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has been training this for the country

(Reporter Cui Yongli) a student at Northwestern University enlisted online registration, Xian Shiyou University accidentally discovered a student and like your name and ID number is the same. Subsequently,moncler milano, Northwestern University and Xian University of Petroleum representations weeks,, there has been no result. West Police Department staff said the impostor others doubted our students This year 22-year-old Li Li Jiang home in Liquan,parajumpers gobi,, August 2007 admitted to Northwestern University,chaussures air max pas cher,, studying computer network technology professional level for the specialist. May this year,moncler donna, he wanted to enlist online registration. He opened the China Higher Education Student Information Network,woolrich outlet, the student information column to check their information, the accident found that there is a Li Li Jiang. He became even more surprising is that this Li Li Jiang,nike tn, and his ID number is the same. Online display, the other is the Xian Petroleum University student,moncler sito ufficiale, professional name is oil and gas geological exploration technology for adult full-time college enrollment period is February 1, 2007. Both candidates are not the same number and student number. At first,tn requin pas cher, Li Li Jiang thought it was an error occurred online, according to the Internet, If you find student information is incorrect, please modify it through college enrollment management department, otherwise it will affect the Academic Credentials registered message, he immediately reported the matter to the class teacher Hang Colorado teacher and student. After two teachers online searching and found true, they feel the situation was serious,giubbotti woolrich, report the matter to the Police Department at Northwestern University. May 27,moncler outlet online italia, staff Lumou Northwestern University Police Department, told reporters after the report to get the teacher,, he immediately got the students talking to Li Li Jiang, I began to suspect that the student learn to replace someone on, after some conversation ,hogan interactive, Li Li Jiang feel wronged. Lu Mouli that went to the public security department, through the online survey found that household photos online really is their schools Li Li Jiang. Subsequently,moncler uomo, Northwestern University and the University of Petroleum intervene repeatedly,tn requin pas cher,, hoping someone can investigate the matter. We have repeatedly called for Petroleum University two weeks ago,peuterey outlet,, they also acknowledged that the school does have a student named Li Li Jiang, but the other always said that due to the Li Li Jiang go practice, could not be contacted. Northwestern University Student Branch Luo said. University of Petroleum, said the matter but declined to explain why know Yesterday, the reporter went to the School of Continuing Education,louboutin pas cher, Xian Petroleum University, hospital officials said,woolrich donna, The things we know that our school does have this man, but the man is not in school, and said the things they have to know why and can resolved. Subsequently, the reporter went to the school of the Propaganda Department,air max tn pas cher, a staff member said that situation, the Minister went on a business trip, the Deputy Minister may substitute to go, she has no authority to coordinate an interview matters. Reporters learned that the School of Continuing Education is a secondary Xian Petroleum University, since 1985 began to recruit for Adult Higher Education, evening students in 1993 began holding full-time adult education classes,hogan outlet, has been training this for the country, each specialist Class various talents of more than 20,000 people. Yesterday, Li Li Jiang worries that he suspected it was a similar incident Luo Caixia. Colleges Online registration deadline is enlisted June 15, he was afraid he could not enlist because of this reason. There is,, after graduation may even receive a diploma, but also check out the Internet,abercrombie milano, because the Internet has been warned, will affect the academic certificates of electronic registration. Li Li Jiang said that if this happens,requin pas cher,, it is fake diploma and what difference does it make?

