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Im just a farmers son

   Our reporter Li Bin Lengshuijiang City, Hunan Province, an official request to the organization of work for his son, he got the leadership of the consent instructions,woolrich torino, but lost the support of the people. Today,piumini moncler outlet, in the face of public opinion as a flood of criticism, Lengshuijiang city government decided to correct the error row Source: Jiangxi TV Morning News as: cancel qualification of his son. August 16 this year, when he was Secretary of Lengshuijiang City Personnel in the request report their children to work, said he worked for the party for decades, never because of a personal matter to the organization proposed requirements This time, he wanted to work in the upcoming exit when the son can be arranged into the Financial Bureau. As a result,peuterey torino, this request only public tender nerves, caused an uproar. Some netizens message said: ? Im just a farmers son, did not do number one father, then how does the employment When things have not been the media exposure, everything happening around that report should make Caoju Zhang feel desirable. After two weeks, he was the party secretary Liu Xiaolongs instructions, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor secretary please give care, study and solve. More than 40 days later, Deputy Mayor Chen Wei Chi Cao Changqing son agreed to arrange to municipal finance institutions,, but also need the mayors instructions. On the same day, the mayor HE Zhiguang on the report signed a consent word. 7 days notice Lengshuijiang Organization Committee issued a report from the Office of the Municipal Finance Bureau, which made it clear that, if they meet the entry conditions agreed son into the series,moncler giubbotti, their wages disbursed from the fund in full career. . The unit is the city hired wage system development center (hereinafter referred to as the Center), its affiliated institutions as Lengshuijiang City Finance Bureau,piumino peuterey uomo, and in July 28 has been the implementation of the civil service law in Hunan leading group released documents identified as the civil service law management unit. In accordance with the relevant regulations, to enter such units,, the examination must be open. Lengshuijiang Party Secretary Liu Xiaolong in an interview with China Youth Daily reporter, said that if he knew at the time that the center has become a civil service law management unit, he would not sign the report. Participation is absolutely no access control units. Liu Xiaolong explained, provincial document requires a process to reach the grassroots level, I do not see that file. Lengshuijiang officials who requested anonymity speculated that Cao Changqing as a veteran of the Personnel Bureau, the share of the request before submitting the report, should have been informed that the center has been established in the province as civil service law management unit message. Liu Xiaolong said Cao Changqing also told him to hide a key fact: his son graduated from college yet. Originally, you do not have a college degree,, you should not do. He expressed his dissatisfaction, what do you do? You can also participate in the recruitment of thing. If you meet the conditions, such as after graduation organizations can again. Liu Xiaolong not strict criticism of authorities: related to handling personnel how to do so? He also said that to organizational discipline inspection departments for investigation. Lengshuijiang Municipal Propaganda Department to the China Youth Daily reporter of matters of opinion, said: Given the Department still in school,costo woolrich, do not get college diploma, does not meet the conditions of employment, the Municipal Peoples Government decided to instruct the City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau,giacconi moncler, the Municipal Commission Office to cancel their employment qualifications. Given the strict eligibility errors related departments exist in this event,costo collana tiffany cuore, instructed discipline inspection and supervision departments of the investigation team, according to the relevant responsible person held accountable in accordance with regulations. It is understood that in October this year,, Cao Changqing where merged Personnel and Labor Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, former Secretary of Labor as the new director, Cao Changqing back seat, no longer in leadership positions. Liu Xiaolong said is a deputy level cadres, the Personnel Bureau for 17 years, people are more honest, also know there is no examination for finance bureau, to recruit people,moncler outlet online, requested at the time rewind down, said his kids are college graduates, in line with the policy of talent introduction, please take care of the organization. Lengshuijiang City Finance Bureau, a cadre revealed that in the past year, the council attrition of 25 people, a lot of jobs that no one in the state lean. Previously, the Municipal Finance Bureau has openly recruited six people, but only five people applied,punti vendita woolrich milano, because the number of applicants does not meet the requirements and to recruit the number of 5:1, the open enrollment abortion. Lengshuijiang this remoteness has polluted cities, although there are antimony said, but in the eyes of some of the local officials, it is difficult to attract and retain talent. Liu Xiaolong said the selection and hiring of local municipal governments tend to students of university graduates,woolrich a roma, they can take root in this. For a few months ago, he made 15 word instructions, self-reflection Liu Xiaolong said, there is no certainty to be good. He said the city will learn,moncler sito ufficiale outlet, and consciously accept the supervision of the media. All of recruitment are temporarily closed, whether it is normal or not normal,scarpe hogan in offerta, should clear a clear,moncler everest, look it up. Liu Xiaolong said. According to media reports,, an official said Lengshuijiang City is a meeting of the Standing Committee does have such a decision, that is to take care of (the units) leaders relatives working children and said, If you check this thing is still more. In this regard, Lengshuijiang Municipal Propaganda Department denied. Liu Xiaolong told reporters that no one who