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Yulin after a woman and her husband quarrel

BEIJING, May 30 Yulin Electric ( ho) Yulin after a woman and her husband quarrel, even holding less than 5-year-old son, desperate to lie constantly busy traffic in the middle of the road,http://www.aptnsw.org.au/cgi-bin/show_blog.cgi, you want to die to avenge My husband, fortunately patrol arrived in time, the patience to persuade the woman away. Yulin City police, the evening of May 29 21:30, Yulin mountain patrol special police detachment patrol command center received 110 communications: in Yulin City,spaccio woolrich, part of a hotel near the North a woman holding a child lying in the middle of the road ,http://www.travelan.net/cgi-bin/search.cgi, and from many vehicles,moncler sito ufficiale, the situation is very urgent! After receiving the order police on duty immediately rushed to the scene,http://bbs.chdxc.org/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=664210, he saw a 30-year-old woman lying across the middle of the road car, his arms still have a little boy! Ring Road is a major transport corridors Yulin city, heavy vehicles and more, and in the evening the speed fast, there are a few trucks from the woman who almost run over,http://www.yachtworld.com, the situation is very dangerous. Police on duty immediately diverge, a buffer zone with police turned off the flashlight flashing warning by police vehicles avoidance,http://npk-gardening.com/cgi-def/admin/C-002/bbs/visit/main.pl?PAGE_NUM=1%20[PLM, a police quickly drive a police vehicle into the women lying in the driveway, open warning lights to warn vehicles avoid later. After the traffic order to control the scene, the police saw the woman conscious clothes clean, unlike the mentally ill, then asked in detail about the woman, the woman looked down in silence at the start,http://www.boki-navi.com, stop tears. Police and patience to start from the arms of a child to persuade women to women,nike tn, while police in the neighborhood found a man hesitantly,piumini moncler, by understanding he turned out to be the womans husband, the two are Pingle County,http://core-box2011.shop-pro.jp, Yulin City, Lu Chuan people on the road because the family thing quarrel, the woman angrily holding his son went to the middle of the road is not going to live a lie. Education in the police,nike tn requin,, the man and his wife take the initiative to apologize and eventually the woman and her husband agreed to a settlement. Finish

everyones ideas are not the same

Shandong, according to public radio and television channels,scarpe hogan, the peoples livelihood through train reported Speaking of Chinese-style across the street, then I am afraid of pedestrians, including driving friends and so on, everyones ideas are not the same; in particular, drive a friend, we are most afraid of is a pedestrian red light, but they are on the one hand but also pedestrians With luck heart. Speaking of this one then the next seventy years old,negozi tiffany,http://www.lovekensyo.com, in Weifang City Changle, in accordance with the provisions of that is because they do not come through a red light, resulting in a meal beaten. Monitoring shows that when an old man went to the door of a supermarket, a young man suddenly back out, grabbed the old man stuck his neck pushing up, speaks a few blows on the elderly. Then again punches hit in the face, more outrageous is the suspect Zhang fought people do not vent, even a leg sweep Church brutally old fell to the ground. Seeing the old man was beaten, can not see past a few people, after beating Zhang opened,]sexually, Zhang was angrily away. In broad daylight, the young men in the township dare downtown section, violence against the elderly,http://www.fu.is.saga-u.ac.jp, which was much hatred, so that young people Dadongganhuo it? Red River town of Changle County Public Security Bureau, the police either Yu Chong: We will promptly (batterers) Zhang to the police station, launched an investigation inquiry work,http://www.city.kato.lg.jp, after asking, is because the victim, from east to west across the road,hogan sito ufficiale, there is no look at the traffic lights,chaussures nike pas cher,http://www.jp-ia.com, but the suspect just drove from north to south, because the victim did not see traffic lights,, blocked his route, in driving the process almost knocked the victim. From the police surveillance video, we can see that, when the elderly victim from the center of the crossroads of the Red River, from east to west through the traffic to cross the road, at the time it went to the middle of the road, behind a white sport utility vehicle from him after deceleration through. During the elderly cross the street,http://www.assra.com, there are more motor vehicles and rub shoulders with him,http://tuonela.s138.xrea.com/lightbbs/light.cgi?res=4006, but it is the elderly are at risk do not know it, is still not slow down, calm and went to the opposite sidewalk. Red Changle County Public Security Bureau police station rushed either Ru: After being hit time after the victim left the scene after the suspect stopped the victim from behind, once again the implementation of the assault on the victim, causing the victim rib fracture phenomenon occurs, After forensic constitute minor injuries. Editor: old people running red lights,hogan donna, traffic violations, natural right, but because the elderly affect their normal travel by car, you fight for the elderly, which is Zhangs wrong. Zhang due to assault causing minor injuries, will face the law. In addition to face severe punishment than, I think in our society care for the young advocate, he will face torture and moral conscience.

