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temporarily unable to apply for enforcement.

   Sports Network (Reporter Chen Lilin) limit the demolition of half a month has passed,, why living tomb safe standing still? Netizens Sports Network is reflected in the East Lake community,,tn pas cher, has been a self-demolition deadline, parties fail to remove their law enforcement agencies have not forced removal. September 6,scarpe hogan interactive, Wuxue City Land Resources Bureau reply handled in accordance with regulatory processes, temporarily unable to apply for enforcement. Wuxue rich fertile for parents to build luxury Pa living tomb message after the Sports Network reports,hogan interactive, causing local departments attach great importance. August 3,,abercrombie pas cher, Wuxue City Land Resources Bureau issued to the parties Liumou administrative penalty decision,christian louboutin homme, ordered to correct itself within 15 days, a fine of 6558 yuan. The council also said law enforcement unit,woolrich prezzi, such as the removal fails,chaussures louboutin hommes, will apply to the court for enforcement. However,,jordan femme pas cher,, in this Aug. 18 that it self-demolition ho tomb,,louboutin homme pas cher, still occupy arable land. September 6,hogan outlet, Wuxue City Land Resources Bureau law enforcement brigade captain Liu reply,hollister pas cher, had already promised several times to convince the parties, the removal,air jordan pas cher,, but it no honor. Currently,louboutin, the only other administrative review application expires 60 days, the parties did not submit an application,louboutin homme pas cher, without the removal, Wuxue City Land Resources Bureau to apply to the court for enforcement. According to Liu captain introduced by regulatory processes, if the parties administrative penalty decision not satisfied,hogan outlet, you can apply for administrative reconsideration. Even reconsideration organ to maintain the administrative act,spaccio woolrich, the reconsideration decision, any party is dissatisfied,christian louboutin homme, but also to the court. It is understood that the Administrative Reconsideration Law Article IX provides that citizens,chaussures louboutin hommes, legal persons or other organizations believe a specific administrative act violated their legal rights,scarpe hogan, he may know the date of the specific administrative act within 60 days to apply for administrative reconsideration. Sports Network will continue to focus on,,louboutin.

Raised funds were squandered a lot to carve

Newspaper reporter Chen Dongsheng Newspaper correspondent Chen Fu Yu Yanli Incident Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Incident reason: report from the masses, a tea company mysterious hold investment promotion,louboutin homme pas cher, and provides that only the elderly can participate Legal Daily reporters recently from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Public Security Bureau,,tn pas cher, Hangzhou public security organs cracked together specifically targeted to the elderly population of illegal fund-raising activities. 3 years,jordan pas cher, on suspicion of illegal fund-raising company in Hangzhou to raise funds totaling 127 million yuan, involving an investment of nearly 1,000 people. Suction gold objects targeting the elderly April 2011, the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau began to receive reports from the public and the relevant departments to reflect clues,scarpe hogan interactive, says David as Yunnan Tea Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou company, held a series of mysterious older only allowed to participate in the Investment Promotion Some hotels in Hangzhou in order to promise high rates of return on investment lured elderly Hangzhou section called tea buying and selling investments, illegal fund-raising activities. Hangzhou Public Security Bureau after receiving carry out the verification and found that Li Xinghua,, who in the name of Division in recent years through the promotion, street soliciting, issuing consumption coupons and other ways to elderly hyped concept of tea appreciation and commitment 3 Returning to the interest-year period,louboutin femme pas cher,, the annual interest rate of not less than 16% return, in order to induce non-specific Hangzhou elderly people with the signing of the so-called tea purchase contract and agency underwriting contracts, illegal fund-raising has reached tens of millions. May 11,hogan outlet 2015, 2011, police arrested Li Xinghua and other key members of the 14 major groups. It is understood,boutique louboutin paris, Hangzhou deceived masses, the youngest 50 years old, the largest of more than 90 years old, most of which is seven or eight years older; cheated minimum amount of 1 million yuan, the largest of more than 300 million . According to available information, Hangzhou cheated thousand elderly people. Only a few thousand dollars a shell company accounts According to the preliminary investigation, the suspect Li Xinghua,air jordan, such as the Department of Yunnan hung,scarpe hogan, hung like Hangzhou Tea Company Limited. Key elements of the illegal fund-raising groups mostly long-term no fixed occupation, no stable business experience people,louboutin homme pas cher, and basically never engaged in tea business,louboutin pas cher, there are several members have been involved in illegal activities, and some have multiple crime record. The police investigation found that the registered capital of Yunnan indicate when hung Tea Co.,abercrombie pas cher, Ltd. was established as 10 million yuan, Li Xinghua and other two shareholders. But in fact had not registered LiXingHua needed funds,louboutin femme pas cher,, but to borrow funds through intermediary companies registered capital verification,, less than a month after the company was founded about to all the registered capital flight. According to Li Xinghua account,, he is in the name of the company in order to carry out illegal fund-raising activities was incorporated company,boutique louboutin paris, the company has no other normal business activities. After the company has been established, income tax on capital account is usually only a few thousand dollars, only three years to pay twenty thousand yuan,louboutin homme pas cher, because the money the company would not join the company of illegal fund-raising basic accounts,louboutin homme pas cher, the company has no other business activities. Raised funds were squandered a lot to carve According to preliminary verification, Li Xinghua,nike tn pas cher,, who since August 2007 in Hangzhou, illegal fund-raising reached 127 million yuan, involving an investment of nearly 1,000 people. Illegally raised funds were divided up primarily by financial officers of all branches in Hangzhou, the clerks personal bank account. The available evidence reflects the main destination of these funds raised are: First, in accordance commission percentage of business executives called by the company,, branch manager, business manager, clerk to carve; the second is for the large consumption and extravagance, such as for buying villas, buying luxury cars, luxury rental apartments, free to play,air jordan pas cher, fly, etc.,scarpe hogan donna, only the companys opportunity costs reimbursed month amounted to more than 40 million; the third is a false image of the packaging for the company. According to Li Xinghua, who account for nearly a year,chaussures louboutin hommes, the only so-called public relations expenses amounted to 30 million yuan.