became city leaders instructed arrange civil servants, This is impossible, yes,prezzo peuterey, I am responsible. But he also admits that institutions into the past, there are some non-standard practices. The party secretary said, the past few years, Li relatively positive atmosphere, into relatively strict gatekeeper institutions into more perfect than in the past, basically through recruitment, leaders not to participate. He enthusiastically recommend reporters: Reporters comrades are interested, you can visit in Lengshuijiang moment, the evaluation of the municipal government of the people is relatively high,, is a real work, the courage to assume responsibility, relatively close to the peoples government. He stressed, This is not a boast. Of course, he also acknowledged that the government has done is not enough, there are some mistakes, should be improved. Today, the China Youth Daily reporter failed to contact through multiple channels on Cao Changqing said he was a lot of pressure. His son is Changzhou University School of Economics and Management students in 2007, said to be currently in the employ of his unit did not work, did not receive paychecks. Newspaper Hunan Lengshuijiang December 26 electric Cao Bowen still looking for work Our reporter Li Runwen Fire burned a network Changzhou University, Cao Bowen fire. 26 am,bracciale tiffany uomo, Changzhou University School of Economics and Management counselor Gu Jian received a phone call saying online coverage of his servants to do things at home,woolrich bologna indirizzo, a lot of reporters to call him,, which has a reporter posing as his classmates . He said he felt a lot of pressure. Gu Jian immediately online, see the Hunan official second generation is not a civil servant is scheduled graduation, the report, he was not too concerned about comfort Cao Bowen, attitude adjustment, do not affect the job search. This time he has been looking for work. Gu Jian said Changzhou University School of Economics and Management of International Economy and Trade 072 students in the class, a senior this year. Since November, the school held for three or four job fairs, Cao Bowen always go, cast a lot of resumes, also participated in the four or five companies in the interview. Cao Bowen of two students to China Youth Daily reporter, confirmed the news. Just before graduation, classmates are looking for work or have gone to corporate internship, Cao Bowen has been looking for a job, running very positive. Gu Jian said that on Sunday and Monday, Cao Bowen should go to the Business interview,, it seems like to stay in Changzhou, did not hear him say things have been looking for a good job, hes recommendation form and the employment agreement has also been at the school , has been a blank. Gu Jian said that after the economic recovery, economic majors employment situation began to improve, and less to recruit large enterprises, small and medium enterprises and more than 40 students half ITC Ban With employment intentions and internships, but have not signed an employment agreement, all hoping to find a better unit before graduation. Tennis playing well, people are very lively, highly motivated. Gu Jian, said four years ago, he never and parents by telephone, before his father did not know what to do. Cao Bowens classmates told reporters, big time, they know that water conservancy director Cao Bowens father, the other is not clear. Cao Bowen learn pretty good, did not hang over subjects, and students usually cost about the same. On employment intentions, Cao Bowen and students exchange is not much. Reporters at the School of Economics and Management, Changzhou University website to November last year and April this year, student teaching activities Attendance feedback Bulletin, there are about Cao Bowen attendance of relevant records. This morning, a lot of students in line to see the reports about Cao Bowen, with a student dormitory first reaction was, This child miserable. According to his roommate said that from the beginning of last night, Cao Bowen no dormitory. For this event, one of his classmates said, can be considered normal, we all want to find a good job. Now we are asked friends and relatives to find employment relationship, but there is no test to enter the administrative institutions, a little unfair. China Youth Daily reporter tried to contact Gu Jian Cao Bowen, face to face interview,hogan interactive prezzo, but was Cao Bowen refused. He said a lot of reporters were looking for him, he wanted to be quiet. Everyone wants to find a good job. Gu Jian said he hoped the community not to give too much blame Cao Bowen, do not influence him to find a job, after all, its not able to do his own thing. Newspaper Changzhou December 26 electric Already provides public institutions to recruit About forwarding For reference to the civil service management institutions, in 2006, the Central Organization Department, the former Ministry of Personnel jointly issued to the Opinions on the civil service law and institutions management related issues, the personnel at all levels of authorities, citing civil law 106 states: The laws and regulations authorized institutions have public affairs staff management functions in addition to workers and service personnel, according to the provisions approved by the management. Chinas Civil Law Article 21 stipulates that hired as the director of Clerks and other equivalent duties following levels of non-leadership positions in the civil service, to take public examinations, strict inspection, equal competition,taglie woolrich, merit the way. Article 23 stipulates that apply for civil service, in addition to the provisions of Article 11 shall meet the conditions prescribed, should also have the qualifications to be appointed positions provincial civil service department as required by regulations. Article 30 stipulates that the recruiting agencies based on test scores, case study and examination results, the list of persons to be hired and to be publicized. July 28,woolrich falso, 2010, the implementation of the Civil Service Law, Hunan Province Leading Group issued on the approval of 108 institutions Loudi vegetables Management Authority, the civil service law, which will finance the wage system Lengshuijiang Development Center included in the civil service law management unit. Finishing Jiangxue Jie intern  