but users demanded 50

Buy a new phone because power consumption is too fast, Xian public Liu said he bought an original battery used in rotation. I did not expect, after more than a month,http://etx.galaxies.jp, a piece of equipment in the pockets of the battery suddenly exploded,http://gdklchuzu.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=14249,hogan online,http://worldol.com/bbs/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, not only instantly burn his pants out of a big hole in his right leg was badly burned. User: not agree on compensation also received threatening text messages 42-year-old Liu said this year May 17 telecommunications day, he was in West Gate a cell phone store to buy a smart phone, but the phone consumes too fast, when he was in a cell phone at the end of the maintenance department to buy a piece battery, and take turns using the original battery. July 15 afternoon, the phone on the side of his trouser pocket, spare batteries on the other side of the trouser. Suddenly,giubbotti peuterey, the bang sound,http://www.artmuseums.go.jp, battery exploded. The pants burned a big hole in my right leg, extensive burns, Liu insisted, and later bought the battery is formal, and exactly the same as the original battery, in the end piece of the battery to explode,air max femme pas cher, he can not tell. Later, Tang Du Hospital burn unit diagnosis: mobile phone battery explosion caused the right side of the right thigh and popliteal (curved rear legs at the knee) burns. Reflect the incident the next day to the vendor, customer service to a few people, Liu claims 50,000 yuan, 30,000 yuan to each other just has not settled. My friend in Beijing,http://www.pingshanshenghuo.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=65554, said Beijing to put this thing, have to pay 300,000, Mr. Liu said,nike air max pas cher, he was not going to claim for 300,000, just tell the manufacturers of a standard, the caller said, I correct people, I am very angry, Do not say that money, and things stalemate down, after the injured Liu photos,hogan scarpe, burning wreckage and other camera mobile phone batteries, made in the QQ space. Unexpectedly, July 23, Liu wife actually receive a text message, the sender is who the manufacturers, this approach will make things more complicated, and will bring more of your family trouble and no peace. I hope you seriously consider here, the home is your exposure to you (you) were not good, will only make people feel socially responsible vendors, and you are the correct peoples attitudes. Liu Mr. think SMS is a threat,http://www.umanosato.com/clip/clip.cgi, said it would use legal means to resolve. Merchant: the injured have raised 300,000 yuan compensation claims At noon yesterday, the reporter contacted Liu bought a mobile phone manufacturer in Shenzhen headquarters. After verification, the other call back, said Liu did not provide an explosion of the battery, so if it is the original battery, if there is improper operation were unable to judge. Wang Xian a customer service representative, said after the accident, they repeatedly went to Mr. Liu home treatment, they home in several of our mobile phones,http://web.kyoto-inet.or.jp, considered old customers, in the absence of determining battery sources, the company is prepared 30000 Yuan care payment to the users home, but users demanded 50,000 yuan compensation. After reporting to the company, the customer service offered to take the battery identification explosion, but was refused. According to the customer service representative said, then,http://www.manyuu.net/prime-luster/blog.cgi, the company has sent to deal with the other side in turn compensate the price tag up to 30 million, said to be exposed. Repeatedly went to the customer service staff were locked out, desperation, only texting persuasion, SMS trouble and unrest refers to the customer service staff go all day, it will disturb the user, there is no threat was intended. Reminder: Do not mix different types of mobile phone chargers Liu bought the phone battery is a lithium battery that if the inherent quality problems, or use the environment temperature exceeds 60 ℃, often over-charging, physical damage, etc., may cause an explosion. To remind the industry, experiencing battery died, many people will borrow another brand of mobile phones with chargers, while ignoring the size of the charger output current. If you use a high-current charge, it is likely to cause the battery heat, causing the battery to explode burn. Therefore, while charging the phone charger must choose the same model, but the charging time is not too long. The reporter Ning Jun (Original title: mobile phone battery explosion burns his trouser leg (Figure))