Text / tablet newspaper reporter Wei Wei

Text / tablet newspaper reporter Wei Wei The use of forged seal, contract, first - sets of financing housing has been designated as and then cash in the house mortgage. Between May 2010 to September,, the provincial capital at age 25,chaussures louboutin hommes,, Liu Qiang (a pseudonym) use this trick children mad cash loan over two million victims for up to 11 people. Recently,louboutin femme pas cher, he was arrested in the city Public Security Bureau of Interpol Battalion squadron of police. Event start: high interest lenders who accidentally cheated Mr. Han is a businessman, the hands of some spare cash. In mid-September 2010, a lending agency to find Mr. Han said it was urgent need of money and want to value the property as collateral 390,woolrich outlet,000 within a residential neighborhood with shops and return home,boutique louboutin paris, Mr. Han lent 220,,chaussures louboutin hommes,000 yuan. By the end of September,hollister pas cher, the borrower has found Mr. Han Qiang,abercrombie pas cher, want to borrow 220,000 yuan, mortgage real estate is another set of real estate within the district. Mr. Han field house at the time may have property officer told him: Liu Qiang no property in the district. Police investigation: a suite of mortgage eight times quickly contact Mr. Han Qiang, Liu Qiang early can be omitted. The City Public Security Bureau of Interpol Battalion squadron after receiving the alarm,scarpe hogan donna, immediately investigate. Originally, when the residential construction, Liu Qiang was a construction supervisor. Taking advantage of his position,air jordan femme pas cher, Liu Qiang forged seal of the company,lancel pas cher, the sale of housing,hogan outlet 2015, the district sets idle property designated to their own name. According to police statistics,moncler outlet, a chamber 602, a total of eight times by Liu Qiang mortgage, cash in more than one million yuan. November 4, Liu Qiang was arrested in the city Public Security Bureau of Interpol Battalion squadron of police,,christian louboutin homme, but this time he has used this trick cash in more than two million yuan, as many as 11 victims. Causes of crime: as also usury, took no return In fact,chaussures louboutin hommes, he was a high-interest loans and cornered black intermediary step by step. City Public Security Bureau of Interpol Battalion two squadrons of police told reporters, Liu Qiang, 25, has been engaged in project supervision work, he wanted the building works break a world of respect. Because of contracted projects require a lot of start-up capital, Liu Qiang, some high-interest loans to the agency for help. In May of this year, Liu Qiang borrowed its first high-interest loans to 20 million,chaussures louboutin hommes, after deducting expenses and other miscellaneous intermediary, he actually hand over 150,000. In less than six months time,, the absence of timely repayment,, he not only paid 80,000 yuan of interest,piumini woolrich, there are 17 million penalty, and owes creditors 200,louboutin femme pas cher,000 yuan principal. Compound interest as a snowball in general, when is the head? In a high-interest loan intermediary Weapon,air jordan pas cher,, the Qiang move Wainian. In this case,louboutin homme pas cher, even some intermediary knowingly false Qiang still helping him. City Public Security Bureau of Interpol Battalion squadron of police said the two helped Liu Qiang fraud agency has also been arrested. The case is under further investigation police,,moncler outlet.

