lying on the ground unconscious. This message via linkage system 110 and 120, and soon passed to Zhu where aid group Doctors. The aid group consists Zhu doctors, drivers and stretcher bearers Little Miss Xiao Wu three people. 3 people have arrived on the scene within minutes. According to Little Miss recalled that the man collapsed in a roof farms,giubbotti moncler, sanitation workers dressed in blue uniforms, there is a hole in the head and bloody. Dr. Zhu made a preliminary examination and simple emergency treatment measures,, sanitation workers was gradually regained consciousness. However, there is a man and a woman two onlookers but then find fault with the treatment process that rescue workers too slow, also questioned why the sanitation workers do not immediately carried to an ambulance,bracciale tiffany, but the delay time in place. When the physical condition is slightly better sanitation workers, Xiao Wu and small land they helped him walked toward the ambulance, Zhu doctor followed. At this time, the chatter of the women that were constantly beating Zhu suddenly umbrella doctors head. Xiao Wu and Little Miss sanitation workers send back to the car, to see the situation wrong, they came to the doctor and the woman pulled Zhu. At this side of the man also kicked up on Zhu doctor. Chaos, Zhu doctors also bitten cheeks and back a few mouthfuls. Eventually, Dr. Zhu was beaten unconscious. Soon,hogan scontate, another ambulance arrived,abercrombie outlet milano, the doctor Zhu rushed to a nearby hospital in the city of the East. Treatment process did not curse, beating Medical examination found that the doctor Zhu brow swollen left front, there is a wound between the eyes, cheeks right side also has a large deep bite marks. When the white coat was off, Zhu doctor scars so that the presence of colleagues surprised: Right after a shoulder wound teeth marks clouds, there is a lot of bruising on the chest contusion. 35-year-old Zhu, Shanghai doctors who graduated from a Shanghai Medical University, transferred to Shanghai Medical Emergency Center City East sub-station has been more than four years,, during saving countless lives. During last years World Expo, he was still the Expo venue for tourists in the medical services, access to the Expo security advanced worker title. According to hospital staff, said Zhu doctor usually wearing a pair of glasses, looks very gentle, very polite interaction with others. Why, then, two onlookers hands it to him? According to Zhu doctor recalled, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the emergency, he told crowds indicate keep quiet, do not make much noise. As for sanitation workers did not immediately carried to an ambulance reason is because only the first initial diagnosis and patient disposition, to ascertain the patients condition after moving patients,louboutin homme,, unauthorized move might make the situation worse,, this is the formal operation processes. In the whole treatment of the disposal process,,woolrich sito ufficiale, I did not say a foul, did not get involved,, anyway,parajumpers salg norge,, to save the most important. Batterer was detained Yangpu police said at 16:50 on August 3 Xu,piumino moncler, Municipal Public Security Bureau command center received 110, a sanitation worker, said Yin road near the farms collapsed, that police went to the disposal instructions, and notify the 120 emergency rescue personnel to the scene. Zhu and sanitation workers by a 120 ambulance sent to the City of East Hospital,piumini moncler, after a preliminary diagnosis of the hospital, a department Zhu mild concussion, multiple soft tissue contusion,, sanitation workers danger. At present, the suspect Wang Mou, Yang has been under criminal detention.