I was scared screaming for help

Information Times (reporter Yu Shih-Lin Zhang Xiuli) from Hunan Ho autumn can not imagine how small xuan five days two years ago only because of a high fever to the hospital drips Jingbu cure death. Even more unexpected is that the 25-year-old man distraught at the scene,air max pas cher, not with the hospital crying, nor is it the doctors responsibility to pursue, but to make a move to make the world owed: a daughters eyes donated the cornea. I hope her daughters life could be renewed in others. Even if you do not see, you can feel there is something behind her in this world, happy to be alive. Old girl was taken away from the infusion of life Zhaoqing Sihui City Peoples Hospital inpatient, two year old little xuan never closed his eyes. 25-year-old father of what autumn, waited at the bedside seem sluggish. He did not think how,air jordan pas cher, two year old daughter xuan 5 days ago only because of a high fever drips, he suddenly left them. Looked at the bed has been declared brain dead daughter, he was not sick before the event lovely daughter, threw herself into his arms and cried Daddy fantasy. He autumn Hunan, to Zhaoqing working for many years, he last January 17, she was a little old wife Axue,,hollister france, gave birth to a healthy daughter Kogaya lively. The couple loved the Kogaya apple. Surprisingly,hollister, this year December 7,abercrombie outlet, usually healthy Kogaya,scarpe hogan,, suddenly launched a high fever. 8,, Kogaya playing a bottle drip after the sudden purple lips, unconscious,, since it did not wake up again. Strange to someones death is still under investigation Hospital Heqiu Fu baby daughters death is a great blow to women. He tried to hold on autumn sad,abercrombie france, December 7, his wife suddenly told me Kogaya Axue fever. Is to work with children as soon as he told his wife to a nearby hospital,,hogan outlet, when doctors diagnosed the child belongs to the common cold, opened the point medicine. He has always been very distressed daughter see autumn child has not improved,hogan outlet, then bring large hospital observation and treatment. Sihui City Peoples Hospital, doctors still diagnosis Kogaya for the common cold, but also opened a needle Kogaya syrup. According to the mother Axue memories,hollister sale, child accident that occurred after an intravenous drip. Xue said the child playing the first bottle drip, consciously or sober, and obviously feeling the burn back. When can on the second bottle,, the child suddenly pale purple lips,tiffany outlet, and then lost consciousness, I was scared screaming for help,woolrich outlet, the doctor rushed over to put the children to the rescue, the result is never woke up ...... Because medical records and the rest of the liquid were taken away by the hospital, what is not clear autumn a second bottle of liquid ingredients. A hospital director surnamed Liang told reporters, is still under investigation. When because the situation is very complicated, we do a lot of testing,mulberry sale, the results certainly did not come out so fast. The reporter then asked each other, can produce medical records and other related materials, the other is said to consult the leadership, and let the reporter went to the hospital Medical Services Advisory . However, when reporters rushed to the hospital Medical Services, Medical Services is the door closed,abercrombie pas cher, the reporter knocked on the door several attempts, still no answer. 17:00 yesterday, a staff reporter call Medical Services, said the hospital is on the incident for further investigation. The child is very complex disease, the hospital is also in consultation with the family. Daughter owed to donate one pair of touching the cornea Surprisingly yes, the 25-year-old man distraught at the scene,scarpe hogan,, not with the hospital crying, nor the doctors responsibility to pursue, but to make the world would move owed: the daughter of a pair of corneas donated . You are my eyes! I hope her daughters life could be renewed in others. Even if you do not see, you can feel there is something behind her in this world,moncler sito ufficiale, happy to be alive. HE Qiu said that he loves her, wanted her to help needy families. No matter what the childs cause of death was, I believe government will help me figure out that will give me a fair deal. Now I want to do is first to donate her organs. In order to avoid what one autumn to Guangzhou to donate the road back and forth, yesterday afternoon, in Zhaoqing City of Red Cross and Red Cross contact Sihui staff Guangzhou organ donation organization arrived Zhaoqing, inspection and assessment Kogaya. Zhaoqing Red Cross president Chen Wei for Heqiu Fu women owed very impressed,woolrich donna, This practice is very grateful to them,, it was a difficult decision,hogan outlet, but also an admirable decision. Many bereaved family is no way to do it . Chen Weixiong said that a request for Ho, they will be treated very carefully. Because of the childs brain death can not be so reckless conduct identified,abercrombie pas cher, must be performed by a professional agency repeatedly identified the job. If the child has saved,hollister sale, we do everything possible to save her back. In addition, for the childs death, we also Be careful investigation. Because the child mortality has not been determined. (Original title: Infusion old girl died tearful parents to donate her corneas)

Express News

Luogang District incident,chaussures air max pas cher, the police have been injured out of danger,louboutin femme pas cher, disapprove surrender Express News (Reporter Luo Xuan Gong Li Guohui public advocacy) Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau office to inform the media last night,tn femme, yesterday afternoon,hogan outlet, nine Buddhist Luogang District Public Security Bureau police station Alarming process,giubbotti peuterey, Luo × Springs police suspect was seriously slashed,woolrich parka,, security guard HE × root catch criminals in the course of the heroic struggle waged because of multiple injuries,, were seriously injured and was sent to the hospital died a glorious death. 15:05, nine Buddhist police station received a public warning,,hogan scarpe, saying that cars parked in Kowloon Avenue was smashed. After receiving the alarm,scarpe online hogan, police station nine Buddhist vigilantes led Luo Quan Ho × × root (male, 33 years old) immediately rushed to the scene Alarming. Arrived at the scene,hogan outlet, according to police identified the victim,giubbotti woolrich, a man approached the inventory smashed cars. The man suddenly from the front of the bicycle pocket knife out of firewood,, facing police hacking. Alarming security guard with the police to see how × root chopped police after criminals,hogan outlet, rushed rushed forward to catch criminals. At this point,hogan scarpe, raised his machete frenzied criminals,,tn nike pas cher, facing the security guard what is the knife × root of the neck,air max,, Ho × root injured,scarpe hogan outlet, criminals also chopped a dozen knife in his possession, then quickly fled the scene. Injured police and the security guard was then rushed to hospital security guard HE × root He died a glorious death,parajumpers jakke,, injured police Luo × Springs is now out of danger. After the incident,hogan scarpe, the Guangzhou police attention,scarpe hogan scontate, quickly launch hunt for suspects and related rehabilitation work. 16 am,,louboutin femme pas cher, the suspect Pingmou (male, 26 years old,louboutin, Guangzhou Luogang District) under the public security organs in a powerful deterrent effect, gave himself up to the public security organs. Currently, the case is still under investigation. Government departments and public security authorities are actively and safely handle work-related funeral.

via Hunan

Legless youth and his crutches, electric wheelchairs, vehicles. Haifeng youth to operate with one hand with the operating system throttle own invention,scarpe hogan scontate online,, brakes Shanwei Haifeng a youth,chaussures tn requin, no legs,moncler outlet, but driving a car speeding in the country tens of thousands of miles - operating device of his own invention can operate the accelerator,moncler outlet,, brake action with one hand. Disabled motorists speeding,nike tn femme, which is a realization of a dream? Driving for the disabled and the installation of traffic police vehicle encountered what? Reporters interviewed for this event. Text / Chart reporter Qin Zhongyang, new correspondent Chen Xuan Hai Installation: There is not a national patent misuse Lvwei Tao Haifeng Shanwei city, with no feet disabilities. He told reporters recently,piumini moncler, he Shanwei, Guangdong, via Hunan, Hubei, Shaanxi,hogan online, Henan,nike tn requin pas cher, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian ten provinces,louboutin, more than 7000 km journey safe return home. He called the trip students with disabilities to control vast land line. No feet,, how to drive it? Reporters saw at the bottom of the steering wheel driving, there is a handle-like device - lift car slowly started; pressed down,chaussures nike pas cher, the car stopped - this device with a left-handed instead of feet action , throttle and brake operation can be performed on this device. Lvwei Tao told reporters that this device was his own invention,hogan donna, and won the national patent. In his view, this device even more convenient than his normal operation car,spaccio moncler, With this device particularly sensitive brakes, the braking distance will be shorter than the original car. said. Dream: to be able to manage life No feet,hogan, but they can manipulate crutches,, Lvwei Tao Disabled difficult to achieve a common thing to do. Plus electric wheelchair,, the installation of automotive equipment,, managing life dream has been realized. Principle I am not modified vehicles,woolrich parka, but the installation,,soldes air jordan,, I have to emphasize that I am on the road,moncler outlet, traffic police found only once. After he saw my device, warning me not easy on the road, and I explained to him the operation of the device . said that under existing laws and regulations, he was able to take a drivers license just like a normal person, but has not yet issued a detailed operation,moncler donna outlet, I hope legless driver could have legalized the day. Police: temporary road travel is not recommended Disabled how driving test? How to drive on the road,abercrombie outlet? Modified vehicles will face how kind of situation? Reporters interviewed police Chaozhou Chao Comprehensive Squadron Yangshu Hai captain. This year, you may want to introduce people with disabilities driving test policies. At present, disabled drivers,hogan scarpe, the need to specify the disabled vehicle driving. For yet undocumented friends with disabilities, according to the existing traffic laws are not allowed to drive on the road,moncler sito ufficiale, while privately modified vehicles will also be punished. Yangshu Hai captain said.

