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Yesterday afternoon

Red Net Zhuzhou station August 19 hearing (Zhuzhou Evening News reporter Qiu Feng, chief reporter Li Hui) in order to buy health care products, I am surrounded by my mother to die,abercrombie pas cher, I do not know how to do it! Yesterday, 15:00, Zhuzhou people she had got into the hotline. Soon, another young man also called, My grandmother has spent three or four million dollars for health care,moncler piumini donna, home health care products piled up, and today with more than 40,http://www.healthcarehall.com/viewnews-46409.shtml,000 yuan to lectures,nike tn pas cher, obsessions the same! Callers are people saying publicity in the same place, to sell the same product. Where in the end what happened? 15:30 yesterday, the reporter went to the supermarket near miracle Lusong Road ballroom. At this point, a number of lectures gathered ballroom entrance elderly family members, all of them angry. Iron door guarded by more than men,http://www.hairus.com/new_site/pages_e/sunbbs/sunbbs.cgi, said, Do not enter non within the gates is a ballroom, old people are inside the school, every door sounds,nike tn pas cher, with one swing. Families: Do not try to tell his mother to buy health care products, she was to die onslaught Always at the door of Miss Zhou told reporters that her mother said a few days listening to this,nike tn pas cher france, there is a place there is elder care seminars after school can also receive noodles and eggs. Ms. Zhou heard that do not fly, do not want my mother to go,http://ohh.sisos.co.jp/cgi-bin/openhh/search.cgi,tn pas cher, who knows noon yesterday, the mother said ready money, buy products over the afternoon. What product? Was originally called Propolis health food, a box of 24 bottles, to 2850 yuan. She had got to hurry home to prevent mother to buy, and who knows my mother put down the sentence:. Today, let me go, Ill die in front of you, no way, she had got only to let the mother go,nike tn 2014, and she ran back and forth Lusong patrol,giubbotti moncler donna, business and other departments to find solutions. Among young people, the elderly Zhou Xi Jie always had a box Propolis sitting in the corner, anyone want one, she is not very happy. Next to a lady told reporters that she was Zhou Xi Jie Sun wife, grandmother very obsessed with this health care, the family turns to stop, but useless. Old kid then, if the children do not believe,http://www.air.co.jp, do not want to leave the scene. According to the old mans family say that this health food is made by word of mouth publicity and notice the way the old man attracted to the ballroom to the lecture, the first few days are lectures,http://szmoyu.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1540855, and later began to sell special approval from the client application To 50 yuan a, with this application will be able to purchase Propolis. If you buy it, you then pay 2800 yuan / box, do not buy it returned 50 dollars. Merchant clever play warmth card The elderly have a small gift for each lecture collar In the communication reporters, standing outside the gatekeepers iron man opened the door, this time, the venue has gathered about 200 elderly, Venue is the ballroom dance floor, old people sitting on a red plastic stool, listening intently lectures. On the stage, a young man claimed that Propolis high-tech products, any medication taken at this stage and the elderly are not conflicts. Product has just sold out, but also to buy again tomorrow. Site describes an aunt, older people in nearly a week listening to lectures, the other main propaganda Propolis effect. Reporters saw an emaciated old man to four boxes Propolis to the umbrella system, then go pick on her shoulders. This drug is very good, you can prevent diabetes, rheumatism,http://syd.oneweekau.com/thread-796661-1-1.html, stomach and other diseases, to achieve the longevity of effect. Said an aunt, listening to each lesson, the old people can collect eggs or noodles as a small gift, I feel very intimate . So in addition to good results, the product as well as the charm of what many old people? Xi Jie told a reporter, first of all,hogan outlet, this seminar is very sensational,woolrich parka donna, originally wanted to buy 16 boxes of their own, do not feel at ease later changed his mind. The Xijie believe that this business should be very economic strength, because every time the lectures can be sent over the noodles, the rest is made a catty, 2 pounds of it there is. Trade and Industry investigation Lectures elderly tears consolation business wronged Gathered outside the families believe that businesses suspected of false propaganda,abercrombie outlet online, exaggerating efficacy,http://www.xintaixinxi.com/news/html/?68929.html, and the issue to Lusong Qingyun Mountain of Industry and Commerce and Industry Branch. Yesterday afternoon,nike tn pas cher, police and the business of law enforcement officers were rushed to the scene to maintain order on the site, and the elderly to leave the organization. After law enforcement officers withheld businesses more laptops and propaganda apparatus,http://www.wfmw.net, and the case for further investigation. In the field, the business has been with the law enforcement officials said they are handled businessman formal legal procedures. Just when everyone left the scene, the reporter saw a grandmother with tears comfort care products sales staff in the stairwell: You come to do good, very hard, but also by so much injustice, aunt very sad, but there is no way to protect you ...... (Original title: Mother Daughter advised not to buy health care for the elderly: not to go out to die in front of you)