two out of danger

Newspaper yesterday to 10:00 Changde,,boutique louboutin paris, Changde City, south bus station rifle fire occurred in the case, two passengers were injured. It began two other passengers in the luggage bag with guns, get off luggage bag fall, causing fire has been loaded firearm. Police seized a rifle, an imitation of Tiananmen-style pistol and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a preliminary analysis of this is likely to have prepared a criminal gangs. Currently,jordan pas cher, the two suspects have been Jingfangxingju. Mr. Chan rifle was wounded passengers said that when he was ready to get off,louboutin femme pas cher,, and suddenly heard a loud noise, like firecrackers,, like, and then they feel waist pain. He saw another one in front of the passengers head was bleeding, straining to drive the car a lady ran outside, he immediately shouted seize the woman,chaussures louboutin hommes, Mr. Wang, head injuries and grabbed each other. With the help of other passengers,chaussures louboutin hommes, the two suspects carrying firearms per capita is controlled. According to eyewitness reports, the incident at the time,boutique louboutin paris, the womans luggage bag fell to the floor,hogan outlet, just less than one minute,tiffany outlet, the bag on the number of rounds fired,chaussures louboutin hommes, the first shot in the column next to the body and then refracted into two passengers. On the station platform pillars, leaving more than a dozen holes caused by gunshot. Police then arrived and the two suspects were taken to the police station investigation Bridge. Two injured passengers were rushed to the city of Changde City Ding Hospital for treatment,,scarpe hogan, after 1 hour of operation, two out of danger,,louboutin femme pas cher, there was no danger, but the injury was severe. Changde Municipal Public Security Bureau informed sources,boutique louboutin paris, the suspect man and a woman,louboutin homme pas cher, were all safe countryman,tiffany outlet, they take Guangzhou to Changde coach, get off carrying two duffel bags,air jordan pas cher, a bag placed clothing, other A bag is placed two guns and control tool,hogan sito ufficiale, which is a rifle,hollister france,, a Tiananmen-style imitation pistol,woolrich outlet, and has a loaded rifle, there are five bullets in the gun. Luggage bag also in possession of four pistol bullets and hundreds of rifle bullets hair,,woolrich outlet, as well as pipe to kill,, machetes, guns and other ball of weapons of mass destruction. The incident at the time, duffel bag fall to the ground, shaking caused already loaded guns fire, Shepo luggage bags, harming the two passengers. As for the source of the firearm and how security is suspect to bring the long-distance bus,louboutin femme pas cher, police are further investigating. Police preliminary analysis, from a large number of suspects carrying and possession of firearms and ammunition to kill other tools run, this is likely to have prepared a criminal gangs. Currently, the two suspects arrested for illegal possession of firearms have been Changde police criminal detention. Reporter correspondent Wulin Fang Peng Tao