September 7

Express reporter Li Haiqiang Guangdong million and listed on the eve of the Group, the Group President Lu Chulong hall but it was his wife and cousin local woman leaves Liang extortion conspiracy, involving up to 200 million yuan,woolrich outlet, has caused a sensation in Shunde. Express reporter yesterday learned from authoritative sources, Foshan Intermediate Peoples Court made a few days ago in this second instance verdict from blackmail, extortion and sentenced to 4 years in prison accused Liang Ye. Case [Review] Before the company was listed on extortion conspiracy It is understood that involved million and the Group was established in August 1993, is headquartered in Shunde, Guangdong, domestic production is the largest gas appliance manufacturing enterprises. January 28, 2011, the group listed. However, on the eve of the listing, the group suffered a little-known extortion, Group President Lu Chulong wife cousin Luomou Min Tang Liang Ye and Shunde businesswoman, together with extortion 200 million yuan. Liang Ye is Ronggui capacity of a woman, 47 years old,parka woolrich, before the incident, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, is a general manager of the New Materials Co., Run. According to the investigation, Liang Ye chat with others in the top ten thousand and hear individual Group Co. million and the Group of rumors of discontent, the question arose million and the Group during the use of going public, extortion million and the Groups ideas. Liang leaves his fictional facts organized into text data, and find Luomou Min (ie Lu Chulong wifes cousin Church), to discuss this extortion million and the Group,louboutin outlet, and agreed remuneration divided. By the end of 2010,moncler sito ufficiale, Liang Ye met by Luomou Min Lu Chulong Million and Group President, talks on the incident. Allegedly,nike air max requin, Lu Chulong deny the existence of these problems on the spot million and the Group, but in order not to affect the listing could be given to tea money, then said that can give 300000-500000 yuan. Liang Ye said that after refusing to leave. In the same year on December 30,, 31, and Liang Ye Lu Chulong met again, in Lu Chulong asked, Rotterdam after asking,, Liang Ye ask for 200 million yuan. Lu said it could not accept to hear the two sides failed to bargain. Lu Chulong Foshan Municipal Public Security Bureau received a report later,requin nike pas cher, on January 17, 2011 arrested Liang Ye. November 3, 2011, Shunde District Court of First Instance to extortion (attempted), sentenced to four years in prison Liang Ye. [Focus] Extortion 200 million was a joke? After the verdicts, Liang Ye refused to accept an appeal. Liang said that her behavior is not illegal possession for the purpose, just want to let the matter Million and appreciate her company, so the square and the company has the cooperation of business,, does not constitute a crime; secondly,peuterey uomo, she said,moncler milano, two hundred million. with the sperm together to say,woolrich outlet, jokingly,, two hundred million,piumini moncler, the amount identified incorrectly. Liang Yes lawyer pointed out that,, as a result of the case there is no actual amount of crime, Liang Ye minor offenses,, according to the law to deal with it exempted from criminal punishment or probation. Foshan Intermediate Peoples Court believes that the amount involved in the investigation of the case has a confession Liang Ye, who co confessions and testimony of witnesses and the victim reported statements and other evidence to confirm each unit,moncler outlet, sufficient to establish,louboutin scarpe, the defense opinions Liang Ye and inconsistent with the facts, the court shall not be accepted. Liang Ye dismissed the appeal and upheld the original verdict. Dukes involved in extortion, president seeking a lenient sentence September 7, 2011,louboutin homme, the million and blackmail in Shunde District Court trial as an accomplice in this case as well as his wife Wan and CEO Lu Chulong Church cousin,louboutin, the identity of the defendant Luomou Min most interesting. over Pentecost before the incident in Shenzhen City,peuterey uomo, a companys legal representative. In court, Luomou Min pleaded guilty in court, and argued was just trying to help relieve the crisis million and the Group. Allegedly,,spaccio piumini, before the trial, Lu Chulong for wrote a pleading letter,woolrich donna, which said: The Million and the company was later reported extortion,nike tn,, actions did not cause the loss of the company, their families and Luomou Min The company reached an understanding, thus giving the company the opportunity to urge the law enforcement agencies Luomou turn over. Shunde Procuratorate that attempted offense, and a good attitude, be lenient sentence according to the law,moncler milano, the same day the trial sentencing date. An informed source said recently, was sentenced to three slow Luomou Min 4,woolrich donna, but the message has not been confirmed by the relevant departments.