waiting for the leadership of the time

August 30, primary and secondary schools is the Bengbu first day of school, a local township government when the driver drove leadership office, the car parked at the door at random a local school. Police come to stop this driver not only refused to accept the command,hogan donna, but the altercation with the police, the matter was exposed to local users. September 2, the local township government in the online public response, which make a deal,nike tn requin pas cher, the driver was someone waiting list without pay and asked to make a written examination. Net posts thing after exposure According to users post, said, August 30 16 am, in Bengbu new Second door, a black car parked in the fast lane,, blocking traffic, when the police came to discourage car driver has not been ignored. Police then asked the driver to produce a drivers license,air max femme, the driver not only did not fit, but also contradict the police car to escape. Two traffic police intercepted while being unable to escape,moncler sito ufficiale, the driver actually said no drivers license,basket nike pas cher,, the mayor said he is Mouxiang drivers, finally under pressure,parajumpers norge, to produce a drivers license. Both sides acknowledged altercation Yesterday morning, the reporter contacted Bengbu township government,woolrich outlet, according to township party secretary introduced a high surname, August 30, does have a driver issue with the police during a quarrel. According to Gao secretary,, the same day that driver drove the mayor out of office,, waiting for the leadership of the time,louboutin homme, the car stopped at the door on a new fast lane II. When the traffic police on duty to come to stop this driver behavior is not rational, failing to obey traffic police, and the altercation with police. After the incident,nike air max pas cher, the mayor quickly arrived on the scene, these drivers were criticized, asking them to obey traffic command,moncler uomo outlet, and surrendered the license. Someone drivers apology September 2,air max pas cher homme, the township held a township Assembly,parka woolrich, announced the decision of these drivers, and on the Internet to make a public response,woolrich uomo, saying the person in charge of the day to travel to the new township II construction project department,chaussures louboutin, coordinate and solve related issues. After the village heads to get off, the driver parked the car in the new Second door, came to an altercation with police occurred official duties. Party drivers to recognize their mistake, the traffic police on duty in and around the people were sincere apology, and get an understanding of the traffic police. According to reports,hogan prezzi, the driver of the decision on three main points: 1,air jordan 5 pas cher,, the waiting list without pay for one month; 2,,piumino moncler, now removed from work; 3, ordered to make a written examination, in the township for criticism. Hit in the end did not hit? As for someones driver whether the traffic collision, high township secretary,,hogan prezzi, told reporters the driver was actually ready to start the vehicle, the car left the fast lane, police believe he was going to run away,spaccio moncler, to be stopped, no crashed police behavior . As for the Im the mayor driver This sentence, High secretary said he was not at the scene,outlet piumini moncler,, no way of knowing. (Su Yi) (Original title: mayor driver refuses to accept the police car stopped at the school gate tube also crashed)

and if I was injured