During the trial

Has three times been admitted to graduate schools identified as pathological stealing by the court lenient sentence,,piumini woolrich Like Cheng Post reporter correspondent Cai Xiaoqi Recently,,louboutin pas cher, Wuxi Lake District Court of theft together Xuemou defendant in the theft of more than 60 colleges and universities from the madness. But based on Xuemou graduated from the prestigious and elite students admitted on three occasions, the court was carried out spiritual authority Forensic Medicine, showed Xuemou is a significantly impaired ability to control people. According to this because of pathological theft and who continue to be a lenient sentence trouble. According to reports,tn requin pas cher, 26-year-old in 1998 when the Xuemou from a prestigious university graduate,hogan online, stable and bright future. But in the ensuing ten years, he was found guilty of theft was sentenced to 5 times,, detention. Wuxi last year came from November to May this year,hogan scarpe outlet, Xuemou again in a university building,moncler uomo outlet, library, cafeteria, laboratories and other places, the use of lock picking,peuterey outlet,, sliding doors and other techniques wantonly stealing 60 times,, a total stolen 220 yuan,air max outlet, a laptop,woolrich donna, 11, 46 mobile phones and other property worth nearly 70,000 yuan, has reached Theft huge amount standard. The case was transferred to the Lake District Court,giubbotti woolrich, the judge found that after scoring,,hogan interactive, as college Thief Xuemou,woolrich uomo, once in 2000 to 2008 between the three admitted to graduate schools. During the trial,louboutin soldes,, the defendant Xuemou Cheng recognize that he was not committing the crime for financial gain and the resulting removal of stolen goods for his girlfriend of several mobile phones,louboutin pas cher, music players and other items,peuterey outlet,, most of them on the rental places, did not sell. When asked why the theft, Xuemou that they have the will to rehabilitate, but can not control the theft. To protect the legitimate rights of the accused,hogan sito ufficiale, the judge decided to adjourn immediately and commissioned Wuxi Mental Health Center for Forensic Psychiatry Xuemou a judicial appraisal. The results show: Xuemou Department pathological theft; although on its ability to identify substantive acts of crime exists,air max pas cher, but control was significantly impaired,woolrich outlet, it should be classified as criminal responsibility diminished responsibility. Accordingly,spaccio woolrich, the combined Xuemou recidivist defendant, after justice can truthfully confessed, there are other sentencing restitution behavior, and ultimately the court sentenced him to prison for theft six years six months and fined 5,tn pas cher,000 yuan.

abducted and killed innocent boy

(Reporter correspondent Zhang Liang Chen Yanbin intern Zhang Yongning) high school male students,doudoune parajumpers, because of a trivial unpopular teacher that the teacher to enforce the law, and their own life difficult,woolrich parka, he kidnapped the child to ask the teacher a ransom of 180,000 yuan. Kidnapping,giubbotti woolrich, the cruelty against children strangle ...... 1990, Zhao was born in Shaanxi Binxian people,hogan uomo,, in August 2009 day in late morning, late for class sophomore Zhao,louboutin soldes, quarrel with the school guard. Lin, deputy director of Church and State Department severely criticized him,louboutin, and let him called parents access to their regular absenteeism in schools, deteriorating performance results to inform parents that the parents strengthen management. This allows the Zhao unpopular in mind. A few days after the official opening,, promoted to the third year of study up late again Moumou day, Lin criticized him again in earnest. Lin Zhao did not listen to any one of education, and his heart but think: Lin deliberately make life difficult for me, nothing good,, I want revenge. Zhao know there is no capacity revenge Lin,woolrich sito ufficiale, he gave kids spearhead Lin Xiang Lin (a pseudonym). Then,air max italia,, Zhao Lin inquire about accommodation in the school, but also the purchase of a mobile phone black card Preparing for Lin Xiang kidnapping. Day night classes, ready to find a language teacher Zhao leave on the stairs again met Lin, so he was criticized. Zhao Lin is still considered good,, which strengthened his determination to retaliate. October 5, 2009 21 am, Zhao Lin Xiang will be cheated out of school to a place where no one around, pulled Lin Xiang Lin arms to fight to the threatening phone calls: are not looking for your child, you baby in my hands before 6:30 tomorrow, ready to 180,000,,hogan interactive, not the police,spaccio peuterey, otherwise, see your child ...... Lin Zhao look hears a voice, Zhao quickly hung the phone. At this point, Lin Xiang Zhao extortion hear father, began to revolt,hogan rebel uomo outlet,, Zhao Lin Xiang with his left hand over his mouth, Lin Xiang will fall to the ground,woolrich parka,, while his left hand tightly over his mouth and nose Lin Xiang,basket nike tn pas cher, the Lin Xiang hand forcefully grabbed the throat. After about three or four minutes,basket nike tn homme, Im not moving Xiang, Zhao hand on his nose a try and found that Lin Xiang has no breathing. He calmly put the body in the bushes, then go to Internet cafes, on the net after a while, he returned to the crime scene,air max pas cher, Lin Xiang will throw in a well near the bodies. October 2010,woolrich shop online, Zhao was Xianyang City Intermediate Court of First Instance sentenced to death for the crime of kidnapping,doudoune moncler pas cher, deprivation of political rights for life. Zhao refused to accept the appeal to the High Court of Shaanxi Province. Recently,moncler sito ufficiale, the reporter learned that, the High Court considered,giubbotti moncler, Zhao as a student, in the face of criticism of teacher education,air max online, a strong revenge, careful planning, abducted and killed innocent boy, then dismissed the appeal and upheld the original verdict.