since his daughter after the accident

China Jiangxi Reuters correspondent broad leaf new photo coverage: February 19 afternoon, the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University Orthopaedic came a special girl. 15 years ago, is still a high school in Nanchang, she started reading, due to a sudden turn of events paraplegia. Ten years,nike tn requin homme, she has removed Beijing, Jiangxi, Shanxi and other places for treatment. Unyielding struggle and pain her side, while studying, with honors in 2008 enrolled in the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The girl named Yuchuan Li, her story has touched countless friends. Today, the Central Academy of Fine Arts Yuchuan Li is a study of a student. January 6 this year, Yuchuan Li came to the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, found 15 years ago for her surgery the surgeon,requin air max,, for acetabular implants taken out of the year for fixing the bones of three nails. Xu Yi surgeon at nearly three hours of effort, had three nails embedded within the bone was removed successfully. February 19 afternoon, Yuchuan Li and her parents came to the hospital, thanks to her successful surgeon. 15 years ago, a sudden turn of events for her paraplegic November 1998,, started reading in Nanchang, in the twenty-first daughter just finished midterms,,giubbotti moncler, suddenly an insane man thrown from the fifth floor,outlet moncler, causing her body 23 fractures, a paraplegic. According to Li Tamagawa father Cyclohexanone 1, due to systemic multiple fractures, after a series of Beijing, Jiangxi, Shanxi and other places Hospital after experiencing 20 multiple surgeries, daughter tenaciously survived. However,spaccio woolrich, due to the cervical and lumbar spine fractures, she could not escape the doom traumatic paraplegia, since only the bed and a wheelchair. Cyclohexanone 1 According to reports,, in February 1999, daughter after surgery referral from the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University to Shanxi flat land,woolrich outlet, then transferred to Beijing in July, Xiangshan hospital to continue rehabilitation. In the day to day pain therapy,air max pas cher homme, physical and mental Yuchuan Li also growing. In the first five years of injuries, although farther away from the school, but she never gave up studying. Opportunities always look hard worker. Xiangshan Hospital in the first five years, the Central Conservatory of Haidian Branch moved nearby. Mother pushing a wheelchair, the Yuchuan Li brought Haidian Angeles. School officials learned Yuchuan Li experienced test Yuchuan Li has left the school for five years, was surprised to find her English actually reached the high school level. The painting since childhood talent Tamagawa, after suffering through artistic qualities revealed her first painting to draw let school art teacher amazing specialty classes,piumini moncler outlet online, the school decided to admit Tamagawa school art classes. Waist, her efforts to obtain their own CAFA I have always liked to draw, although physical disability, but I am not willing to just give up. Central Conservatory admission Haidian Angeles art classes allow me to school, for me it is a very rare opportunity. So, even if Zaikuzailei, I have to stick to it. Yuchuan Li told reporters in Beijing during the treatment, as long as there is time,spaccio moncler, she would insist on learning to draw, because that was her dream. It is understood that due to physical and therapeutic reasons, Yuchuan Li can not go to school every day, almost self-taught,parajumpers salg norge, but her performance has been the best in class. Hard work pays off,woolrich outlet, in the fourth year of study, in accordance with the relevant provisions Yuchuan Li made Beijings school. In 2008, she participated in the college entrance examination in Beijing, the first volunteer reported that art CAFAs top universities, with excellent results,scarpe hogan outlet, Yuchuan Li was successfully admitted. Yuchuan Li: is society gave me the determination and courage persist Our family is very general,spaccio woolrich, since his daughter after the accident,, so over the years has been removed for rehabilitation, has made more than 20 times the surgery, light surgery spent hundreds of thousands of our own is unable to so much money,,hogan uomo prezzi, then her daughters things after the media reported that many social caring people have donated money to my daughter,giubbotti woolrich, I really appreciate them. According to Cyclohexanone 1 describes these years,spaccio woolrich, she has to take care of his daughter and wife in Beijing. Now, to see her daughters physical rehabilitation gets better, he will be assured of the couple. In the past experiences is really a great blow to me. Fortunately,louboutin outlet, in my most frustrating time lost, my friends,basket air max pas cher,, and caring members of society to give a lot to help me materially and spiritually. In particular,moncler uomo outlet, I today to thank Dr. Xu Yi, then under his careful help and care, my injured arm function recovery was able to so quickly. I especially trust in him, so, back in January specially Nanchang, let him help me move surgical removal of the nail then implanted in the body. Yuchuan Li told reporters, from the accident to the present,,hogan uomo, is the society gave her determination and courage to carry on. (Original title: Nanchang girl had been thrown from the 5th floor paralyzed man after 10 years admitted to the Central Academy of self-reliance)

like a horror film.

