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18 depositors came to court. 13

(Reporter Wang Lina) yesterday, 18 depositors 17.5 million in the bank lost case,nike tn prezzo,, the Court of First Instance sentenced in the West. The results allow depositors losing difficult to accept,woolrich outlet, and even some people refuse to receive the verdict. Court losing grounds that depositors their money is being (has been sentenced to death) financial fraud to go, did not identify the bank or someone involved in irregularities. Yesterday afternoon,moncler sito ufficiale, 18 depositors came to court. 13:00,moncler donna, the court sentenced each start. The first case because the parties did not appear in court on time,giubbotti peuterey, absent court for sentencing. Then enter the courtroom Sun savers. The court said,moncler outlet, according to the criminal verdict in force,,giubbotti woolrich, has been identified is fund-raising fraud,nike air max requin,, criminal judgments are not recognized bank or someone involved in irregularities,woolrich parka, it rejected the demands of depositors. Not so the judge asked his opinion,moncler donna outlet, Mr. Sun began to express dissatisfaction with the verdict. We put money in the bank, ah, if the bank did not breach, then this card is how to do it, and how the money gone? Sun sigh. Sun refused to close verdict. Sentenced to 17 oclock ended 18 depositors lost all,tn requin pas cher, most people because of dissatisfaction with the decision to refuse to receive the verdict. Plaintiff attorney Liu Yingjie insisted that banks do card violations,abercrombie outlet,, illegal loans is a direct cause of deposits impersonator. Other depositors informed of the results of the loud racket in the corridor,,louis vuitton borse, someone picked up the phone to his family informed of the results. The very fact that you take the glasses off depositors wiping away his tears, she cheated more than 500 million,moncler outlet, the person next to sigh, a lifetime of money. Agent bank said,hogan milano,, to obey the court decision. As of yesterday, 20:00,peuterey outlet, savers who want to remain in court to have a say. ■ case playback July 28, 2007, Ms. Yang found bank deposits 500 000 missing,louboutin homme, immediately reported. Since then,hogan sito ufficiale, there have been found in bank depositors are planning to go. In November, 18 depositors will be prosecuted to the West Bank court. After investigation,, the reason why the deposit is lost because savers Yaogong Yu handled by the so-called high-interest business,giubbotti woolrich, in the process,louboutin homme, Yao Gongyu depositors that their account passwords,, will turn away savers deposits. In June 2009, due constitute financial fraud, was sentenced to death.

and then chased me down

Express News (Reporter Jia Xie Haisheng intern) yesterday around midnight, in the Haizhu District Dongxiao Road,scarpe hogan da donna-prezzi, a man was arrested for drink-driving,peuterey outlet, driving with a taxi after a minor collision, will be forced to stop and get off the taxi chased brother. Police arrived at the scene at the request of the man to a nearby hospital for a blood test, the man does not always cooperate,,louboutin prezzi,, but also said he to wait for parents to come,air max 95 pas cher, see blood will faint. Suspected drunk driving crash has hit Columbia 2 oclock yesterday morning, the reporter came to the scene. According to the parties Chow said the taxi driver, zero oclock yesterday,giubbotti moncler, he was driving somehow normal driving private cars to hit the bike. After the crash the driver, but also to accelerate my car forced to stop, and then chased me down,, beat me two hand. This reporter saw the red marks on Chows neck there,,spaccio woolrich, you can still see the nail marks. Taxi drivers around the site there are more than reluctant to leave,moncler donna, they are not only heard the car hit peers,hogan uomo, the other also rushed over after hit anyone solidarity. The man said that after they arrived on the scene to be able to smell the driver of the car body with alcohol, kept drinking in the street, may be drunk, and kept drinking water is estimated to want to reduce the blood alcohol concentration point . After receiving the report,woolrich prezzi,, police and police station rushed to the scene,giubbotti peuterey, the parties to a nearby hospital Second Affiliated Hospital of Southern blood tests. The driver refused a blood test grounds Ray Subsequently,, the reporter went to the hospital emergency room understands private car drivers name is Lin, 22 years old. Police responsible for dealing with incidents of patience to persuade him to cooperate with the investigation of blood injection room,louboutin soldes, but just do not agree with Lin,,louboutin milano, and moved many ridiculous reasons. When asked why the police refused to draw blood,louboutin homme, the Lin excitement,scarpe hogan, said, Ill wait for my parents to come. Police ask where your parents? Lin said, My parents are in the country. He also denied that he was the driver, and said a friends wife was driving, but he admits that he is a private car owners,,tn requin pas cher, drunk,nike tn, so refused a blood test. Finally, police said,hogan donna, do a blood test will be transferred to video evidence,hogan donna, and to take enforcement measures when,hogan outlet, Lin finally overwhelmed,giubbotti woolrich, but he actually alleging that he was afraid of blood, with blood will faint. After the suspects were blood, the police bring the parties to the South Island to the police station for further processing.

and it would be hit Mongolia

According to Xinhua News Agency March 19 electric Recently,moncler sito ufficiale, in order to recover their migrant workers PROJECTILES 8000 yuan wages,piumini moncler, Wages per employee was stabbed died,moncler donna, China Railway 15th Bureau Guangle speed project staff involved. Wai cut their pay by 20 people March 6,woolrich outlet,, Zhao Xinbiao and nephews and other 21 PROJECTILES Guangxi statewide fellow, located on the outskirts of the Anglo-German Railway 15th Bureau Guangle speed T22 standard project department to beg for more than six months in arrears of wages. 13:00 more workers pay talks failed to leave the project department,giubbotti woolrich, only to ten minutes later, he was stopped by a group of people. Zhao Xinbiao said: The coming three cars in front of two in ambush behind to chase a block,hogan donna, more than 20 individuals holding a meter long machetes and iron bars, apart from anything else on the red kill us over. Zhao Xinbiao recalls, unarmed workers,louboutin homme, and it would be hit Mongolia, many people have been knocked to the ground, then looked fled,, until the group sped away, only to find PROJECTILES down in roadside ravine, bleeding . He blinked eyelids to die,, did not leave a testament. Zhao Xinbiao said. Local police confirmed PROJECTILES was a knife cut off the right leg artery,moncler donna, the doctor arrived at the scene had bled to shock and death,, another worker was chopped left thigh buttocks. Yingde City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade person in charge,hogan outlet, after a preliminary investigation,tn femme pas cher, noon, Li Yukun lead batterer for four people,louboutin, all south of the project site near the village gallery steps. Which is the China Railway 15th Bureau Li Yukun PMO staff, contractors under contract haulers display materials for the project part. At present, the public security organs Detention of four suspects, three people online pursuit. Iron,, said no direct responsibility Workers pay talks, and they and Li Yukun no feud,giubbotti moncler, stabbed the ambush, is revenge pay talks,hogan, the project could not escape this relationship. said that each time the pay talks,air max outlet, head of the project are tough stance,nike requin tn, or refuse and gone, Li Yukun each has come forward, he actually helped the project department look wherever he goes, Minister of the day at noon,, the project engineering department Li Hepei also hit our cafeteria workers, now out of trouble, the project but was clean-handed. China Railway 15th Bureau Guangle speed T22 landmark project Zhao Ping,, vice president,, denied that the project department ordered the retaliation,hogan 2014, but said really regulators do not get bit,moncler parka, We blocked the local language,scarpe hogan outlet, usually also helped to deal with some villagers invite Li Yukun dispute. Vice-union company China Railway 15th Bureau said: There is no direct responsibility in terms of iron,woolrich sito ufficiale, out of humanitarian considerations, we give families a one-time compensation of $ 180,giubbotti woolrich,000. Reporter survey found that most of these cases involve key projects, local governments depend on these projects, dealing with sometimes open eye, closed one. (Original title: Wages per employee stabbed migrant workers)