This work

Just released from prison only a month, but also stem from the old: posing parking lot security director,piumino moncler, tried to approach the security personnel,giubbotti moncler,, after winning the trust of security, then the security of motorcycle cheated. The director called Haibo,, forty years old,, have done before security, are more familiar with this industry. October 30,chaussures louboutin, 2009 afternoon,bracciali tiffany, Huang Haibo passes Guilin Binjiang Road, a large parking lot security guard post,,moncler uomo,, chat with security,air jordan pas cher, claiming to be the security director of a parking lot near the train station,scarpe hogan, and I think the two security guards. Chat,woolrich donna, Haibo understand the security manager of the car park called deng,hogan sito ufficiale, security wage of about 800 yuan. Ronaldinho also recommended security guard at another booth duty to Huang Haibo. Subsequently, Huang Haibo 1200 yuan monthly salary,giubbotti moncler, to help buy social insurance conditions to Ronaldinho throws recruitment olive branch. Chatted for some time,woolrich parka, Haibo see Ronaldinho has convinced himself,moncler outlet,, then to take Deng Jingli dinner on the grounds put forward Ronaldinho to borrow the car. Ronaldinho did not think, put a stop next to the booth of HAOJUE brand mens motorcycle loan. In the evening,parajumpers norge, Huang Haibo then the price will be $ 500 motorcycles sold. More than 10 days,scarpe hogan,, the public security organs will Haibo captured. The investigation,hogan outlet, Huang Haibo long criminal record. October 2008 to November,giubbotti woolrich, Huang Haibo continuous in some entertainment or sports hall parking deception five times, and frauds in the same, all claiming to be the security director or manager,giubbotti moncler, security cheated motorcycle or motorcycles. In early 2009, the court sentenced Huang Haibo fraud ten months in prison, the same year on September 27 just released from prison. May 21,,louboutin, the Guilin Xiufeng District Prosecutors Office for prosecution, the special security motorcycle cheat director was sentenced to two years imprisonment and fined 6,000 yuan. Comments: dry line of work on the back old place was.  Sina exclusive manuscript statement: This work (text,woolrich sito ufficiale, pictures, graphics and audio and video) for Sina special use, without authorization,peuterey spaccio, any media, and individuals may in whole or in part.