After (Reporter Li Zhigang) ready to go to the supermarket back home to visit his parents,woolrich uomo,, did not want to cross the street was injured when a taxi, the driver took her car,moncler outlet, said to go to the hospital,, yet she can finally pulled the wild throw next. Yesterday, Sharon is still very angry and said:. I have to find the name of the driver, he must be held responsible for this bad behavior. Was injured after being thrown into the wild The incident that day is February 8,tiffany bracciali, twenty-eight. Liu said, 11 am, she came out from Evergreen Road near Dehui City home, ready to go to the supermarket to buy things. Went Evergreen Road and Yucai Street intersection,tiffany outlet, she saw Yucai Street direction after the green light,,bracciali tiffany, they go to the opposite road. At this time,air max tn pas cher, a taxi along the road passing by Evergreen, she was knocked to the ground. She said: It was knocked himself out, hit his head on the ground, the people kept, and later the driver put me on the train, saying it was sent to the hospital. She was lying on the back seat, stumbled, nor drivers know which way to go. After a little sober, she asked the driver where to go,woolrich outlet, said the driver to take her to Changchun checks. Liu said: The driver had two cars under way also, do not know doing later the car stopped, the driver hand pulled me off, shouting at me fiercely, You want to gnaw, I did not. dare to speak, the driver turned the car and ran. At this point,louboutin pas cher, Sharon found himself living in the wild,, but this car taxi licenses have been blocked. Liu said, can not see around the village, and no one pass, and even a decent road at all. At that time, I hit 110,woolrich parka, but I simply can not tell myself what. No way,scarpe hogan outlet, Sharon endured the pain,chaussures nike pas cher,, along taxi traces, slowly moving forward. Thirty or forty minutes later, she went to a road, and waited for a moment,parajumpers soldes, before a taxi stopped to return to the city. Then listen to the driver said that place is called welcome. The transfer of video that some of the license plate number Later, Liu Dehui City traffic police brigade to the police,,woolrich prezzi, went to the Dehui City Peoples Hospital to be checked. Just waist and multiple soft tissue contusion, was doing anything dangerous, but this is too hateful behavior of drivers, and if I was injured, so fling, also not freeze to death in the wild ah. Liu said. Yesterday, in charge of handling the case of Liu Dehui City traffic police brigade, said: Witnesses said after the license plate number of the two is 99,sito ufficiale moncler, then we retrieved surveillance video of the incident junction, also confirmed it. Liu said police found that the transfer of video, car taxi license for guitar A7 ×× 99,hogan donna,, in the middle of two other vehicles can not be seen to be blocked,tiffany outlet, eligible vehicles more than 20 units. The police have to investigate a suspicious taxi clues, but not sure yet. However, there is a car accident behind the bus,outlet piumini moncler, police are investigating the bus surveillance video,peuterey prezzi, looking for evidence to solve the case. Witnesses and collecting valuable clues After the incident,, Sharon did not go to the parents, she said: The parents did not dare to say, I am now afraid to cross the road, this drivers behavior was so hateful, I have to find this man, let him accept legal sanctions. Yesterday,moncler outlet, Changchun City, a law firm lawyers said the king, now the driver was arrested for Traffic Accident. Abandonment of the injured as serious consequences,giubbotti woolrich, leading to victims did not receive timely medical treatment and death, the driver suspected of intentional homicide.