Dating his girlfriend was taken away by police

On the 14th, a woolen mill workers in Goyang Mr. Xu complained that the newspaper, because of his girlfriend in the car chat, phone there is also an indecent picture, it was Gaoyang Chengguan police station for questioning police to take home, called out amour, spread bad information,http://www.shujuquan.com.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, and therefore fined 1,500 yuan. Dating his girlfriend was taken away by police Xu said his 30-year-old, in 2007 in his hometown in Shandong after a divorce to a private Goyang woolen mill workers,http://www.chrisadamsperfumes.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, last year became acquainted with the work of the plant, a 21-year-old girl and determine the relationship. The morning of April 12, has been working in Tianjin girlfriend come back to see him, and he drove a van Hafei after receiving his girlfriend, the two came to a park Goyang, sitting in the car chat. Less than half an hour ago,http://www.amy.hi-ho.ne.jp/cgi-bin/user/masuda/pcbbs_sub.cgi?mode=howto, several high Yangcheng police car came off the police station, said the two men engaged in an illicit relationship, and the two men back to the police station for questioning. Next, the police searched through the body found in Xu phone, and pulls out a undeleted from indecent images (According to Xu said his girlfriend Department photo). Mr. Xu said he has repeatedly explained that he was just download and save the police from the computer, and not malicious, nor been heard. But the police did not believe Mr. Xus statement,http://steenburger.com/search/node/,moncler donna outlet, Mr. Xus behavior is found spread bad information. After the interrogation, the police let Mr. Xu checked the trial transcripts and signed. Penalty of $ 1,500 without receipts Xu said the police told his amour out because, with the spread of bad information, in accordance with the law to a total fine of $ 5,000. Xu said he was just working,giubbotti woolrich,http://eyezip.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=21424, and all of a sudden could not pay so much money,http://zazna.com/selection/index.php?item/create_form/1, fear of being detained, only to contact the owner. Mr. Xu said, after the owner came forward, paid a penalty of $ 1,woolrich donna,500 later, Mr. Xu and his girlfriend was only put out. Mr. Xu told reporters that the police just fine money, and did not give myself any receipt issued. Home, Mr. Xu also do not understand how he chats with his girlfriend in the car,http://www.onelovenet.com, did not do anything, how to become engaged in an inappropriate relationship? Because of personal preference, took photos of his girlfriend in the phone, how even the spreading bad information? Police this behavior is not also a violation of their personal privacy it? Xu also told reporters detail. To the police station, he explained to the police immediately relationship with his girlfriend. According to the personal information he provided, the police retrieved from the computer had recorded their marital history, and to require proof of divorce certificate. Mr. Xu will prove saved in Goyang divorce is now living in the home,louboutin femme pas cher, the requirements to get himself, his relatives and friends, the police is required on behalf of the relevant material to the police station, the two sides did not reach a consensus. Yangcheng off to the police station to respond to high Xu reflect on the question, the reporter contacted at 15 pm high Yangcheng off to the police station. Duty room staff said he did not understand the matter, the issue to higher authorities,http://www.cacenglish.com/index.php?item/create_form/1,woolrich donna, reporters will reply later. Director Zhang to reporters after which the police replied that he did not grasp the current issue, if Mr. Xu reflect true, police fines is definitely wrong, he would deal with the matter seriously. Director Zhang said he would investigate the matter reflected Xu. (Reporter correspondent Kouguo Ying Qin Yunxing) Source: Yanzhao Metropolis

hang up the phone.