In the execution site

■ Yesterday,moncler outlet milano, the City Peoples Court in the first Winter enforcement action, the detained Huang Lai Linyao old son, and his name mansion seized luxury cars and other property taken this reporter Zheng Zhibo ■ microblogging reward content Debt amounted to 260 million yuan, but open one million luxury cars, live in million mansion. First Municipal Peoples Court yesterday held Winter enforcement action, the newspaper reporter to follow the implementation of court staff, met so old Lai Need a pair of father and son. Because they refused to fulfill their obligations to repay the money, the court take judicial detention of these measures on the father and son. 260 million in debt morning tea was arrested Lin Yao Huang mention this person, inside two court Dongguan execution system regarded as a ringing people. From a private lending disputes, the reporter learned how Lin Yao Huang, who is owed a huge debt. February 2012,woolrich, City Bank financing guarantee company signed a contract with the plaintiff Xumou Jiang, Xu Mouqiang agreed to silver-company loan of $ 6 million loan period of three months. Silver repayment if the company fails, according to bank loan interest rate payment of liquidated damages, the defendant silver through the companys shareholders Shaohua, Lin Yao Huang and his son wrote etc. guarantees, commitments to assume joint responsibility for these loans. However, after the loan period to silver through the company refused to repay the loan principal and interest. After many failed to recover, silver through the company, Shaohua, Lin Yao Huang, and other divisions listed first Peoples Court. After trial, the court the defendant is still 3.3 million yuan loan and not yet liquidated damages. First Municipal Peoples Court, according to the person in charge,http://www.haixian-edu.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3976&fromuid=197,louboutin pas cher, just by the hospital accepted Lin Yao Huang cases involving up to 54 (including the trial and execution of cases), involving a debt amounting to 260 million yuan, respectively, these cases involve the private lending disputes case, the bank mortgage disputes, etc. Wages case. In recent years, more cases of the parties involved in the case were Huang Lin Yao to the court for enforcement, the courts were also carried out to verify Lin Yao Huangs property, which is located in Dongcheng found under the name of Lin Yao Huang Verde McMansions a new century, but also a BMW 745. However, has been taken to avoid the policy Lin Yao Huang, an attempt to avoiding the debt deadbeat. And because of this mansion had mortgaged to the bank,Scarpe hogan outlet, and is also involved in several cases, have been sealed by the court, unable to trade. BMW also has been sealed, but could not find the debtor, it could not find the kind, can not be processed. Lai old son detained together Judge perform Winter enforcement action,woolrich outlet roma, the contractor Lin Yao Huang Dongcheng court cases obtained important clues,http://www.fukushi-hiroba.com/magazine/cgi/talk/ftalk.cgi?res=239%3C/a%3E, Lin Yao Huang possible across the court Dongcheng International Hotel Dongcheng morning tea, judges and bailiffs perform immediate action. In the execution site, are morning tea Lin Yao Huang was put handcuffs executives court that moment, he was like a deflated balloon, like paralysis on the stool, half speechless. Meanwhile,http://www.shohin.net, Lin Yao Huang driving license plate number for the Guangdong SL2888 white BMW 745 sedan was found. Lin Yao Huang has the ability to pay as a result of refusing to fulfill its obligations to repay the debt,http://kusosurevipper.blomaga.jp/articles/19192.html, the court decided to take immediate measures against Lin Yao Huang custody. Execution judge said that in order to find Lin Yao Huang himself, commissioned by the public security organs to assist the court to find. Meanwhile, the case can also take the initiative to apply for the executor to find traces of the forest. In order to find him, the applicant has more than one week of continuous squat, only to find its traces. Yesterday afternoon, the implementation of the judge to the new century with Lin Yao Huang