Dongguan City Bus Co. Li person responsible

Dongguan Shilong incident,spaccio hogan milano,, the bus company said the driver know the accident occurred Express News correspondent reported Zou Liuzhou Express reporter learned yesterday,louboutin pas cher, the day before yesterday at noon,scarpe hogan outlet, in Shilong Town, Dongguan City,tiffany outlet,, the new city of West Lake Road west direction Lakes,, a town the bus collided with a bicycle, cycling women died on the spot,,louboutin pas cher, the bike-year-old child were injured. The driver has been under criminal detention. Cover your child unconscious mother At 12:05 on May 11 Xu,tn requin pas cher, in Shilong Town,woolrich sito ufficiale, Dongguan City, New Town Road,parka woolrich, west of West Lake Lakes direction,woolrich outlet,, a Shilong Town,louboutin femme, Dongguan City Bus Co. bus with a bike in the same direction from right Bridge turn, the collision occurred after a road cycling women died on the spot, one-year-old child injured in the back seat of a bicycle. Chen nearby residents said the incident occurred near the bus station he was in. According to the said the woman was riding a bicycle to Shilong Golden Bay direction,bracciali tiffany, the back seat of a bicycle also sat a four-year-old old baby, was cycling back door of the bus was hung up, and then woman on fell under the car, ran over by the rear wheels from the head. When the crash, the riders mother unconscious with his body to protect the back of the child in the back seat, child injured after pulling down in a pool of blood in the mothers arms crying non-stop. The driver was taken away in the terminal According to witnesses, Mr. Chen said,spaccio moncler, the vehicle continued to travel after the butt,nike tn pas cher,, driving speed has been slowed slightly hesitated a second or two after the start straight away to the bus station at the time. After the accident,chaussures tn pas cher, two or three minutes a passing police car and the police,air max pas cher, followed by police and ambulances have rushed to the scene,moncler sito ufficiale, a security guard around the injured from the accident the woman holding the child, the child is then removed from the scene by ambulance. It is understood that the driver Hwang driving experience is very long,, began in 2001 in the town of Shilong do the bus drivers,woolrich outlet,, usually responsible for the new city bus line 6 to the Lake District student shuttle bus driving job. The woman aged about 27 years old, Hubei. Yesterday, the New Express reporter linked to Shilong Town,nike requin pas cher, Dongguan City Bus Co. Li person responsible, he said: The driver did not find out the casualties,scarpe hogan outlet, so they drove to the terminal, the driver was in a terminal station Police take away,air max pas cher femme, I was still in the car driver.

and the result was out of trouble.