Southern News last night,http://www.168yt.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=1052, eight-year-old girls in the snow was poisoned. The fathers girlfriend Kongmou confession to the police,http://bbs.shanshuihuwai.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=312767&fromuid=89091, she mixed with rat poison to kill to eat porridge in the snow. She does not like snow, disgruntled daughter loved her boyfriend. Insiders said 8-year-old snow is Anhui. This year, her parents emotional problem. Lao Du father came to Guangzhou with snow, lived in No. 48 Island Road,louboutin femme pas cher, Haizhu District,http://bbs.lnd.com.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=2010510, Guangzhou, China Food Co. forint quarters. Workers said that Lao Du in the factory responsible for tofu,louboutin, but not deep exchanges. Street small provision store owner remembers snow. Cute children,http://sp3.9192.cn/?dm=kiralinasings.com&acc=484CD98C-6261-4BD9-9447-6E9A60209A5D,scarpe hogan, often through the shop door, and sometimes also the door to play with the dog. Her father always told me, Shuttle. 9:00 last night too, Lao Du back to the dorm,http://www.100qqw.com/news/html/?40779.html, only to find out a thing of snow. He called the police for help,hollister pas cher, said the child was killed,christian louboutin homme, and then her daughter ran to the factory gate. Machine repair shop near the staff saw ambulances and police cars are coming. Unfortunately, the medical staff confirmed that the early snow did not breathe. Listen Lao Du said the medical staff,http://www.rabbitbbs.com/uch/space.php?uid=1237268&do=blog&id=670759, the murderous childs stepmother under. Haizhu District police on the spot to put the suspect Kongmou arrested. According to police, 31-year-old man in Guangdong Huaiji Lao Du Kongmou are cohabiting girlfriend. She does not like the snow, her boyfriend Dumou loving daughter, she also dissatisfied. Last night, Kongmou children eat porridge, voted rodenticides. I heard the medical staff,http://www.webtop.co.nz/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=409566, after the snow poison vomiting,http://pop.818c.com/thread-69330-1-1.html, Kongmou also squeezed a little girl. But the details have not been confirmed by police. Currently, Kongmou been Jingfangxingju. Police said further tests related items suspected to review the case. Southern reporter called the Lao Du phone. Microphone sounds coming out weak and hoarse. He would not say, hang up the phone.

after verification

  Shanghais largest hanging die cut off end restaurant gang was hired wine care online dating scam soliciting one million 20 days Post reporter correspondent Li Ming Yang 20 yuan 1984 yuan to sell wine Songjiang police said, in the hanging die cut off gang, has a very clear division of labor. Big Boss Lee is the central figure of the whole gang, the daily operation of the account management, income distribution by his sole responsibility, under the five working groups, the suspect Wang is one of a group of large-scale leader,christian louboutin homme, he identified a group from around the country, keyboard player is used to identify the victim take online. By Biography trumpeter send message keyboard player get to wine care female. Reportedly,http://www.cecyteo.edu.mx/site/index.php, the restaurants wine sales were also identified by the Department of inferior wine, called 1984 yuan a bottle of French Rafi wine, it does not cost more than 20 yuan. Hanging die cut off six steps 1. Restaurant identify keyboard player take the knowledge male users online 2,http://bx027.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=92607. keyboard player male Internet users go online for information will be sent to the wine care women by full-time Biography trumpeter 3. wine care women and deceived men into the restaurant, the men were forced large consumption, costs 20 yuan a cup of low-quality wine asking thousand Yuan 4. During the special someone in charge of appointments to sell 100 yuan a bunch of roses to victims Dating is about 5.1 hours,http://gz.mamacn.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=10068828, and the total cost of yuan 6. deceived man unwilling to pay full-time thugs will it get in the restaurant door,http://delan.xjcncn.net/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3562, forcing it to pay Cost 20 yuan a cup of bad wine, in the beauty wine care of the mouth becomes asking thousand upscale wine; lover about your restaurant online dating,abercrombie pas cher, but wine care of a beautiful lie, actually lie to you big single consumer,jordan femme pas cher, dating for about 1 hour,http://www.365kl.net/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, the total cost may be on the yuan. Recently, in one fell swoop Songjiang police busted a large and clear division of labor hanging die cut off gang,http://bestbuymalta.com/item/179555, of which at least 120 male friends stumble in this Rose trap, the gang suspected fraud amount of up to hundreds of million, the case Shanghai is currently the largest detected a hanging die cut-off case. With key members of the gang Lees arrest, by 41 members, set upper management,moncler outlet, keyboard player, Biography trumpeter, wine care women as well as the sale of the restaurant several aspects of wine, accounting,http://onigdesign.com/error.html, etc. in one of the peach chain surfaced. QQ chat Male users stuck peach trap Zhang Buhuozhinian passed these years of doing business in Shanghai, his wife took the children have been living in the home, Mr. Zhang occasionally feel lonely emptiness, over time obsessed with QQ chat. Not long ago, he received a QQ female Internet users called Lonely Nights sent friend requests, they had a good talk. April 9, Lonely Nights said the next day was her birthday, asked Zhang ask to eat Western food for their birthday, and Mr. Zhang himself hinted several singles living in Songjiang, hoping the two relationships can further development. 16:00 the next day, Mr. Zhang came to an appointment in the Department of Road Pine Valley Rd intersection. Construction of 41 people Restaurant peach chain Mr Zhang Shumenshulu girl brought a restaurant, the first point of the four or five hundred a snack, and then, she said wanted to learn from others opened champagne birthday, but the point is priced at 888 yuan 6 bottles of champagne, after which the girl also said that not enough fun, successive point three bottles priced at 1948 yuan of upscale wine, just less than one hours time, Mr. Zhang has been ho throw of 1.4 million. At this point, Mr. Zhang had a revelation, try to get out in a hurry after buying orders. Subsequently, Mr. Zhang went to the local police station. In early April,, Songjiang Yueyang Public Security Bureau police station has been discovered more than 20 similar cases are concentrated in this Western Chamber. Cases caused the Songjiang police attention, the police quickly formed a task force investigation. Police preliminary investigation judge, which is a rural area in Shanghai and rare hanging die cut off cases, the victim take the knowledge through QQ chat female users were lured to the same woman in a restaurant, was forced to make large consumption, some victims do not want to pay, then he quickly saw several men get in shape sturdy restaurant door, eventually had to obediently pay. On the Internet, according to police QQ number provided by the victim made contact with each other, and to obtain a series of evidence of gang activity on the Internet. Online, Yueyang dozen plainclothes police dispatch specialized weather squatting in front of the restaurant involved, after a few days observation,louboutin homme pas cher, police found only a small part of the group living in rented houses, the other person does not live in the vicinity of several from the eyes of a small hotel. April 21 at noon, the police retrieved the various kinds of police broken down into smaller, more than 50 elite police rounded up four assault. 41 people involved in the operation were arrested, including 34 suspects on suspicion of fraud by the police criminal detention. Subsequently, the panel also moved to Jiangsu, Heilongjiang, Beijing and other places in a month, a successful hunt Lee and seven key members of the gang. Currently, Wang and other 24 suspects have been arrested according to law, so far, hanging mode cut-off case solved. More than 120 men taken Amount involved up to more than 100 million Since the inner April 1 to April 21, just 20 days time, the police have to verify the amount of money involved as much as 100 million. It is understood that the hanging die cut off before the gang fled to Songjiang, has engaged in the same activities continuously for several days in Shanghai Putuo, Minhang and other places. According to police investigators, after verification, the victim has been notified of more than 120 people.