National Prosecution Defendant: Yi Ting Full Charge: intentional homicide sentencing recommendation: the death penalty Movie Butterfly Effect arranged several outcomes, comedy or tragedy, different. An idea, heaven may become hell, this is easy to recognize an acquaintance ting full arguments for that matter. That thing is terrible. Butt, murder, drawn and quartered, postmortem, like a horror film. Yi Ting full as the protagonist of the thriller, it was said that he was a drug house Xin Jiaxing version, ruthless, but once he did not hesitate to jump into the icy river, saved a womans life. From the courageous hero to murderer, May 23 afternoon, full of controversial Yi Ting in Jiaxing City Intermediate Peoples Court held a public trial. Court,peuterey outlet milano, which evolved from the accident vicious murders was again restored, some unknown details surfaced. Correspondent lands Langqianjixia reporter Huang Chun Hit man after he had thought to save Yi Ting Man, born in 1971 in Sichuan,nike air max pas cher, in Jiaxing life for nearly 20 years, living in the Lake District, Town buyun town, because usually always drove to send pork farms,mulberry sale, the neighbors called the send pork. This is a hard living,peuterey 2014, four or five in the morning every day, he went out to send pork. When at 4:00 on September 18, 2011 more, he shipped as usual pork, but this time traveling to the Big Town People buyun town Qingfeng Road intersection, driving a farm vehicle from west to north, he hit the bike Gan built from north to south. Court,, full Ting Yi admitted: My car is rolling in the right rear wheel of his body, I do not know specifically where rolling, then I went off, and his body with blood, I heard he also issued whirring sound of outlet ...... After the hit man, full of easy-ting, etc. does not make any calls 110,120,, he seriously injured his hold on Gan build agricultural vehicles, the sweet-built bike fitted with a farm vehicle. Yi Ting full in court, said: The first time, I want to send him to the hospital. However, the incident occurred about 10 minutes after departure,giubbino peuterey uomo, full of easy-ting out another idea: to kill him! Yi Ting full that it was in order to avoid responsibility. Because of their agricultural vehicles already filled toolbox full of easy-ting the car parked on the roadside, took out a hammer from the toolbox, head smashed against Gan built a few; Gan build worried there is gas, He also carried out vehicle Shazhu Dao, facing the construction of the chest and abdomen Gan stabbed several times. He also appeared normal postmortem dismembered eat breakfast Gan construction stopped breathing,hogan 2014, he covered with a cloth, hidden in the cab, threw Gan built bike, as usual sent pork, home to eat breakfast ...... in court, he also referred to his home to wash his clothes. But the body is placed in the car, it will be found,chaussures louboutin soldes, full Ting Yi recalls:. 9:10 point, I hid the dead bodies into a ditch. In the afternoon, Yi Ting full of pigs slaughtered in the name of someone to talk to borrow chop bone knife ...... He acknowledged that want to borrow a knife to dismember the bodies. I was drawn and quartered in the evening to a total installed four bags,woolrich outlet, each bag I also installed a stone. Yi Ting full say, I have three bags thrown into the pond directly to the edge of the ditch, the loading head That bag,piumini moncler, and later for a place to throw. 21:00 the next day more easily ting full was arrested. The forensic identification, the victim is willing to build lines lifetime others piercing abdominal cavity, causing heart, liver rupture. This injury is sufficient to cause death. More than 600 people in the village for his plea Once a courageous hero On the court, when the prosecutor read the indictment, easy-ting back frequently observed over the gallery, by the bailiffs warning. Face that he had used a hammer, chop bone knife and other weapons,,peuterey outlet italia, face a picture of a bloody scene photos, Yi Ting full might be scared of his own cruelty, his face a look of horror. The presiding judge asked him if he had no comment on the evidence, he shook his head, said, No,air jordan pas cher, no. Yi Ting filled more than once referred to the sorry word, he said he sorry deceased, the deceaseds family. He admitted that he is not very good economic conditions at home,nike tn pas cher, out of choice after the accident to avoid responsibility,scarpe hogan outlet, the main reason is the fear of compensation. Yi Ting full after the accident, his relatives and friends feel most unexpected. The day of the trial,chaussure air jordan pas cher, Yi Ting full of relatives and friends to several dozens of people. His counsel in court specially presented three written material. The first is to prove Nijia Creek Village Committee, demonstrating The village is full of easy-ting, good moral character,, have not done anything illegal; the second is Nijia Hamamura seeking love letter signed by more than 600 people, hope Judges can be punished more leniently easy ting full opportunity to give him a fresh start in life; the third is full proof and easy ting in December 2002 had a courageous act, when he jumped into the river to save the cold fear of a drowning woman. Prosecutors believe unforgivable. In court, the prosecutor for easy full-ting gives the unforgivable the indictment opinion. Prosecutors said Yi Ting full compensation because of fear, actually,abercrombie outlet,, after a traffic accident, made a drop hammer, stabbed,air max pas cher, drawn and quartered, dead bodies and other acts, extremely cruel means, extremely bad consequences. Prosecutors believe Yi Ting guilty of manslaughter over the facts are clear, evidence suggested the judge sentenced him to death. Yi Ting full representation of counsel, for Yi Ting guilty of manslaughter full qualitative no objection, but the defense says is full of easy-ting worried after a traffic accident can not pay for medical expenses, plus the lack of knowledge of the law to kill on impulse , which is a spur of the moment, and there is a big difference between premeditated crime. In addition, counsel noted that full justice after Yi Ting voluntarily pleaded guilty, and the facts of the confession, he had completely realized his fault. From the perspective of honest liberal,air max, with Yi Ting full well his wife and two children, I hope the judge to give him another chance, and sentenced him to death row. However, counsel referred to the spur of the moment is the word, the prosecutor had to refute. Yi Ting full day from early morning until evening postmortem hit man, he experienced hammer smashing, stabbed, send meat, borrowed knife, dismembered and other steps,woolrich sito ufficiale, we can see how his mind careful, how calm state of mind, and these showed his contempt for human life and evade responsibility subjective vicious! Due to a major case, the Court did not in court judgments. News Accessories: Xin drug house, was a student of Xian Conservatory of Music, October 20, 2010 night, then drove the injured butt stabbed eight knives caused his death, after pedestrian hit by car to escape Guo Du crossroads again When the escape was captured near the masses,, after the release of the public security organs. October 23,, 2010, the defendant surrendered Xin drug house,hogan interactive, accompanied by their parents under. May 20, Shaanxi Provincial Higher Peoples Court on drug house Xin second instance the case, upheld the death sentence. The morning of June 7,louboutin chaussures femme, Xin drug house,, was executed.