saying mental problems

Claiming the house handwashing,   But the girl stretched evil hand At 15:00 on August 27 and more,,nike tn pas cher, Xiaohua home village with over 50 years of age was Wang obscene. September 10 afternoon,scarpe louboutin, the reporter saw Xiaohua Xiaohua parents home. Every afternoon I will be close to home vegetable garden to pick vegetables, usually are generally locked the door when leaving the home,, let the children play at home. Xiaohua parents are foreigners, a few years ago came to the Longkou, the boys father to work in a factory nearby,hogan outlet, I rented a piece of land in the village,, selling vegetables usually grow some money to support their family. Xiaohuas mother said. After that day picking vegetables home, I saw a child crying. Children,woolrich prezzi, said that much fruit (some dialect term for uncles generation), into the house in her fumble, kissed her. I feel children can not spread this lie, they immediately called her husband after her husband came home, Wang called into the home, but Wang did not recognize that kind of thing. Then I called the police. Xiaohuas mother said. Xiaohuas home confronted with street, every three or four oclock in the afternoon,, will be put up all kinds of vegetables and fruit stand. 50-year-old Wang Mouping to put fruit stand in a small house across China roadside. How he never imagined would be confronted with the street happen, how did not expect the usual fruit of the same village will extend the hand of evil. Xiaohuas mother said, We usually know, and he often came to buy my dish,louboutin scarpe, to see if he is simply not the kind of person. Fruit stand nearby sister told me that when she asked Wang to do, he said, go wash your hands,air jordan femme, but go more than 10 minutes to come out, when she felt very strange. Xiaohuas mother said, he did not used the road to my house to wash hands beside his stall locations are village residents, it is wash hands, how can I go home this alien households? Children did not suffer   Substantial damage Many villagers have heard of it, but not very clear. In the afternoon I saw him playing at the booth where the car hands are dirty, then I heard Xiaohua home with loud voices,woolrich parka, a lot of people look at the past, and then the police came. One was in the streets of the village The old man said,, Then I heard such a thing,louboutin homme pas cher, I feel very surprised. He usually is a very honest person, you feel mentally a little daze,tn requin pas cher, together with previous work, he often froze motionless . For Wang, saying mental problems,hogan outlet, a villager said: He is sick, then you can do business? Xiao Huas mother said: I heard he was suffering from depression over 10 years ago,peuterey uomo, but later nothing happened . Usually the childs own home, I will lock the door,spaccio woolrich, I went to pick vegetables just time for a little while,[/urloi, and sometimes the childs companion children come to play, I have not locked the door that day. Xiaohuas mother on his own negligence caused harm to the child has been very guilty,, fortunately did not cause substantial harm to the child,piumini moncler, or well never regret it when their parents. Xiaohua afterwards   Recurrent nightmares Xiaohua home walls Xiaohua received awards for outstanding students. Children learn very good,hogan scarpe, but the matter was left to the children a lot of shadows. After the incident, the child often nightmares,moncler uomo, she usually slept alone, now dare myself to sleep every night I have to accompany her. Xiaohuas mother said. To make Xiaohua forget this experience, Mid-Autumn Festival holiday Xiaohua parents specifically with Xiaohua out to play again. The children told me that over time she will forget, the village people will forget. Xiaohuas mother said,giubbotti woolrich, Now the child has a normal school,woolrich outlet, I went to school and the teacher explained it alone this time Pay special attention to the childs response. Reporters learned from the local police, the suspect Wang has been under criminal detention on suspicion of child molestation,spaccio moncler, the current case is still under further investigation. The reporter Jiang Dawei At 15:00 on August 27 and more,basket nike tn, Longkou an 8-year-old village girl Xiaohua (a pseudonym) is at home doing their homework,woolrich parka, the village more than 50-year-old into his home after Wang Xiaohua Youmo another pro. Xiaohuas mother saw her daughter at home crying, after that the reason the police. At present, the suspect Wang has been arrested for child molestation has been under criminal detention. Xiaohua afterwards dare myself to sleep at night, frequent nightmares, is now normal to school.