on the school roster of Song

Luzhou City Jiangyang Personnel yesterday asked the relevant authorities immediately suspended its wage,http://bbs.028345.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=75377,giubbini moncler Heard of paid learning,spaccio peuterey bologna,http://www.free2go.org/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=86426, paid vacation you heard of paid to jail,braccialetto tiffany, it? Last December, Luzhou Jiangyang Huayang school teacher Song Jian (on the school roster of Song),http://bbs.a5n1.org/home.php?mod=space&uid=9233,woolrich boulder coat, because students were arrested obscene; May this year,piumini woolrich sito ufficiale, the Court of First Instance Jiangyang to commit child molestation and sentenced to three years imprisonment Sword Song years. In the meantime, the school is still on schedule to Song Jian Song monthly salary payroll card included. Yesterday, after Jiangyang Personnel to notify personnel departments require immediate Song sword suspended wages. Teacher jailed for molesting female students for three years The afternoon of December 13 last year, after a song swords and students during exams organized group of fifth-grade exam, has in the fifth grade class faculty offices and classrooms,http://www.jiazhuang123.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=7551, respectively, for the implementation of three girls molested. December 16,http://gamsa.net/guestbook/index.php?item/create_form/1,peuterey verona, after the school received a murdered parents reflect, Song Jian will bring Huayang police station,moncler official site, the public security organs on the same day Song Jian criminal detention. January 16 this year,, prosecutors approved the arrest Song sword. In May this year, the Court of First Instance ruling Jiangyang Song Jian guilty of child molestation and sentenced to three years in prison. Included jail time salaried payroll card Song Jian after the public security organs to take coercive measures, the school is still classified as a monthly wage Song payroll card. Criminal to jail even paychecks? A lot of people feel incredible. Huayang school principals confirmed Li Haiming, Song Jian wages indeed been assigned to their wages on time cards,woolrich parka grigio, but did not give him a bonus. Li Haiming, said Song Jian after jail,http://h2mbbs.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=17545,woolrich sito ufficiale giubbotti,http://www.88822.com/#03666/read.php?tid=980, Nobody informed us suspended his salary. The school had never encountered such a situation, it has been included on the payroll of their wages on time cards. In addition to receiving wages on time,collana tiffany, in January this year on in-service teacher pay scale wage adjustment table, Song Jian is still on the list. According to the school introduced a replacement part has been assigned to its payroll card. Personnel surprised: there could be such a thing? Jiangyang Personnel Song Jian was arrested after sentencing in the case of still receive wages, surprised: There is this thing we do not know how?? Jiangyang Personnel Bureau,abbigliamento peuterey, said after the institution staff that where a suspected criminal enforcement measures by the judiciary, it should immediately be suspended wages. After the court convicted and sentenced to real punishment, press the relevant regulations to be expelled from office personnel. Song Jian after criminal detention,scarpe hogan uomo outlet, public security organs should not be continued payment of wages. Jiangyang Department of Education Personnel Unit Leader claimed that the Personnel Unit Song Jian was arrested and sentenced in the case, only to hear a little wind, clear detail. Yesterday morning, the Personnel Department of Education immediately notify Jiangyang, demanding the immediate parked Song Jian wages. Huayang school official said: We just received notice of suspended wages, has been issued does not say if you want to come here. Wangbang Kun Chen Zhang mining Reporter