WASHINGTON at 0:32 on November 13,,scarpe hogan, Cixi Hu Chong Road and Technology Road intersection a wood processing plant fire,doudoune moncler pas cher, the fire alarm after Cixi quickly to the rescue. The first fire was discovered in the factory workers live Zhang couples. Confused sleep, he heard the voice of Pili Pa pull,woolrich outlet, I thought the rain. Zhang said at the time he and his wife both on the factory. Fire is large, half of all of the factory. This is what hes sleepy totally disappeared,woolrich sito ufficiale, and he hastened to wake his wife, an alarm,woolrich donna, a call to the boss. Firefighters eventually took three hours and only then the plant where the fire completely extinguished. Fortunately, the fire fighting in a timely manner,spaccio woolrich, or burn open dumps raw timber loss is even greater. Houses were demolished over the surrounding plants, originally on the demolition of the factory next year,woolrich giubbotti, the new site is selected,nike tn pas cher, alas ...... In the face of a indignity,woolrich uomo, Mr. Chang also some frustration. Wood processing plants in the field boss gears preliminary inventory losses, the value of machinery and wood burned 6,chaussures nike pas cher,7 million. Gears that their own business for 21 years, never happened fire. Usually very careful factory fire extinguishers,, small pumps are installed, and the result was out of trouble. According to the fire investigation, fire wood pile fire point where in the factory. Gears think of it a person new to the coolie. Coolie Hunan,basket nike requin,, ten days ago just to factory work. Ignition is where he often worked near points. The more important point is that the other factory workers do not smoke,hogan outlet, have drawn on this day laborer. A few days ago, the gears also reminded him,nike requin, let him not throw cigarette butts,,spaccio hogan, fear of igniting sawdust. Wood burning up very slowly,woolrich milano, at least to three or four hours,peuterey prezzi, it is estimated that the time lost from work butts,giubbotti peuterey, no one sees at night,hogan prezzo, on the up and up. Gears up speculation that,, of course,nike tn requin,, does not rule out short circuit caused the fire machine . He told reporters after the factory to be smoking. Currently, the cause of the fire,,woolrich outlet,, the fire department is still under investigation. Newspaper correspondent Ma Zhenwei The reporter Zou Hongshan

Ms. Chen was from Jiangxi

A foot broken tiles,abercrombie soldes 8 year-old boy fell 6 meters underground garage □ trainee reporter Li Pan Morning News this past weekend to work on the Hang Chan a, is in discomfort and suffering spent. Yesterday afternoon,hogan uomo outlet, as young as 8 years old son, Chan Tong Tong during play,basket jordan pas cher,, accidentally stepped on the foot of broken tiles, heavy fell 6 meters underground garage. This really is not about the fall of light, child hurt his right arm at the wrist bones are exposed. Yesterday, reporters rushed to the Provincial Peoples Hospital,spaccio moncler, Tong Tong was lying in bed crying emergency room,louboutin femme, his right arm tied a thick bandage,,chaussures nike pas cher,, constantly oozing blood red all over. Chan also accompany the side into tears, kept blaming myself did not see Tong Tong prison. Ms. Chen was from Jiangxi,moncler outlet,, and her husband with the car market in the north of Hangzhou to work,air max requin, that the accident occurred at about 11:30. At that time,woolrich sito ufficiale,, I was busy in the hands of the living, heard outside boom sound, then someone ran to tell me, Tong Tong fell into the underground garage. Etc. Chan ran down the garage and found the child lying on the ground beside a pool of blood,hogan olympia donna, and then looked up at the top of the garage ceiling actually broke a big hole. After the hospital,woolrich sito ufficiale, the doctor emergency treatment of wounds Tong Tong, in addition to the right arm had open fractures,,giubbotti woolrich, the childs head as well as local hematoma. Doctor said, whether the child has a concussion and other complications should continue to the hospital for observation. Underground garage should not have in the ground, how the library will be a tile roof? How the child is going to fall? Yesterday afternoon,��//, the reporter went to the car market in Hangzhou, the accident site is located in Hangzhou Exhibition Centre is in front of the underground garage walkway entrance. Underground garage in this region,basket air max pas cher, there are twenty or thirty square meters of area is open,nike pas cher homme, and nearly 80 centimeters above the ground, surrounded by walls of water around, the top covered with a similar white ceiling tiles,moncler sito ufficiale, tile thin. When the accident occurred, Mr. Sung just through here. He said there were two children playing here,woolrich prezzi, one of the children climbed the concrete wall, standing on the tile,peuterey uomo, then keep jumping. Next to an adult child in the past was about to pull down, and did not think he was a foot broken tiles, fell down. Mr. Song has done building materials business,hogan outlet, he analyzed the tiles should be asbestos or steel tile,, often used as a workshop and garage a few ceilings,hogan outlet, but the intensity is not high. An 8-year-old boy jumped up and down on top,hogan outlet, how had to bear. (Original title: one foot broken tile 8 year-old boy fell 6 meters underground garage)