you can see the warm sentiment has out of control

■ jealousy envy hate to kill two men Shui baby next door Track,woolrich sito ufficiale Gambling gambled away money from home, bank loans in arrears, 42-year-old man warm whole generation suicide, because the neighbors jealous neighbor happy, killing two children. Currently the case is being heard, the prosecution of intentional murder and sentenced to death recommendation, and the defendant pleaded guilty himself said. Please do not insist on a lawyer to be controlled The case has raised concerns last May 25, on owners forum, a man claiming to be the father of the victim in the form of condolence users revelations of this case (last May 26 Japanese newspaper reported). After Beijing police informed that the killing of children abducted from the case, saying the suspects temperature full on May 21 crime, May 23 morning 7:00 to be controlled. Police, warm full name because of gambling debt, lost confidence in life, while others feel happiness, jealousy and revenge, then planned and implemented the abduction and killing of two children. Wen said the accused after the whole Im guilty of murder,moncler donna, is willing to accept the disciplinary law of the land and insisted lawyer. After appearing in court confessed his entire warm long suffering from depression, the police carried out their Forensic Psychiatry, found that it has full recognition at the time of committing the crime,, the ability to identify, who belongs to full capacity. Court-appointed attorney It is understood that this year, in February, warm whole indicted on suspicion of manslaughter. Case materials, the temperature to kill the two children full name was dying to pull a scapegoat. According to the prosecution allegations, the morning of May 21 last year,parka woolrich, the whole temperature will Xiaoming (a pseudonym,piumino moncler, who died five years old), red (a pseudonym, who died six years old) Pianzhi Langqin Yuan his home district, 11 oclock in the district two underground Xiao Ming will kill floor garage. 19 am that day, warm the whole band to the red in the Haidian District, a hotel, killing the red. After committing the crime, the two children warm whole bodies were abandoned to a different river. Because the whole temperature could be sentenced to death, the court assigned a lawyer. Prosecutors recommend sentenced to death When hearing the case, the temperature is almost nothing the whole excuse, said, pleaded guilty, regardless of what kind of evidence the prosecution presented to acknowledge, but also to counsel and do not say more, said during a prison room with the person in custody have been analyzed to give him a certain death. His defense lawyer said in court warm all have appropriate sentences plot, if there is no criminal record of misdeeds, has performed well,nike tn requin, even household revenues and can be described as happy,woolrich outlet, but because of deeply introverted personality combined with gambling harm, often delusional The heart of despair. The lawyer said in court, previously, had warm whole fantasy away from home, but the last time they lost the gamble away their last money ready to flee, lawyers from the desire to kill his son full-time, you can see the warm sentiment has out of control, and therefore urge the Full Court to be considered in sentencing. This opinion was defended against the prosecutor, the prosecutor said there are not any lighter temperature plot. Prosecutors believe the temperature of a trial can be organized in a statement after committing the crime to demonstrate that it is normal, it is recommended sentenced to death immediately. Trial, the families of the victims, said the whole temperature remorse, saying the families of the victims want to start their lives anew. But did not want to kill their children go hand Girls kill their children when the defendant present, and afterwards said it was trying to kill her children Display case materials,scarpe hogan, warm the whole neighborhood killed two children, and his son often play together,peuterey sito ufficiale, two kids and he is also very familiar with. Wen full confession after appearing in court, was also trying to kill their children, but did not shoot me. Three children often play together After the incident, red mother reported that last May 21 at 9 am,hogan online store, the temperature texting her all to make her red to his home to eat lunch, she said to the house that day, a colleague, said the whole temperature : Nothing, eat a lunch, she would not be opposed. Meanwhile, Xiao Mings mother also received an invitation. Police said two mother, warm the whole child Xiaowei (a pseudonym) and Xiao Ming, red peers,woolrich outlet, three children often play together, it went fairly close relationship between three families also get together went Longqingxia, Miyun and other places. According to the two mothers, said the same day at 1 pm, they received a warm full-text, full-Wen said: I took them to see the movie, 5:00 back, they returned to warm the whole back to the message, said: The hard, Thank you. At this time, Xiao Ming has been killed whole temperature, warm the whole being rushed to a hotel with a red prepare the attack. Send text messages to his wife after postmortem After the whole temperature to be controlled, said, These two children are my children live in a residential neighborhood, and my son age is similar, I usually play together,parajumpers homme, I am contracted network gambling habit since February this year, the lost all his money at home still owe the bank loans,, totaling about 1.9 million. Wen full name, back in 51 before he had the idea of suicide,, but seeing all the neighbors jealous flies more than happy after he has long wanted to commit suicide after the murder. According to him, the same day at 11 am, he will cheat underground garage Xiao Ming, Xiao Ming magic cheat, garbage bag set in a small out head and grabbed the child hard, cover the childs mouth. After Xiao Ming is no longer move,peuterey prezzi, he will be placed in a small car trunk out. Because Xiaoming struggle, warm whole face injuries, red first discovered the injury, said: Uncle have blood on your face. Then, with his son and the whole warm red car out. Open to a river after a person got out the corpse wrapped in small packages thrown into the river from the bridge. 2 oclock in the afternoon, they came to the Fragrant Hills hotel. After more than two hours, the whole lie two children warm drink orange juice have sleeping pills. After 10 minutes, the two children were asleep in the past. Wen full name, he used the same method to kill red and fingers away from its nakedness. After they put a red stuffed into bags. 8:00 that evening,spaccio woolrich, carrying a bag full temperature out of the hotel door, a taxi postmortem. After postmortem, warm whole wandering, send text messages to his wife during the killing,moncler donna, said Xiao Ming and red, saying to kill his son, but did not shoot me. The police set up a task force to solve the case On the day 17:40 Xu, could not find the childs mother because the two can not contact the whole temperature began to worry, they contacted the warm whole wife and kids around to find out. 7:00 pm, they adhere to the police. They later told police that the temperature of the whole stock probably because they did not agree together to vent their anger on children. They estimated that the worst time, temperature and the whole may have been the child threw up the mountains. Police received a report,, set up a task force, a deputy director of the municipal Public Security Bureau led to the detection. The police investigation, that the temperature of the whole content of the message from killing his wife at full temperature. Police will warm the whole as fugitives. Thereafter Jizhen found a warm full of cell phone signal in Yanjiao area and intensive, so the investigators immediately went to the area to be controlled. Case materials show, Ryu to the hotel to see his son after the child has been found dull eyes, saw the police said: I want to die, robber, and later crying, weeping, said: I never see father. It is understood that after the incident the whole temperature son was doing psychological counseling. ■ People Love and rivalry can not be worse than the others. One week before the incident,air jordan pas cher, the defendant did a lot of housework, will test the car and fix the lights and toilet Wen whole, aged 42, from Beijing. Investigating the case of a contact person in the course of him, said he looks handsome, decent conversation,giubbotti woolrich, calmly court also clearly stated, the overall feeling of biased in favor of the kind of idealist, at least appears to be a literate person . His wife said that he would kill dreamed. Man Cold outer heat Wen seems full of some neighbors, he is quite warm, the neighbors kids often go to his house for dinner, warm whole also organized kids to play with. But in fact, testified that his wife Liu Wen wholly frustrated because stocks at home is not good temper, and even how much money on her warm body, such as in which bank do not know, because he did not follow these things I said, I asked more, he and I quarrel. Liu said, after the two had met together for common open a shop. 2005 had a son Xiaowei, warm whole particularly fond of children, born after Xiaowei whole temperature on the main home watching the children, she is responsible for operating the store. When the period of Daddy warm start and the whole district where the other parents conversational. Neighbors said the performance of normal time Continuum rarely inquire about other peoples privacy. For example, two murdered children in the care of mothers are generally, but also the whole temperature and their mothers chatted for a child his fathers employer, job title, etc. do not know. Character Love and rivalry A small and warm the whole play with the big friends testified that the people are more love and rivalry, you can not make yourself worse than others, which is a major drawback in his character. Case materials show that the temperature gradually in love with the whole gambling. In 2010,moncler outlet, he was introduced as the karaoke singing a new friend, we would often get together bar Jinhua, usually 10 yuan reserve price, 100 yuan cap. After playing for some time, he began to learn to play online baccarat,spaccio woolrich, a start point tasted the sweetness, and then it has been lost. Wen also stocks a full, before the incident the family pulled two children murdered stocks together,woolrich uomo outlet, but rejected, after being rejected,, warm the whole no abnormalities in front of a neighbor with neighbors words, but too few words. Doing things Has been very methodical Lost money, the depression of temperature on hold full at home, nearly a month before the incident had little contact time with friends. Until a week before the incident,, suddenly the experience of the family car, the house lights repaired broken toilet repaired, fireplace repaired. His family is usually normal in July should the vehicle inspection, but the incident was in May. After the temperature to kill all the children, gave a friend send text messages, said, want to live,louboutin homme,, to save our children. Wen arrived at the hotel the whole time friend, worried the whole temperature has committed suicide because his work has always been very organized, everything is arranged, only do. Prior to the incident,, the temperature all have some unusual move, he had said to commit suicide, such as jumping, put the liquefied petroleum gas in the car, etc., but are not implemented. So that people did not expect that, this time moving the whole temperature real. Gambling gambled, I was unbalanced, and he lost all want to live in after, before dying wish to pull a few scapegoat, Wen said after full charged. After the incident, a self-proclaimed father of murdered childs friends in the community forum posting, saying our side in possession of the devil, but the devil did not write the word in the face, careless. Just because of jealousy, to daily life of every day, innocent wretched children, animals as simply. When the temperature did not see the whole and related materials, not blindly assert full temperature expand suicide, but the temperature of the whole confession dying to pull a scapegoat worth vigilant. This situation occurs generally warm the whole, there are two people, one is living in a very introverted reluctant to expose their attitudes and emotions, and the other is a normal behavior is more crazy. Wen whole claiming depression, in reality there are a lot of depressed people, there is this feeling people should seek medical attention, or the families of the hospital. Family members and relevant government departments should regularly community psychological intervention, the mental health knowledge into millions of households, so that depressed people the courage to face their own problems in a timely manner to get treatment, but also to community residents or hurt solace . - Director of the Criminal Psychology Research Center, China University of Political Science Luo Dahua Version A14-15 written / Beijing News reporter Zhang Yuan