when his wife and children

    October 16 evening,hogan interactive, 37-year-old was on vacation Beilin Public Security Bureau chief Mishu Ke Qin Xiaohu, when his wife and children, father, mother in Xinwen Lane Jianhui Hunan Village woodshed dining restaurant on the first floor,abercrombie and fitch soldes, to stop gang trouble in the knife-wielding man, his body nine knives, still lying in bed. Restaurant owner: assault attracted a word wrong 16 at 7 pm in the hotel surveillance video shows: 6 man staggered out of the hotel, one of the little fat man Jiazhu restaurant owner, not to leave, the hotel owner twists and turns, to escape from the back door, but outside the shop will again hit the other man. According to the restaurant owner Kang introduced by the end of September this year,escarpins louboutin, the hotel has just opened, there clerk introduced to him, a man named Yong people more famous in the community, to settle some things ...... Before,piumino moncler outlet, Yong had eaten at his shop over a meal, Kang has helped free single. Day of the incident,air max pas cher, five people called Yong again came to the hotel dining room on the second floor package,hogan outlet, between Kang toast into the packet,, the two sides drank six bottles of liquor. During the meeting,abercrombie pas cher, Yang Yong Kang and others for suspected wrong word, in between beatings and Sport package. Surveillance video shows six men stay at the hotel, looking for Kang, was found outside the shop Kang, beating them with a plastic bench, while another man waited at the front of the store to prevent customers access. Monitor display: Police mother was chopped Qin Xiaohu recalls that he was dressed in casual dining,peuterey uomo outlet, saw tussle ready to stop. He saw a man remove a car from a private machete and threatened to hit the stores. At this time there are dozens of store customers are eating, Qin Xiaohu then called 110. To prevent the worsening of the situation, he went out Liangmingshenfen, hoping to prevent this. Surveillance video shows the night 7:45,,peuterey sito ufficiale, Qin Xiaohu are advised to block the man in front of the store, the man tried to Qin Xiaohu hand to pull outside the shop, was Qin Xiaohu break. Subsequently, the man approached, with his left foot to kick the Qin Xiaohu abdomen. Qin Xiaohu continue Liangmingshenfen,nike tn,, the man rushed forward to be beaten, tripped near the tables and chairs. At this point, the man raised his wooden chair beside, Qin Xiaohus mother came up with a body block Qin Xiaohu, Qin Xiaohu pound wooden chair and mother, the two fell to the ground, smashed wooden chair near a vase smashed rotten. The remaining five people burst into the shop in-store,piumino moncler outlet, holding a total of three machete Qin Xiaohu towards their mother cut a dozen knives. Qin Xiaohu upper body, head bleeding,, he was forced to stand up, pull the mother to leave. Catch up to a man, continued to beat Qin Xiaohu. Two other men with a machete trying to chase after the fellow stopped, five men fled. Qin Xiaohu came up,,mulberry outlet, grabbed a knife-wielding man was not until the police station rushed to the scene and arrested him. After the suspect confessed, he is 35-year-old Yang Yong. In the surveillance video, most people have to avoid eating, individuals still nothing had happened,air jordan france pas cher, continued eating. In the hospital, Qin Xiaohu head, back a total of nine stab wounds,,mulberry sale, multiple injuries to muscles. His mother a head wound and suture needles 5. Several suspects had been police crackdown At the time, I just do not want them to hurt other customers and staff ...... In the hospital, Qin Xiaohu said that any police encounter such a thing, would like him to stop the incident. After the incident, the Xian Municipal Committee, Municipal Public Security Bureau visited Duhang Wei, for his actions fully affirmed and praised, also asked to solve the case as soon as possible, as soon as possible and strive to capture suspects. Subsequently, police Beilin Branch organized more than 60 police officers involved in the case were arrested. After seven days and nights trying,piumini moncler outlet, 3 oclock yesterday morning, police in Xining City,moncler sito ufficiale outlet, will last a fugitive suspect,,hogan outlet, 40-year-old Yang Changjun Heilongjiang captured. The Tu Shen,air max pas cher, alleged possession of firearms and explosives had been hit Lianhu police. The remaining suspects, the people who have been the police crackdown. I do not know Qin officer,nike tn requin pas cher, if it is him, it is estimated that knife Kandao my body up ...... restaurant owner Kang said. Yesterday, Yang Yong 6 people on suspicion of affray,louboutin pas cher, Zhang and other four people suspected of harboring or trouble, has been Beilin Jingfangxingju. Whether involving evil,, etc., Beilin police are still under investigation. Newspaper reporter Chen Jia HD Photo:


WASHINGTON (intern reporter Zhu Gong cotton star reporter Wang Sheng) yesterday around 16:00, Muxiyuan the southeast corner of the bridge,, the man at the time of acquisition of mobile Wang because of the difference of a hundred issues, conflict with another man. Conflict, Wang Lian Tong Mito was eventually killed. Wangs friends site will assailant control,nike tn pas cher,, suspects currently under police investigation. Traders are Lian Tong Mito I was greeting guests,, suddenly saw a lot of people ran to the stairs,piumini moncler sito ufficiale, I told over and saw a man leaning on the handrail-hand,moncler pas cher, one hand clutching his abdomen, the body could not bleeding, it looks very painful. Stairs Not far from the mouth to the ground, as well as a 30 cm long knife, the knife should be thrown away when the killer fled, a merchant under the bridge, said the injured to a young man about 30 years old, due to Muxiyuan bridge larger flow of people, many pedestrians have seen this scene. Witnesses Wu said that the incident was, he was into the cargo from passing under the bridge, a young man hurriedly came up on the one hand and hold the injured shoulder, one hand to his stomach with a knife stabbed in the middle. poke under the knife after the victim turned to the stairs to leave, the murderer chasing a few steps, before approaching the stairs,chaussure air jordan, and stabbed him twice,scarpe hogan, a knife in the thigh, another knife like the lungs, then to flow a lot of blood. Around 17:00,woolrich sito ufficiale, the scene stairs blood remained two meters long, left beside a brown sneakers. This is just the murderer was caught when panic fall,, next to the stairs,, a merchant, said the injured Wang, often alongside their acquisition of second-hand phones. After being stabbed,moncler, Wang, together with the acquisition of several frequently used phone companions rushed to stop the murderer,air jordan femme pas cher, the assailant quickly put under control. The assailant was only 18 years old Trading in town for the occasion Fangshi Guo Ma security, police were deployed to help dahongmen mall was being Muxiyuan bridge patrol. He said,abercrombie vetement, rushed to the scene, the assailant has been pressed three men fell to the ground, he stepped forward to identify themselves, then handcuffed to the perpetrators,scarpe hogan outlet,, he saw me, he smiled at me for a moment,, then began to burst burst into tears. After the incident, Wangs companion called the police, and the injured Wang beat car to the hospital. Informed sources told reporters after the perpetrators are brought into dahongmen Mall police station, the police have been asked, who is alive or dead? At present, the police have to contact the families of the two sides. Ma said the assailant,moncler outlet, surnamed Li,nike tn pas cher, was only 18 years old,nike tn pas cher, from his home in Shanxi to Beijing to work. Before being killed,peuterey sito ufficiale, traders said Wang told him about it,vetement abercrombie pas cher, Lee sold the phone to pay the rent,moncler piumini, when he wants to sell more than three hundred yuan, but Wang the phone apart,louboutin homme pas cher, only promised to give him two hundred more, saying This phone has been open, and youre holding useless,hogan, Lee was also agreed, but later because of the difference of one hundred yuan,, the two sides clashed. After the death of the injured taken to hospital 19:00,woolrich sito ufficiale, the reporter went to the hospital to understand the injured Eastern situation,woolrich outlet italia, the hospital side said, after the injured were brought in, to rescue them, and ultimately the man died. Dahongmen Mall police station, said the murderer had been controlled, the specific circumstances still under investigation.