holding sheets of paper

Some time ago, another common,, but the fifth set of 100 yuan banknotes were friends found one of the secret, the cat pattern appears banknote pattern, and was dubbed the bow cat. This time,nike air pas cher, there are good friends and from 50 yuan banknotes found a new mystery, 50 yuan banknote pattern actually had four mentoring monk Facebook! Netizens have expressed admiration for the discoverer pattern, as well as friends very curious how much the yuan also hidden secret? Microblogging broke Journey to the West 50 yuan banknotes have mentoring? Zhangjiang men on 50 yuan found the Journey to the West mentoring four Q-Face,, than before the hundred bow cat is more alarming,, the Internet is crazy reproduced. February 18,woolrich donna, netizen Happy Zhangjiang made a microblogging Photos in a $ 50 bill, it was found that the four protagonists of Facebook and describe out. In the Peoples Bank of China to put up the word person on one side, there is a pattern much like wearing a capuchin monk, big eyes, mouth still half open. In the people in the middle of the word, users delineate the pattern of the Monkey King,,air max pas cher, and notes turned 180 degrees, the people,moncler uomo, the word on one side there was a pigs mask,requin nike pas cher, which the nose,,parajumpers soldes, ears,tiffany outlet italia, like most of the Pig. In addition, this is also a corner to find out users Shahe Shang Facebook. Reporters saw the original 50-dollar bills by ordinary users such a description, Journey to the four characters are emerging on the yuan, this discovery really than the previous bow cats is more alarming. Hot friends Much leisure to discover this secret Within two weeks time,air max femme, 100 yuan and 50 yuan notes have been friends found a pattern, this time Journey of discovery is to let users have quite a surprise. Imagination is too rich. Netizen Zhuang On the Road. Admire Road. There are users of the yuan to give a new understanding. If the yuan is only when the money, it would be too stench,, in fact, the RMB is a work of art, something which is a profound implication ah. After 100 yuan and 50 yuan banknote was discovered secret friends eyes met on the In looking forward to the face value of 20 yuan bill will also have surprises. There are friends bluntly: ? Yuan, how much you still have a little secret,woolrich donna, and even friends said, to go home a closer look, maybe will find three heroes, Liangshan heroes,moncler sito ufficiale, Jia, Lin and other characters. In addition to the sound of a laugh line, but there are users that these four patterns is somewhat far-fetched. Netizen Lu Ren A -UoMo said: too far-fetched,, according to this argument, holding sheets of paper, I can say whats on top of whats on. Some netizens think this is a silly product users: much leisure to discover this Secret ah , only proves that this brother is bored did nothing. Journey to the West Face of discovery happens to follow after new version of Journey to the West TV broadcast, as well as friends said:. It might be in for New Journey to the crew speculation. Experts say A heritage pattern, but also a coincidence The secret is crazy pass the bill, the reporter also got a 50 yuan bill to find these four characters, one by one, according to friends of the photo reporters found that four locations. After careful observation, the reporter found that four faint Facebook,, but if no guidelines,peuterey prezzi, it would be difficult to find. Chinese famous collection Committee of Shandong branch president,moncler outlet, said in an interview with reporters after the bow cat,holllister france, he has seen relevant reports,scarpe hogan donna prezzi, but 50 yuan banknotes found in Journey to the West was the first time I heard that figure. This is a recreation of it netizens, the yuan will be for aesthetic design, security and other technical considerations,, plus some pattern, which can only be said to be another coincidence. Xu said the president, appearing on the yuan this background pattern as Peoples Bank of China reply,woolrich sito ufficiale, from ancient relics, like bronze, lacquer and other artifacts will have such a similar pattern, these patterns are drawn decorative ancient people sexual ornamentation. Xu said the president,giubbotti moncler outlet, in fact, this pattern had appeared on ancient coins, five baht, Oizumi has a similar pattern, such as ancient coins fifty. News Links Friends broke the news There bow cat on 100 yuan banknotes Recently, friends said the fifth generation of 100 yuan exist bow cat. Users released to Enlarge display,peuterey uomo, 100 yuan a positive Chairman Maos picture on both sides, there are three cat. A cat mouth upright, eyes big if coins, forelimb stretch. Next to the cats raised paws,negozi tiffany, for bow shape. February 7, Peoples Bank of China responded that, upon inspection, the so-called bow cats real pattern to the pattern of the Warring States Period lacquerware Jiangling County, Hubei rain Taishan unearthed on the pattern is 100 yuan background pattern part, neither friends reflect the bow cats, nor is the public security elements, according to experts may be geometric pattern cloud patterns,peuterey outlet, but specifically what needs to be expert demonstration archeology. (According to City News)