to prevent breath test. Subsequently

Eastern Express (trainee reporter correspondent Yaowei Zhu Ning Pan Wuhong) the day before yesterday at 1 pm,piumini moncler,, Fuzhou Cangshan Lake police station for the night in the conduct of the investigation of drunk driving action, the obstacles encountered a driver of violence. The 27-year-old driver Taomou this day, he went to a friends house for dinner,,nike tn, during drank two glasses of wine. Shortly after midnight,peuterey uomo, Taomou think only two glasses of beer will not affect the ability to drive,giubbotti peuterey, they insisted on driving home. After the first mountain during the Second Ring Road and the junction of the night happened to encounter the ongoing investigation of drunk driving action against Lake police station. Taomou feel they do not have alcohol,air max pas cher homme, going to muddle through. However, when the car just getting to the checkpoint and saw the hands of the police to take alcohol tester,, Taomou they panicked. Thus, while the police are not prepared Taomou suddenly flung open the door out of the car, along Ring Road bolted forward. Upon seeing the police immediately chased separately, eventually Taomou captured. When the police to conduct alcohol tests,hogan 2014,, Taomou mood suddenly excited,peuterey outlet milano, refusing alcohol test, actually asked: ? So many cars on the road,borse louis vuitton, why always make life difficult for me. Police enforcement process, police on duty Taomou constantly pushing,louboutin soldes, kicking,,giubbotti moncler, abusive,, to prevent breath test. Subsequently,giubbotti woolrich, Taomou was brought to a police car,moncler uomo, and along the way with your fingers to pull the digging throat. To the police station,, Taomou continue Sapo,louboutin femme pas cher, nearly two hours after police enlighten,,tiffany milano, Taomou finally willing to cooperate with testing. Detection Report: Taomou blood alcohol concentration of only 14mg / 100ml,moncler outlet online, drunk driving is still not up to 20mg / 100ml of blood alcohol concentration standard punishment. But the platform by police officers informed,woolrich outlet,, Taomou drunken driving six months ago but had been seized by the police tower,nike tn requin, which is now part of the bail stage,nike tn, and drivers license has been canceled. Currently, due to driving without a license Taomou alleged illegal and impede the implementation of public violence charges,louboutin femme, has been executed Cangshan police criminal detention according to law.