For my rights act

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Luo Ping reports: he sent a disability rating, Xiao Zhu three disability Guangzhou Metro Corporation can not enjoy preferential policies for the disabled car on the local policies disagrees with the decision to prosecute the Guangzhou Metro Corporation Xiaozhu . Yesterday morning,woolrich spaccio,http://wz999ftp.h1.10vps.com/manager/?action-viewcomment-type-gsjj-itemid-36, the eve of the International Day of Disabled Persons, Xiao Zhu Liu Jianhuas agent submitted a complaint to the Yuexiu District Court for the return of Guangzhou Metro Corporation, paragraph 7 yuan metro ticket, but an apology and compensation for moral damages solatium 50,000 yuan . The lawsuit due Xiaozhu Shiqiao subway station in a painful experience: August 28 this year, when Xiao Zhu presented certificates to Metro staff with disabilities requiring enjoy concessionary fares, Metro staff rejected his requirements, and told that only one, two persons with disabilities to concessionary travel, three people with disabilities do not have this right. Xiao Zhu believes the Corporation with respect to disability classification approach is not only a violation of the relevant laws and regulations,moncler rivenditori, but also constitutes discrimination against three persons with disabilities. 25-year-old Zhu Jian,vendita scarpe hogan, from Heyuan to Guangzhou to live for many years, he not only have a disability, and even there the language of communication barriers,http://www.bjyyc.cn/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=121018, overcome physical inconvenience and work life, but he also developed a persistent personality contests. In fact,outlet moncler italia, as early as two years ago,giacca woolrich uomo, Zhu built since that Guangzhou Disability Discrimination Ordinance on states that blind and severe (a) physically disabled disabled card holders free travel on public transport in the city the city, other After Disabled disabled card holders can ride for free or reduced by half pay, he finds that: three or four people with disabilities should enjoy free of charge, or half-price ticket offers. To this end, he has repeatedly told the provincial Office of Legislative Affairs,http://www.yichangbbs.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=15527, the provincial federations, the mayor-mail, Municipal Transportation network complaints, but it was no Guangzhou fight back by the relevant provisions. After careful consideration, Zhu Jian finally decided to submit a complaint to the court on the eve of the International Day of Disabled Persons. Xiao Zhu Liu Jianhua litigation representative pointed out that the Guangdong Province to help people with disabilities and Guangzhou Disability Discrimination Ordinance are clearly defined with disabled persons with disabilities can enjoy free or halved card payment discount,moncler 2011, therefore, whatever level with disabilities, as long as I show Disabled Permit,http://www.idbren.com/thread-1608356-1-1.html, by public transport should be entitled to concessionary fares. Provide legal advice and assistance to domestic anti-discrimination public institutions Beijing Xiao Zhu Yi Ren Ping Center for stronger representation in party rules and practices of the Guangzhou Metro Corporation, the three or four people with disabilities excluded from preferential policies, not only damages dignity of persons with disabilities,hogan da donna, but also to more people with disabilities can not really enjoy equal rights to travel. He pointed out that all persons with disabilities have the right to concessionary travel, and not to let people with disabilities preferential become a dead letter. Dialogue party Zhu Jian said the activist voices - seriously is not known only for Zhengkou Qi Because Zhu has a language barrier, therefore,outlet moncler, reporters in the QQ dialogue with him, trying to understand him to seven yuan fare purists reasons. Reporter: transport concessions also a dollar or two dollars thing, why contests in the end? Zhu Jian: For my rights act,http://www.fjliao.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=163573, someone said I was to become famous,http://www.fgzx.org/?action-viewcomment-itemid-146777,woolrich parka prezzo, in fact, I did not think so much, Im just a fight for breath. Reporter: every time you argue for fare concessions and MTRC staff or bus drivers, their attitude how? Zhu Jian: Some drivers do not care to put me in the past, some ruthless scolded me up. At this time, I always feel a cold eyes shot to the road, and some blame the sound,giubbotti moncler donna, that I stall for time, and some even said I was mentally retarded,http://www.happylifela.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=1, and other degrading lame, I feel very sad sick. Reporter: In the face of these sarcastic comments, how do you insist on rights of way? Zhu Jian: rights originally belong to everyone, why not go for it? In this world, there must be a lot of people with disabilities applied cold, there are a lot of people sympathize with us,peuterey prezzi 2013,http://onigdesign.com/error.html, but I do not need sympathy, support my law. Reporter: how to look their rights? Zhu Jian: I wish I could be driven from every persons with disabilities rights,giacchetto woolrich, as long as we actively protect their own interests, then the whole society becomes fairer and more equitable. I walked in this way is very rewarding, and I feel myself grow, there are more and more people support me. One of my ideas is that as a disabled person, I really unfortunate, but as a person in the rule of law in society, I was lucky. (Luo Ping)