but Zhongwei Qi has been unable to do so. 2009

   US elderly Wai KeeCHUNG died in Shenzhen,hollister france, the US Consulate General in Guangzhou indifferent, Shenzhen, asked them repeatedly to contact the funeral home handling, but they are willing to pay a proven unwilling to bear the funeral expenses and other. Ms. Shenzhen on behalf of the public yesterday complained that she was Wai KeeCHUNG cohabiting girlfriend of seven years, because they can not get a marriage license, no authority to deal with the remains. Shenzhen City funeral home confirmed that they did repeatedly to contact the US Consulate in Guangzhou, but the other requirements of China to pay on the grounds that the US government will not pay for personal funeral, requiring immediate treatment by unclaimed corpses. US Consulate in Guangzhou, said the media contact person shall be responsible for the matter of US Citizenship reply. Older Americans died regardless of the US Consulate Yesterday afternoon, the funeral home business in Shenzhen, the third floor office, the office of unclaimed bodies Tang Zhuren restless, placed in front of a large stack of unclaimed bodies of material,doudoune moncler pas cher, the deceased was an American citizen, Zhongwei Qi Chinese name, English name Wai Kee CHUNG. This is a serious big thing, to be taken seriously! Said Tang Zhuren, Zhongwei Qi, 65, is a Chinese-American, long-term settlers living in Shenzhen, October 11th in Longgang Buji Street Path launched a rental died, was to Shenzhen funeral parlor. Funeral home contact Longgang police confirm Zhongwei Qi US citizenship, that he is living alone, without any immediate family. Shenzhen citizens on behalf of the Department of Zhongwei Qi Ms. cohabiting girlfriend, requires funeral, because the two sides did not receive a marriage certificate, parent unit, said she is not immediate family, can not handle the funeral. In desperation, Tang Zhuren again contacted the Shenzhen police, notified by the US Consulate General in Guangzhou, the provincial Public Security Department,, the requirements to go deal. But then the other side will passports and other documents taken away, there is no any response. Two days ago, he contacted the US consulate, an American citizen is responsible for this matter will reply as soon as possible, attestation. Yesterday morning,louboutin femme, he twice contacted the consulate but said female staff busy. Under questioning, she promised to fax proof as soon as possible, but the US government will not pay any fees required by the provisions of Shenzhen City funeral home handling. China should pay for funeral expenses not based on She said a lot of things, the first busy I said I could,scarpe hogan, but the bodies of more than a day to park, it is necessary to pay the cost of 100 yuan frozen.. Tang Zhuren said the US consulate staff surprised asked: ? This is also money in affirmative reply, the US consulate reply,hollister, in accordance with US law the US government will not pay for personal funeral, she asked directly by the Shenzhen City funeral home handling unclaimed corpses, the newspaper three months after the bodies cremated mandatory. How can this truth, the United States died, but also the Chinese people pay for funeral expenses,, there is no legal basis! Tang Zhuren said angrily,tiffany outlet, unclaimed bodies approach is for the Chinese people, and questioned the Americans with death What should the taxpayers pay for China? Southern Tang Zhuren to reporters calculations, Zhongwei Qi, died October 11 is pulled funeral home, has frozen the cost of 3500 yuan,chanel pas cher, the most expensive cremation fees are $ 600. Although it is a small number, but this is Chinese taxpayers money! Not long ago, the newspaper he spent 200 yuan, if the statutory waiting period of two months, totaling more than 10,000 yuan advance. Unclaimed consulate need to sign cremation Tang Zhuren said that Shenzhen is over ten million population cities, many foreigners settled, the funeral home will handle almost every year a few single foreigner remains. Shenzhen combined funeral regulations, similar things have to go by the consulate staff funeral home, cremation signature, to pay expenses. Previously, after the Americans had died,, that the families of the formalities and pay,hogan outlet, will transport the bodies to pay directly or consulate abroad. But now, the US Consulate in Guangzhou told previously able to contact relatives of the deceased related, in fact, pay remitted by relatives, the US government did not pay. ■ ordinance link According to after the death of foreigners in China handler and so forth, after the death of foreigners in China, the deceaseds family, friends, or their employers receive the required report to the authorities, the timely submission of written comments on the disposal of the remains. Deaths occurred written comments to the funeral home with the death certificate and the bereaved families, relatives and friends, reception or employing organization raised and signature confirmation, or to assist with the implementation of cremation remains outbound transportation issues. Cost by the deceaseds family, friends, or their employers bear the reception. Foreigners dead and no family members in China, relatives, reception or employer, according to the deceased valid identity documents, (bureau) reported deaths occurred by the public security organs to provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities Public Security Bureau,,hollister pas cher, the provincial, autonomous regions and municipalities Peoples Government (bureau) of nationality of the deceased embassy, consulate sent a note,, asking them to reply within 30 days to issue the notes deal with the remains of written comments. Reply comments were not unclear or late responses, provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities (bureau) of nationality of the deceased again note embassies, consulates, reply deadline deal remains written comments and reply comments to inform its still not clear No reply or late,, and the rear of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities (bureau) to do archival records, death occurred communicated to the funeral home for cremation remains of the deceased. After the cremation, the ashes storage period of 1 year. ■ respond to the US Consulate in Guangzhou Did not find the relatives of the deceased according to Chinese laws and regulations deal Yesterday afternoon,hogan outlet, a US citizen at the US Embassy Consular Section of the Consulate General in Guangzhou to Shenzhen City funeral home to send a fax, the theme is about the American Civil Wai Kee CHUNG disposal of the remains. Fax wrote: Consul General to Shenzhen funeral home and has the honor to American citizens Wai Kee CHUNG (1946 10 1st born, passport number 482529420) remains the disposal of divisions as follows, Wai Kee CHUNG on October 11, 2011 died in Shenzhen. Since the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau October 14, 2011 notice of the Consulate General, Mr Wai Kee CHUNG death in Shenzhen, the Consulate General has made every effort to find their relatives or legal representative, could not be found. Given this situation, the relevant departments should deal with Chinese laws and regulations, such as dealing with their remains would like to please notify the Consulate General. Subsequently, the Southern reporter contact the Consular Section of the US Consulate General in Guangzhou, responsible for media reception . say specifically how to deal with the US Citizenship shall be responsible for this reply. Want to make a return to the United States, the West Side Deceased: Wai Kee CHUNG Nationality: United States Gender: Male Age: 65 years old Memorial person: cohabiting girlfriend Zhongwei Qi childhood living in Hong Kong, the 1970s family emigrated to the United States. Zhongwei Qi claimed to have had two marriages, but have ended, leaving no heirs .1993 years later, Zhongwei Qi back to the Mainland, the last time in 2001 to the United States never returned,abercrombie france, passport has expired. citizen Ms. Shenzhen generation that financing mainly to do business in the mainland, in fact, equivalent to an intermediary, to find a suitable project, looking for investors from making profits. He has run the dispatch and other business, but business operators are not successful. In the service sector has been serving Qiu recalled, Zhongwei Qi really had approached him to talk about the dispatch matters, the two sides met twice before, the impression is not deep. A witness engagement photo Memories and of this relationship, Ms. generation that when she made clothing business acquaintance 2004,louboutin, when that there was a sister in the UK, you can make on behalf of Ms. clothing Carrefours global sales system. After two exchanges feelings deepened, May 1,hollister france, 2006 feast engagement. According to Ms. generation introduced her 30-year-old divorced her in every possible way pursuit. Zhongwei Qi at the Lo Wu opened a dispatch company, that she eat fried fish, every day at noon to make the companys aunt makes fried fish, ride south to the oil. Sometimes, Zhongwei Qi back to her with ice cream,, ice cream has been sent to the time of the. She is good and angry, funny,hollister france, but the heart has been melted. At the time, she thought the two age gap, Zhongwei Qi, 58, a difference of 28 years old. In 2006, there are times in the Lo Wu Guanghua falls, his head close to the band-aid,hollister pas cher, because of his poor heart health, home care,air max, Zhongwei Qi would not let her leave. May 1,mulberry sale, 2006, the two engaged, take a picture witness. Married shabby rental housing Ms. generation recalls, when engaged, Zhongwei Qi economic situation is very bad, they have been renting. They had planned to marry, but made no Zhongwei Qi back to the US after 2001, expired passport, long stay in the Mainland. Zhongwei Qi said the money was dead in the United States, said that when he made a deal to take her to the United States, around the world. Ms. generation has been looking forward to this day arrives,louboutin pas cher, followed to a variety of hotels, business negotiations. Despite the appearance of scenery, but Zhongwei Qi has been unable to do so. 2009, Zhongwei Qi diabetes,, the body is increasingly worse, and nothing to talk about big business, to help people visas, maintenance, once had to rely on friends to support Japan. Zhongwei Qi recent stay in the diary he wrote 1300 yuan owed rent. Lying in the freezer waiting October 11 that day, Ms. Lo Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of hospitalization medical records take , 13:00 to go out more, during which no one answered the phone has call Zhongwei Qi, 4 oclock in the afternoon at home curled up on the ground to see Zhongwei Qi, 120 ambulance personnel rush after announced that it has died. Ms. generation that money to see a doctor because of financial difficulties in the Mainland, Hong Kong Identity Card there, the Hong Kong side had agreed to send a car to go to Lo Wu to take to hospital for treatment, but did not wait . Although Zhongwei Qi no immediate family,moncler outlet, but finally met a,louboutin pas cher, collected money intended to make arrangements for his funeral, only to be told no evidence that the relationship between husband and wife is not entitled to deal with. To this end, she looked for the US Consulate General in Guangzhou, now they do not intervene, Zhongwei Qi only funeral home has been lying in the freezer, waiting ...... Edition have written: Southern Reporter into Greek Liya Kun Excerpts Photography: Southern Reporter Zhao Yanxiong