Chief reporter intern ZHAO Xu Fuying Ao

Hate makes it difficult for him with his wifes self-control,peuterey outlet, Shouchijiandao wipe each other neck The two men are to his wife lost his mind One of the cut-throat case main culprits are arrested At 21:00 on August 8 and more, sailing West Central District and Oriole Road intersection south of the entrance to the village at Yan Dong homicide occurred in the streets,,moncler piumini, because the place is in downtown, people witnessed the victim being cut-throat scenes, The case was a greater impact. Yesterday,, news came Zhongyuan District Procuratorate, Yang Chao on suspicion of manslaughter, prosecutors were arrested. His wife was a disgrace, he decided to retaliate Yang Chao,, 49, and his wife Wang Li married for 19 years, they have been feeling very good, 17-year-old daughter has been in high school,tiffany gioielli outlet, this is a happy family. But since late July of this year, Yang Chao found his wifes mood has been depressed,spaccio woolrich, all sorts of inquiries, Wang Li is not to say anything. Yang Chao said: With my life, and Wang Li for so long, I could feel that she should be what happens. August 1,woolrich roma, Yang Chao, retrieved the phone number used by the wife call list 5-7 months found that telephone contact with a 185 at the beginning frequently. Subsequently, Yang Chao phone his wife found the phone number is the same unit of Li Lin and Wang Li. Yang Chao began tracking survey Li Lin, after several days of investigation, found that Li Lin and Yang Chao did not meet his wife. August 6 afternoon, Yang Chao has been kept in the dark can not stand, attacked and beat his wife at home,bracciale tiffany, tell him the truth eventually Wang Li, Li Lin raped her in the company dormitory. Simple lessons, and took away the lives of others Yang Chao said he was feeling very bad,chaussures tn pas cher, just looking for the opportunity to punish Li Lin, the other did not think, but he bought a 20 cm single-edged knife. At 21:00 on August 8 and more, sailing Road and Oriole Road intersection south of the entrance to the village Yan Dong, operating gluten Taner Hillsborough being greeted business,sito moncler ufficiale, suddenly saw a white T-shirt to wear light-colored pants man fast ran forward, her hand holding a knife, Hillsborough feel something bad will happen. Knife-wielding man was Yang Chao, Li Lin, he has been waiting for this for a long time, while Yang Chao Li Lin is not prepared to seize the neck from behind with his left hand, right hand with a knife mercilessly drew a knife,giubbotti woolrich, and then quickly back towards Li Lin stabbed several times, and turned to flee northward along the village road, the whole process less than 5 seconds. Hillsborough memories, the injured man might just react, his right hand clutching his neck, bent want to catch the suspect,spaccio peuterey, but unsteadily walked about 10 meters,tn requin femme, then pitched down to the ground. 120 arrived to the scene, the injured man was found dead dilated pupils. Cutthroat murderer is arrested Yang Chao after fleeing the scene, go home and drink a bottle of beer, the perpetrator clean clothes, he did not know they could kill people,moncler outlet, wake up to sleep, at 7:00 the next day more, call the 110 asked: Yesterday, I hurt people in sailing West, gave himself up to go somewhere? A moment later,outlet moncler, the emperor and Yang Chao Lake police station rushed back to the public security organs. Yang Chao argued afterwards and did not want to kill it, just want to lessons learned Li Lin. But the scene retrieval of surveillance video to see, Yang Chao drew first victim of the neck, and then shoved back its bar a few knives, its behavior can be seen in its objective to kill the subjective obvious purpose. Yesterday, news came Zhongyuan District Procuratorate, Yang Chao intentional unlawful deprivation of life,air max pas cher homme, has been arrested for murder, the prosecution was arrested. (Text pseudonym) (reporter Liu Lingzhi) The two Came to his wife, who has not seen this man angry very special Others take the car drinking alcohol outlet A man from the Ying Yang Zhengzhou come to his wife, but his wife was Bierbuxian. The day before yesterday morning,, waiting for a day and a night and see his wife after he huff, took two cars in front of the brick wife workplace parking within Bash. Two vehicles were smashed drunk men mad 9:30 the day before yesterday, reporters rushed to the cotton Tongbai Road intersection with the east side of the road, in a parking lot in front of the unit,, a man sitting on the ground,,hogan outlet, several men around him. Behind him, a license plate number for the Yu A7568Z black Volkswagen sedan, the front windshield was smashed out of a pit; the south side of the car,woolrich outlet, a white Honda sedan is even worse, many hit the front windshield broken plastic wipers as well as three cement blocks, after the windshield was smashed his fist a big hole. Is he hit the car. Zhao pointed at the public plaza middle-aged man sitting briefed reporters. This man, barefoot,woolrich sito ufficiale, shoes thrown into the side of his face flushed, when approached, alcohol is very strong. Not his wife, take someone else car outlet Asked the man, he said, surnamed Liu,, Ying Yang people. My wife followed the others to come here to work, I came to my wife yesterday,moncler sito ufficiale, she not see me. I waited all night, so she informed her numerous experiences of finding people to see me. I have not seen her, the security would not let me into, I did not hit car. This man is not to admit that he hit the car. Because monitoring is broken, the scene could not bring up the monitor, two owners rushed to the scene and saw the car smashed sigh endless. But many people testify Liu smashed cars, Liu was then taken to the police station for investigation. Men no identity, no cell phone,, refused to disclose their names, nor admit smashed cars. By finding the mans wife, she said,woolrich giubbotti, the man had been before brain stimulation, some mental problems. Yesterday morning, the reporter learned from the police station, the police let the agreement deal, If the coordination fails,hollister soldes, the owner can sue this man. (Chief reporter intern ZHAO Xu Fuying Ao)