how to effect the selection of activities

Learn good things of this is based on a voluntary, can Recently, employees Chongqing SAGEE IT service center network has felt was Lei Feng --- the company implemented a new assessment criteria, requiring employees to do something is not less than a month ten times, and incorporated into the performance appraisal. Employees were confused to say, so good things become a burden. In doing so employees Good things fast track Feels perfunctory Allison is becoming increasingly enthusiastic about this time. Mrs Yau Yan Qing Gan community director, said in Chongqing SAGEE network IT service center work Ai Jia, previously not very keen on public welfare,moncler donna, community organizations last month,, two voluntary labor,woolrich sito ufficiale, Ai Jia have taken the initiative to enroll, call the community and often asked if there is no charity. Keen to do good things this good, after 80 Ai Jia told reporters that he is being Lei Feng was. It turned out that last month, the company introduced new regulations requiring all employees to do a month of not less than ten good deeds activities, and the result is an important basis for a month as an employee performance appraisal. To complete the assessment of the amount of things I do every day, changing the pattern. Ai Jia said the company made good week for employees to register, Friday is also a lecture, two commentary,giubbotti moncler, three publicity concentrated study,hollister sale, my colleagues will do their own thing to show up this week,peuterey spaccio, led by the comments. To complete the task, but also in order not to leave a bad impression on the leadership front, only in life is Lei Feng up. To complete the task, I tried a variety of methods. Same unit Zhou Lei told reporters that his GF to her friends, battle, and even changed his signature I was living Lei Feng, called on me to do good . Zhou Lei also believes that because the unit to do good to quantify, for the completion of the task,, good things can only quick, such as on a bus seat,moncler sito ufficiale, help the elderly cross the street and so on. He said that a colleague had reported eight good thing,doudoune moncler femme, each man is in the car seat,, but the seat of the object constantly changes between the elderly and pregnant women, feel like perfunctory. The same unit of Mo Jian Dong said, like a colleague Zhou Lei, Ai Jia, although there are good things to complain about, but at least seriously do. Some of my colleagues in order to cope with panic reported myself how much a good thing. CEOs such self-assessment In this way Training staff pride Quantitative assessment activities on good deeds, reporters yesterday sponsor, Sage network IT service center Wang Lei,, general manager of the activities conducted the interview. Reporter: Why did you want to launch such an activity in the company? Wang Lei: My father is an old party member, I also have 20 years of party standing up. I think that the gifts of roses, hand left lingering fragrance in the hope employees can understand this truth, to make a man willing to sacrifice in life. And,, to my company to work is not only here to work,air max outlet, I have a responsibility to them. Reporter: unit leaders to participate in the assessment it? What did you do? Wang Lei: the company 17 people, including me, everyone is included in the assessment. The main thing I do is for the benefit of employees in this regard, for example, I did not rent a house in northern Sanshiyiting, but to provide free of charge to employees living relieve their housing pressure. Reporter: How do you quantify the good deeds of the staff assessment of it? Wang Lei: Unit staff did not do good regulation, even if not complete the required amount is not punished, the staff did not want to increase the psychological burden, thanks to consciousness. Meanwhile, the staff has done a relatively prominent spiritual and material rewards, such as public recognition, rewards and other charges. In addition, workers congress of good deeds score, included in the performance appraisal,hogan prezzi, accounting for 30% of this part of the performance appraisal,peuterey donna, about 200 yuan. Assessment to reward-based,, want to train employees of honor in this way. Reporter: how to effect the selection of activities? Whether it is in form than content? Wang Lei: not very good,tn requin pas cher, most of my colleagues did not complete the assessment amount, 60% of employees showed resentment. Now the young people are more impulsive, without faith, lack of social responsibility and awareness. I hope in this way to establish gratitude,spaccio woolrich, kindness, tolerance,louboutin, happiness concept. In practice, this form does have employees questioned,tiffany outlet italia, but I hope they change their ideas passive to active, able to face life sunshine. Of course, but this activity may not be able to play a fundamental change, the unit will make efforts in other areas. Reporter: This selection will continue, Wang Lei: I think the poor are spared to reach and the world economy,nike tn, so the idea of change, such activities will continue,, but the form will be adjusted according to the practice. (Newspaper news hotline 966 988 thank Mr. Chen provided clues) Reporter Chen Jing Wu Xianjia Such expert reviews Encourage their employees to establish Correct outlook on life Good thing to quantify Is dogmatism ■ Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. Chongqing-chairman Gan Shiyong As a business, in addition to considering the economic benefits, we must also consider the social benefits, fulfilling corporate social responsibility. Sage company to carry out good deeds assessment activities, and perhaps ways to be perfect,louboutin femme pas cher, but a strong proponent of community healthy young employees, establish a new trend, the spiritual civilization into concrete work,peuterey uomo, encourage their employees to establish a correct outlook on life and values, are worthy of recognition . Good thing to quantify Is dogmatism ■ Chongqing Academy of Social Sciences, director of the Institute of enterprise Xiu mold Companies want to assume social responsibility, so that employees understand Thanksgiving,tiffany roma, known liability, and cured for a corporate culture, to implement a virtual shouting slogans, this spirit is worth promoting. However,hogan outlet, the number of mandatory practice good deeds,hollister soldes, the performance itself is dogmatism, this should be easy for employees heartfelt truth becomes superficial perfunctory hope at boot time employees to take more social responsibility, pay more attention to the actual results .