a motorcycle is called a motor vehicle

Previously, suffered motor vehicle accident related injuries directly invoke the provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law, will train, light rail, subway and other transportation excluded, namely, the train is not a motor vehicle. Residents in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Gao Rong Meis daughter was killed by a train on his way to work, when applying for work-related injuries found on the Difficult in this provision, from the beginning of this provision for a war, after six years, eventually moved out of Modern Chinese Dictionary for motor vehicle is defined, recognized court ruling in accordance with the provisions of Work Injury Insurance Regulations: Not applicable provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law Meng Yasheng Recently, Gao Rong Meis daughter LV Ming-ying has finally been identified as work-related injuries, this time from the LV Ming-ying has been dead for the past six years. Six years ago, LV Ming-ying hit and killed by a train on his way to work, in order to related injuries, Gao Rong Mei rush for 6 years. Killed by a train after work injuries application is rejected This year 73-year-old Gao Rong Mei, who is recognized as a blessing neighbors Granny --- Daughters children along, however, a car accident five years ago, her daughter suffered, broke her happy life. April 21, 2004 17:00 pm, LV Ming-ying Gao Rong Mei daughter received a phone call that she missed class transit train, train traffic can only wait for the next one to go home. LV Ming-ying Yao in Nanjing railway near the apartment door when the waiter. That night,, the clock pointing to 7:30, Gao Rong Mei put hot food hot, but still no daughter home. Suddenly, the phone ringing: the daughter of the train was injured, sent to the hospital. Gao Rong Mei busy and son rushed to the hospital, but the LV Ming-ying due to excessive bleeding, he died. Originally, LV Ming-ying ride transit train arrived in Nanjing Railway Station, and the usual short cut home when crossing the railway track was hit by a freight train, fixed in 42 years of life. Elderly woman mourning, so Gao Rong Mei deep sorrow. Soon, Gao Rong Mei learned LV Ming-ying was a car accident on his way to work,giubbotti moncler,, according to the relevant provisions of the Work Injury Insurance Regulations, workers on the way to work by motor vehicle accidents, and should be recognized as work-related injuries. Gao Rong Mei he called his son to write a report for the LV Ming-ying apply for work-related injuries and death. Who knows, this application is more than five years. March 4, 2005, Gao Rong Mei received Nanjing Labor and Social Security Bureau (now Nanjing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau) notice that an application has been made for the LV Ming-ying injuries identified, told her to get Confirmation. Gao Rong Mei arrived in Nanjing Bureau of Labor Insurance,hogan sito ufficiale, to see the staff and asked: ? Is not my daughter because of crossing the railway line,, there are at fault, not identified injuries Staff replied: No matter whether the fault of LV Ming-ying crossing the railway does not affect related injuries because Injury Insurance Regulations canceled I no liability or responsibility for the non-I main of injuries that premise, relaxed related injuries range As long as she did not mean to hit toward the train,hogan uomo, can be identified as work-related injuries. But Gao Rong Mei Confirmation took a look, and almost fainted,moncler donna, Nanjing Bureau of Labor Insurance believes LV Ming-ying is a train crash injuries, according to the provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law, trains do not belong to the scope of a motor vehicle does not conform should be recognized as work-related injuries provisions. The train is not actually a motor vehicle? Gao Rong Mei Mangjiao staff to the provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law turned to her. Sure enough, the provisions of Article 119 of the Law Third: Vehicle refers to the power unit driven or drawn on roads for staff or for passenger transport items as well as special engineering operations wheeled vehicles. Obviously, the train was traveling on the road and not on the track. 4 years, 4 times the train is not a motor vehicle judgment The train is not a motor vehicle,peuterey donna, is it that people pull,moncler outlet, horse, ox pull it? After returning home, Gao Rong Mei Nanjing BLI any case can not understand the explanation. April 2005, she was the Jiangsu Provincial Office of Labor and Social Security (now the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department) for administrative reconsideration. Soon, the Provincial Office of Labor and Social Security for the same reasons, the train is not a motor vehicle,hogan scarpe, maintaining the identification made by the Nanjing Bureau of Labor Insurance. July 2005, Gao Rong Mei to hire a lawyer to sue Baixia District Peoples Court,woolrich sito ufficiale, requiring the defendant to withdraw the Nanjing Bureau of Labor Insurance LV Ming-ying was not work-related injuries identified. Finally, the judge hearing the case is still a train traveling on the road rather than rail, not a motor vehicle as an excuse,, rejected her claim. September 2005, Gao Rong Mei appeal to the Nanjing Intermediate Peoples Court. The result is upheld. Car is a motor vehicle, the vehicle may not be how the train it? January 2006, Gao Rong Mei to Baixia Peoples Court for retrial. When the trial court for retrial, Gao Rong Mei cheerful tears, said: The car, a motorcycle is called a motor vehicle,, said the train is not a motor vehicle, killed I do not believe it! Ultimately,louis vuitton borse, the judge can only control law to decide cases as an excuse, again dismissed her appeal. January 2007, Gao Rong Mei came hobbling Nanjing Intermediate Peoples Court, continue to apply for a retrial. After more than a year of waiting, the beginning of 2008,nike tn requin, the results of the Nanjing Intermediate Peoples Court for retrial is still upheld. The trial judge Gao Rong Mei said, unless the request to change the concept of the legislative bodies of the Road Traffic Safety Law in motor vehicles, would be difficult to win. After two administrative findings, the Court of First Instance, the second trial,, retrial twice failed four times to discuss the decision to say, Gao Rong Mei still did not give up, went to the Jiangsu Provincial Higher Peoples Court of appeal for retrial. Jiangsu Provincial High Court reception staff told her that unless there is new evidence or new legal basis, otherwise the hospital will not be a retrial, even though the hospital retrial, it is difficult to commute. Laws and regulations fight Xinhua Dictionary ruling My daughter was killed by a train on his way to work, it is obvious, how can there be any new evidence? In addition to the Road Traffic Safety Law definition of a motor vehicle, the other has been introduced in the law does not have a new interpretation of the motor vehicle, to Where to find a new legal basis? One night in early 2010, Gao Rong Mei kept in dim lighting look at laws and regulations. Turned over turned, she suddenly realized that the dictionary may be able to have a say for themselves. She immediately called the son got a Modern Chinese Dictionary. Motor vehicle is the machine running the car! When the page 581 turn on the interpretation of the motor vehicle, she immediately jumped. Powerplant dictionary did not drive on the roads of the car is the vehicle that said! Early next morning, she took Chinese Dictionary, came Jiangsu High Peoples Court, in order to find a new interpretation on the grounds of a motor vehicle, apply for a retrial. A prison hospital trial court judge after the study, decided to form the full court case for retrial. Court,sito ufficiale moncler, Nanjing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau agent that related injuries mainly based on Injury Insurance Regulations, which stipulates that workers on the way to work by motor vehicle accidents, and should be recognized as work-related injuries. However, LV Ming-ying was hit by a train and died, while the Road Traffic Safety Law will train excluded motor vehicle. Gao Rong Mei old man immediately retorted, Injury Insurance Regulations in the motor vehicle does not explain, it should be common sense in life, motor vehicle to understand, motor vehicle includes not only vehicle on the road, but also shall comply with the technical features of the vehicle include transport rail transit train,louboutin pas cher, light rail, subway and so on. Her show Modern Chinese Dictionary interpretation of the motor vehicle, says Injury Insurance Regulations in the interpretation of motor vehicle in a broad sense, while road traffic safety law interpretation of motor vehicle in a narrow sense, the trial judgment was based on the Act on the vehicle explanation, by analogy applies to the definition of motor vehicle and Injury Insurance Regulations that the train does not belong to the vehicle, identified by a train and killed LV Ming-ying injury is not part of the law applicable to the error. After collegiate bench, the presiding judge on the case directly Zang Jing sentencing. Collegiate bench think about whether the case involved an accident occurs in the provisions of the Ordinance,abercrombie femme, on the way to work, LV Ming-ying at the time did not catch a shuttle transportation, transit train ride home from work the next shift, is a reasonable working hours. LV Ming-ying in the commute across the railway line, although the behavior violated the relevant provisions of the Peoples Republic of China Railway Law,nike tn pas cher, but its purpose is to conduct a shortcut home, should be consistent with the way to work, the situation. Another respondent Nanjing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau is also no evidence to prove the existence of the accident,woolrich parka, the provisions of Article XVI, Injury Insurance Regulations shall not be recognized as work-related injuries or injuries deemed situation. Road Traffic Safety Law adjustment range is limited to the road transport sector. The law at the time of the motor vehicle is defined term, will be traveling in a dedicated rail transport train, light rail, subway and other excluded, actually made a narrowing defined according to the adjustment range of the Act. This definition applies only to the Act and its supporting regulations. Legislative purpose Industrial Insurance Regulations, is due to work to protect the legal rights of employees suffered injuries,hogan milano, the adjustment range of the Act is the legal relationship between the executive injury insurance, so the regulation of motor vehicle shall be made in line with the usual sense The actual objective understanding and reasonable explanation, which includes not only vehicle on the road, including compliance with the technical features of the vehicle shall transport rail transit train, light rail, subway and so on. Trial verdict according to the provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law, in order to train the vehicle does not belong to the scope of the grounds, make LV Ming-ying was hit by a train of death does not belong to the Ordinance by motor vehicle accidents, finds, is applicable laws error should be corrected . Jiangsu Province Higher Peoples Court made the final judgment: revocation of a second instance administrative court judgment; revocation of Nanjing Bureau of Labor Insurance LV Ming-ying made the identification was not injured; ordered Nanjing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau within 30 days after the entry into force of this decision to re-make specific administrative act. Gao Rong Mei hear Jiangsu High Peoples Court judge ruled in her favor, the tears of joy. ■ Links Expert advice: Revision of industrial injury insurance regulations as soon as possible CPPCC members Jiangsu Province, Department of Industry Law Office Weiqing Song believes Jiangsu Province Higher Peoples Court in this judgment is made within the existing legal framework, and did not break the existing range. Previously, suffered a car accident related injuries directly invoked road traffic safety laws and regulations just urban roads regardless of the railway is wrong on Injury Insurance Regulations in the vehicle re-definition, face social effects of reflected. Case judgment on future legislation will certainly have a profound impact. Nanjing University expert advice about the law, the relevant provisions should be amended as soon as possible, Work Injury Insurance Regulations,air jordan france, and expand the scope of motor vehicle. Reality, workers commuting in traffic accidents happen on the way, a lot of electric cars. Therefore, the scope of a motor vehicle, should drive mode as a yardstick,hogan sito ufficiale, as long as the mechanical power-driven, non-human,tn femme pas cher, animal-driven vehicles,nike tn, should be recognized as a motor vehicle, which caused injury to the worker, but also should be recognized as work-related injuries. And then cancel the qualifier motor vehicle restrictions on related injuries, and will be extended to all injured workers commuting on unintentional injuries,, including trains,, electric cars, bicycles, accidentally fell, sudden illness and so on. Source: Law weekend