they built a one on stilts in the river

Daily trainee reporter Lu honey has a stable job, support it home wages, rich entertainment ...... life is the pursuit of the majority of these young people, and will soon buy a car, live a comfortable city life,air max outlet italia, it is a lot of peoples fervent hope. However, after 80 young couples and Zhang Jie Zhang Qingmiao chose to bid farewell to the metropolis, to give up the good work, away from their parents, in the outskirts of chicken farming, too self-sufficient rural life. Yesterday, more than a month pregnant Zhang Jie told reporters, Before a child in kindergarten, we intend to always stay here, the kids to school age, they are sending the child back to the main city. Away from the city to engage in farming kinds of fruits and vegetables Yesterday, the reporter went to Stone Town, Banan District, hop along Tan, Zhang Jie Zhang Qingmiao with full blessing farm. Perched shengdeng Hill, a quartzite bridge, gurgling rivers, green bamboo ...... in the depths of bamboo, a brick house is the couples home, two houses on stilts that the couple used to entertain friends. Flowers outside the hut, a few ripe bitter gourd hanging gourd vine lush yard. Is a couple of vegetable and chicken farm farm on the slopes, planted more than 20 varieties of fruit trees. Here is their paradise. said: Life here is very simple, take a walk in the morning and my wife, and then come down to earth to see the growth of crops, sometimes villagers guest, homemade pull together. Evening, the couple sat in the shade under the gourd vine, drinking home brew wine, counting the stars to chat. There is no street can go to, nor can buy fashionable clothes, cosmetics province, replaced under vines reading, gardening, raising poultry, make dinner waiting for her husband to go home ...... busy with farm work, as after 80 trendy girl, Zhang Jie look sweet to say, We eat their own kind of food is very reassuring, and her husband also picking wild berries, really very tasty. They give up more than a dozen years of income In 2009, Zhang Qingmiao also a landscape designer, Zhang Jie is a state-owned permanent staff, they all graduated from the College of Horticulture and Landscape, Southwest Agricultural University. In August 2009, in the summer mountain shengdeng Banan, They think along the Tan mountain with water, sooner or later, cool, impressive. Back to the main city,spaccio woolrich, the two men have quit their jobs. Zhang Jie, told reporters, I was behind her parents quietly resigned,, because the mother,woolrich outlet, aunt and me in one unit, the news quickly spread like wildfire, said Zhang Jie,nike air max tn pas cher, family firmly opposed to her resignation, but she chose go to country life with her husband, To this end, my mother ignored me a year and a half. Everything came to the country to abandon the city, the couples annual income of a sudden reduction of more than ten million, there is no rich interpersonal,louboutin homme pas cher, no smooth network communications. Since then, state-owned enterprises, preparation, entertainment, entertainment, overtime, etc., are away from their lives. said,,woolrich parka, Despite the loss of good living, but in exchange for a quiet, since no nine to five job, just to spend time in the mountains and streams. Soon, Zhang Jie Zhang Qingmiao and spread throughout the story along Tan. Villagers Uncle Wang told reporters, In the beginning, everyone thinks that the two young men, but they are here to play a game, how can they eat this bitter! Who knew they could play that one for four years. The villages young people to Ben town, I have not seen in the city who want to take root in the country. If it was me,moncler sito ufficiale, where willing to give up that kind of income to farm work, to travel a long. Beginner 200 chickens live a Arrived in the village, and Zhang Jie Zhang Qingmiao pen upstairs neighbors dwelling in a year. Zhang Jie said, the night came the smell makes it difficult to sleep, nausea and vomited several times, my husband thought I was pregnant then. Later, they built a one on stilts in the river,, who knows encounter flood washed away houses on stilts. Zhang Qingmiao said, my ideal pastoral life must have a seat in a small house by the river, you can listen to the gurgling sound of water, and his wife whisper. Although the two houses on stilts repaired twice been washed away,hogan sito ufficiale, but Zhang Qingmiao chose to repair the house by the river. House repair sad, not happy to learn chicken. said that during the initial raising chickens, he once bought a dozen chickens, but less than a month all dead. Later, he bought a 200 day-old chicks,,moncler donna, feed less than a month, and only one died. During that time, every day I have to go bury the chicken,piumini moncler, said Zhang Qingmiao now they raise chickens a lot higher survival rate. View A happy life can not be measured only by material In this regard, Chongqing Normal University Professor of History and Museology Zhaokun Sheng said that this way of life for young people to choose the Hermitage to the pursuit of happiness. In the big city,, several hundred thousand dollars a years salary could be used to boil more vigil in return, but in the countryside,, a few million in revenue a year can live very well, as well as more time with natural contact, regulating body and mind, the joy can not be used to measure the material. Zhaokun Sheng believes that the current fast pace of life,, many young people often ignore what is happiness in the material reaches a certain level,woolrich prezzi, they will think,, how to make their lives happier. Young people have a plan to deal with self-development, and sometimes we can hard in pursuit of something,louboutin homme, but in the end will find happiness is priceless.