acute tympanic ear inflammation

(Reporter Xin Yan) Gongzhuling City Public Security Bureau,tn pas cher, former president Yong Wang Xuewen township police station on suspicion of torture, interrogation object he played two ears in a separate trial, leading to its right ear tympanic membrane perforation, acute tympanic ear inflammation,tiffany outlet, constitutes a minor. Recently, the Court of First Instance, the defendants appeal, the higher court remanded the first instance court for retrial, Wang Xuewen convicted of intentional assault, sentenced to one year. Security cases lead to torture case May 10,gucci borse, 2007 morning, Redstone Village, rural villagers surname Wang Wing to Wing Township police station,, said the land dispute, on May 8 was the same village will fight arm fracture. Three police to investigate, the Wangzhan Sheng summoned to the police station,jordan 6 pas cher, to the director Wang Xuewen, then return to Redstone Village continue to investigate. A total of three individual police duty room, Wang Xuewen, Wangzhan Sheng and Wang wins (another case of the suspect). Wang Xuewen sat on the bed and asked, Wang ×× arm is not your discount, Who is the secretary of Redstone Village, Tomorrow you as secretary ah and other words. Wang Zhansheng deny and contradict a few, Wang Xuewen out of bed, let Wangzhan Sheng stand up,, each according to his playing a slap around the face. Then,nike air max pas cher, Wang Xuewen received a telephone acquaintance Sohn, Sohn said Wang Zhansheng own acquaintances, hoping Wang Xuewen care. Wangzhan Sheng Wang Xuewen no move. Director middleman complaint mediation In the afternoon, three police back to the police station to make a record of inquiry Wangzhan Sheng, allowed to go home. Wang Zhansheng go Sohn brother looked Moumou, Moumou see Wangzhan Sheng Ren little red eyes, and asked how, Wangzhan Sheng said at the police station was hit twice, lacks something. After returning home,hollister outlet, Wang Zhansheng feel uncomfortable, on May 13 came to Jilin Provincial Peoples Hospital for treatment,, the diagnosis of traumatic tympanic membrane perforation of the right ear, left ear acute periostitis. He was hospitalized for 17 days,, the Royal report complaints to the authorities. August 13, 2007, in the case of the prosecution of unsuccessful mediation,louboutin homme, the Provincial Public Security Department, a responsible person somewhere mediation, co-funded by Wang Xuewen and Sohn personal acquaintances, Wang Zhansheng pay 5000 yuan for medical expenses,giubbotti moncler, in writing expressed on the matter is no longer made any demands and signed his mark. Sohn said afterwards,,parajumpers gobi, he took the money to represent himself, admitted beating Wang Xuewen did not know he took the money, do not receive his love. Twists and turns of the trial process December 20, 2007, Wang Xuewen suspicion of torture, Siping Municipal Public Security Bureau Detention, December 29, was arrested. May 6, 2008, Shuangliao City Procuratorate to Shuangliao Municipal Court,giubbotti woolrich, alleging Wang Xuewen commit the crime of torture. Shuangliao City Court May 30, 2008 judgment,hogan donna, Wang Xuewen found guilty of intentional assault, sentenced to one year, compensation for economic losses Wangzhan Sheng 9599.37 yuan. Wang Xuewen refused to accept the appeal. September 19, 2008,, Siping City Intermediate Peoples Court to clear facts on the grounds of insufficient evidence,giubbotti woolrich, ruled that the original verdict, returned Shuangliao Municipal Court for retrial. December 26 the same year, Wang Xuewen was Shuangliao City Court released on bail in residence. January 20, 2009, in Shuangliao City Court retrial hearing yet when Wangzhan Sheng suffering from leukemia died. June 8, 2009, public hearing Shuangliao rehearing the case. ■ Focus The only witness statement has become as He Caixin? Whether playing Wangzhan Sheng Wang Xuewen? Only one witness, was also in the duty room of Wang wins. After the incident, Wang won the Provincial Public Security Bureau told the survey said, did not see Wang Xuewen fight ,nike air max pas cher, later known as saw. His explanation is that its harm others cases being processed by the Wing Township police station,moncler uomo outlet, Wang Xuewen fear of retaliation, so to conceal the truth. Later, because of cases dealt with, Wing Township police station to mind, say the truth. Shuangliao City Court retrial think,air max tn pas cher, was the duty room only Xue-Wen Wang,woolrich donna, Wang wins and witnesses. Victim statements consistent with Wang wins mutual testimony, coupled with other witnesses confirmed injuries on his face and saw Wangzhan Sheng Wang Xuewen note is to fight, to form a complete chain of evidence that can prove Wang Xuewen beat and cause it to minor injuries. Wang wins two different opinions on the interpretation of fair and reasonable. Therefore,moncler sito ufficiale, the court decided his testimony admissible. Why not be punished according to the crime of torture? Whether Wangzhan Sheng Wang Xuewen assault constitute the crime of torture? According to regulations, the crime of torture refers to the implementation of the judicial staff of the suspects, accused of torture or the use of violence to force testimony from a witness,borse louis vuitton, the crime of torture to extract confessions have a clear purpose, or do not constitute the crime of torture. Shuangliao court held that Wang Xuewen asked to things when asked whether the surname Wangs arm when he discounted it, Wangzhan Sheng denied and contradict him, so he hit . Although Wang Xuewen were beaten, but not for the purpose of extorting confessions crime,, he was treated at the police station administrative act,tn requin pas cher, and therefore did not constitute the crime of torture. After a retrial,louboutin femme pas cher, Shuangliao City Court to Wang Xuewen guilty of intentional assault,, sentenced to one year, one-time compensation for the families of all economic losses Wangzhan Sheng 11168.51 yuan.