Guangzhou arrested 51 drunk cat

Information Times (reporter Tong Dan) Panyu District of Guangzhou Discipline Committee Lanhe,moncler spaccio online, Guangzhou Huiming Liang August 19 evening 9:30, alcohol test values up to 240 mg in the evening until 6:00 the day before yesterday was run detention procedures, administrative detention 15 days. Reporters learned that the incident was not arrested that night Huiming Liang, but was led away town leaders, but also to work as usual the next morning, the afternoon was only the implementation of detention. Why is drunk driving suspect arrested after 20 hours? Why the different treatment of drunk driving secretary general public? Panyu police are Source: Shenzhen Satellite TV 30 noon, explained that until the blood test results came after the arrest nothing wrong. The next morning, still work as usual Reporters learned that the Discipline Committee Huiming Liang from August 19 evening 9:30 Xu checked on suspicion of drunk driving, to the 6 oclock yesterday afternoon was officially detained. Within 20 hours after the incident, Huiming Liang gone? Reporters learned from informed sources,woolrich sito ufficiale giubbotti, the incident was called Liang four plead not effect did not play that night beam is forced to the hospital for blood tests,,moncler parka, Panyu Lam nuclear town leaders related to the traffic police team went to the phone, after the beam is let go, also home to sleep that night, the next morning even still the town government office, the afternoon was only the implementation of detention. Reporters yesterday found that the relevant statement from a material reported in the Panyu police brigade. The material is said, The referrals leaders agreed to start with my team fixed the evidence, allowed back by the principal leaders of the town, to be treated. Secretary of drunk driving alcohol exceeded 3 times Reporters learned yesterday from the relevant channels,moncler giubbotto, Panyu police brigade has been investigated Huiming Liang August 19 drink-driving offenses cases reported to the District Public Security Bureau,, send a copy to District Commission for Discipline by the Bureau. According to this report, said that night in the town of Tung Chung City, Guangdong,giacca peuterey uomo, the southern section of the license plate check AXA699 small car and found the driver Huiming Liang (later verified, the person driving Panyu Lam nuclear town Party committee member of the Discipline Committee) drinking and driving suspects, then its breath test. The report said that after the brigade police force will bring the beam to the District Peoples Hospital for alcohol testing,moncler originale, test results show alcohol content of 240mg / 100ml. Drunk driving incident secretary bad attitude According to media reports, after the incident, the Discipline Committee Lanhe, Guangzhou Huiming Liang has repeatedly said he was good attitude, always are with police. Reporters yesterday from Panyu District traffic police brigade to report material they found a completely different view. Panyu police brigade in a Report on the evening of August 19 to investigate the case of drink-driving offenses Huiming Liang in the states: the evening of 19 August 2009 9:30,, I found that the brigade had drunk driver Huiming Liang driving suspects,giubbotto moncler uomo prezzo, then its alcohol test, but shouting at the scene, police refused to accept the check, the police force after my team would take him to the District Peoples Hospital for alcohol testing. Questioned to determine why a drunk driving after release,spaccio woolrich cadriano? Town Commission for Discipline Inspection Huiming Liang on the 20th in the evening 6:00 into the Panyu District detention, this time from drunken driving was checked 20 hours have passed. Have questioned the public, drunk driving is not a disciplinary committee to deal with the general public a difference? Reporters learned that Huiming Liang alcohol test on the spot does not accept mandatory blood and was taken to hospital, did not come out until the test results are back this time actually. How long can the blood results? Reporters consult relevant parties to the traffic police department, in the past at least three days before the test results, but the recent detection time reduced to a small make,, even if you count the time on the road, but also two hours. Before the test results came out, the parties should I do? Reporters learned that the Provincial Advisory Authority to pay the person concerned, not lifted until the suspect should be controlled and should not be put back, unless the parties appear physical condition does not allow special circumstances. Reporters learned that the hospital and from the night of the incident has confirmed Huiming Liang for drunk driving. For people questioned, Panyu police said yesterday,moncler giubbotti uomo, after Liang allegedly found drunk driving, police are allowed to sober up first, it was forced to the hospital for blood tests,moncler prezzo, until the test results come out proved to be drunk driving, according to the law of the beam and then the implementation of administrative detention This approach does not wrong. Second question first check recapture run the country? Alcohol before the report came out, who was arrested for drunk driving will be how to deal with? Reporters from the traffic police on duty at a vehicle check point Guangzhou learned that their handling drunk driving above the provincial Traffic Management Bureau handled a little differently. He said that,woolrich usa, for the detention procedures must hold a party alcohol content of the report, the parties and the car in general will be let go, detained only party drivers license. If the drunk party ran how to do? How do they deal with do not come back? Some people questioned told reporters yesterday, the traffic police check drunk driving practices put people first and then run detention undesirable. And as a result of violations of data between provincial yet communicated so that the driver in the province after the Guangzhou illegal, detained actual drivers license and can not play the role. He Stone Mountain Shenzhen police send quick arrest Shenzhen police once found to have drunk driving behavior, within three hours parties can apply for custody procedures. It is reported that,moncler piumini prezzi,, in order to avoid drunk driving staff have the opportunity to escape punishment,dove comprare woolrich online, Shenzhen traffic police department to investigate in particular to accelerate the speed of the drink. Shenzhen police recently told the media that, in the investigation of drunk driving special action program to continue to investigate and optimize the drunken link,sconti woolrich, highlight the four fast to improve the efficiency of law enforcement. Specifically, one investigate fast, where offenses involving drink,, accidents,moncler outlet online, police on duty must be within 10 minutes of the drivers were alcohol test. The second is quick blood test, where on-site alcohol detector refuses to accept the test results, blood tests will be carried out within 30 minutes. The third is questioning fast, the driver is effectively controlled and, after testing, will be asked to complete within one hour. Fourth, the send quick arrest, all procedures are completed, after the illegal facts are verified to be the first time made the decision,tn requin femme,, the first time sent to a detention center. Recently, this reporter interviewed detainees drunken driver Xiaojiang detention centers in Shenzhen. Xiaojiang told reporters, August 14 bottles of beer drinking that night because police seized,tuta da sci moncler, found to be 160 mg alcohol content exceeds the standard drink a whole doubled. After the police was found, and even make a phone call to the family and co-workers have time,, the phone was confiscated, not to mention home to pack things up. User Public officials should take the lead. Mouwang community Lonely leaves: Commission for Discipline Inspection Shoki what work will require to drink ah? User: Work needs to be able to drink, meaning,woolrich punti vendita, work needs to be able to break the law? Netizens Loaic: public officials should take the lead in drinking and driving ban, a good example to the ordinary people. Good reflection mode of public officials receive it,peuterey online shop, does it have to drink in order to work it? Guangzhou arrested 51 drunk cat August 15 to August 20 six days since the police department dispatched police to 2550 people, a total of 251 investigation of drunk driving offenses, including drunken driving in 51,piumini moncler online, and will be implemented drunk driving was detained. Traffic police department said that this year, the Guangzhou police investigated a total of 2311 drink driving, including drunken driving 478, and will be dealt with severely.  

but no results.