Shandong Province

According to Xinhua News Agency recently, 23-year-old pedestrian violations enter G15 Tang Shen Expressway (to Guangzhou Enping section),tn requin 2013, and soon the body of the rear side of a large truck collision occurred cut, caused by Tang fell in the main driveway on a large truck left the scene. Subsequently,. Jiangmen City traffic police detachment introduced between the incident was at 21:52 on June 30 promises. Traffic police department 21:57 Xu received a report sent to the scene disposal. After investigation,peuterey modena, Tang lying in the direction of the main driveway to Guangzhou, has died, who have multiple vehicle collision traces of grinding roll. After the forensic, Tang system is a vehicle collision,woolrich bambini outlet, the grinding mill death. Field not found the vehicle. Jiangmen police after investigation, confirmed in passing vehicles were at the scene,scarpe donna hogan, there are 34 vehicles involved. July 3, police in Rizhao City, Shandong Province, Tang Ju County will cut the first one to touch the car accident and the driver of a public seized. Currently, the police department has seized 27 vehicles involved,http://www.8liuxing.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=,woolrich outlet cadriano, the case is still not reached seven. Jiangmen traffic police, case investigation process,http://www.8liuxing.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, most especially in the field involved a driver made in consultation with the family of the deceased pilot processing requirements. July 16, the deceased and the owner of one of the 20 self-involved to reach a compensation agreement and accept the compensation payments. Currently,http://bbs.570you.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=12266078,woolrich artic jacket,http://www.8liuxing.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, the case is still under further investigation. ■ Focus Car involved collective compensation shall not exceed 10% Zhongshan University School of Law Professor Zhang Min Ann believes that the victim in the middle of the night through the prohibition of pedestrians highway itself is at fault, the first of a large truck did not foresee the pedestrian crossing the highway itself is not at fault. According to Peoples Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law Article 76, there is evidence that non-motor vehicle drivers, pedestrians at fault,negozi woolrich firenze, not the fault of the motor vehicle shall bear no more than 10% of the liability. Zhang Ming An explanation highway itself closed vehicle can not just change lanes, parking,http://www.88822.com/#03666/read.php?tid=980,woolrich outlet verona, pedestrian suddenly appeared, the first driver did not foresee, the latter more than 30 drivers did not foresee, no fault. Even if all the vehicles involved should be compensated, together should not exceed 10% of the liability. However, Guangdong Hiroatsu lawyer willing ceremony Zhan believes that the practice of collective compensation unreasonable. Identify which car caused the victim and ultimately death through technical means is extremely difficult,spaccio moncler milano, due to liability confused,http://gosa.in/index.php?option=com_community&view=profile&userid=17843,hogan collezione 2014, someones driver shared civil liability,scarpe hogan outlet donna, protecting the rights of victims of the practice can be understood. Like altitude parabolic injured pedestrians,peuterey donna prezzi,http://bbs.570you.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=12265703, in the case could not be determined which floor of the owners,, can only be a common compensation by the owner. (Original title: Guangdong grind a person hit by a car 34 20 agrees to indemnify the owner)