not life threatening

WASHINGTON (intern reporter Reporter Reporter Han Dapeng Wang Penghao) last night around 8:30,nike air max, Fuxingmennei North Street a residential building,, a middle-aged couple because of emotional discord,, the two were cut each picked up a weapon in the house husband by his wife died on the spot knife cut in more than a decade. It is understood that the two men were employees of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Currently, his wife had been taken away by police. Wife husband was knifed to death at home Fuxingmennei incident is located on the 19th floor of Building 15 North Main Street, some households. An unnamed neighbor vicinity of the incident,hogan, said last night around 8:00, she came home to hear the incident room noise, Weve all become accustomed, They often noisy. Noise intensified, lasted more than ten minutes. Neighbors feel right, go see when he heard cries coming from inside the room accident,holllister france,, husband and wife are called in the house, scared me. Then, the house came the piercing cries,moncler sito ufficiale, but the verbal content of vague fear the neighbors ran to his room. 11:00 last night,woolrich milano, police cars parked in the vicinity of the residential building, site survey of police officers out strictly verify whether the building residents. Reporters saw the incident floor, a middle-aged man lying in the corridor, who sustained multiple wounds, they wear a white shirt was stained with blood, at the entrance there is a kitchen knife, a number of policemen were at the scene investigation. An insider said the dead man named Zhou Bin (sound), 53 years old, his wife named Tian Yihua (sound),abercrombie pas cher, 56 years old. Prior to the incident, the two had a quarrel in the house, the dispute process, with a knife stabbed Zhou Bin,scarpe hogan, Zhou Bin picked up a kitchen knife to resist. Subsequently,, the two cut each other in the house. Eventually, Zhou Bin knife body in ten died on the spot. Daughter-in-law heard the news rushed to the police After the incident,woolrich outlet, Tian Yihua to call the family. It is understood that around 21:00, when his daughter and son arrived, Zhou Bin lying central living room,, beside two knives, Tian Yihua sitting on the living room couch,nike tn requin, his mouth kept talking about, he grab my stuff, He grab my stuff. Tian Yihua daughter to appease the mood after that, two weeks Tian quarrel upgraded to pushing, after both hand-held tools. Zhou Bin contention knife was stabbed more than their knives,spaccio woolrich,, fall to the ground. Daughter, son to the police. Emergency personnel rushed to the scene to confirm Bin Zhou died on the spot. Tian Yihua taken to revive the police hospital for treatment. Yesterday morning, several police guard at the hospital emergency room,hogan milano, Tian Yihua being treated. Reporters saw Tian Yihua body full of blood. A doctor said its hands and arms were scratched knife, not life threatening,,spaccio moncler, but she has said he dizziness,hogan sito ufficiale, called for continued observation and treatment. trance in the hospital, has been muttering. 1:50, police with Tian Aihuas son to the hospital to visit. 12:00, Tian Yihua leave the hospital where he was taken in for questioning by police. Husband and wife are Northern faculty It is understood that Zhou Bin teachers Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Faculty of Science, are retired school employees. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter asked several College students said they did not know they were Zhou Bin, the current issue of the students did not know his wife was hacked to death. Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics publicity department said that the current school simply understand the matter, the school will actively cooperate with the police investigation. Tian couple of weeks of work on weekdays and performance in school,,requin nike pas cher, the responsible person is not very understanding. ■ Reason Feelings of rancor caused bloodshed Yesterday morning, Building 15 neighbors talking about the matter. A neighbor said the couple had been living in a Design and Research Institute, then two feelings better, They have never seen a fight. About two years ago, the couples feelings cracks began to appear,parajumpers gobi, arguing more and more frequently,chaussures louboutin, than the neighbors had heard They quarrel in the house,woolrich donna, some neighbors have Quanguo two, but still can not mitigate the two grievances. Last summer, during a chat with a neighbor they learned,moncler outlet, they began divorce two years ago, one wanted to leave, one does not want to leave,louis vuitton outlet, I do not a lot to ask, which repeatedly discouraged her daughter, two feelings gradually become a stable point,louboutin pas cher, but out of this thing, very unfortunate.