The reporter Juju Wang Hangzhou residents Wu Miao Quan recently under the auspices of public security officers, to get 1,000 yuan damages. Although he and his neighbors by playing this year for the demolition of a series of lawsuits have no results,hogan junior outlet, but he sued the local police as a case in favor of the executive is not in the demolition of disputes, or let him feel more pleased. Questioned the legality of the demolition of the building residents sued the Board February 20,, 2008, the Bureau of Xiaoshan District,chaussure tn requin, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Xiaoshan District Land Reserve Center to the issuance of a demolition permit, agreed to Plum Street Chengxiang floor reconstruction of village communities. Demolition permit records project land area of 225 acres. When the implementation of the demolition, the relocatees are demanding Xiaoshan District Construction Bureau offers construction project approval documents, documents and information related to the demolition of construction land planning permit approval documents of state-owned land use rights, Plum F,woolrich bambino online, city reconstruction project on the basis of policy, etc., but the Bureau of has been unable to provide. So residents expressed doubts on the legality of the demolition of that building demolition permit issued by the Bureau of violation of state policies and laws and regulations. May 13, 2008, Ho Cheung method 11 relocatees filed administrative proceedings to Xiaoshan District Peoples Court,prezzi tiffany, requesting revocation of the demolition permit. May 30, 2008,, the Court of Xiaoshan District Construction Bureau to provide a basis for the demolition of behavior. But residents have found that there is a big difference between the various approvals identified land area. Xiaoshan District Development and Reform Bureau documented project is 210 acres, construction land planning permit is recorded 172.2 acres,hogan basse, Zhejiang Provincial Peoples Government approved only 117.342 acres of land acquisition, demolition plans and compensation programs are 172.2 acres. Residents of the evidence provided by the Building and Construction Authority raised the question that the demolition permit related content does not fill an area is not real, is a sub-demolition permit law. And the lack of construction land planning permit construction project approval documents, attachments and drawings, inconsistent land area and the demolition permit. October 13, 2008, Xiaoshan District Peoples Court hearing of the case and make a judgment on October 16. The court held that the evidence provided by the demolition of the existence of non-standard form,, incompleteness exist between the content and the demolition party in the performance of demolition permits issued statutory duties, there are flaws in the program. But at the deficiencies without prejudice to the legitimate interests of the demolition party, they dismissed the claims of the demolition party. July 21,moncler saldi online, 2009, the relocatees have appealed to the Hangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court. Its attorney Yulai Yuan proposed,,offerta woolrich, in this case, there is a major problem behavior demolition permit issuance. Zhejiang Urban Housing Demolition Management Regulations does not specify which department issued the demolition permit, saying only that the responsibility of the location of the city and county housing demolition management department. The past 10 years, Yuan Yu to agents in Hangzhou area many land acquisition cases, the legal basis applicable is Hangzhou requisitioned collective land Housing Demolition Management Regulations, Xiaoshan District, has also developed a Xiaoshan District requisitioned collective land housing demolition management implementation approach Both regulations are clear that collective land department is in charge of house demolition and land departments. Therefore, Yuan Yu to think, house demolition permit Plum floor city reconstruction project was issued by the Bureau of Xiaoshan District, which is the lack of legal basis. September 16, the Hangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court ruled that the stay of proceedings on the grounds that the relocatees who has made application for reconsideration of the problem raised by his lawyer to the district government. Yuan Yu to lawyers in opinion, the Hangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court to suspend the case without litigation,, the suspension of the proceedings,, it is able to create the conditions for coordination to solve. Thus,piumini peuterey uomo, 11 relocatees been looking forward to. Complaints from residents suffered cold treatment court sentenced the government assumed responsibility However, the city reconstruction project did not stop because of litigation, on the contrary have been piling into the construction phase. Piling noise and vibration caused by a serious impact on the daily lives of the relocatees. May 4, 2009, residents were to Xiaoshan District Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the Urban Management Bureau) complaint, requires time to stop the illegal construction demolition partys behavior. May 12, Urban Management Bureau reply: first pile construction is Xiaoshan District Construction Bureau agreed. Relocatees think this answer is no factual and legal basis. Moreover,peuterey abbigliamento, even in Xiaoshan District Construction Bureau agreed to construction, construction is illegal, it should be stopped by law. May 22, Ho Dong, Wu water tide, Huang root three evicted Xiaoshan District Urban Management Bureau representative fails to perform statutory duties on the grounds, Xiaoshan District Peoples Government to make the application for reconsideration. Xiaoshan District Peoples Government after receiving the review materials, issued on May 31 on behalf of the three evicted notice requiring it to provide proof of Xiaoshan District Urban Management Bureau has asked to fulfill statutory duties, but the council did not fulfill the material, the material will be overdue deemed a waiver application for administrative reconsideration. Ho Dong, who believe that by understanding that the project did not get the EIA approval, construction project planning permit and construction permits,sito ufficiale moncler piumini, construction is illegal. Deal with illegal construction behavior, according to the Department of powers should fulfill their statutory duties, without relocatees apply provided when a request for reconsideration of its Building on Plum Village Reconstruction Project petitions reply, is enough to prove the Xiaoshan District Urban Management Bureau is aware of the law behavior exist. Thus, they ignored the notice handed materials. Since then, Xiaoshan District Peoples Government did not make a reconsideration decision. August 13,outlet hogan on line, 2009, Ho Dong and other representatives of the three evicted in Xiaoshan district government delays the performance of duties set by the Administrative Review Law, filed a lawsuit to the Hangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court. October 16, 2009, the Hangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court hearing of the case. October 19, Court of Final Appeal ruled that in the case of Ho Dong and the others have to submit relevant evidence when applying for reconsideration, Xiaoshan district government requested any improper behavior of other materials,moncler italia outlet, are not fulfilling their statutory duties of administrative reconsideration. Court: Xiaoshan District Peoples Government ordered the defendant on the date of entry into force of this decision within 60 days, for the plaintiff Ho Dong and other application for administrative reconsideration, administrative reconsideration perform their statutory duties. Demolition dispute does not deal with the public security court found the police inaction Because they do not meet the demolition, 11 evicted from that subject to varying degrees of retaliation, air conditioning,, cable TV line, telephone outside, outside lighting, electricity, water pipes, cars, windows, mahjong, bathroom equipment,outlet cadriano woolrich, etc., often destroyed by unidentified people. April 20, 2009,giubbotti woolrich prezzi, 22, or even on a door evicted twice was splashed on the fecal matter. Residents have a dozen times to alert the public security organs, but no results. Because some residents refused to demolition, building community plum once water and electricity,woolrich torino, the residents had to think of ways to connect electricity. April 1,, 2008 0900, Plum F, Huai moderate community policing team members in the process of dismantling lamp residents secretly installed, because Wu Miao Quan residents to take pictures of the process, the two sides dispute. Wu Miao Quan damaged camera falling on the ground on both sides pulling process. Wu Miao Quan that the camera system was deliberately broken middle Huai, was made to the Public Security Bureau of Hangzhou Xiaoshan District branch of the police. 9:33 the same day, the Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Public Security Bureau patrol car arrived to the scene, and be placed on file to determine the cause of action for intentional damage to property. Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau on the same day to ask for the relevant personnel investigation, but was unable to determine the cause of damage to the camera specific circumstances. November 16, 2008, Wu Miao Quan to Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Public Security Bureau complaint, ask the Council to Huai middle man to handle it according to law violations, but has no results. May 11, 2009, Wu Miao Quan proceedings to Xiaoshan District Peoples Court,giubbotti woolrich prezzi, requesting the court ordered the Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau to perform their duties. Xiaoshan District Peoples Court held that the Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau to fulfill the statutory duties; the council can not be concluded within the statutory period, was due to the limited clues to solve due does not violate the relevant provisions of the judgment dismissed the claims of Wu Miao Quan. Wu Miao Quan first instance verdict,woolrich parka verde, then filed an appeal. Hangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court in the second instance that, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau on the case the appropriate investigative procedures have been fulfilled, the public security organs should be dealt with according to different situations. However, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau in the basic elements to deal with the situation has been, for a period not to exceed the statutory handling according to the law, there are clearly inappropriate duties lazy,peuterey uomo prezzi, plaintiff fails to perform its statutory duties set up. October 13, 2009, the Hangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court of Final Appeal ruling in Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau make a decision within 60 days from the date of entry into force of the judgment. Government inaction in the demolition dispute, the court and the District Public Security Bureau has judgments against the Government, caused a big stir in the local. Yulai Yuan lawyer, told reporters in land acquisition cases, executive unsuccessful cases less, resulting in sharp contradiction of relocatees have to choose petition. Hangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court made two judgments, make relocatees have tasted the sweetness of rational rights. Yuan Yu, a hope both cases can develop a good head,hogan offerte, causing the government enough attention, so relocation disputes can be solved according to the law, to reduce or eliminate unnecessary petition.