Verde,abercrombie and fitch soldes, searched their villa. Reporters saw the villa with the executives to enter, mansion house workers, nannies room, home by two nannies to take care of the children. High-end appliances ranging,woolrich outlet online italia, including large-screen LED TV, 3 sets of 3 sets of double-door refrigerator, as well as piano, two sets of golf clubs, including a price tag on the club has not been torn off, the display is 21,800 yuan. During the raid the court, a young man walked into the room. Judge check their identity cards, he called Lin Jiarong, is the son of Lin Yao Huang. After checking the case execution material, which is also found in one case the debtor. Judges took a decision on the spot immediately implement detention. Stood, had been very little talk of Lin Yao Huang sees his son have been detained, and hurried plea to the judge:. This did not need it, all the things I am a man to bear. Next, we will combine the situation searched for Lin Yao Huang and other debtor inventory of property, including stocks, funds and other. The first vice president of the Municipal Peoples that owe also like to open a luxury car live Lai old mansion, and resolutely crack down on the court, the focus of the exposure of the object. Business for many years,chaussures louboutin soldes, worth a little too normal. Reporter: Why did you owe so much money,http://www.lot-net.jp/bbs/epad.cgi?del=987585? Lin Yao Huang: most of them are guaranteed by someone else, the results of responsibility. Reporter: Do you also own boss, a businessman, how no reason to go to someone else as collateral? Lin Yao Huang: I did not know, did not mean to owe so much money, are cheated by others. Reporter: your son involved in cases in which the court was detained along with his son. Lin Yao Huang: He also has written guarantees,http://askcleo.com, so now regret. Reporter: Since you drive a BMW, live in luxury, why not fulfill the courts decision? Lin Yao Huang: I do business for so many years, little worth is normal,hogan outlet, but to me also so much money,peuterey outlet italia, and sometimes do not have this capability, so it was not a. First Municipal Peoples Court live microblogging execution, microblogging reward by the Supreme Court affirmed the height Zhou Microblogging live execution is a national initiative WASHINGTON First Municipal Peoples Court informed, Winter enforcement action, the same day police officers were deployed in 73 people, 57 cases of rulings, the amount of 619 million yuan implementation in place, detention debtor 7. The hospital also announced eight cases of microblogging reward announcement. The announcement not only displays specific information about the debtor and the execution of money, but also provide a clear indication of the application executor reward conditions. The eight cases involving the implementation of the amount of 245 million yuan, with full implementation in place to calculate the amount of reward incentives totaling 13 million yuan. According to the person in charge of the hospital, Reward notice shall be the debtor refuses to fulfill the peoples court judgments and orders in force, and missing or deliberately evade paying debts of cases. Microblogging reward initiative written application to the parties as a precondition,giubbotti moncler outlet, the bounty provided by independent parties. In this regard, the First Peoples Court, said Mr Adams,http://tuonela.s138.xrea.com/lightbbs/light.cgi?res=8434, microblogging reward is to find clues to the whereabouts of the debtor or property, the court in the case agreed to seek to apply the executor, in proportion to those who provide clues to be paid. The purpose is to facilitate the implementation of social and information technology, to encourage users to provide clues to the whereabouts of the debtor and its property, full implementation of the social forces to resolve difficult. At the same time, they continued to rely on the old public pressure is applied to solve the puzzle part stalled execution. It is understood that City Peoples Court since 2011 the first official microblogging opened since the countrys first live microblogging execution, microblogging reward and other initiatives, implementation services, and promote the implementation of public, with remarkable results. As of December 2013, a total carried out the live microblogging execution action 21 times, release microblogging reward announcement six batches were 1326 cases of rulings, the implementation in place amounted to 78.4194 million yuan. High Court president Zheng E had this made important instructions: a meaningful innovation, and hope to continue to improve the summary,peuterey 2013, for better results, so that the implementation of the initiative have been implemented in practice. Recently,http://www.yxszw.net/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=857149, the Supreme Court to get these initiatives Zhou highly positive, and that the whole country is worth.