May 3 at 9 am

After (Reporter correspondent Zhe Dong Xuan public enterprises,chaussures nike pas cher, pipe XuanXuan) took the dagger to rob, rob money also molested the victims girlfriend robbed. Go too far but lecherous robbers, was the victim grabbed the knife and kick Lian Tong Mito, another was stabbed robbers escape. Reporters learned yesterday from the Bureau Dangong An enterprise that were bizarre murders, police in just two hours to successfully cracked, arrested a robbery suspect, and seized two stolen mobile phone, a wallet and a modus motorcycle vehicles, a folding knife. Currently, the case is pending further investigation. Passers alarm: Some people may be killed by a car May 3 at 9 am, Dangong An enterprise branch 110 Command Center received a public report: The prices Shizhen Qing Village Boulevard Flatt Matthey plant near the road there is a man lying on the ground beside a motorcycle fell to the ground, the suspect was an accident. Dongshan police station, traffic police brigade police and 120 ambulance personnel arrived at the scene and found a man at the side of the road could not move supine, upper white T-shirt was stained with blood, a red motorcycle fell on the man side. By 120 doctors confirmed that the man was the upper body with multiple stab wounds and died. Binding site, the preliminary judgment that the man was stabbed to death with a knife. The victim reported: being robbed at knife point Mens strange death,woolrich milano,, the case material. Police immediately blocked to protect the site,giubbotti woolrich, and the case quickly reported. Enterprise Bureau learned that the police shortly after receiving the case, the woman has received a reported its clear night with her boyfriend near the Village Flatt factory space dating when he was riding a motorcycle without a license, two men armed with knives robbed, robbed two mobile phones and a wallet. At about the same time,tn nike pas cher, place and content received two different alarm, causing the panels attention. 9:20 Xu, police task force found that the woman Zhang alarm. According to Zhang reflect, May 3 at 8 pm,moncler sito ufficiale, which came out from the factory with her boyfriend Yang,, went private industrial zone on the grass beside the road chatting, suddenly riding a motorcycle without a license,nike tn, two men holding knife robbery, robbed them two mobile phones,scarpe hogan, wallets and cash. In the process of being robbed, Yang and robbers fighting erupted, Zhang took the opportunity to escape to a nearby store alarm,basket nike tn homme, then I do not know where you are boyfriend and robbers. After Zhang scene identified the deceased was a night in which the robbers. Insatiable lust robbers lost his life Zhang police task force under the circumstances provided by the victim, in Yang Yang found factory workers. Yang said the two of them in the evening after being robbed by two robbers,, one white robbers also molested Zhang,, Yang then take advantage of another black robbers do not pay attention,scarpe hogan outlet, struggling in the hands of the robbers grabbed a knife homeopathic stabbed Mito black man and he was pushed to the ground. Upon seeing the white man,nike tn prezzo, his girlfriend after the release of Zhang Yang ran to hug, Yang is also no time to think about homeopathy Mito stabbed the white man, and push each other fight. Yang shouted for help,, seeing two robbers fled the scene driving a motorcycle. Because she was frightened and worried about the safety of his girlfriend, after the two robbers stabbed Yang quickly left the scene,, and a knife at the scene near the abandoned roadside. Hospitalized injured robbers arrested While organizing a task force to collect evidence at the scene,hogan scarpe, on the other hand sent another visit to find the whereabouts of the robbers. 11 oclock in the evening the police task force in arresting the robbers Lee Bridge Hospital, remitted the victim was robbed of two mobile phones, bank cards and other belongings. Under questioning, the suspect, Lee confessed 8 oclock that night, which together with Ouyang certain driving a motorcycle without a license from the Long Bridge Town Village out of the line to the enterprise Village Matthey a lonely stretch of road, we found a pair of men and women roadside grass, came and they were robbed,hogan outlet, Ouyang Zhang were also molested a. They were stabbed during a robbery victim wins men knife, I would immediately panic motorcycle escape. But because of his injuries, the two riding a motorcycle traveling about 100 meters, carrying the man in the car overturned on the roadside grass. See Lee associates could not move, they fled alone to the bridge in the town,, was their uncle,, aunt, etc. to the Bridge Hospital Ouyang some seriously injured and bled to shock and died on the spot.