is not consistent with common sense.

Information Times (reporter Wei emblem) County,doudoune moncler pas cher chine, Guangdong Province,moncler donna outlet, five people Liao Shuzhen, use of the banking network system failure,negozi woolrich firenze, with a balance of just over 1300 yuan of bank cards for 7 days Guangzhou district removed the ATM machine withdrawals 270,000 yuan. After his arrest did not actually alleging balance inquiries, the Department is utilizing lover become instruments of crime. This is from the Guangzhou female Xu Ting Case from the first instance to the remand,peuterey palermo,http://enjoy-webryblog.at.webry.info, the trial date retrial, which lasted for two years already. Yesterday morning,http://www.elejie.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=31063, the Guangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court retrial verdict,moncler torino,http://ir.tdc.ac.jp, determined that female Xu Ting accomplice, but still consistent with the sentencing trial,http://www.ad.cyberhome.ne.jp/~k-morita/clip/papalani.cgi, still have to squat prison for five years. Argued: abetted by her lover use Court, Liao Shuzhen first argued that his friend called them to the bank teller machine withdrawals help, then known as the Department is utilizing the instigation of her lover,spaccio woolrich cadriano telefono, and insisted never seen a bank card account balances, and have been taken out of the money back Bank. Xu Ting has represented Guangdong dispensation Lawyer do innocence,http://www.kazenoko-club.com/bbs/yyregi.cgi?mode=admin,piumini moncler,http://nade-khad-civi.seesaa.net, pointed out that the current evidence is insufficient to confirm that after knowing the card balance is less than the balance of withdrawals and withdrawals on the same Liao Shuzhen deliberately subjective; there is no evidence to prove the occurrence of 400 Withdrawal times are behavior one implementation,outlet hogan, and seized 270,000 yuan is one made from ATMs, in fact unclear,http://xn--pckh3cua2i6c.com,hogan a poco prezzo, insufficient evidence, according to the law should be acquitted. Court: Do not check the balance anomaly The court held that the existing evidence sufficient to prove Liao Shuzhen account balance inquiries through the bank card involved, and knowing that after withdrawal balance unchanged. First, in the investigation stage of its inquiry before the incident had an account balance of more than 1300 yuan,http://data-red.com/cgi-bin/categorias.cgi, and the fact that after the withdrawal to be a constant balance of confession; secondly, to sign and acknowledge the Dragon by withdrawal slip and handwriting expert conclusions corroborate, confirm Liao Shuzhen has worked in before the incident at the counter cash withdrawals over two pen business, so the deposit account balances should be clear; and finally,giacchetto woolrich donna, on suspicion of bank card holders repeated many days, many times to extract large sums of money from ATMs in their account balances the situation is not clear, is not consistent with common sense. Verdict: accomplice identified upheld Prosecutors accused Liao Shuzhen involved in the theft of money 270,000 yuan in bank teller. The court held that the allegations are correct, is gang steal bank operating funds, a huge amount,nike air max tn requin, constitute theft. Given the existing evidence does not confirm that the bank card involved Liao Shuzhen one run,vendita moncler, in addition to its bank card holders involved in the implementation of the theft, but there are others who involved in the implementation of the bank card theft. In addition, the victim banking network system failure is one of the reasons evoked case, combined with the circumstances of the crime and consequences can be identified as an accomplice, according to the law should reduce the punishment. However, the decision made by the City Court trial verdict is still five years in prison and fined 20,000 yuan. Liao Shuzhen, said to go back to consider whether to appeal.