there is still a tendency to commit suicide.

The suspect was arrested According to the Hunan Xiaoxiang Morning News reports: on the 14th, in Yongzhou Ningyuan,, 12-year-old was on his way home in their hometowns Hexiao Zhen act Huang Tianshun crashed into serious injuries. 18 evening,moncler outlet roma, the police took Ningyuan Huang Tianshun and Hexiao Zhen Rong father towards Dongguan, looking Hexiao Zhen. 19 noon, in Dongguan City,moncler online, a black bottomless drain hole, Hexiao Zhens body was found. So far, the 12-year-old was thrown unknown in this article has been Wutiansiwan culvert. Car accident on the way home At 16:30 on the 14th, Yongzhou Ningyuan Taipingzhen LINGTOU source complete small school. Because the body feel a bit uncomfortable, a group of sixth-grade teacher boarders to leave home. 16:50 or so,peuterey online store, and students walking on the way home. He Xiaozhen peach plum classmate had said he was walking behind Hexiao Zhen, is preparing to call her,tiffany shop, Hexiao Zhen hurt. was a silver van hit had peach plum said that after the accident,modelli woolrich, he saw forehead full of blood, down two people from the car,woolrich bambino online, is one of them hold to the back seat,,giacche woolrich, and soon the car drove off . Hexiao Zhen Huang Tianshun exactly taken away. Home in the village of Ningyuan sector began several years ago in Dongguan, construction materials business. Because the 14th is the anniversary of his wifes grandfather, with his wife a few days ago with a two-year-old daughter came back from Dongguan. At that time, Huang Tianshun grandmother drove the van to send back to the hospital Ningyuan People do not want a car accident. In addition to Huang Tianshun a car was, there is a more than 60-year-old aunt Lord Diao. The little girl missing after crash Hexiao Zhen Huang Tianshun to hold to the back seat after seeing Hsiaos mouth bleeding. Huang Tianshun said he was just the girl to the nearest hospital, and later Lord aunt told me that children die, let me hurry to escape. 17:00, Diao in cold water off the town, all the way straight Dongguan Huang Tianshun open. He later confessed,, was in the back seat of the girls want to throw on the roadside,giubotto woolrich, can not be taken to downtown. enter Dongwan in the night, on the road has not opened a yellow roadside found a pit, Now there is a river,, he Hsiao put into it, returned to his co-located wanjiang Union home. 6:00 that night more than working in Dongguan Hexiao Zhen Rong toward her daughter received a phone trouble. Sister told him on the phone: Hsiao was hit by a car,, the driver said to take her to the hospital for treatment, but now can not find the people. Rong Ning back home towards the evening. 15 morning, Rong toward the school to understand the situation,moncler vendita, asking the students witnessed the incident. With his desperation in the mountains near the school one begins to find. He said, live to see people die to see the corpse. But still found no trace of her. Two days after the suspects were arrested 15 noon,hogan a poco prezzo,, Ningyuan traffic police brigade that Traffic Accident cases, followed by the collection of lights at the scene identified the vehicle model fragments, and by calling out the video at the road to finalize vehicle crime,collana cuore tiffany, and preliminary estimates suspects people in Dongguan. Yong led police brigade rushed to Dongguan,basket requin tn, 16th 6:00 am arrival. And in the evening of 16 11:50 Xu,piumini uomo peuterey, address on the suspects residence and arrested the suspects in Dongguan Huang Tianshun. At first he refused to explain the facts of the crime, after 30 minutes,,costo woolrich parka, slowly began to explain what had happened, providing the names of a few people on board. Yong said Hexiao Zhen Huang said I was dead, but only to find Hexiao Zhen Make sure all the case. Yong said that originally was a traffic accident,,spaccio woolrich veneto, and now has become together hit and run postmortem case, the suspect has been arrested for the crime of intentional homicide. After the suspect was arrested while Ningyuan police, has repeatedly tried to commit suicide, the police were to stop,prezzi woolrich, there is still a tendency to commit suicide. Deep culvert remains found At 11:40 on the 19th or so,requin nike tn, the police from the detention center in Dongguan City, the second suspect Huang Tianshun bring out. Under the guidance of around 12:00, with the assistance of Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau police, police found his account Ningyuan locations: Dalingshan Town lianping village roadside culvert. 12:25, a couple of hundred meters to find in culverts,hogan outlet italia, Ningyuan County Public Security Bureau,nike air pas chere, said forensic, Hexiao Zhen has died. 19,outlet hogan online sito ufficiale, 15:15 pm, police Hexiao Zhen body was lifted out with a white bag. Subsequently, Hexiao Zhen Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau remains were sent to the forensic center for more detailed autopsy. (Tanxu Yan Xu Xia Fei)