interview scores 66.75 points

Newspaper reporter intern Zhang Qing Tian barrier Hu Ye bright so I did not expect is that he had a first failed test to be admitted, you want an argument actually so difficult. Wu Liang Ye from Harbin Engineering University ship and marine engineering graduate, in the Jiangnan Shipyard Group Design overall design room design planning any designer. In 2009, Hu Ye bright enrolled 2010 national civil service examination, apply for jobs is the State Oceanic Administration China Marine Surveillance ships maritime surveillance aircraft built office clerk. 2010 national civil service exam posts repository show that the position to recruit the number 1 and require professional Ship Management,peuterey outlet, academic requirements are undergraduate and above, and requires a grass-roots work experience of at least two years. Wu Liang Ye passed the qualification review, and participated in the written examination. Hes written test results in 48 applicants for the position of candidates ranked third, nominated for an interview. China Youth Daily reporter inquiries from the national civil service examination system website to display information,http://3d.3ddl.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=2748365,abercrombie france, apply for the position of the candidates in the written test and interview total score ranking the top two are bright and Gu Yu Hu Ye Yu,http://zkaonline.com/wx/thread-105584-1-1.html, where Hu Ye bright written exam 107.0 points, interview scores 66.75 points; the other candidates Gu Yu Yu 105.7 points in the written exam, interview scores 65.72 points. Recruited in accordance with the State Oceanic Administration to implement the first inspection after examination, the implementation of the difference between the number of visits by 1:2 proportion admitted requirement, Hu Liang and Ye Gu Yu Yu went into the difference between the study session. March 31, 2010, two staff members came to the State Oceanic Administration Jiangnan Shipbuilding Corporation Liang Ye Hu inspected. They are looking for two leaders in charge to talk, and then also reviewed my file. Hu Ye Liang said. The total score of the first, first-class academic standards nautical graduated Harbin Engineering University, work units are shipping industry well-known enterprises, and more than two years in line with their own grass-roots work experience requirements. Initially, Hu Liang Ye think they should be a shoo-in to be admitted thing. Since the study session,abercrombie outlet, he had been in the waiting medical, employment status,hollister, but examination of the news but nothing came. Meanwhile, Hu Liang Ye had to call the State Oceanic Administration to recruit public telephone number for information, but in addition to pending notification answer, he again did not get any information. Until June 13, he was a query from the official online recruiting civil servants to the State Oceanic Administration, maritime surveillance Corps,http://237.newfine.net/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=,woolrich donna, Polar candidate to be hired in 2010 to do the publicity. Wu Liang Ye found that publicity in the candidates to be hired was not his, but overall results came in after his Gu Yu Yu,http://bbs.itengyun.com/thread-864436-1-1.html, I am extremely shocked by this result, I totally can not accept this fact. Wu Liang Ye, said he intends to call the State Oceanic Administration, Personnel Division has published a list of telephone supervision during public hiring questioned on the matter, the staff answered the phone promised to help convey it,louboutin, but so far not received any reply. I still do not know what does not hire me because the only standard scores,http://suntower.weclub.info/viewthread.php?tid=151338&extra=,hogan, though not a comprehensive measure of the ability of the candidates,hollister france, but since there is a written test and an interview set up, there are still some convincing score, another person written examination scores lower than me, interview scores lower than I,woolrich outlet, in this case I was replaced, the recruiting department should at least give a reason for it. I think we should have an open investigation specification or implementation details, so more convincing. Liang said Hu Ye . November 2007 release of Civil Servant (Trial) Article 26, examine the contents of the major candidates, including political and ideological, moral character, ability and quality,abercrombie pas cher, learning and performance,hollister pas cher, discipline, self-discipline and the need to avoid other aspects of the case. Inspection shall form a study group, the study group by two or more components. Expedition should solicit opinions, achieve a comprehensive, objective, fair and factual investigation written material. Will is to investigate the link problems out,http://www.thdrcl.com/service/feedback_look.php?id=20565? The reporter asked. I am innocent of history, heres leadership, I am discouraged, and for me to apply for civil servants is also more support, my colleagues and I get along too well. Wu Liang Ye do not consider themselves part of the study in question. August 3,hollister france, the reporter called the State Oceanic Administration, Division of Personnel, the staff of the Division surnamed Chen, said:. Comrades in charge of the civil service recruitment vacation today, recruiting specific issues, I could not say. According to the staff member surnamed Chen said: The maritime surveillance Corps is the second unit of our subordinates, their own independent personnel authority,http://bbs.51dtstudy.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=300008, although recruiting information Oceanic Personnel Division unified release, but the right to decide in their place. He said, We will actively coordinate maritime surveillance Corps official verification of this issue,http://0552night.hxyou.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=50732, transparent deal with the matter and give a reply as soon as possible. Staff reporter surnamed To leave a phone. But as of press time, the reporter did not get a reply.